I'm beginning on the day after the last episode of MSCL. This could probably be a little bit better, but I spent a few days on it, and I just wanted to publish it already.

These characters are not of my own creation!

It's funny how you spend your whole life like, waiting for the day you can finally say you're completely and utterly happy. Then…when that day comes, the day you think you have everything you want…you realize maybe you aren't as happy as you thought you would be. Like, no one is meant to ever be truly happy. It's like if for one second you actually felt complete happiness the world would explode or something.

It was the beginning of the school day and Angela Chase was busy throwing books into her locker and thinking. She didn't necessarily want to think, actually, that was the last thing she wanted to do. Two days earlier everything was normal, or at least as normal as her life could be. Then there was the letter. The night before Brian Krakow ended up letting it slip that he was the one who wrote its amazing content. On the other hand, Jordan Catalono asked him to do it. Jordan never brought it up while in his car, and she couldn't bring herself to mention it. The night ended up being rather short. They spent half the night looking for Tino, unable to find him, and the other half making out and then going home.

Now, she found herself staring down the hall at Brian, who was at his locker. She was so in her head, she didn't even realize he was occasionally staring back. She was trying to comprehend the fact that Brian of all people, the curly-headed nerd, wrote the amazingly heartfelt letter. Brian. The guy she always caught doing figure eights on his bike in front of her house. The guy that always seemed to show up to her house for no reason. The guy who always seemed to say yes to anything she asked no matter what. The guy whose face was inches from hers the night before, when she almost did something she might have regretted-or not regretted. She didn't even know which.

When she caught Brian glancing back at her a third time, her eyes widened. It was like a startling revelation.

Oh God. Brian Krakow like, likes me.

Her staring and her thoughts were thankfully interrupted by Delia Fisher, who came up from behind, "Hey," She greeted awkwardly.

Angela tried to pretend like she didn't have a million thoughts running around in her head, "Oh, hey."

"So, um, I just wanted to ask you about the play," She began, "You're selling tickets tonight?"

Angela nodded lazily and sighed, "Yeah-I guess I am."

Delia began to talk faster, "Okay, make sure you pick them up, and don't forget you'll have to show up early."

"Yeah, I know. I'll be there," It wasn't something she was looking forward too. Then she noticed Delia looking behind her.

She turned and saw Brian's face inches from her own, in which she quickly and suddenly turned back around. She rolled her eyes, wondering how in the world she could talk to him after what happened; when they were both in the street and he confessed what he had done. Then what happened after; when they stared into each others eyes for a little too long. Then of course, there was the moment she got into Jordan's car and drove away leaving him there.

Brian looked at Delia, "Hi," He greeted while noticing her less than happy expression towards him. She rolled her eyes before turning to leave.

Angela could feel herself becoming nervous. She shut her locker in preparation for running away, but before she could Brian opened his mouth.

"So, you're just like, not going to say hi to me for some reason?" Brian asked with frustration.

Angela took in a deep breath and turned to face him, "Hi."

"Hi," Brian said. He preceded to look down at the floor. She knew about the letter, and to some extent, she knew about his feelings. He remembered how she looked at him when he let slip that it was actually him who wrote it-and more importantly how he meant every word. She still left with Jordan, in his stupid red car, and whatever they talked about or did he didn't want to know. Well, maybe he did a little.

"So, you and Jordan are like, officially back together now," He wanted to be angry, throw a fit, say something hurtful, but for some reason he didn't have it in him at that moment. Most of all he wished he could pretend like she didn't even exist, but that was the hardest of all.

Angela happily smiled, or what seemed to be a happy smile, "Yeah. I guess so. I mean, I think so," A nervous laughter came from her, "I mean, I think he's really sorry. You know, about what happened with Rayanne," She nodded in confidence, "After all, he asked you to write that letter for him, right?

Brian thought for a second, if he said the right thing at that moment he could have changed everything. If only he could just say what he was feeling; that Jordan didn't have a brain cell in his body that could form the words that were on that paper. Whether he actually felt the same thing for her or not, he could never have written it. That he was completely infatuated with her and he would do anything for Jordan to leave the face of the planet so he could finally be with her. But he couldn't.

