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For the Love of a Dragon

Chapter 1

Hiccup is lying back against his favorite dragon, sketching out new ideas and designs for inventions, when Toothless suddenly opens his eyes and lifts his head, searching the skies, his ears twitching. "Toothless?" The teen drops his sketchbook on his lap, sitting up and looking at his dragon. " What's wrong, buddy?" The night fury sets his sights on a direction in the sky and sits up, tensing. " Toothless? Toothless, buddy, what's wrong?"

Hiccup looks up at the sky where he is staring, seeing nothing. " Toothless, there's nothing there." Hiccup looks at the dragon's focused face then back again. " There is nothing..."

But of course there was. Three black spots were now able to be seen. " What is that?" Hiccup steps forward, as if by taking a few steps he could see them more clearly. Toothless jumps in front of him, making him back up as he growls at him, eyes slitted, teeth showing. " Okay! Okay! Geez!" Toothless swings back around to continue to watch as those dots come closer. Except those dots were quickly becoming figures. "Are those...dragons?" Hiccup wonders, squinting at them. They watch as the figures come closer and closer, until they are able to see that they are not only dragons, but...

" Night Furies?!" Hiccup cries out in surprise. " I can't believe.."

Toothless stares at the approaching dragons, scenting the wind from their direction. He relaxes slightly, not sensing anything malicious, but stays attentive, just in case.

After 30 minutes, three Dragons land in the cove. They keep their distance, their demeanors serious but non-threatening as they take a seat in front of Toothless. Then all Hiccup can do is watch as all the dragons start growling and making all kinds of noises as they converse. The boy studies the strangers, noticing that even night furies seem to differ in size and color, just like the other species of dragons. The first night fury is the largest, with light blue eyes, and a greenish sheen to his scales. The second is the smallest, with lighter colored scales, her body more of a dark grey than the pure black he is used to, but her pink colored eyes sparkle brighter because of it. The last one is slightly smaller than the first, and has yellow eyes with traditional black scales, except they look more mat black than shiny. He also looks bored, not participating in the discussion. As opposed to the the first two, who are very animated with Toothless in their talk. If he had to guess, Yellow and Blue eyes are males, and Pinky is female, since she is more slender than the others and just seems to have a more feminine feel to her. Hiccup's standing closer to Blue eyes, so when he unconciously steps forward a little to get a better look at her, Blue's head snaps to him, eyes narrowing as if he suddenly realises he is there. He growls, baring his teeth.

"Uh.." Hiccup backs up, hands raised, palms flat in the universal sign of 'I mean no harm'. It doesn't work. The night fury quickly starts advancing on him, but he barely makes it two steps, before Toothless steps in front of Hiccup, snarling, warning the other to back off. After a moment's pause, he does, a look of confusion on his face. Pinky looks intrigued. Yellow still looks bored. Blue warbles a question, switching his face back and forth between Hiccup and his dragon. Hiccup watches as his friend turns to the side to show off his saddle, before flicking his tail around front to show off the artificial tailfin. Pinky grumbles something and in answer Toothless jumps behind Hiccup, pushing him forward a little before rubbing his head against his side. Laughing a little, Hiccup turns enough to be able to wrap his arms around his neck. He feels a purr vibrate through him as warm wings wrap around him, bringing him up against the dragon's body. The foreign dragons decide to ignore the human and turn back to the previous conversation, although Pinky keeps her amused grin on her face. As they talk, Hiccup moves to sit down to sketch, Toothless reluctantly lets the boy do so, but not away from him. Because of their bond, Hiccup knows this, so doesn't even try, choosing to sit down right next to him. Toothless happily lies right behind him. Hiccup leans back against him, enjoying the heat radiating from him once more. The dragons converse for the next half hour or so. At one point an awkwardness fills the air between them. Hiccup tries to ignore it, knowing if something goes wrong Toothless would protect him, so he spends the time drawing the newcomers. Just in case he never sees another night fury besides his own again.

