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The tree house seemed too quiet as Kim and Tara approached it. Kim expected Ron to be running out of the tree house after a couple of seconds of being with Bonnie while Tara expected Bonnie shouting her lungs out at Ron for absolutely no reason. The two looked at each other as they stood at the door of the tree house and still no sound out of the two.

"Ron." Kim called out as she opened the door slowly while Tara followed behind her. The two looked around but only saw surprised Bonnie near the window. Both women looked at her questioningly as she looked at them and then back outside the window.

"Bon-Bon where's Ron?" Tara asked as she moved to the brunette's side, but as if on cue Ron groaned from the below the tree house. This alerted Kim and Tara making them rush for the window to look down at where the sound came from. Below the tree house was Ron, lying on the ground covered with leaves.

"Hey Kim, Hey Tara." Ron greeted them weakly as he tried to stand up. Kim could see that the fall did some damage as Ron couldn't properly get up. She was just about to run for the door to get down to him when she saw Bonnie and Tara dash ahead of her.

The two raced for the door but Bonnie was quicker, she absentmindedly pushed Tara aside and rushed down to Ron's side. Kim was surprised to see Bonnie pushing Tara that she forgot Ron was below the tree house.

"Are you okay Tara?" Kim asked as she helped the blond stand up. Tara rubbed her head while trying to regain her balance.

"I'm okay but I never saw Bonnie act that way." Tara commented as she followed Kim down the tree house.

Once the two were back on the ground, they saw Bonnie beside Ron. She was too preoccupied checking up on Ron that she didn't notice them stand behind her. Both Kim and Tara forgot about the incident that happened in the tree house as they saw wrong wincing in pain on the ground.

"Bonnie." Both Kim and Tara said as they put their hands on her shoulder. Tears started to fall from her cheeks as she held Ron in her arms.

The two quickly went to Ron's side and helped him stand up. While he was being assisted, Ron was wincing as the pain from his leg hurt him. Bonnie was planted on the spot beside where Ron had fallen that she wasn't able to move when Kim gestured her to follow them.

"Bonnie! Come on we need to get Ron to the hospital." Kim ordered Bonnie as she and Tara started to carry him towards Bonnie's car. Kim's words snapped Bonnie from her trance, finally making her rush towards her car.

The three women were quiet as the car sped towards the hospital. Bonnie focused on the road while both Kim and Tara sat beside Ron, nursing his wounds. It only took a couple of minutes to get to the hospital thanks to Bonnie's driving.

The hospital was very quiet as there hadn't been any activity for that day but as soon as the three women came in carrying Ron everything changed. The nurses rushed to them as they saw Ron being carried in. Kim and Tara let two male nurses carry Ron towards a bed while a doctor from the station walked towards them.

The three women didn't know it but tears were falling from their eyes as they watched the doctor look at Ron's wounds. He looked at him starting from his head down to the bleeding leg that was dressed by the two women.

Tara and Bonnie hugged each other while Kim stood behind the doctor watching him take care of Ron. Even with the pain he was enduring, Ron still smiled at them reassuringly.

"The doctor will take care of him." A female nurse told them as she gestured them away from the side of the bed. She guided them towards a small corridor beside the emergency room and told them to take a seat. The three followed without resisting as the incident seemed to have sipped all of their strength.

"I'll get you something to drink, okay?" The nurse offered them which the three nodded in unison as a reply. The nurse disappeared in a corner as she headed for the nurse station leaving the three alone.

"What happened Bonnie?" Kim asked with a shaky voice. "How did Ron end up on the ground?" She added in a much louder voice. Bonnie didn't reply but instead continued sobbing. Kim was about to stand up and give Bonnie a piece of her mind when Tara stood up to stop her.

"I know how you feel but hurting her won't do anything." Tara explained as she tried to calm Kim down with reason. "She's still in shock so there's no point in asking her right now."