"Yeah," He nodded, "He's pretty sorry."

It made her feel somewhat better, and finally she smiled a real smile, "That was a real nice thing you did, Krakow," Then suddenly, she hugged him as he stood in shock. For some reason, she must have unconsciously thought it would make everything better. It only lasted a second, but when she pulled away, they looked at each other in sort of the same way they did the night before. Their eyes were fixated on one another, until she realized what was happening, "Because I mean," She paused while trying to look elsewhere, "He would have done it himself, you know, if he like, could."

Brian felt a rush of anger through his veins, "Yeah," He said, then went on to sound agitated, "But he didn't. I did. But it's okay. I mean, go run off with him in his cool red sports car. It's perfectly fine. I'll be fine."

Angela's forehead wrinkled as she let out a huff, "God, Krakow. You're the one that wrote it for him!" She yelled before her voice became softer, "I'm like in love with him okay? And after all, it's not like he doesn't think what's in that letter."

Hearing her say she loved him was like a stab in the heart, "Yeah," He replied unenthusiastically. He needed to change the subject, "So, are you two like, even going to the play? Or are you two too cool or something?"

Angela laughed, "What?" She asked, wondering why he bothered to ask. "So, like, what, people go on dates to their school plays now?"

"Well, I don't know," He replied, "I mean, most people who like each other do things together. They don't like, avoid every school function known to man. Sort of like what you and Jordan Catalono do."

Angela looked at him in disgust, "We don't do that. And maybe we are going. I have to sell tickets anyway."

"Oh, that's just awesome," He said sarcastically, "We'll have to spend like, an hour together. You're probably like, thrilled."

Angela shook her head looking unhappy and walked around him. He watched her and began wondering why every time they spoke everything always went so wrong.

Rayanne spotted Ricky at his locker. She picked at her teeth with a toothpick while she looked in a mirror, until she spun around and landed on a locker, "Hey there," Rayanne greeted.

"Hi," Ricky said gleefully.

"So-today's the big day!" She shouted, "You're going right?" She asked, lowering her chin and voice.

Ricky stopped what he was doing to look her in the eyes, "Of course I'll be there. I wouldn't miss it," He paused, "Plus, remember, I don't really have a choice." He laughed.

"Oh, yeah," Rayanne said as she remembered he helped with the play, "But you can't wait to see me right? Your best friend. Star of the school play," She said impudently.

"To be honest," Ricky began, looking too serious, "I can't wait," He said, letting out a huge smile.

Rayanne laughed and jumped up and down, till all of her realized something-someone-would be missing, "Is Angela going to watch?" She stopped celebrating and asked, "I mean, I'm just wondering. It's not like I really care or anything. Doesn't matter."

Ricky sighed, "Listen, why don't you just ask her? Explain to her how you feel or something? You can't just like, ignore the problem forever. I know you miss being her friend and I think she does to, secretly."

She stared at him, "Pfft, I don't miss being her friend. Are you kidding? I can get by without her. I'm cool," She paused for only a second, "Plus, she's like, with Jordan right? Wouldn't that be sorta weird?"

"Yeah, maybe," He shrugged, "But, I mean, if you talk to her, like, really talk to her, maybe you two can clear the air or something."

She let a smile creep on her face, "Ricky!" Then preceded to pinch his cheeks, "You're so optimistic," She squeezed. She had no plans to talk to Angela.

He couldn't help but let out a small laugh, "Maybe so, but I still think you should talk to her."

"She won't even look at me," She said hitting her back against the lockers. When she looked over at Ricky, she saw him staring at something down the hall. When she followed his eyes, she saw Krakow with his face against his locker, "Geesh, what's the matter with him?" She giggled.

Ricky's face looked concerned, "I'll be right back."

She looked on displeased as Ricky went to stand next to Krakow, who was slowly hitting his head against his locker.

"You'll get brain damage," He quipped.

