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I can't believe it. I can't believe that Adam is really... that he's really gone. And I can't believe that Ethan really... that he really thinks I can... "No."

"Excuse me Ms. Black?" Ethan asks and it takes me a moment to realize I spoke.

"I... I can't do that." I tell him and look over to Andrew with pleading eyes. "I... I loved Adam. I couldn't do this to him."

Andrew gives me a small, sad smile. "She's right. Adam just died. You can't expect us to just pretend he isn't like this."

"I don't expect you to pretend he didn't die." Ethan says calmly. "I said nothing of the sort."

"I LOVE HIM AND YOU WANT ME TO GET TOGETHER WITH HIS BROTHER!" I scream. I instantly wish I hadn't. I don't regret what I said -I meant it- but it probably isn't the wisest decision to start screaming at an Elder. Especially if Daemon finds out. That is an even scarier thought than being out casted.

Ethan's gaze turns cold and he narrows his eyes. "Dee, you need to move beyond your emotional walls and think about your brethren. If you cannot do that, how do you expect our race to continue? I expect you two to think about this and act upon it. Until next time." And with that he leaves us gaping in the middle of Andrew's house.

My legs feel like jello and I sink onto the couch. No matter how much I wish I could blame Katy for Adam's... death... I can't. We were the ones who rushed in there. But if she had only told me... then we would've been more ready. And Adam would still be here. So I can't blame her, but I can definitely hate her.

"You don't have to do this." Andrew says quietly next to me. He's always been like an annoying brother. Even more annoying than Daemon. And the idea of having to date him... even if I didn't love Adam, that would be unthinkable!

"Good 'cause I can't." I tell him on the verge of tears.

Andrew sighs and scoots closer to me. "For the record, I know my brother. And he would want you to be happy and find someone else. But I'm not saying that someone else should be me."

I look up at him and see the ghost of a grin on his face and somewhere in me I find the ability to offer him a small smile.

"Plus, well, even if you weren't dating my brother, I've only ever thought of you as a sister. And if I ever had thoughht of you... any other way, I wouldn't date you now. That'd be disrespectful to him and to his memory."

I nod and face Andrew fully. I feel like I'm seeing him in a new light with him saying something so... deep. But then I remember the fact that he and Adam looked exactly alike, and I crack under remembering him.

"I miss him." I croak out before letting out a sob.

I feel Andrew's arms loop around me and pull me tight to his chest. "I know. I do too. We all do." He whispers smoothing my hair down.

And I cry. I cry because it's such an Adam-like gesture. I cry because they're so alike. I cry because everyone expects me to be strong after I lost the love of my life. And I lost my best friend too. And every little bit of normalcy had been able to get in my life.

Andrew and I were never the closest, nor were I and Ash. But at least now we have something in common other than out race.

Our grief brings us together.

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