The three sat back down in silence as they let the information of what has happened sink in. It took a couple of minutes or an hour, none of them really knew. They didn't bother to check what time it was, all that mattered was that Ron was okay.

The nurse came back carrying three cups of water on a tray. She smiled at them and handed them the water she had brought before giving them the good news.

"Your friend will be okay." The nurse informed them. "The doctor said he just has a few bruises and one broken leg. Other than the broken leg, there was no other major damage."

The faces of the three women lit up as they heard the good news. Even though they were quarrelling earlier, all of that was forgotten as they hugged each other in joy. They were about to proceed back into the emergency room but the nurse stopped them.

"You don't need to go back in anymore." She said as she stopped them. "Mr. Stoppable is now being brought into his room as we speak." The three nodded in understand and then afterwards asked what room he was being brought to. The nurse gave them the information before turning to leave.

Before she could leave though Kim called her, making the nurse to turn back and look at them.

"Thank you." The three said in unison.

"By the way what's your name?" Kim asked. The nurse smiled and then turned completely to face them before telling her name.

"You can call me Angel." The nurse said with a smile. "If you need anything I'll be in the nurse's station." She added before waving goodbye.

The three women quickly made their way towards the room that Ron was in. Once they were in front of the bare white door, Kim gently pushed it exposing a small quaint room that housed a single bed and a couple of furniture.

"Hey." Ron said while smiling. He tried to sit up to greet them better but the bruises he had all over his body prevented him to move freely. Kim and Tara hurriedly rushed to his side as they tried to help him lay back down. Ron wanted to stop them but his body followed without resistance.

"Don't move Ron." Kim said as she prevented him from sitting up again.

"Yeah, don't move Ronnie. You need your rest." Tara added.

Bonnie could only stand at the bottom of the bed watching the scene as guilt slowly ate her. She couldn't move from her spot even though she wanted to be beside him with all her heart. Ron saw Bonnie mentally struggling with herself, he knew that she didn't mean it and he knew that he need to calm her before she completely blame herself.

"Uhm, can you two leave us for just a couple of minutes?" Ron asked the two beside him. Kim and Tara got the hint so they slowly stood up from his side. They each touched Bonnie's shoulder before finally exiting the room and locking it behind them.

As soon as Bonnie heard the click of the door's lock, she quickly ran an hugged him. Ron winced as he felt Bonnie's hug but didn't say anything as he wanted to appease the woman's mind. The hug lasted for a full minute before they finally separated.

"I'm sorry Ron." Bonnie said as tears started to fall from her eyes. Ron just wiped her tears with his finger before gently cupping her face with one hand. He could see mixed emotions in her eyes, there was a hint of pain, a hint of guilt and an emotion he could yet tell what.

"I'm okay Bonnie." Ron reassured her. "I've gone through worse." He added as he gently caressed her cheek. Bonnie could only bow her head down as guilt still stabbed her heart.

"Bonnie." Ron called to her. She raised her head and looked at him with questioning eyes.

"I want you to tell me why you kissed me." Ron told her as he recalled the events before the hospital. "And I'm not just talking about this morning but I'm referring to yesterday as well."

Bonnie stiffened as she heard what he said. She was ready to do anything to make up to him but she wasn't ready to admit it out loud that she had fallen for the goofy blond. Bonnie knew she liked him but something in her was preventing her from admitting it.

She felt a warm hand cover hers, making her snap out of her pondering.

"I'm sorry Ron." Bonnie started. "I don't know myself." She lied as she pulled her hand back away from his. Ron didn't push the subject any further but instead tried to change the subject.

"We'll at least if I look at this positively, I don't need to go to school." Ron said in a cheerful way making Bonnie finally laugh.

After a couple of minutes Kim and Tara came back with food from the cafeteria. They placed it on the side of the bed and offered Ron some as they knew he hasn't eaten yet. The goofy blond declined the offer but instead told them to get Bonnie to eat.

The two looked at each other questioningly as they tried to think of the reason for the change in the atmosphere. Both Ron and Bonnie simply laughed as they watched the clueless faces of the two women with them.