He is surprised into looking up again, as the dragons take off into the sky. Toothless stands, also looking at them.

"Are they friends of yours? Whatever you were talking about seemed serious." Hccup comments as he stands, looking at his dragon's face. The night fury silently lowers himself down, and looking at the boy, croons.

"You want to follow them, don't you?"

Toothless nods solemnly. Without another word, Hiccup jumps on. Hooking his safety harness and leg into place, he says, " I trust you, buddy. I know you'll take care of me." Toothless gives an answering croon in affirmation, making Hiccup laugh. "Let's go!"

The Night fury launches himself into the air, his boy manuevering his tailfin into climbing position. It doesn't take long to catch up to the others.

Chapter 2

Toothless wakes just before the sun rises, blinking sleep out of his eyes. The first thing he does is look around to make sure there is no danger nearby. Using his great sight to look around, his sensitive hearing to listen for any intruders, and strong nose to test the wind for anything strange. When nothing out of the ordinary comes to his senses, he turns to look at the three dragons that he has been following for the last three days and two nights. This being their third day traveling. Tag the smaller male, Hunter the larger male, and Oceana the female, are still sleeping on the other side of the outcropping that they'd found early this morning, ten feet from where Hiccup and himself were currently laying. Generally, getting to their destination shouldn't have taken this long, but Toothless had insisted in resting periodically so Hiccup could get some rest and eat. Night furies can catch fish to sustain themselves, and can hold back on resting for as much as a full week, if needed, so he had to remind the three that humans were not so addepted. Not only that, but they both needed some time away from the saddle, as it could chafe after non-stop riding for long periods of time. Oceana agreed with him, Tag would follow whatever the group decided, but Hunter was stubborn and didn't want to stop. So Toothless had to assert his position in a small fight with the selfish dragon, but he had gotten his point across and they had found someplace to land, before the moon rose too high in the sky each night.

Lifting his wing, Toothless checks on his favorite boy, seeing Hiccup is still sleeping, curled into his side, his tail laying against his back. Those electric green eyes look over the teen's peaceful face, warmth spreading through him as his love for the boy makes his face soften in endearance. All of a sudden, his soft smile turns into a frisky smirk. Too bad he had to wake him. Sneaking his body out from under the boy, he holds him up by his wing until...

Whipping his wing away, Hiccup's body drops to the ground with a big...THUD!

Jarred awake, Hiccup cries out.

" Ow! Toothless?!" He sits up, rubbing his head, looking at his dragon, who has a goofy grin on his face. " What did you do that for?!"

Toothless refuses to have the boy be mad at his little joke, so he immeadiately jumps the boy and pinning him down by the shoulders, licks all over his face.

" Hey! sto-stop Toothless! Ha- you-you're getting slobber-ha- all over me!" Hiccup exclaims, between laughs. Backing off, Toothless gives him his traditional gaping smile...

" You overgrown lizard," He laughs, smiling and wiping off his face on his sleeve. " I can never stay mad at you."

Standing, Hiccup goes and hugs his best friend. "Come on, let's go fishing." Tootless croons in agreement, standing still and straight. Hiccup retrieves the saddle where he had placed it, out of the way, late last night. Hiccup places and secures it to the dragon's back. Checking to make sure all the riggings are undamaged, then hops on, securing himself.

" Alright, buddy. Let's go!"

With that, Toothless flaps his wings a couple of times and runs off the ledge of the outcropping into a steep dive, Hiccup gives an excited cry at the drop.

By the time they come back and are settling down with their catch, Pinky, Tag, and Hunter are rousing from their sleep. Hiccup settles himself in front of the campfire, placing new kindling on it. When he sits back, Toothless immeadiately uses his fire to light it for him.

