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Day 2…In uh strange Hell…

I woke up this morning listening to Kitten and Kori actually getting along and complementing each other….I think they were replaced by robots, or…. They might try to kill me.

I flung from the bed and into my closet throwing on a pair of black skinny jeans, converse, a blue tank top, and an over the shoulder black t-shirt. I paused to pull my hair up in a ponytail because I didn't want to deal with it and snuck out of my room.

The problem with that though was that to get out of the house I have to pass their rooms…fuck they were in Kori's room, right beside the stairs... I swung my near empty bag over my shoulder and began to inch slowly down the hall.

What the hell this is like a bad horror movie; take a deep breath, take a step, pause, repeat. All I need now is for Freddy Kruger? Is that his name? I don't know. The dumb ass with the claw fingers, they should've named him cat man. Give him a pair of ears and a tail and he'll be everybody's PET in prison.

I couldn't help myself, at the thought of cat man being chased by pedophiles I snickered.

'Oh I think cousin raven is up sister, let us go help her get ready for the wondrous school!'

I let out a sound like an eep and dashed as fast as I could down the stairs. Shit don't let her see me, don't let her see me!

After I ducked out the front door I set off in a sprint across the half a mile lawn, no joke, half a fucking mile. Damn rich people and their need to waste money, stupid giant mansion.

By the time I got to the gate I was tired but not out of breath, thank god for gymnastics classes, one of the few things I benefitted from my father's wealth.

'Cousin Raven!'

No fucking way. I turned slowly to see Kori running in my direction with something pink and frilly in her arms. What does she think I'm her doll to dress up or something?!

Gotta run! Gotta hide!

I actually climbed the fence and then landed up the street in a crouch before running again. I knew my way to the school and I wasn't about to slow down and wait for the PINK limo that was sure to make an appearance.

Running a sidewalk in a busy town is hard to do, especially at 7am so yea I was having trouble.

Suddenly a truck pulled up beside me keeping up with my pace, the window rolled down, it was Vic.

'Need a ride there little lady?'

'Hell yes!'

I dove in the window; yea I did it, I'm skinny get over it.

'Wow what's your poison?'

I hate that line but I ignored it and threw on my seat belt.

'Kori and kitten were getting along and then Kori tried to put me in something pink'

'Ohh bad morning' He sped up a bit.

Sure as shit a few minutes later the pink limo appeared and was gaining fast.

'Shit!' I unbuckled, reached down, and threw the blanket in the floor board over me for cover.

'I'm not here!'

Not a second later…

'Hello friend Victor!'

'Uh hi Kori, kitten morning.'

'Oh wondrous morning! Sister and I have agreed not to fight between another for boyfriend robin but to "let the best bitch win" whatever that may mean'

He paused. 'Sure, have fun with that.'

'We will dear friend! However have you seen cousin Raven this morning?'

'Little Lady? Nah I haven't seen her, I'll tell her you asked if I see her though Kori'

'Thank you friend, I must go now sister wants to discuss the "terms" of our agreement. See you at the school!'

'Bye Kori.'

After several minutes of silence I heard Vic's voice.

'Alright little Lady were at school, you better make a run for it if you don't wanna get spotted by your stalkers'

I poked my head out and smiled at him. 'Thanks Vic, gotta run.'

I was at first period in under a few minutes, Gar was already in his seat to the right of mine staring out the window and silent.

What the hell am I in the twilight zone?! Yesterday when he took me home he wouldn't be quiet for more than a few second, it was almost like it was physically impossible for him to keep his mouth shut, and now he was silent?

I wonder if the girl with pink hair traded him out for a life-sized dummy, I saw her playing with a voodoo doll of some boy with red hair yesterday in 5th period.

I sat down and poked him in the arm a few times.

'Hello earths to Gar come back from Mars.'

He blinked several times before looking at me. 'Oh hey Raven, when did you get here?'

'A few minutes ago, is your brain in slow motion? Is there a button I can push to make it go back to normal? You're creeping ME out, and that's saying something.'

I poked him in the forehead and he chuckled.

'I'm just thinking.'

'don't hurt yourself, I don't think a bandage will work on a broken brain or torn nerves'

He laughed again. 'Your awfully jumpy today, what's up?'

I shuddered. 'You don't wanna know'

'Oh I wanna know' Someone else's voice thundered above me and I looked up.

Adonis. Adonis with bandages around his ribs. Adonis with half his head shaved…Adinos with an eye patch.

He looked like a pissed off pirate with issues and the moment I pictured him with a wooden leg and waving a flag with skulls and crossbones I started laughing.

He picked me up from my seat by a handful of my shirt and the room grew silent minus my laughing and the sudden screech of chair legs on the floor to my right.

'What's so funny bitch?!'

I opened my eyes to answer but my laughter started over. 'Nothing Captain Hook'

He must've gotten mad at me because suddenly I was flying, I heard a glass shatter and then nothing. I came too in the nurse's office with a throbbing headache and went to sit up only to find that I had cuts all over my arms.

What the hell? Gar walked into the room then and answered my unasked question.

'Adonis threw you out the window for laughing, you landed in the tree beside it but you hit your head pretty hard'

I chuckled lightly at the memory of his face. 'It was worth it'

He nodded. 'How you feeling?'

'Hell of a headache'

'I'll go get you some medicine'

Then he left.

'He didn't tell you the whole story'

I turned toward the voice and there was the pink haired girl with the voodoo doll and raised an eyebrow at her. She stuck her hand out for a shake and I took it.

'My names Jinx'

I nodded and let go of her hand. 'Raven. So what really happened?'

'Well when Adonis picked you up Gar stood up so fast I thought he gave himself whiplash and he had a super angry look on his face. The moment Adonis threw you he jumped into the tree and pulled you inside the room again, you were bleeding and out cold, I guess that's what set him off. Next thing anybody knew Gar strode over to Adonis and punched him in the temple, big guy was out like a light.'

'Really? Well then why are you in here?'

'Oh I helped get the glass out of your arms and your back but to do that we had to take off your shirt so I shoved Gar out and bandaged you up with him protesting from the other side of the door'

Just then Gar strode in with pills in one hand and a cup of water in the other. 'The nurse said if you feel better you need to go home and rest.'

I took the pills and water gratefully. 'Well so much for school'

He smiled at my reaction. 'Yeah I guess so'

'I guess I'm walking then.'

I got of the bed to see Gar now scowling at me. 'You're not walking anywhere, I'm going to take you home'

I shrugged. 'Better than the Limo'

Jinx laughed and I smiled at her for lifting the tension. I gestured to Gar.

'Well come on if your taking me let's go.'

He hurried to keep up as I strolled out to the schools parking lot after saying goodbye to jinx.

We got in his car, a neon, my favorite and we were off.

I sighed on the way and leaned my chair back slightly listing to the music on the radio; before I knew it Gar was shaking me carefully awake.

'Raven, wake up'

'I'm up; I'm up thanks for the ride…uh where are we?'

We were parked in front of a quaint little two-story house.

He got out of the car and opened my door. 'My house.'

'Why are we here?'

He shut my door for me after I got out and locked the car before looking through his keys for the one to his house.

'The nurse said someone has to keep an eye on you and I don't feel like going back to school. Besides do you really want me to take you to Kori's house where a butler can take care of you? Or call the Twins for that matter?'

I shuddered at the thought of the twins trying to "take care of me" and pictured my own death.

'Okay!' I said. 'Your house it is!'

He laughed and opened his front door. He had the ,dare I admit the word without possibly scaring myself forever, CUTTEST body-guard EVER!

'Bark Bark Bark!'

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