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Maka smiling as her scythe saying, "Just one more soul and you'll finally be a death scythe, huh?"

Soul grabbing the floating soul and eating, "Yep, it's about time again." Soul turns and reaches for Maka's hand as a black portal opens yelling, "MAKA!"

But it was too late, instead Soul's hand is wrapped around a girls with pink hair that's pulled into pigtails with yellow diamond clips, roughly Maka's height, wearing a black jacket with a white colored shirt yellow tie with a diamond pattern, yellow plaited skirt and leggings with white boots under the leggings in her other hand a yellow duo sided diamonded shaped scythe.

Amy looking at Soul but talking to the scythe, "Dia…. What just happened? Where's Ikuto? Who are you? Where are we? Ran! Miki! Suu!"

Amu starts freaking out and waving Dia around nearly hitting Soul a few times, since he let her hand go and stepped back.

Soul yelling at Amu, "Hey watch it! What happened to Maka and who the hell are you?"

Amu calming down as Dia turns from her scythe form into a human like form. Amu's clothing that was yellow now turn back to the red of her normal clothing, and pigtails are now gone as well, and Dia now a little girl with pigtails and a yellow dress with white trim on the sleeves.

Amu now glaring at Soul yells back, "I asked first!"

Soul putting on his cool façade replies, "Name's Soul Eater. I'm a weapon and by the looks of this, you're a Mister Like Maka and this girl," pointing to Dia, "Is like me, a weapon. Since Maka's gone, looks like I am stuck with you pink hair."

Amu now confused and slightly hurt asks, "Mister? Weapons? Now of this makes sense! And Dia why do you look like that?! What's going on?"

Dia smiling at Amu's panic, "I hate to bring you down Amu but I don't think the Humpty Locket will work here so no Amulet Diamond to rely on. We best piss off the only person around that can help us….."

Soul watching the girls yelling it out for what they can do and laughs as the girl called Amu curls up in ball at the girl called Dia's feet.

Dia turning to Soul asking, "Soul, according to you, Amu's a mister, I am a weapon just like you. What does that mean? How did you and I become weapons? Why is Amu a mister?"

Soul smiling a toothy smirk, "Weapons are born not made. Misters are people whose souls can use weapons. Weapons are people as well, not objects to be used. We are trained at the DWMA; the main course is for weapons to eat 99 pri-kishin egg souls and a witch soul to become a death scythe the weapon of lord Death. I've only got one more to go to join the elite weapons of lord Death."

Amu stuttering in fear, "lord dddddddd….Death! Doooooo I evvveennn waaannnnt to knooow whhhattttt DWMA sttttannndsss foooorrrrr?"

Soul replying, "Death Weapon Mister Academy. You're in Death City right now. Since you two don't have a place to crash, stay with me at Maka's and mine apartment I have to room now."

Dia smiling up at Soul, "Sounds like a plan! I guess we should enroll in DWMA as well, huh Amu?"

Amu pale and shaking as Dia helps her off the road, "NO! I am not going to a school with death in the name nor am I staying in a place where death rules!"

Dia looking stern, "Amu you need to go to school still! And I am sure Death is a nice person!"

Soul looking around sensing another soul that's turning, "Hate to interrupt this but a kishin egg soul is right behind you. Let's see what you can do!"

Amu looking down right sick whispers, "Dia…."

Dia grabbing Amu's hand, "Let's try it at least."

Amu yelling, "Amulet Diamond!"

At first nothing happens then a bright light engulfs Amu and Dia that's so bright Soul's has to cover his eyes once the light fades Amu is back in the outfit she landed in. and Dia is her scythe form again.

Amu scared looking at Dia, "Open heart? Can it work? Dia?"

Soul muttering under his breath, Idiots, then louder, "Amu hold out your hand! Use me not Dia."

Amu numbly holds her hand out to Soul, who changes as soon as she has his hand, in to his scythe form. Amu is shocked at how light he feels, almost like an empty water bottle.

Soul's appears in the blade, "Fight Amu!"

Amu shaking her head, "I can't fight Soul… I am scared! I am not Maka, Soul. I can't do this! Dia… I am sorry..."

Dia thinking then yells, "Amu Amulet Heart's pompons!"

Amu understanding and swings the scythes the same way she does the pompons and kills the pre-kishin. Dia smiling at Soul who has a dumbfound look on his face asks, "So you can fight, why did you act like you couldn't? You almost got us killed!"

Amu dropping his scythe form cause him to return to being human and gentle setting Dia's down so she can turn back as well before turning to Soul to yell, " I can't! My Charas can!"

Dia holding Amu back softly says, "Amu we are just you though, your would-be-selves. We bring out your hidden talents; you have them always with you."

Soul rubbing his head asks, "Hidden talents? I don't understand you two or what you were Dia…."

Amu blushing and calm again replies, "She was one of my Charas, I have four. Ran, Miki, Suu and Dia. Ran was all about sports and always happy. Miki was artistic and musically incline, she could play anything beautifully, and she was also boy crazy. Suu was a home maker and the peace keeper."

Soul nodding, "And you Dia?"

Dia smiles at Soul, "Shining Star that's in every heart."

Soul coughing, "Not mine…"

Amu explaining, "Even you Soul. It's the love of friends and family that give you the strength to overcome everything in life. It's the ability to believe in oneself."

Dia sleepily, "We are just Amu's heart's wish to be someone else, her true self. We amplify her abilities."

Amu sneaking a glance at Dia, "I am sure this makes no sense to you."

Soul nodding, "Yeah but I kind of get it. You two are the same person but different. I don't understand it but just like weapons and misters too you this is to me. We should get home before there's another attack; I don't think Dia can fight any longer."

