Author's Note:

Something I couldn't get out of my head. This story is set after the "Camp Wannaweep" episode. Totally AU and has nothing to do with the episodes that followed. I couldn't get the comment in one of my stories out of my head so to be fair; I decided to write a story for the "Ron-man". Possible one shot? Not sure, depends on you guys if you want this to be multi-chapter


I DO NOT own anything related to the Kim Possible franchise and anything related to it in this story. I own nothing except for the plot itself and any OC that will be presented.

The Little Things

The following day after the "Camp Wannaweep" incident, things had started to go back to normal. Everybody moved about their busy day and everything seemed the same except for the ones that were changed by the incident.

Tara was one of them. She wasn't able to go to sleep the night after the incident as the thought of Ron kept popping into her head. She always had an eye for the blond but the way he rescued them made him much more desirable now in her eyes.

She wished that they could get closer but Bonnie never really liked Ron that much. Unknown to the rest, Bonnie held Ron in the same regard as Tara but the potential she saw in him was always over powered by her irritation with his easy-going-never-be-normal attitude.

"Hello~" Bonnie called out to Tara as she waved her hand in front of the Blonds' face. This caused Tara to snap out of her pondering. She turned her head at Bonnie's direction and asked her to repeat what she was saying.

"I asked, what's eating you?" Bonnie repeated as she once again focused on the road. Tara looked outside her window and watched the scenery go by before she answered Bonnie's question.

"Do you remember what we talked about yesterday?" Tara asked without looking back at her friend.

"Which one are you referring to?" Bonnie replied as she tried to think about their conversation the other day. Tara mentally debated with herself if she was going to talk about it with Bonnie once more. Yesterday when she tried to bring Ron up, Bonnie immediately changed the topic as if talking about Ron was forbidden.

"Tara, I'm not psychic." Bonnie said with an irritated voice after a couple of seconds of silence from Tara.

"Well I was thinking about Ron." Tara said nervously as she turned to look at her best friend. "Ever since yesterday's incident, I couldn't keep him out of my head anymore."

"You're just thinking that way because he saved us." Bonnie said nonchalantly as she kept her attention on the road. "It will go away in time."

"I don't think it's like that at all Bon-bon." Tara replied as he sat properly so that they could face each other better. Tara reached for her hand and slowly gave it a squeeze. "You know I always had a soft spot for him and your irritation of him was the only thing preventing me from getting close with him."

Bonnie only grunted as she continued to drive. It was true that Tara had told her a couple of times before that she thought that Ron was cute but the way he behaved really ticked her off. She would never admit it to anyone even Tara but she also found Ron cute, cute in a goofy sort of way.

Bonnie snapped out of her pondering when she heard Tara said that she was going to approach Ron later at school. Out of reflex she floored the break, making the car immediately stop on its track.

Tara screamed as the force of the car stopping surprised her.

"Say that again." Bonnie ordered Tara as she slowly parked the car. Tara tried to recompose herself as Bonnie did what she did. Once they were properly stopped she looked at Bonnie and held both her hands.

"I love you and you are my best friend but I think I have fallen for him." Tara admitted as she gently squeezed the brunette's hands. Bonnie was shocked with the revelation her best friend have just said.

Tara waited for her response but after a couple of minutes of silence, she got worried that Bonnie might be against her interest of Ron. Sensing the uneasiness of her best friend, Bonnie quickly smiled and squeezed the hands of the blond.

"If he makes you happy then I guess I have no right to stand in your way." Bonnie said as she straightened up to start the car once again. Tara bounced up and down on her chair in delight while Bonnie just shook her head at the sight. She continued her driving and headed directly for the High School.

Meanwhile, inside the school, Ron and Kim were already beside their locker grabbing their bags as they ready for their subjects. As usual Ron was happily telling Kim about the things that he watched on the TV before a familiar voice stopped him.

"Sounds like a lot of fun Stoppable. I hope you didn't forget to do your homework." Mr. Barkin said from behind them. Ron nervously turned around as he tried to think of an excuse why he wasn't able to make his.

"Oh, he did it Mr. Barkin." Kim answered for him. "I should know we studied together."

Ron almost turned and hugged the red head on the spot for the good save if not for Mr. Barkin standing in front of him. Mr. Barkin just huffed and continued on his way towards the class that he was going to teach. Before he could disappear from the corner though, he turned around to look at Ron once more.

"Make sure you have that assignment Stoppable... Or else..."

Ron could only gulp as images of the possible torture he was going face in detention ran through his mind. He was almost about to slump because of the though when a warm comforting hand landed on his shoulder.

"Thanks KP. I needed that." Ron said without turning around.

"Well your welcome Ron but I'm not Kim." A voice replied from behind him.

Ron quickly turned only to be surprised that the hand that was on his shoulders was actually Tara's. His face quickly blushed from the embarrassment and the only thing that he could do was smile at the blond.

"Idiot" Bonnie muttered from behind Tara, earning a scowl from Kim.

Luckily Ron and Tara weren't able to hear it as they were both too busy looking into each other's eye. Ron's jaw almost dropped on the floor as the realization that he was standing in front of Tara and actually speaking with her hit him.

Tara extended her hand and reached for his jaw. Slowly she closed his mouth and smiled at him while she brushed his cheek with her thumb.

Bonnie and Kim stood behind the two and watched as they simply stood there smiling at each other. It would have lasted a couple more minutes longer, if not for the help of the school's bell. Kim and Bonnie both thanked the bell and slowly pulled the two apart.

