No Mercy

Part Five

Fujin narrowed her eyes, total evil whirling behind them and chilling Seifer to the bone. How he missed Fujin, the great times he and his posse had shared. And now he had to do the unspeakable. He knew that Fujin was a virgin, she was too self conscious of herself to even consider having sex. Most of the men she met were so intimidated that they were afraid to approach her anyway.

"Fuu..." Seifer stammered, for once in his life feeling a deep sorrow inside of him. Her powers were churning, he could feel her anger boiling and the way she cast out her aura at him allowed him full access to her heated power. She blinked once, and a tear slipped down her cheek. Sorceress or not, her heart was still pure and the single rivulet bore it to him. The next series of events were a blur to his racing mind.

A whiz past his head as her deadly weapon flipped through the air.

A clash as Hyperion was drawn, striking forward as Abolisher hit it's path.

Fujin's cry as she leapt forward.

The skies swirling above in all Ultimecia's wrath.

Seifer's eyes softening as he struck out at her.

Fujin's eyes softening as her heart felt the slice on her chest more than any other part of her body.

Suddenly it seemed as if time slowed down. Hyperion had made a deep cut from Fujin's shoulder blade to her opposite breast, and she fell to the ground, dropping Abolisher and hiding her eyes in her hands. Seifer stood above her for a moment, reveling in the presence of her after all the time that had been stolen from them. He kicked her weapon aside, a forgotten memento in the long path of her troubled life. With a swift movement, he sheathed his gunblade into the soil, the small chained cross dangling. Seifer slowly got to his knees, gently pulling Fujin's hands away from her face. Her expression hit him like a bullet, it was full of innocent fire that licked at his regrets purposefully. He kissed her forehead lightly, and then her cheek.

"I'm sorry, Fuu." He whispered, and then slammed her down onto the grass with all his strength. She was weakened, and no matter how much Ultimecia struggled, Fujin tried to keep still as he tore her pants from her.

Seifer cradled her body lovingly as he penetrated her.

Fujin screamed in agony as her purity was finally taken from her.

Ultimecia thrashed as her essence was being pulled from the sorceress she needed to spawn in.

She cursed Fujin in all her weakness.

Fujin, in turn, threw her head back and cried for the heavens to spare her the morose intense pain that was overtaking her as Ultimecia was yanked from her very soul.

As Seifer climaxed, Fujin's eyes rolled back into her head and she fell limp in his arms. He was thrown back from the impact of having Ultimecia passed into his body. It felt as if she was throwing herself around in his ribcage, and then slipped up into his brain.

'I am going to kill you, my naughty knight.' She firmly spat, and he got to his feet, opening his arms as the skies began to thunder. Black lightning littered the roof of the world as Seifer concentrated. His essence slid from his body, as well as Ultimecia's, and they were both thrown up into the storms, into a place that neither of them had ever dreamed of.

There he stood, before her, this time not kneeling or worshipping her. He felt the strongest malice towards her, never had his heart been so sure of it's emotions.

"I was banking on her killing you." Ultimecia sneered, her beautiful figure posed before him in a stature of a murderer.

"Fujin could never kill me." Seifer hissed through clenched teeth, reaching for his blade. He was more than a little surprised to find Abolisher on his belt, and looked it over in his hand.

"Well, Seifer, you could never kill me." Ultimecia tossed back her head and arms, offering herself to him. "I would like you to try. Then you will see that I was destined to rule this petty world of you petty mortals." The storm around them didn't seem to affect either of the two.

A deafening roll of thunder.

An ebony flash of black lightning.

Seifer's abhorrence centered, and he felt a surge of ethereal power go through his veins. He clutched Fujin's weapon in his right hand, and closed his eyes, praying to Hyne for the strength he needed. Harsh green light began to swirl around the weapon, and he leapt forward, lashing out at the one woman whom he had detested for so long. Her mind squeezed his veins, causing him to nearly recoil with discomfort. It suddenly felt as if she were clawing at his very brain with her razor sharp fingernails, tearing apart the fragile flesh on the inside. But he couldn't give up. He hadn't waited for so long just to back down and give in to Ultimecia's mind blowing power. With slash after slash, he felt the warm green enfold himself. With one final surge of energy, he rammed the fated weapon into Ultimecia's throat, finally letting go of it. As she fell forward, he caught her, clutching her. The screams echoed through the dark air, the shrill cries for mercy in the last breaths of his victim. She struggled, and the blood oozed out of her collarbone wound with each pump of her barely beating heart. Each yell was curdled with the liquid rising in her throat, and he just smiled down at her. Smiled at her tiny form writhing in his arms, straining for any life she could possibly wrench from her dying body.

"Sleep, princess. Sleep." He whispered as she took her last ragged breath.

Seifer was thrown back into his body almost as quickly as he had left, and he peered around, watching the storm above seem to fold into itself. The lighting formed a black curtain around the blood stained heavens, and soon all that was left was a black night littered with stars. Hearing a moan, he turned his attention to Fujin, who was stirring out of her unconscious state. He rushed to her side, noting that Hyperion was still sticking out of the ground.

"Seifer..." She allowed him to help her sit up, and looked up into the starlit night. "What... did you...?"

"I killed her, Fuu." Seifer held her close, his dearest friend. Oh, how he had taken her for granted in the past, but now she was here, and he had saved her from the greatest evil of all. "She's gone for good, now."

"Thank you..." Fujin whispered, leaning her head into his chest. "... I couldn't fight her..." Her breaths were ragged, and he kissed her forehead lovingly.

"You did everything you could." He assured her. "I destroyed her soul... she's not coming back ever again." He stroked her hair, and looked down as she began to sob. He wondered if it was something he had done, and loosened his grip on her a little.

"I... I thought I'd never see you again..." She sniffled lightly, her emotions finally showing through.

"Your speech, Fuu." Seifer raised an eyebrow. "And your eye-"

"I love you, Seifer." Fujin's voice was weak from loss of blood.

"I love you too." He lifted her up into his strong arms, and walked back into town.