Once visiting hours were over, the three women bid their goodbyes and promised to come back tomorrow. Ron smiled at them and joked that he would miss school making the three women laugh at his false statement. The three left the hospital with Bonnie's car and proceeded to Kim's house to drop her off.

The next morning while everyone hurried to go to school, Bonnie waited patiently for Tara to come out of their house. She had been waiting for the blond to come out for over fifteen minutes now but Tara was still yet to appear.

Finally after exhausting her patience, Bonnie stormed her way towards the house's front door. She knocked at the door with irritation as she called out Tara's name. She heard footsteps come closer to the door and then afterwards someone slowly opened the door.

"My, how can I help you today Bonnie?" Mrs. King asked as with a smile. Bonnie was surprised that Mrs. King was the one to answer the door as she was used to Tara opening it even though she was doing something.

"Uhm, Is Tara still not up?" Bonnie asked shyly as her behaviour earlier embarrassed her.

"Oh!" Mrs. King exclaimed as she remembered something. "Didn't Tara tell you that she wasn't going to school today as she was visiting a friend?"

Surprised registered on her face as the thought of Tara sneaking behind her finally hit her. This was the first time that Tara did this and it was definitely a disadvantage for her as Tara would probably be with Ron now.

"Thank you Mrs. King." Bonnie said as she bid the older woman goodbye.

Meanwhile back at the hospital, Tara slowly walked to Ron's bedside as she didn't want to wake the blond up. She looked at his peaceful face as he slept like a baby with no care in the world. Tara couldn't resist the urge from sitting beside him and caressing his face.

She gently stroked his face as she traced his jaw line.

"He has such a kind face." Tara thought to herself as she slowly leaned forward to look at him better.

"Tara." Ron muttered as he slowly opened his eyes. His vision was still a bit fuzzy but he was sure that they were really close. He didn't actually need to open his eyes because with the closeness of their body, he could literally feel her breath on him.

"Oh! Sorry." Tara exclaimed as she blushed furiously.

Ron simply smiled before greeting her good morning. He positioned himself in a half-sitting position on the bed while Tara moved back to his side. She showed him the basket of food that she had prepared for him and told him that she was going to feed him.

Ron was about to say something about being able to eat by himself, but Tara shut him up by assaulting his lips with a kiss. The kiss was unlike how Bonnie kissed him, hers was more caring and he could feel her being hesitant while still showing him the hunger and passion in it.

The kiss slowly started to escalate into touching. While Tara kissed him, her hands started to caress his chest. Ron couldn't help himself as she had been his crush since they entered High School. They kissed and they touched each other until finally Ron pulled her to hop on top of the bed.

"Ron."Tara muttered as she started to untie the knot on his hospital gown. This made Ron release a soft moan as he felt her hand go underneath his clothes. Her hands started to caress his chest when suddenly a soft cough was heard from the door. This made the two jumped up in surprise from the bed as their heads snapped to look at the direction of the sound.

"This is a hospital." Kim said flatly as she entered the room. This made Tara quickly jump off the bed and fix herself. Ron was still clueless about how Kim felt about him so he could only smile sheepishly at her for being caught.

"I need to go to the comfort room." Tara said before quickly running out of the room. Kim didn't bother to follow Tara with her gaze for she was completely focused on Ron. She walked to his while Ron could only gulp.

"She must be mad because this is an inappropriate place." Ron thought to himself as Kim put down a small basket of fruits she was carrying.

Kim didn't say anything but instead she smoothen his wrinkled clothes. Ron felt the added force in each tug she did as she fixed his clothes. This was very unlike her, he looked at her as she continued what she did but still didn't understand why she acted that way.

Author's Note:

Thank you all for the support guys.. I'm very happy that you liked the story.. ^^ I know some of you expected a fight to happen in the tree house but I thought it was too early for that.. So I decided to put in a twist first until I could properly build it up..