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Love at First Competition
Chapter 11: Best mates


I woke up and stretched my arm and back muscles. I gave an excited sound. West River is having a joined practice with North Star! Yay! I haven't seen Ethan since the Barbecue on Sunday. Today was Wednesday. I felt my phone vibrate.

'Good Morning, I had fun at the barbecue. It was nice to hang out with you ;)' It was Ethan, I smiled, still sitting in bed and replied
'Good Morning! I had a lot of fun too ;)' I replied, I got out of bed and walked to my closet. I put on Jean short shorts (That obeyed the Dress-code) and a form-fitting v-neck. I heard my phone buzz. I walked over to it

'I'm excited for practice tonite' Ethan replied, i walked
'Me too! Can't wait to see you!' I replied.
'Hey I got to get ready for school. See ya tonite ;)' I replied
'Okay have fun, see ya tonite!' Ethan replied.

I turned my phone off and slipped into my pocket. I walked downstairs humming my show music. i grabbed my backpack, put my phone in it and made a bowl cereal. I ate quickly and grabbed my French Horn and Flute and called to my mom.

We walked outside. I put my backpack and french horn in the back of the car and let my Flute sit in my lap. My mom started the car.

"So, what are you going to do at practice?" My mother asked on the way to school. I shrugged.
"Probably rehearse the show, I dunno. North Star is going to be here" I said, a smile gracing my lips at the last sentence.
"Oh yeah! Those nice boys are from there" My mom exclaimed, i nodded.

"It'll be easy, since their school is across the street" My mom commented, i nodded. North Star was pretty close, literally across the street from us. We pulled up to my school.

"Have a great day sweetie!" My mom called, i walked to the band room. I moved easily with my French Horn and Flute, I had grown use to navigating with them. I walked in and said hello to our Band Director Miss Potter. She was my favorite teacher. I have her first period. Color Guard is 5th period

I sat my cases at my seat. Since I play Flute AND French Horn for band, Miss Potter had Flute sit next to French Horns so i just sat in between them, There was only one other French Horn player. But like 9 other Flute players.

Other kids started to flood into the room. I started warming up on Flute, I played 4 major scales in under a minute and warmed up with our music. I then set my flute on the ground carefully and got my French Horn and did the same scales, but hose took a little longer.

We practiced our concert music. I swapped between Flute and French Horn with ease.

The day flew by fast and it was 5th period. I walked into the Band Room (Mrs Potter doesn't have a 5th period so Guard gets to use it) Bella smiled at me, Blake waved at me

We warmed up on Flag, Rifle and Saber. We ran through the show a few times and then Sean let us just hangout a little. Bella pulled me over to talk about something.

"So! We have a joined practice with North Star tonight!" She squealed,i blushed faintly.
"Yeah! I'm excited!" I agreed enthusiastically
"You'll get to see a certain boy..." Bella teased, I rolled my eyes at her. She giggled,

"I know, I really like him Bella" I said dreamily. Not intending for that to come out but it did. Bella giggled a little louder.
"I knew it!" She exclaimed, I laughed
"I think he likes you too" Bella said, smiling. I shrugged
"I dunno" I said sadly
"Are you really that oblivious?" Bella asked, I looked at her curiously. She shook her head
"Never mind" She said, letting out a slightly frustrated sigh. I rolled my eyes at her.


The bell for Lunch to end came, i put my stuff away and headed to the Band room. I went there twice a day, 1st and 6th. First period was band and 6th period was Guard.

I walked in and set my stuff down. While Jacob talked to Sean about something, I led through warm-ups, and we ran through the show. Sean let us have the rest of the period.

I sat down, My best mate Lucas sat down in front of me, cross-legged. I waved at him, Jacob joined us.

"So excited to see your lady tonight!?" Jacob exclaimed softly. I blushed deep crimson. Lucas gasped in a over-dramatic way,
"Ooh! Who's your lady?!" Lucas asked, he didn't see me hanging with Hannah, he was out of town.
"A girl he met at the Exhibition" jacob said, I groaned

"Oh! Tell me everything" Lucas, said over-dramatic
"Her name is Hannah, She is from West River High. And they totally hit it off!" Jacob announced to Lucas.
"oh! West River" Lucas said in a "I-approve" voice

"Is she hot?" Lucas asked, obviously eager to know EVERYTHING
"Yes! She is definitely gorgeous!" Jacob announced, I glared at him.
"Well jeez Mate!" Lucas said, lightly slapping me on the arm
"What?" I asked,
"You should have texted me about this Mysterious Guard girl of yours!" Lucas said seriously.

"Fine." I promised, he smiled.
"Finally! You got a girl!" Lucas said, clapping me on the back.

"We are not dating yet" I protested, i wish we where
"IF she likes you as much as you like her, You'll be together by Field Season" Lucas bet. I rolled my eyes.

"So tell me about her!" Lucas exclaimed, i gave in, We began talking about a certain Light-Blue-eyed Lieutenant...


Bella, (demanding i tell her everything on the walk to my house) was intrigued by my story of everything that has happened with Ethan. She gushed, and 'Aww'd' and squealed at all the right parts, Just like the best friend she is. We where right outside of Our school. About to take off.

"That is so cute and romantic! I am so happy for you guys!" Bella squealed, I blushed. I felt my phone vibrate. I took it up. I bent my head down

'Hey Where are you?' It was Ethan, I replied
'Right out front of my school. Why?' I replied.
'Look up' Puzzled I looked up and saw Ethan walking towards me.

We smiled at each other. He opened his arms and scooped me up. I giggled as he spun me around. Bella sighed happily.

"You excited for tonight?" Ethan asked, I nodded enthusiastically.

"So you headed home?" Ethan asked, I nodded.
"I'll walk you girls home. You don't live that far from me, We are in the same neighborhood." Ethan pointed out smiling. I smiled again.


The trio began walking. Ethan's hand brushed Hannah's. He grasped it and squeezed it, she returned the squeeze, smiling.

He walked the girls up to Hannah's door.

"I'll see you two tonight" Ethan said, Bowing to Hannah, whom giggled at him. HE kissed her hand and bid the goodbye. Hannah smiled at his retreating figure.

'Ohh, The things this boy does to me...' She thought looking after him...

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