Krakow let his forehead rest on the locker, "Good. I hope I die."

Ricky rested on a locker, "Did something like, happen, or something? Like, with Angela and the letter?"

"You could say that," Brian replied, "Or you could say that I have completely ruined everything. Which would be like, the right answer." Then he turned to look at him.

Ricky leaned in looking inquisitive, wondering what Brian was referring to.

Brian sighed, "We were like, standing there. At night. In the middle of the street. I accidentally told her I wrote it-or maybe it was my unconscious wish to tell her or something. Anyway, she knows I wrote it and that I like, you know, meant it," He stopped for a moment, "And it was like, she didn't even mind or something," He added, "But then Jordan butts in and they leave, like, together. But no, that's not all. Today I walked up to her and she tells me she like, loves him. And now we have to sell tickets together tonight before the play."

Ricky smirked, "So, did something like, happen between you and Angela?"

Brian looked at Ricky, trying not to show his little bit of happiness, "Well, I wouldn't say something happened. I would say something like, almost happened," He let out a smirk, but it quickly went away, "But then Jordan showed up, and like, ruined the moment. My moment."

Ricky wasn't even sure what to say. Sometimes he hated being stuck in the middle of things, "Well, you did the right thing. Even, if like, you didn't even mean to. At least she knows you like her, right?"

"Sort of. I didn't really, like, admit anything," Brian shrugged, "She still picked him over me," He said sadly.

"Why don't I like, take you off the list for selling tickets? Then you won't have to see her," Ricky suggested.

Brian thought for a moment, then remembered Delia was selling tickets too, "No. Don't. I'll just act like she doesn't exist," He said excitedly, "I'll wipe her from my memory or something."

Ricky patted him on the shoulder, "Yeah, because that will happen." He said sarcastically.

Graham was moving cooking items left on one of the tables. He passed by Hallie, who was also carrying some cookware, almost bumping into her. They awkwardly smiled to one another. They did it a few more times, each time was more awkward than the last.

Finally, Hallie sat down a cardboard box, "We did an amazing job last night, didn't we?"

Graham was about to pick up something else when he looked over at her, "We did. I guess we work good together," He smiled.

She nodded happily while she tried to fit more things in the box, "I guess we do," She gleamed. Then she stopped what she was doing, "Listen, let's just get this out of the way," She began stepping closer.

Graham sat his things back down on the table in preparation for something he wasn't sure he was ready to deal with.

Hallie moved her hands while explaining, "Whatever happened between us," She said as she started laughing. She couldn't believe what she was actually about to say, "Whatever happened last night, or whatever almost happened, or, you know," She continued laughing.

Graham made a confused face, "What happened between us? I didn't notice anything." He knew what he was saying was a lie.

Hallie's playful smile faded, "I mean with the thing that almost happened. You know-between us."

"Listen, we were celebrating. We were excited. Nothing happened between anybody," He insisted, "A man and woman can work together and just be friends." He picked up his box and walked to the entrance.

"Right," Hallie replied, "No, I mean, exactly. You're exactly right." Then she picked up her box and headed for the entrance, joining him.

"Right. Okay," He stated. They both stood next to the entrance.

"Right," Hallie repeated, "But-something did almost, kinda, sorta happen-right?" She wanted to know and asked looking up at him.

Graham made a loud, noticeable sigh, "I guess-I guess something did almost happen," He replied, "But it didn't. We were just happy."

"Right," Hallie said once more.

Graham opened the entrance way to allow both of them to walk out with their boxes.

The fact that someone else wrote the letter, like, when I really thought about it, wasn't that surprising. I almost should have known, it made me suddenly like, question myself and what I really know about people. Jordan was like, gorgeous. The most gorgeous guy in the whole school in my opinion. But was he really capable of writing a letter like that? And why did Brian agree to write it, if it's really what he like, feels? Why did it have to be so complicated?

"Hey, Angela!" Jordan Catalono yelled from near the staircase.

Angela found him off to the side near the corner of the room, "Hey," She greeted him.

