The Arena

We look up to the sky, to see their faces, when we do we know they've fallen.

Another cannon in the distance makes me jump and nearly fall, out of my leafy home.

I hear a shriek of fear somewhere near, I know I have to pack up and leave, before they find me, I leap from tree to tree, trying to get away from where the shriek came.

In a couple of days it's the final four, the boy from 1, both from 2, and I are all that's left, their all that stand in my way to getting home.

I hear Ceasers voice boom through the arena, he announces the feast, I know that's where the final battle will take place.

I walk cautiously to the cournicopia, careful not to bring much attention to myself as I wait for the feast to start, I notice the group from 2 hiding in the bushes across from me, but now I don't know where 1 is.

The table comes up and 2 waits for the one stupid enough to be the first to run to the feast, I'm waiting for 1 to be that idiot.

I see 1 run out and grab his pack, by he gets cut off by te boy from 2 who takes off his head with a sword, the girl stabs the boy in the back,he goes down and 2 cannons boom, she smiles as if she's won, she's completely forgotten about me. Perfect.

I sneak out of the bushes with my axe gripped carefully in my hands, the girl looks at the sky confused as to why she hasn't been named victor yet. I smirk and throw my axe into her neck, she falls to the ground.

Claudious Templesmith announces me as victor and I climb into hovercraft, as I do I think, "It's all over, I'm going home to see my family again."