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He noticed every expression he was given. He didn't understand why they were giving him looks like that. Did he look strange? Was it his hair? Or his clothes in general? Or his bare feet? Or maybe was it the frost that came up when he touched someone and it went on their clothes? Didn't everyone have cool powers? Or was it just him with his staff? He wasn't sure.

He was even more unsure what caused the next thing to happen but it frightened him. The men of this small village were holding all kinds of different things. Pointy things! Things that were bright- that burned! He didn't like it at all. It made him feel weird.

All he want to know was where he was but he was scared. They were yelling things at him, calling him things. What was a witch? A demon? A ghost? He didn't know what those were but he was sure he wasn't any of those things. He was Jack Frost and that's all that mattered! They didn't seem to listen when he told them though.

He didn't stop to catch his breath as he ran. It confused him how he was breathing really hard and what was coming down his face? It felt so strange! Especially how it just stuck to his face. Why wouldn't it go away? Why did it fall in the first place? He wanted to know.

Answers were never given though, not that he asked. He was busy running and when he had finally stopped it was over the pond- his pond. A banging of the ice with his staff quickly broke it to where he fled underwater. He was scared of it when he awoke. It was too dark but the moon was there to get rid of that fear.

The broken ice connected again and froze together. The ones that were chasing him didn't dare to cross the pond to get him under the water, he was thankful for that. He deep blue eyes stared at them as they remained there, still yelling at him and talking among one another.

Then a black blur appeared next to the other brown blurs. It was different from the others though. It was too big and he thought it was a really strange human. He quickly took back that thought when he heard the others run away screaming the same things they called him. He wondered if they were the same, that maybe they were witches or demons or ghosts- he didn't really care. He just hoped that the black blur wouldn't have the same reaction the others gave him.

The black blur had become smaller all of a sudden and even more questions passed through the frost spirits mind. What is it? How did it do that? That's so cool! Was that it's power? All questions stopped as it walked onto his pond, stopping directly over him and looking down right at him.

If he didn't realize that he wasn't breathing at all, his breath would've stopped right then and there. Barely seconds after this realization, he sucked in some of the water to breathe which he immediately regretted. He freaked out, flailing around, trying to break the ice- he wanted out! He couldn't do it and started to slip further into the waters when he had suddenly been coughing really hard, trying to breathe in the air.

After what seemed like forever, the frost spirit regained the air he had lost to the waters and finally looked up to see a pair of golden eyes looking down at him. Was this the one who saved him? He looked so different from the ones that had chased him back to his pond and he found it fascinating.

"You're the one who was stirring up the humans?" The dark man eyed him up and down, "What's your name?"

It didn't register to him that his savior had asked him a question- no, two questions, he corrected himself. He responded in whispers so as to not frighten him, he thought that's maybe what he did wrong with the others. "I'm not sure what that means but I didn't do anything to any humans. I'm Jack Frost. Who are you?"

The dark man continued to stare at him for a bit and finally said "Pitch Black."

Every question raced through Jack's mind as he wished to keep talking with the man, the man known as Pitch Black. He stopped thinking about the questions he was asking no one before when a new one popped into his head. He wasn't exactly sure of the meaning of it but he had heard it before everything happened with the others and he thought it was something nice, so he pulled himself up onto his bare feet and asked "Do you want to be friends?"

Pitch made an expression which Jack thought was confusion but he wasn't too sure. He wasn't too sure about anything. Jack rocked a little on his heels waiting for a response from the taller man. He thought it was forever when Pitch finally smiled, he assumed, and said "Sure."

Sure. Sure! SURE! He said sure! He didn't really understand his question in the first place but it didn't matter at all because Pitch Black had answered him! He answered him and didn't get scared at all and oh! He was so happy, so very very happy! His smile was so big and wide, he couldn't contain it at all. With the winds help, he grabbed ahold of Pitch's shoulders and the wind swung them around and around and around and around and around until they suddenly stopped.

Jack dropped down and backed away as Pitch regained himself from the sudden surprise attack of his new friend. So many questions passed through the frost spirits mind immediately. What if he doesn't like you now? What if you scared him? What if he leaves you? What if-

Pitch laughed. "Energetic little spirit, aren't you?"

Jack was confused yet again. Was that a good thing? Pitch seemed happy so he guessed it was.

"I'm sure you're confused and have lots of questions. I'll answer them all. Let's go somewhere where no one will bother us." Pitch then looked at the moon. A hand wrapped around his which brought Pitch's eyes back to Jack. "Let's go."

And the two left into the shadows.

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