This is an odd fanfic, basically a random song that I made up and has now become a joke among my friends. Just a bit of randomness. And in this fic, Skulduggery has gotten drunk. You'll have to keep reading to find out, though.

"I've lost him."

"How do you lose him? It's not like he blends into the crowd."

This conversation was between Valkyrie and Ghastly, which was interrupted by a Psychic going "Ooh, I've found him. He's in Jenglade Theatre. Singing a weird song?"

Valkyrie and Ghastly just looked at her. "What?" they said in unison.

"What's all this about singing and losing someone?" asked a new voice.

"Ravel, Val got Skulduggery drunk and then she lost him, only for him to turn up at someplace named Jenglade Theatre. Now he's singing, to top it all off."

Ravel grinned, "When he's sober we are so going to tease him about this."

Valkyrie shook her head and sighed, "You guys are just like big kids, you know. "

They looked at her in surprise.

"And you're not?"

She grinned.

"Oh hell, lets go find him. Maybe we can use one of those special cures to sober him up faster?" Valkyrie replied, and they grabbed their coats and set off, the Psychic dizzily following.

"Wait, where is Jenglade Theatre?" Ghastly asked, stopping.

The Psychic pointed to a building across the road from the Sanctuary.

"There." she said before passing out.

"Val, did you get her drunk too?"

Valkyrie grinned sheepishly. "Maybe." she answered.

Ravel had already set off towards the theatre and as Ghastly and Valkyrie caught up, he was just flinging open the door.

They entered the theatre, which was massive even though on the outside it hadn't looked that big.

When they had finished gawking at the gigantic insides of the theatre their eyes focused on a distant black figure staggering around on the stage.

As they neared the figure, this could be heard.

My Enemy is an Anemone

My enemy

Is an Anemone

Called Valkyrie

With a pet called Snee Snee.

I think I'm insane

But I drove on a plane

I can't really sing

But I can fly on one wing.

I'm really cool

And called Mr. Drool.

My enemy

Is an Anmone

Called Valkyrie

With a pet called Snee Snee.

I love to sing

And fly on one wing

I'm really sane

And can drive on a plane

I'm not really cool

And called Mr. Drool

"OH. MY. GOD. He thinks that you're an anemone?" Ghastly asked as Ravel literally ROFLOLed on the floor, almost face planting when he tried to get back up.

This fell on deaf ears as Valkyrie had run up to Skulduggery, justin time for him to set his head on fire. Luckily, his fedora had fallen off and wasn't harmed by this rapid turn off events.

"Ghastly, he's set his head on fire."

Ghastly waved his hand cheerily at Valkyrie and ran out of the theatre, hand going for his cell phone.

Well, what did you think?