Jordan leaned in to give her a quick kiss, "Hey," He repeated, grabbing onto one of her hands.

Angela's face turned red at the feeling of his warm hand.

"Um, listen, I've been like, thinking about something," He said sheepishly, "I wanted to talk to you about it last night, but, between looking for Tino.." He trailed off, "Anyway, about that letter," He took a deep breath.

Angela let a smile creep back on her face, and laughed with relief, "I already know."

"You already know what?" He asked, surprised.

Angela looked into his bright blue eyes, "That you didn't write it. That like, Brian Krakow did."

He let go of her hands. He was too embarrassed to look at her, "I wanted to tell you-but you were so happy, that I.."

"I'm not mad," She stated. She was waiting for him to bring it up.

He looked at her wanting to know, "Is that what you were talking to Brain about last night?"

"Um, yeah," She replied with a sigh, "Even though you didn't like, actually write it," She stopped to think of how to say the rest, "It's like, what you're feeling."

Jordan smiled, "Is that what he said?"

She knew it wasn't, but there was no way she could tell him the truth, "Yeah," She replied coyly.

He touched her face gently, "He's right."

The words rang in her head like bells, as she looked at him with is long strands of hair partly covering his face.

"I just like, couldn't think of the words myself, you know?" He explained.

Their noses were practically touching, "Yeah," She replied in a whisper. Then he leaned in touching her lips with his, but then she thought of something, "Can I ask you a question?"

He looked into her eyes, "What?"

"My friends like, worked on that play that is tonight, and I sort of wanted to go, you know, for them," She continued, "I have to sell tickets before, but I wanted to know if you, I don't know, maybe wanted to go with me?" She asked, "I know it's stupid-" She made a slight laugh.

"I'll go," He replied.

She could barely believe it. Jordan Catalono was actually going to go to a school function with her. She gave a huge smile, "That makes me-really happy."

He smiled and let his lips touch hers.

Sharon walked out of a stall in the ladies room to find Rayanne pacing frantically back and forth, all while holding papers and muttering to herself. She went to wash her hands while continuing to stare at her.

She turned to watch her, "Do I like, need to call an ambulance?"

Rayanne stood still in the middle of the bathroom. She put back her head and closed her eyes, she was still busy talking under her breath.

Sharon then looked at her, looking very concerned, "Are you okay?"

Then suddenly, Rayanne brought her head down and looked off somewhere, like she didn't even notice Sharon was there, "Oh my God-I don't remember my lines. I forgot my lines!" She yelled out, flailing her arms, and began pacing back and forth once again frantically.

"You're just nervous," Sharon tried reassuring her.

Rayanne grabbed onto Sharon startling her, "Oh my God-what if I pass out?" She let go and started rambling, "What if I, like, throw up? What if I like, throw up on a person?" She leaned back onto a sink.

Sharon took a deep breath, "First, you need to relax. It's only a school play, it's not going to be the end of the world if something happens or something. I mean, it might like, be embarrassing for a minute, but like, really, it's not that big of a deal."

She lowered her head and looked at Sharon, "Thanks. That's like, totally helpful," She said sarcastically. She stared at the floor, "Everyone is going to be there," She explained, looking over at Sharon, "My mother is going to be there. Ricky is going to be there. Everyone-practically the whole school will be there. What am I supposed to do?" She looked at Sharon with a sincere pout, then she looked as if she thought of something, "I need a drink."

"No, Rayanne! You don't need a drink!" Sharon yelled before she could leave the restroom.

She stopped in her tracks and turned back around, her face red with tears, "I'm so scared," She went to Sharon and hugged her, surprising her.

Sharon slowly let her arms hug her, she didn't know what else to do. Then the doors opened and Angela walked in.

"What's going on?" Angela asked as she looked at Rayanne.

She quickly let go of Sharon and dried her eyes. She grabbed her things and passed Angela in order to leave. They both watched as she ran out.

Sharon folded her arms, "Well, if you still talked to her you would know that she's like, driving herself crazy over this play."

