Title: Up to Snow Good
Characters: Icicle Jr, Klarion the Witchboy, Kid Flash, Superboy
Warning: Written pre-Timeskip. Villain chatter. Brief mention of comicbook-only character.
Word Count: 258
Rating: G

Somewhere along the line, the conversation has taken a turn for the serious. "...Like Beulah would ever go anywhere near you."

"Your sister is an arctic fox," Junior said happily. "One day, she'll come to her senses."

Klarion snorted. "And permanently melt your frozen ass."

Junior thought about this. "Maybe." Junior thought a bit harder and grinned. "Be worth it."

"Why do I put up with you?"

"Because you have no choice." He wiggled his arm to prove his point. Manacles clanked cheerfully. "Don't worry. I'm sure our knights in cheesy armour are on their way."

"Oh yes. Because rescuing us is certainly top of their list of sickeningly good deeds for the day."

"Duh. Me and Supey totally bonded in prison." Junior nodded. "Don't know about you and Speedy Gonzalez, dude. Maybe if you ask really nice, he'll let you go too."

Klarion wondered how he, Lord of Chaos, had ended up the level-headed one in this relationship. Er, kidnapping. "As long as I never have to see your frosted face again, it's a date."

Junior pouted. "Cold, man. Never? Whatever will I do when our sweet chains of matrimony are broken?"

Klarion took a deep breath-


Conner and Wally found them bickering like an old married couple, apparently completely unconcerned about the fact they were chained together, on a spire, at the very top of the highest building of Keystone City in the dead of winter.

"Conner!" Junior snapped. "Tell this witch that just because we're married, doesn't mean I have to stop seeing you!"

S/V: Boys, boys, there's plenty to go around. Share your bromances.
This is some old writing I've been staring at for months. Can't seem to make it longer, so enjoy the slightly cracky slice of life. Oh, and puns.