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Love at first competition!

Chapter 1 Getting Ready!

I took a nervous breathe, I walked into my high school's Band room. It was Winter guard. We had finally mastered our show and our director: Sean and the other directors where holding an exhibition for us and other teams. (We had our first competition so the schools would be staying the night to get ready in the morning) WE where having AT LEAST 54 other teams perform. And they all agreed to have it here.

They where already here. My school is West River High. The other teams where at different places in the school, getting ready. We got the Band room cause it's our school, i don't know where the other teams are exactly though.

We where a pretty nice size guard.13 people. and 5 out of 13 are boys, and the other 8 are girls.

I set my weapons' bag down and got my two show flags from the Guard room. I set them down next to my stuff. My Captain was already here, and I was Lieutenant! I saw my best friend Bella, a fellow Sophomore like me walk in. She set her stuff next to mine and she hugged me.

Bella was my height, with red hair, darker blue eyes and freckles

"Hannah! This is your first Winter guard as Lieutenant! Are you excited?!" She exclaimed, i smiled at her, she had given me the exact same talk at the beginning of Field season this year. I appreciated her enthusiastic attitude.

"WE need to get dressed and make-up!" Our Captain, Jennifer, a Junior said to us and the other people walking, the whole team wasn't here yet.

Bella and i grabbed our garment bags and rushed out of the Band room into the hall, that kept the band room form the theater. We entered one of the open bathrooms and locked the door.

Since we have been best-friends since we where 3 and use to changing in front of each other we both stripped out of our shirts and pants. I had my tights on already and slipped my spanks on. I slipped the soft dress over my head and it settled on perfectly. Bella was doing the same.

The dress went to our knees, had two inch straps. It's neckline scooped til it stopped just so it didn't "show anything." It was flowing and very pretty. The colors where magnificent too! The skirt an top of the dress was a smoky color, with effects that made it look like billowing smoke. The straps where black, and the stitching was silver, along with black trimming paired with beige jazz shoes.

Bella gasped, she was staring at me.

"What?" I asked,
"You look gorgeous!" She exclaimed, i smiled. The dress was flattering on her too
"You too!" I squealed. We put our jazz shoes on. Linked arms and walked out of the bathroom. We entered the band room and most of the team was here, a few other girls where dressed and so where the boys.

The boys had black pants, black jazz shoes, a smoky shirt and black vest and tie. And their hair was spiked, (A common hair design for the teams in our area. I won't be surprised if another teams' boys have spiked hair). They looked good.

"See, the uniforms are great. See look at the girls" I felt a hand spin me around. Sean's hand was on my shoulder. He was showing me to his assistant director Heather. She smiled and nodded.

"You look great Hannah" I looked in the mirror. I was tall, very skinny, with long waist-length brown hair (My hair was long cause i almost never cut it, i gave trims so it was healthy). I was pale and a few freckles covering my face like stars. My favorite feature however was my eyes; They where a pale blue and where very pretty. I felt beautiful, and I'm a very tomboyish person. I only like dresses and make-up in Guard.

"Hannah! Sean! Come over here" Jennifer called out, Sean and i walked over to her.
"Hannah sit down" Jennifer said patting the ground in front of her.

"Now Sean, what did you want us to do for the make-up? You said you didn't decide yet?" Jen asked, Sean looked at me and Jen
"Use smoky eye shadow mixed with a little bit of black and drag out in a sharp look, mascara and blush" Sean instructed. The team gathered around. I felt self-conscious like always.

"Done? Now look at everyone" Jen said, I directed my attention to everyone and the clapped,
"You look pretty!" One of the boys said, i smiled.

"Now the fun part." i groaned.
"Hair" I groaned again. Jen helped me again, since she was fully done. Our hair was simple but pretty. Boys where spiked like i said before. Girls however where soft loose curls, that looked really good with my long hair, or at least that's what Sean said. W had our hair hair-sprayed so it would stay like that.

We all looked great together!

"Hey Bella!" I said, she looked at me, i was practicing Saber.
"How do i look?" I asked laughing
"Sexy and Dangerous, Boys better watch out!" She cried out, we both started laughing.

Our show was dark an depressing this year, The reason for our dark appearance. But we all wanted one, we begged Sean for one. HE gave in. But we all knew he would have picked one even if we didn't beg.

"I wonder what the other High Schools are doing?" Bella asked aloud. We had an hour before the show started. I pulled out a Show program.

"Umm, East High is doing something involving the Desert. North Star is doing something involving... Phantom of the Opera!" I squealed at the end, I loved that play!

"Cool," We looked at the rest of the teams.

"Okay we have to warm up!" Sean got our flags and did 50 drop spins on each side. We did Singles, single and a half's, doubles, horizontals and moved onto Weapons. We did Rifle first cause we had a few newbies who where just on rifle, and then we the Vets went on to Saber.

"Okay, East High is going first. We will get to watch a few teams. So lets head down. We leave 1 show before us to talk and prepare." Sean said. We picked up our equipment. Everyone fell into 2 lines behind me and Jen.

"Now guys, we are setting our stuff in a room next to the Gym. You must Be absolute quiet! Not a word. Am I clear?" Sean said, we all nodded. We moved to the Foyer, and placed our stuff down. Some other teams stuff was there to so we put our stuff in another section of the room.

We walked in. They had both sides of the bleachers cut off in sections. A quarter of the bleachers for Guards and the rest for visitors. One for the parents, friends and families an the other for the participating guards We got on the side that the teas face thankfully.

North Star was already there. They where walking around cause we still had 15 minutes. I noticed a Boy. He was tall (Slightly taller than I) With short dark brown spiky hair, Sparking green eyes and a pale complexion with handsome features. He was lean and well built looking. He looked around 15-16 so my age. HE was pretty good-looking

"Who are you gawking at?" Bella asked, I pointed him out.
"Girl! He's looking at you!" Bella squealed. I looked over at him and we locked eyes. I blushed, making me look slight darker cause of my already added rouge.

"He's walking over here!" Bella squealed. She wasn't lying, he was walking over to us and stopped right in front of us. He was even more handsome up close.
"Hi" He said, sounding a bit shy, That's so cute!
"Hi" I said not intending to but, sounding shy too. Bella walked away, but winked at me as she left.

"I'm Ethan" He said in a pleasant alto voice, I felt myself melt at it. He raise his hand to shake mine
"I'm Hannah" I said, lifting my hand to meet his. I felt a zap.

" So what school do you go to?" He asked,
"West River" I said,
"North Star" He said, i nodded.
"That's cool, What year are you in?" I asked,
"Sophomore" He said, i was shocked
"So am i!" I exclaimed, hoping i didn't sound over-enthusiastic. He sent me a charming smile that made me melt even more!

"Well it was very nice meeting you" I said, he smile again
"back at ya"

"So are you a Vet?" I asked,
"Yes Ma'am"
"So am i" I said, grinning.

"Ladies, Gentleman and Guard please sit down. East High is about to start." Both of our guards began to move to sit.

"Would you care to sit with me?" Ethan asked, holding his hand out. I blushed
"I would love to" I said, taking his hand...

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