Angela looked in the mirror, "Why would I talk to her? It's not like she talks to me, or has told me she's sorry or something."

"She is sorry," Sharon commented, "She's just not good at saying it."

"What? Are you like, her friend now?" Angela snorted.

Sharon perked up, "Maybe I am her friend. Is that like, a problem?" She asked angrily.

Angela stopped playing with her hair and relaxed, "No. Why would I care who you're friends with? Even though you like, completely hated her," She looked in the mirror again to fix her hair.

"Oh, I don't know, because she used to be your friend," She replied, "It's not like what she did was okay, it's just-" She took a deep breath, "It's just that she knows she like, made a mistake."

Angela glanced at her and then looked back at the mirror and at herself. She knew Rayanne was sorry, but she needed to hear it. It was so hard to even look at her most of the time. Not to mention being in Jordan's car. All she could think about was the both of them being in the backseat.

Sharon stopped at the door of the restroom, "Sometimes friends are more important than boys," She gave a small smile before leaving.

Angela made her way towards Ricky and Rayanne. When Rayanne saw Angela heading toward them, she made a quick spin around, unsure of what to do with herself. She ended up leaning her back against a locker, trying to solely focus on her purple lollipop.

"Ricky, can I talk to you?" Angela asked. She noticed Rayanne who wouldn't look at her.

Ricky looked back at Rayanne, who noticed Angela pulling him away, "What's wrong?"

"That letter-I-I, like, didn't know that Brian wrote that letter until you told me," She admitted in almost a whisper.

Ricky looked around with nervous eyes, "Oh-"

"Then last night-" She began, but was almost too nervous to continue. Thankfully, Ricky began talking.

"Angela-I already know. Brian sort of told me everything," He explained.

"He told you? What did he say?" She asked, being extremely curious.

"Everything. That he basically told you his feelings, without like, you know, actually telling you," Ricky smirked, "And something else."

Angela leaned in, "Ricky, what did he tell you?"

"Just that something almost happened," He replied, "But it didn't. So, like, it really doesn't matter or anything."

Angela sighed and leaned back on a locker. She couldn't believe her life.

"So, basically-," Ricky began to explain, "Jordan and Brian like, mean what's in the letter or something. Right?"

Angela thought for a moment and replied, "Yeah-I guess," She replied, not sounding too happy nor too sad.

"But you like Jordan, right?" He asked curiously.

"Yes," She paused, "No, I mean, duh, of course," She laughed awkwardly.

"Alright, then what's the problem?" Ricky asked seriously.

Just then, Rayanne pushed him to the side, "The problem is that she's confused," She spat, "She's been like, completely obsessed with Jordan Catalono forever. But now, she like, sees Krakow is like, this adorable little puppy with feelings," She said mockingly, "And now she doesn't know what to do," She smiled knowingly, "Like I said, she's confused."

Angela looked at her in disgust, "Why were you even listening? I'm not confused. I like Jordan Catalono, okay? You shouldn't even be listening."

Rayanne rolled her eyes, "Whatever you say," She flung back her hair and made short skips down the hall.

Ricky hated being the one in the middle. He sighed, "First of all, could you like, not be so mean? Secondly, she's sort of right."

Angela lowered her brow and smirked, "What do you mean? How is she right?"

"I mean, you don't like Brian, so why not just like, let it go?" He shrugged.

Sometimes someone like, says something that puts everything into perspective. Why couldn't I let it go? I loved Jordan Catalono, and he seemed to maybe, possibly love me. So what if he like, couldn't write a sweet, charming letter? Did that mean anything anyway? At the same time, it was like, hard to just forget that Brian Krakow had like, these feelings for me, and that he could write a letter-a letter like that.

"You're right," Angela nodded enthusiastically, "I'll just let it go."

The door opened revealing Graham holding boxes. Patty rushed over to help, while Danielle watched.

"Where have you been all day?" Patty asked.

They both sat down boxes in the kitchen, "Well, we had to clean up, and then we went for lunch and you know how Hallie is," He shrugged holding out his arms, "She's a talker."