" Thanks buddy." He says, smiling as the dragon rubs his head against the side of his face, before laying down to eat his breakfast. Hiccup starts cooking his own fish, when Hunter finally gets up to stretch his limbs. Tag smacks his lips at the sight of the two's fish and then takes flight to catch his own breakfast. Pinky watches as Hunter takes off after him, then turns to watch the boy and his dragon. Toothless growls in annoyance as he pauses his eating. "Must you watch us every second. We're not going to disappear, you know." He says, annoyed because none of them have left them out of their sights for very long.

Oceana lifts an eyebrow ridge. " Sorry, but you've been gone for a long time, and we've been searching for you for quite awhile. So forgive me if we're a little caustious. We're almost home anyway, so just shut up and eat." She says, laying her head back down and closing her eyes. Still alert, but resting as well. Toothless snorts and returns to his meal.

By the time they finish their meal Tag and Hunter have come back from their own hunt. They don't land though, instead choosing to stay airborne.

"Come on! If we leave now we can make it back home before night falls." Tag says, the most interest heard in his voice since their meeting. Our favorite dragon growls at them.

" I know you're anxious about making it back, but I'm not going to force Hiccup to leave so soon, especiallly after eating, so you'll just have to be patient." With that the dragon shuffles over and wraps himself around his human, who in turn smiles and lays back against him, stretching out a hand to scratch behind his ear. Toothless purrs at the pleasant feeling that creates on his scales.

Hunter growls in irritation at the sight. " What the hell are we supposed to while you're babying your human?"

Toothless ignores him, laying his head down.

"I don't know about you, but I'm going to go eat." Oceana replies, flying off and, smiling at the boys' impatience and Toothless's indifference. "All because of one little human. How interesting. This is kind-of entertaining."

It doesn't take Oceana long to hunt and return, finding her companions laying where they'd been earlier, looking very disgruntled. She ignores them, and their impatience, laying across from them to soak up some sun.

Meanwhile, Hiccup is still scratching his dragon's scales, relaxing a little before they start traveling that day. Or at least, he's trying to, but he keeps fidgeting under the glares that Hunter keeps leering his way. It makes him want to cover himself up, as if he were naked. He shakes his head

'That's ridiculous.'

"Toothless?" Big electric green eyes blink open and center on the boy. "Is your friend angry with me or something? He keeps staring at me." Toothless shifts to glare at the Hunter, before turning his body so he can lay his head in Hiccup's lap, draping his wing up to shield them from sight. Hiccup smiles, " Thanks bud." Toothless lets out a purr before closing his eyes.

Loving the heat spreading through him from the body cupped around him, Hiccup feels a warmth spreading through his chest as he looks at his lap. He spreads his hand over the black scales of the dragon's neck, rubbing up in between his ears and down again. Purring starts to vibrate from the throat on his lap. There's nothing like the bond Toothless and he share. His dragon the only one he can turn to about anything. The one he loves most in his life. Just how much he has no idea.

When Toothless finally deems it enough time for his boy to recover and begin traveling again, it's early afternoon.

Lifting his head, Toothless nudges Hiccup with his muzzle until the boy is blinking awake.

"Hey, Tooth." He yawns and scratches his head. "Time to go?"

Toothless nods then moves to stand up and stretches all the kinks from his body. Hiccup does the same. Noticing their movement, the others stir as well.

"So finally decided to make use of the day, huh?" Hunter remarks sarcastically.

"Oh, shut up, Hunter." Tag says, lunging into the air.

Oceana follows him. "Yeah, Hunter. Stop being an ass."

Hunter glares at the other two, opening his mouth to retort, but Toothless interupts.

"Are you three coming or not?"

The three turn to find the boy and his dragon airborne and flying away from them. Oceana and Tag flys after them. Hunter snorts his irritation, then takes to the sky.

The group flies into the early evening, in the middle of the ocean. Nothing to see for miles around, except open water. As they fly on, Hiccup notices the group getting more and more anxious, their ears twitching in their excitement. He hasn't seen Toothless act like this since before they had beaten the Red Death. Hiccup leans over and pats his scaly neck.

"Hey, Tooth, are we close to wherever we're going?"

