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Day 1 in hell..

I pulled on my dress it was blue with black trim (I spray painted it) and fell to about my mid-thigh. I had cut ist do that it was a sleeveless and added a necklace to match. Also just to shut up the fashion police I had curled the ends of my hair and it fell nicely(if I do say so myself) over my shoulders.

The rich bitches made me get in a strech limo to ride to school, attracted attention immediately. Damn them, damn my purple hair and eyes, stop staring at me before I cut out your eyes!

I stepped out of the PINK strech limo. Really pink? Was that nessicary? That's mean even for my dad.

Following kitten bitching about how I ruined the dress and a happily chattering kori about how beautiful I looked I made it to the office to get my schedule.

I finally got away from them to find my first class and got lost, perfect. Some guy stopped me.

'Hey you lost new girl?'

I looked up to see a boy with black hair and sun glasses over his eyes. Fucking Vampire freak.

'Who's asking?'

'Richard Grayson at your service.'

He grinned and I scowled before I rolled my eyes.

'Room 203?'

'That's this way follow me.'

I growled to myself. This guys too cocky.

When we reached the room.

'My rooms two doors over if you get lost again ...?'


He smiled at me.

'Alright bye Raven.'

Then he waved and walked off. Definitely a vampire no high school boy is that polite.

I turned heel and walked into the classroom, the teacher wasnt there yet so almost no one was in there seats. I took a seat in the corner by the window and turned to stare at the sky.

'Well arent you a pretty little thing?'

I turned to see a boy leaning on my desk and blinked, momentarily reminded of the makeup on my face when a sparkle got stuck in my perferal. Damn sparkle.

I glared at him and didn't dignify that with a response.

'Ooh feisty i like it' He waggled his eyebrows at me and puckered his lips in a fake kiss to try to look attractive. If you ask me I think it made him look constipated.

'Go bother someone else you worthless piece of meat before I throw you across the room.'

He grinned. 'You just keep getting hotter and hotter.'

He winked. I give him about 4 seconds before I grab him by his collar, slam him into the desk, and throw him through the window to my left.


'So how bout we go out some time?'


He grabbed my hand and kissed the back of it, my eye started twitching.


'We could have some fun in my truck if you want?'


'Ill even let you pick top or bottom'


A split second before I started clawing his eyes out he was pulled away from me.

'Adonis you dick, leave her alone! Not everyone wants to be in your pants, in fact I don't think anyone does!'

I raised an eyebrow at the boy defending me in front of my desk. He had shaggy blonde hair and looked almost too skinny but had well-defined muscle. I shook my head at the scene and rubbed the hand "Adinos" had kissed throughly with germ ex until it turned red. Sick, jock germs. I tuned into the conversation again.

'She wanted it, I know she did besides she's a whore anyway being related to kitten.'

I rolled my eyes and put an elbow on the table to lean on and look out the window again, it takes a lot to insult me it would have to be something like...

'Ill bet her mother was a whore too just like her.'

..That. I stood up so fast my chair scraped the floor loudly, everyone was silent. The couple of steps to him were a blur and suddenly I wan in front of him with the blond boy somewhere behind me.

I glared daggers at him.'..Say it again. I dare you to say it again.'

He took a step back clearly surprised but tried to cover it up and look cool.

He crossed his arms and smirked. 'Ill bet your mother was a whore just like you.'

I glared at him a moment longer before I gave him a sickeningly sweet grin. 'Bad move'

Then i punched him in the face. He stumbled a few feet back and then swung back at me.

Idiot can't even aim, I ducked and gave him an upper cut. On the ground I kicked him a few times before I was pulled away by someone. Looking back I saw the blonde boy, huh apparently he had blue eyes.

I glared at him for touching me and shrugged hum off before walking back to my seat and leaving Adonis on the floor moaning in pain. Just then the teacher walked in and saw him.

'Adonis wont you ever learn? Someone take him to the nurse!.'

Two boys hopped up and dragged him out of the room. She cleared her throat and glared at the class.

'Alright who did that?'

Several people pointed to me and I looked at her while resting my head in my palm.

She raised an eyebrow. 'Rachel Roth?Are you the new student?'

I glared at her. 'Raven.'

'Right raven fighting in school isn't allowed but your new and ill let that one slide.'

I rolled my eyes and looked back out the window.

The blonde boy sat beside me at some point but other than that nothing happened at all. My other classes? Boring as shit.