Patty put on a fake smile and nodded, "Well, we have a school play to go to in an hour."

Just then, Angela began walking down the stairs. Her hair was wavy and she traded in her plaid for something a little more elegant.

Patty's mouth dropped in surprise, "Look how nice you look!" She beamed.

Graham had a bewildered look on his face, "Hmf, I didn't know this play was that kind of an occasion."

"Well, for your information, Jordan Catalono is going to be going," Angela informed, "But I need to leave now. I'm like, supposed to sell tickets."

Patty smiled, "Well, we'll see you there."

"Mom, you and dad are not really going are you?" Angela moaned.

"Why yes, we are. Isn't Rayanne in that play? And didn't you and Ricky help out? Of course we're going. Anyway, we already have our tickets."

Angela rolled her head around in annoyance.

Danielle questioned, "Does that mean I have to go?"

Graham and Patty answered in unison, "Yes."

Brian Krakow saw Delia Fisher sitting at the ticket stand near the entrance of the school. He noticed that Angela wasn't there yet, and he hoped she was going to flake out. Delia saw him coming and he noticed she didn't look entirely pleased.

"Hi," He greeted.

Delia stared blankly at him, before turning her attention to a customer, "Thanks so much for coming! Enjoy the show!"

"I said hi," Brian repeated, taking a seat.

"Hi," Delia said, "Listen, I know we have to spend an hour here together, but can that like, involve us not speaking to each other?"

Brian looked depressed, "Fine. Whatever. I can't even believe you still hate me. That's like, so childish."

Delia grumbled under her breath, "It's not that I hate you. I just-I just dislike you, like a lot."

Brian sighed, "Yeah, well you're not the only one."

A few silent minutes went by until Delia spoke, "You really hurt my feelings."

Even though he knew what he did was wrong, he couldn't believe she held a grudge for so long. After all, he was actually sorry.

"I know. I don't blame you," He admitted, "I'm really-I'm really not like that. I mean, I don't like, think I am. I try not to be."

"It was a really terrible thing you did," She said, "But I guess, I could like, move past it and forgive you."

Brian couldn't help but smile, for once he might have done something right, "Really?" He sounded surprised.

Delia smiled, "Yeah, I'm not usually an angry person, and you're completely right anyway. It was childish," She looked at him with a bright smile, "Friends?"

"Friends," Brian agreed.

He finally felt a little bit relieved until he looked at the school's entrance. Angela walked through the doors and it was like time completely stopped from the time she walked in till the time she reached the ticket stand. She was dressed up and his first guess was that it was because of Jordan Catalono. He quickly tried to think of something to do, so that he didn't look like a complete loser.

"So, Delia, anything new, like, happening or something?" He tried to sound upbeat and interested.

Delia sat thinking to herself, "Uh, not that I can think of," She laughed at him.

"Hi," Angela greeted them. She only looked at Brian for a split second. Her heart was racing, she was nervous for so many reasons. For one, she kept thinking about Jordan showing up, and hoping that he did. Then there was Brian, who she had been avoiding all day and she assumed he was avoiding her too. Then there was Rayanne. She hoped she could catch her before she went on.

She took a seat next to Delia, who was in between her and Brian. The two of them were chatting, as she kept an eye on the doors waiting for Jordan to show up.

"Hi," Delia said without much emotion. Brian on the other hand completely ignored her.

"So um, maybe I could like, show you my camera sometime?" Brian suggested, "You know, because we're like friends now or whatever."

Delia jumped up, "Yeah, that would be great. You know, maybe we could work on one of the articles in the newspaper together or something."

Angela couldn't help but overhear their conversation. They kept talking about random things, giggling and laughing. She wiped her hands down her face, as she occasionally sold a ticket or two unhappily. Jordan Catalono was nowhere in sight.

"You know, it's really not that hard-calculus I mean. It's really just a matter of-" Brian stopped short, when he noticed Angela peering off. He followed her eyes to the entrance where Jordan Catalono stood looking around. But he quickly tried to shake it off.

