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Hello I have a question? Do you know cinderella? If you do keep reading and if you don't leave now.

This is Cinderella- the violent version.

So my name is Rachel Roth but I swear to Azar if you call me that I will make you bleed out of your eyes, hog tie you, and then put you in an angry fire ant hole and laugh as they eat you alive.

Moving on...I like to be called Raven. My story is like cinderella except its very twisted.

Yes my mother did die as a child but my father is a bastard. Instead of trying to find me a new mother he blamed me and shipped me off to my aunts with her twin daughters Kori and kitten.

Yeah yeah feel sorry for me all you want, i hate him too. I was told that the only way I would get any of my inheritance I would have to become "the perfect daughter" total bullshit, he just likes to torcher me. When I refused he threatened to send me off to alaska..bastard.

I hate the cold and he knows it. So here were my choices:

1. Alaska cold as shit and I live with a fucking polar bear in a giant ass ice-cube
2. I live with my annoying ass cousins and go to a rich school

Sadly I picked the rich school, sorry polar bears. Anyway he didn't tell me until i got there that I would have to stay with my cousins. They also got to decide what I would wear, make up (shudder), my hairstyle, and damn that evil bastard I have to be a cheerleader.

My cousin kori actually wasnt so bad but particularly annoying because of her never-ending questions. her sister on the other hand I could swear was a demon under all that blonde hair.

All you ever heard from her was bitch, bitch, bitch! My make up isn't perfect I need better, there's a spot on my shirt I want a new one, I never get anything I want I hate you all!

Can I shoot her please? NO? Damn. Here I am at my cousins being poked and prodded by the most annoying duo ever! Here they go again.

'Kori! that's not how her hair should look, not you have to start over!'

'Kitten it looks wonderful leave it be!'

'You know this is why richard loves me i always look perfect and your second rate!'

'He does not love you, he is my boyfriend!'

'I know it's so sad, you have brainwashed him!'

My ears are bleeding. I scurry away quietly down the hall and into my room. How in the hell did an argument about my hair end up on the boy they're always fighting over?

Sighing I spent nearly an hour trying to get my hair back to normal before the pounding started, they must be fighting again.

'You bitch you stained my shirt!'

'Klorbag! You are trying to steal my boyfriend from me.'

I snorted. Yeah dad send me to live with the crazy banshees they'll teach me how to be perfect in no time.

I walked over to my bed to see the outfit they had layed out for me, some frilly ugly ass dress, of course.

I grinned to myself as I grabbed the scissors.

I held up the finished item a little while later and nodded, itll do. Its way better now. I layed it on my desk and changed for bed.

Well one things for sure, tomorrow will be hell. I sighed. Oh well might as well get used to it, it's not like things can get worse right?

Oh no probably shouldnt have said that, im doomed.

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