The four parted ways as they went their separate ways but not before Tara asked Ron to sit with her during lunch. Bonnie mentally groaned as she thought about sharing 'the table' with both Kim and Ron. Tara simply nudged her side so that she would say yes and then bid the two farewells before pulling Bonnie away.

Ron couldn't remove the smile plastered on his face the whole time they were having class. Kim never thought that she would wish for it but she did and prayed that there would be something that separated the both of them.

Luckily for her Mr. Barkin assigned her a different research partner so she was saved from being with Ron in his all so uber happiness mode. Ron didn't mind at all that he was being partnered with someone else as he was completely preoccupied by thoughts of Tara.

As soon as the classes were over, Ron immediately pulled Kim and hurriedly dragged her towards the canteen. It was completely crowded as people busily moved about but luckily for them "The Table" was specifically reserved for what Bonnie called "the top of the food chain".

Both Kim and Ron didn't want to sit there and be labelled but Ron did it because he wanted to be near Tara. They were just a couple of tables away when Tara noticed they were approaching. Without reserve she stood up and waved at them to join her and Bonnie.

Kim simply bowed her head in embarrassment while Ron seemed not to notice, as his attention was with Tara only. Kim looked at Ron and felt an unfamiliar pang of hurt in her as she watched the attention he was giving the blond.

She never really thought about it much but she was now finding out that she wanted this attention on her alone.

"Am I getting jealous of Tara?" Kim mentally asked herself as they reached the table the two cheerleaders had reserved for them. She tried to shrug off the thought as she reminded herself it was silly to be feeling that way especially with the girl her best friend like.

"He is just my best friend." Kim reminded herself as they took a seat, before they could get comfortable though Tara stopped them and asked if she could switch places with Kim. The young red head rolled her eyes as she thought how things had already changed with just a couple of hours.

"I hope you don't mind Kim." Tara nervously said as she noticed a hint of irritation in Kim's face. Bonnie and Ron didn't see it but Tara clearly saw a hint of it when Kim rolled her eyes.

"No, I don't mind." Kim flatly answered as she moved to swap with Tara.

The four finally took their seat and started to eat their food. Bonnie and Kim sat quietly as they ate their share while Ron and Tara lively talked about their interest and took turns feeding each other. Unknown to the two Kim was already gripping her fork hard enough for it to bend while Bonnie almost stood up to give them an earful.

"Oops!" Ron said out loud as the fork he was holding fell on the floor. Tara was about to tell him it was okay and that they should just use hers but Ron reasoned that he would still need to get it. It was a lucky break for the two blonds because a couple more minutes longer the two women opposite the table might not have been able to take it anymore.

While Ron was getting up from his position, he accidentally leaned his hand on the plastic ketchup bottle squirting its content on the unsuspecting victim. A loud scream was heard as Bonnie screamed her lungs as the ketchup splattered all over her new designer shirt.

Ron's jaw dropped as he saw the mess he had made. He continuously apologized as he handed her tissues and some water to wipe of the mess. Bonnie's eyes almost burned through him as anger seethed through her.

"Ugh!" Bonnie grunted as she stood up from her seat. She was about to move from her spot when she noticed the people looking at her. This snapped her from her frenzy and she remembered that she had a reputation to protect.

Ron saw the change of emotion on her face so he quickly covered her with the jacket that he had. Gently he placed the jacket over her and helped her cover the mess he had done. Kim and Tara weren't able to see the blush creep on Bonnie's cheek as the gesture touched her. She had a reason to be mad at Ron but somehow the attention he was giving her now, somehow softened her demeanour.

"Tara, Kim, I'll go escort Bonnie to her locker." Ron said as he gestured Bonnie to walk with him. He saw that the two were about to say some so he immediately cut them off. "It's my fault that she's in this mess right now so I need to take responsibility."

Both Tara and Kim smiled at him understandingly and they nodded for him to go on.

Ron quickly guided Bonnie to her locker and once they were there she took her change of clothes. She grabbed his hand and pulled him towards an empty classroom with instructions for him to watch the door so that she could immediately change there. Ron simply nodded and promised that he wouldn't peek.

Once inside Bonnie couldn't explain what she was feeling. She was restlessly pacing back and forth inside the classroom as she mentally struggled about what she was feeling towards the attention Ron was giving her.

"Bonnie are you okay in there?" Ron called out to her.

Bonnie didn't know what came over her as the next thing she did also completely took her by surprise. She pulled Ron inside the room and hungrily kissed him while she was still half naked. Ron was caught off guard by her action, lost in a daze he couldn't think straight as Bonnie continued to assault his lips.

"Ron." Bonnie muttered as her hands gripped his hair as she pulled him closer.

Ron was enjoying the moment but he knew that things were happening so fast and he didn't fully understand what was happening. He tried to move away from her but he couldn't touch her for fear that he might accidentally touch her somewhere private.

"Bonnie!" Ron said in a voice a little louder than normal. This caused the brunette to stop at what she was doing. She blushed furiously as her brain processed what she has done and how she looked right now.

Bonnie quickly dressed up and then afterwards she turned to face Ron. She was still flustered but her eyes showed that she meant business.

"Nothing happened Stoppable." Bonnie told him as she straightened her clothes. "If word gets out especially to Kim or Tara, I'm going to kill you."

Ron could only gulp as he saw the brunette walk out of the room leaving him dumbfounded by the things that had taken place inside the room.