Soul heads back to his motorcycle, letting the girls follow him. He drives back to his apartment with Dia sleeping between his back and Amu. Once they get to the little apartment, Soul decides to cook something so they could eat while talking.

Amu standing outside the kitchen asks, "Can I help Soul… I don't want us to be a burden to you."

Soul smiling his toothy grin, "I got it, go sit with Dia. It'll be done soon enough."

Amu smiles back and turns to sit with Dia, who has wondered into Maka's room and fell fast asleep on her bed. Since Dia was sleeping already Amu turns to help Soul whether he likes it or not.

Soul now annoyed at her stubbornness turning to tell her to sit with Dia but then sees Dia isn't out in the living room anymore, "Fine, just set the table."

Amu finding everything begins to set the table for three, once the table was set she tries to wake Dia up but Dia was too far asleep to even hope of waking.

Soul smiling at her, "Let her sleep, we'll just leave a plate for her."

Amu agrees and fixes the plate to leave on the bedside table in Maka's room, "Soul I am guessing that's Maka's room?"

Soul nods yes and begins eating. Amu follows his lead but only picks at the food.

Soul looking at her, "Sorry, should have asked if this was okay. If you want I'll fix something else."

Amu nodding, "No, actually it's my favorite. I love basil ramen with raw tuna. I was just thinking about sleeping arrangements. I don't want to wake Dia but I didn't see any other pillows in there so I could sleep on the floor…"

Soul understanding says, "Take my room. I'll just sleep in class tomorrow. No more Maka-chops to stop me. And I have to tell lord Death about what happened today. He will want to know everything."

Amu looking at the plate in front of her, "What's he like Soul?"

Soul asks, "Who? Lord Death? He is… funny Amu, he has a son that's weird. Anything that's not symmetrical makes him go crazy."

Amu laughing, "So Death has a son that's so weird. Is there anyone else I should look out for?"

Soul thinking for a second replies, "Death the Kid isn't bad, that's lord Death's son. There's Black*Star, he's always going on about surpassing god and stuff. Just let his partner handle him or come talk to me if he's buggin' ya. Other than that every ones pretty cool. I am sure your universe had some freaks in it too."

Amu stops eating and thinks about her friends, Utau and Kukai and their Charas Il, El and Daichi and lastly her ex-boyfriend Tadase, which cause her to tear up, "Yeah, most where fun and great to be around…others were…clingy and cruel."

Soul watching Amu start eating with her head down, "I can guess the clingy and cruel one, it's an ex..."

Soul tries to play it off but when Amu's head snaps up and her amber eyes lock on to his crimson ones, he finds his breathe catching. Amu now fighting tears explains, "Yeah. We had dated from middle school till last year. It was our first year in high school and another guy had come back, Ikuto… Tadase was jealous and became controlling and I couldn't take it so half way through the year I ended it and moved in with Ikuto."

Soul somberly saying, "Seems like Tadase had a reason to be jealous, since you moved in with Ikuto. But I am getting a feeling there's something you're not telling me. He cheated, didn't he? So he thought you were too but you weren't."

Amu pulls her legs up on the chair and nods before barring her head and crying, "I thought Tadase loved me, but he cheated on me with our friend Yaya! Then when Ikuto came back he told me he liked me and wanted to go out on a date, but I told him no cause I thought Tadase was a great guy…I was wrong and Utau came over and there was a huge fight, I ended the relationship and started dating Ikuto…I had liked him for a while too, so maybe that's why Tadase thought I was cheating…"

Soul cursing that Tadase for hurting Amu as he gets up and pulls her close whispering to her, "Guys who use girls are so uncool. He didn't deserve a cool girl like you Amu."

Soul helps Amu stand up and takes her to his very messy room. Laughing Soul, "Sorry about the mess, just take anything you need to sleep tonight and tomorrow we can go shop for better clothing for ya and Dia... night Amu."

Amu looks around seeing boxers and pants scattered on the floor the closet littered with tee-shirts and jackets, picking through the shirts as Soul closes the door. Amu decides on a black shirt with a funny looking skull on it and a pair of black sweatpants to sleep in.

Soul standing in the bathroom and huffs on the mirror to call Death.

Death happily, "Hiya Soul! How's it going?"

Soul rubbing his neck, "Good lord Death, but we have a small…situation here…"

Death cocking his head, "Oh?"

Sprit yelling, "What situation….Where's my precious Maka, she always makes the call not you, you white haired punk."

Soul ignoring the death scythe answers lord Death, "there was a black gate thing that took Maka, but Amu the girl that replaced Maka, assures me that her friend Ikuto will look after Maka along with these things called Charas as well. There's also another girl named Dia, she's one of the Charas too. I don't really get it, but Amu could use me just like Maka. They need training but I am sure Amu can become a great Mister; we just have to help them. And lord Death, I don't want to look for a new mister since Amu can use me; I want to stay with her to help."

Death giggles, "Alright Soul. I take you will be training them? Maybe we should have Stain train them instead. You should take them shopping though Soul; they will need new clothing before starting school Monday."

Sprit piping up, "Stein is out sir. I can train them though; I don't like the idea of this punk making moves on any girl."

Soul rolled his eyes, "I'll call once Amu wakes up lord Death. And Old man, don't scary her! She's been through hell and back…"

Soul walks away and sits on the chair in his room and watches Amu sleeping. A smile plays across his lips thinking to himself, 'finally a mister who won't be running around trying to protect me and lets me care for her…I think I am crushing…damn got to keep it cool!'