Angela stood up. Technically, she was supposed to stay there for at least twenty more minutes.

"Um, guys, I sort of, like, have to go now," She said randomly, "But, you guys will totally be fine without me, right?"

Delia shrugged and nodded, while Brian pretended he couldn't even see her. Then she walked off to be with Jordan, who waited for her. She grabbed his hand and they disappeared into the auditorium.

"Are you okay?" Delia asked, as Brian stared at the auditorium doors.

"Yeah, I'm fine."

Angela and Jordan sat in the semi-darkened room. There were plenty of other people taking their seats, and she only hoped she wasn't anywhere near her parents and sister. Then she realized she didn't have much time to speak to Rayanne.

"Hey, I really need to speak to someone," She explained, "It won't take long. I'll be right back."

Jordan nodded, "Alright."

She went back into the dressing rooms. There she saw Ricky with a clipboard, looking a bit flustered.

"Ricky, where is Rayanne?" She asked.

"What are you doing back here? You can't be back here," He complained.

She could tell he was stressed out, and she went to look for her herself. She found her near one of the mirrors and costume hangers.

"Rayanne," Angela called out.

She looked somewhat dazed and shaky and turned around, "Angelica!" She ran to her and hugged her, "I knew you'd come!"

Angela looked at her face and noticed something didn't seem right, "Rayanne! Have you been drinking or something?"

"What? No!" She yelled, stumbling.

"Yes you have!" She yelled back, "How much did you have?"

"Not a lot," Rayanne replied, "Just enough to you know, like, make me feel normal," She laughed.

She pulled on Ricky's arm to get him to listen, "Rayanne can't go out like that. She's like, buzzed or something."

Ricky looked surprised, but not shocked, "She has to. She has no other choice."

She looked back at Rayanne who was leaning on a wall. There was nothing she could do. She felt like crying, but knew it wouldn't help anything or make things any better. She left the chaos of backstage, and went to her seat.

"Where were you?" Jordan asked.

"I wanted to talk to somebody."

Jordan asked curiously, "Well, did you talk to them?"

"Sort of."

The lights dimmed, and suddenly she felt like she was going to throw up. She was expecting Rayanne to make a fool of herself, and there was absolutely nothing anybody could do. She looked over at Jordan who was slumped in his chair, she grabbed onto his hand and slumped down as well, expecting to feel complete embarrassment for Rayanne. Then it came-the moment she stepped out on stage. She was dressed in a way that Angela never could have imagined. It was completely different than her usual extravagant costumes that she wore on daily basis. It was like she was meant to be on stage. Then as she said her lines perfectly, every one of them, she realized she wasn't drunk at all and she didn't know whether to laugh historically or cry.

"Do you, uh, get what they are doing?" Jordan asked, leaning over to whisper, "There's like, barely anything happening."

Angela looked at him, "That's the point."

Jordan looked at the stage, his eyes squinting, "Oh."

The show went on and each scene was better than the last. Angela found herself sitting up, fully taking in what was happening. When she looked over, she found Jordan asleep. Finally, when the last scene was over, he woke up from the sound of claps, as the cast came out for their bow. Angela tried to hold back the tears.

Jordan looked over at her half asleep, "Hey, is it okay if I-uh, get out of here?" He asked.

"Um, okay-I'll just, like find my parents." Angela said.

"Alright," Jordan said as he got up, "See ya."

Her heart sank as she watched him leave, she realized the night didn't go as well as she hoped. But she was happy for Rayanne. More than she thought she would be. She went outside to the entrance to find her parents. Other people were funneling out. When she looked over through the crowd and at the other side of the room, she saw Brian and Delia. They were smiling and talking.

Then to her surprise, she saw them hold hands, and for some reason, she felt her heart drop like a million tons.

"Hey Angela," Patty said, making her jump, "Where's Jordan?"

"Oh-he, um, he went home," She replied as she still stared across the room.

"Oh," Patty said looking at Graham, "Well, there's enough room in the car!" Her mom said smiling.

She smiled back, what seemed to be unwillingly, before exiting the school.