once in an ancient egyptian kingdom, name long forgotten, a queen was giving birth to a son. Her first born. a SON. one who could one day when the pharoah had passed into the next world could rule with a kind heart and a iron fist. one who would have absolute power and control. A man with admirers and allies. his mother, a beautiful woman with chestnut coloured hair that shone blond in the sun, glasz eyes, perfect complexion, a tall and graceful body that went by the name of, Bealizhet. The pharoah, a man by the name of Brut, was tall his skin on the lighter side for an egyptian, but he made up for it with his dark eyes. He was not a skinny man, nor was he fat somewhere in the middle with just a bit of belly that showed the wealth of his kingdom. as the midwives rushed around brut to try and soothe his wife during the pains of childbirth he couldnt help but smile. his son was being born. his son. the one he would pass everything to. A cry wentup in the roo, awhile later and brut meet his wifes eyes. the head midwife picked up the tiny pink baby and began to wipe him off. the baby did not cry. he did not fuss. which made brut very worried. he knew that babes were supposedd to scream and fight andstruggle upon birth, rebelling against the fact that they had to leave the warm, calm, and safety of their mothers womb, to face this cold, dangerous world. Brut immediatly began to pray to the gods. he promised them whatever they wanted in return for his newly borned sons life. the gods gave him an answer. he agreed.

a cry was heard from a bundle in the room of a certain palace. a cry of joy. a gasp of shock. and, a sigh of death.

news of the queens death spread throgh the land quickly ,like a wildfire. the pharoah to raise a newky born babe alone. well people knew he would not be alone to care for the child. but he was alone in a realtionship, alone in a parenthood. new gossip spread through the kingdom the next day, maybe even in a faster pace. Craloe, a kind woman who haad just had a child, a boy named Nifn had been summoned to palace to feed the young prince. time passed almost three years the people had to wait to see their young prince but today was a month adter the boys birthday. the previous month had been filled with fun and toys and games and laughter. the small child had fun playing with Nifn even if he was almost a foot and a half taller than him. Yes Nifn had stayed. so had Craloe. the two had found themselves in love, or in as much as they could with the lost of their first true love, bruts by childbirth, and craloes by war. so the two had married three months ago was their second anniversary. but that wasnt the point of today. no. today was all about the young prince. the one who the kingdom had waited years for jsut to catch a glimpse of him were finally going to meet him!

later htat day just before the end of the midday nap everyone gathered around, waiting with baiteed breathes and pounding hearts. the pharoah, brut, waled out onto the balcony and loud cheers came up from the crowd. pharoah silenced them with one barely lifted hand. he spoke, "MAY I PRESENT TO YOU AFTER YEARS OF PATIENT WAITING AND ANTICIPATION I GIVE BEFORE YOU, THE YOUNG PRINCE AND HEIR TO THE THRONE, CURT!"

off subject but if im in this story my name is Byba. or taipa. it means wings.