Now it was time for cheer leading..yay me. Apparently im already on the team but they wanted to see what i could do. I changed into the skimpy outfit I was given and walked to the team "Captain" , ironically enough it was kitten. Fucking irony.

'Hello Raven what can you do anyway?'

'What do I have to do?' I glared at her.

She smirked. 'How about a standing back flip?'

I shrugged and did it perfectly.

She scowled. 'Back handspring.'

I did it.

'Bend your leg straight up'

Did that too.

'Now bend it backwards.

Easy. She looked frustrated and I gave her a smug look.

'Can you be a flyer?'

'I would need a partner to find that out now wouldn't I?'

She glared and a voice sounded behind me. 'Ill be her partner.'

I turned to see the blonde boy dressed in a copy of the uniform except with pants, he was a cheerleader? Haha, a boy cheerleader, that's new for me.

I raised an eyebrow at him and he grinned at me. 'What do you say kitten?

She sighed. 'Sure why not.'

I turned to him. 'And what makes you think I trust you to throw me into the air?'

'Have I done anything to make you think otherwise.'

I glared at him. 'Just this once.'

He nodded and then got in place. I walked a ways away and stretched my arms over my head and rolled my shoulders. At the silent GO! I took off towards him. I did a few handsprings and reached him. His hand pressed into my back and he flipped me up. I landed standing on his hands above his head.

I did a little cheerleading pose and he threw me into the air to spin a few times and land on one foot still on his hands in the air and I bent it straight up.

He threw me again and I spun a few times before he caught me bridal style and set me down. I actually smiled.

'Good catch, your stronger than you look.'

He grinned. 'Thanks, and your awesome'

I turned around to see kitten staring at us with her mouth open and chuckled lightly. Kori ran over and picked me up as she spun around.

'That was amazing Raven!'

'That's nice kori put me down!'

She put me down and gave me a sheepish grin. 'Sorry I got so excited.'

I shook my head at her. 'Its alright, just don't do it again.'

She nodded.

'Hey Kori!'

Her face lit up as she ran past me and into the arms of the boy from this morning. He was carrying his football gear and dropped it to spin her around.


He put her down and laughed.

I raised an eyebrow. 'So that's the famous richard?'

The blonde boy beside me laughed. 'Yeah Raven that's him.'

I turned to give him a strange look. 'If you don't tell me your name im just going to start calling you Blondie.'

He laughed again. 'Names Garfield, but call me Gar.'

I raised an eyebrow. 'Garfield? Like the cat?'

He flinched. 'Yeah like the cat'

Kori dragged richard over.

'Raven I would like you to meet-'

'Richard' I nodded at him.

'Raven.' He nodded back.

'Oh you have met?'

I nodded.


Kitten tackled him to the ground.

'What the? Kitten get off me!'

'Sister let go of my boyfriend immediately!'

'No! He's mine!'

'I am NOT yours!'

I shook my head and slowly backed away. Once a good distance away I laid down on the grass. A few minutes Garfield appeared beside me again.

'Are you following me?'

He shrugged. 'Sure why not. I just wanted to get away from them.

After a few minutes of peace a voice broke the calm.

'Yo! Gar who's your friend.'

We both sat up to see a african american boy with a bag of foot ball gear beside him.

'Hey Vic! This is Raven she's kori and kittens cousin.'

He held his hand out and I shook it. 'Pleased to meet ya little lady'

I smirked at him. 'Dont let my size fool you, i can put up a pretty good fight.'

He grinned. 'Oh yeah you're the girl gar told me he had to pull off Adonis'

I nodded. 'He was a pig.'

'You got that right'


I turned to see kori coming towards me and stood up.

'Richard is taking kitten and I home, do you want to join or do you want me to call the driver?'

I glanced over at kitten trying to kiss richard and groaned.

'Id rather walk kori'

'Ill take you home if you need a ride.'

I turned to look at gar.

'You volunteer for everything don't you?'

He grinned.

'Alright Raven i shall see you at home later on then'

'Yeah i guess so.'

I turned and she had run back to tackle her sister off her boyfriend. I shook my head and turned to gar.

'I have to get out of this ugly ass costume then im ready to go'

He nodded and Vic laughed. 'See man even she thinks its ugly!'

He rolled his eyes and headed towards the boys dressing room. 'Blah blah blah just because I don't like football'

I chuckled lightly and headed to the girls changing room after saying goodbye to Vic.

Maybe this wouldn't all be hell...wiat a minute. What am I thinking?

Whats happening to me?...

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