When it first hit him it was a beautiful pain of absolute euphoria. Just the right touch for the Nightmare King, enough for him to smile that wicked grin of his. Sharp crooked teeth, something dear ole Toothiana would be disgusted looking at. Thinking of her setting her eyes upon his teeth and making such a face made him chuckle. Oh, he'd miss bothering her in a way like that. As well as the other guardians but now wasn't the time for reminiscing. There was something causing fear- his wondrous fear and he needed to know what.

He slipped through the shadows, arriving just outside of the quiet village of Burgess. Though it was bustling more today, thanks to the fear he was feeding on, with screams of terror and whispers of fright.

It made him happy to see a mob with pitch forks and torches as it reminded him of the good old days before the guardians ruined his fun. Who was the one that caused this? He must thank them with a touch more of fear. As his eyes roamed the crowd, he noticed they were looking to the pond and he felt fear there. Right under the ice.

A human under the ice? Is that what this was all about? He started to walk towards the mob, overhearing their whispers of fear. "The demon escaped into the pond!" "He shared the same face as the Overland's boy." "It was his ghost come to haunt us all." "It'll curse us all with it's magic!"

Pitch sighed. Probably a spirit that was caught by them with no way of escape now. Yes, humans feared the unknown. It was a spectacular feeling but he doesn't like the idea that this was the spirits plan all along, to get him in debt to them. He scowls and brings the nightmare sand around him, making a body much bigger and frightening than his own. Once the crowd notices the shadow over them, they rapidly run away screaming.

"It's a demon! It's going to kill us!" They screamed until they were long gone in their peaceful village.

The nightmares had disappeared then and the Nightmare King smoothed out his robe. Now to attend to the spirit. He walked over to the pond with his arms behind his back and stared down at the one whom caused all the fear before. Within seconds the spirit was pounding and scratching against the ice trying to get free. The Nightmare King could taste the fear of drowning, the fear of never finding out who he- Pitch was. What?

Shadows wrapped around the drowning spirit as they took him above the ice and released him, going back to their master. The small boy was violently coughing out the water he swallowed while trying to inhale as much air around him as if he were thinking he'd collapse right back into the pond. Pitch just stared and waited for the young spirit to regain himself from the near death experience- not that he could die.

The snowy white haired teen finally began to breath properly again and looked up at the boogeyman. The look in his blue eyes could only be classified as wonder. It's been such a long time since he'd ever seen someone give him a look that wasn't of absolute fear or disgust. It was refreshing.

"You're the one who was stirring up the humans? What's your name?" Pitch questioned as he continued to examine the boy. Snow white hair, blue eyes, extremely pale skin, clothes that matched the villagers he had just chased off, bare feet and a wooden staff. The cold didn't effect him even with the water he just got out of. A winter spirit then.

"I'm not sure what that means but I didn't do anything to any humans. I'm Jack Frost. Who are you?" The winter spirit whispered. Jack Frost? The Nightmare King has never heard that name before. So this one really is a new spirit. Yes, it does explain quite a lot.

"Pitch Black." The king answered the child.

The child's face looked surprised, full of joy even. He was positive it wasn't because of his name but something else. A new spirit such as Jack Frost didn't know to fear the Nightmare King. The new spirit was innocent.

Jack pulled himself up, still holding wonder in his blue eyes. "Do you want to be friends?" Pitch raised one of his thin eyebrows. Far too innocent but he found it amusing nonetheless. He wondered if the child even knew what he was asking. To be friends with fear. Such a task is clearly impossible but he wouldn't break the child's innocence. No, he would humor him. Pitch smirked as the boy was rocking back and forth on his heels. "Sure."

Immediately the child's expression changed to an even happier tone. Such an expression was so new to Pitch Black. His smile was so big and wide and genuine. He liked it. Suddenly he floated up, grabbing ahold of the king's shoulders and along with the winds help, they twirled around for a good while until they came to a halt. The child dropped from his shoulders and backed away, looking full of shame. That's when a blast of fear hit the king. It felt so good but he couldn't make it last longer. Not when he liked the happiness this spirit emitted.

Pitch Black, the Nightmare King, laughed. Not a dark sinister laugh he gave his prey but a sweet and kind one. A genuine one. "Energetic little spirit, aren't you?" The fear stopped and confusion was replaced on the winter spirits face.

"I'm sure you're confused and have lots of questions. I'll answer them all. Let's go somewhere where no one will bother us." Pitch looked to his old friend Man in the Moon then. He wondered if this was orchestrated by him. His old friend did know that Pitch was planning something dark and sinister but he hadn't known what. Pitch was very good at hiding his plans from the Guardians and the Moon.

Jack's hand wrapped around Pitch's and that got the king's attention back to him. He would keep the winter spirit and they would work together. After all, cold and dark went so very well together.

"Let's go." Jack smiled again as the shadows wrapped around them and they left the eyes of the Moon.

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