The night fury looks back a moment before giving a nod. Hiccup sits back up.

"I don't know where we're going, but I trust you too much to question it. I know you'd never intentionally put me in danger."

Toothless grins as pride fills his being and warmth fills his heart at his Hiccup's faith in him. It fills him up so much that he can't contain the joy and smiling, he starts doing aerials. Flipping, and twisting in the air, hearing his boy yell out enthusiastically, also enjoying the amazing gift that was their flight.

Hunter shakes his head at their antics.

"They' re acting like a bunch of children." Hunter snorts.

"Oh, come off it, Hunter. You know the only reason you're on them is because you're jealous." Tag says.

"What are you talking about?"

"We're not blind. We've seen the way you've been looking at the boy." Oceana puts in. "You like him."

Hunter looks at her, flying on his right. "What can I say? I can't deny it. The boy seems like he'd be alot of fun."

"I doubt he'd like your idea of play, Hunter. Besides, you'll never get near him. Those two are too involved with each other for you to have a chance. So give it up." Tag says from his left.

Hunter smiles. "We'll see." Oceana shakes her head.

Behind them Toothless straightens himself out.

After flying for about another half hour, the whole group stops suddenly in the middle of nowhere.

"Toothless?" He looks around at nothing. "What's going on? Why'd we stop?"

Instead of answering him, Oceana flys forward until suddenly she disappears.

" WHAT THE..?!" What happened?!"

They ignore the boy's outburst as they can't really answer him anyway.

Tag flys forward next, Hunter right behind him. They too disappear after a few feet.

"Uh, Toothless," Hiccup asks nervously, " Are we going to do that too? Is it even safe? I mean, are they okay?"

Wanting to ease Hiccup's mind, the dragon smiles his gummy grin and gives him an encouraging croon, and slowly starts forward.

"Okay," Hiccup sighs. "Like I said I trust you even though it seems like we're about to evaporate into thin air. I trust you."

Toothless flys forward until they disappear also.

Suddenly the expansive water scene changes in front of their eyes. Hiccup's eyes open wide, mouth gaping in surprise. Looming before them is a gigantic island.

"Toothless..." Hiccup's voice filled with awe.

The island is huge with beautiful, white sandy beaches, lush, blanketed forrestry, and a colosal mountain in the center, looming over it all. Large ledges and juts of rock popping out everywhere.

As they fly closer, he could see their travel companions ahead of them, looking excited to be here.

"Toothless, is this where you come from? Is this where all night furies come from?"

Toothless gives out an affirmative, happy trill and speeds forward, making Hiccup have to quickly grip tighter at the saddle at the increase in speed.

Before long they are landing on a huge ledge, twenty feet from the ground. He lost sight of their companions while he was looking around at the scenery, but it would seem that they have acquired three more, except instead of them being night furies, they are two men and a woman standing about twenty-five feet in front of them.

The first man is the tallest, with short black hair with green highlights, and light blue slitted eyes. His build is strong, very much like the other men in his village. Muscles so bulging it seems like it should feel uncomfortable. The smaller male is more slender, built more like a swimmer, muscles more subtle. A four pack as opposed to the other's eight pack. He has matte black hair, that seemed to swallow the sunshine, and yellow slitted eyes. The female is petite, with light pink slitted eyes and dark silver hair. But the thing that has him gaping is the fact that all of them seem to have ear horns on the sides of their heads, tails twitching around their bodies, and wings sprouting from their backs. His cheeks turn red as he sees they are also naked. The smaller male and female seem to have a sense of decency, their wings wrapped around them to hide their bodies from his eyes. So how did he know that they were naked? Because the bigger male had his wings completely pulled back behind him, showing off his whole body with a smirk on his face. And he..was..leering right at him. He has a sneaky suspicion about who the newcomers are.

Hiccup startles as Toothless drops down, indicating that he should get off. Taking the cue he hops off, averting his eyes from the people, feeling abit uneasy now about what might happen. Standing at Toothless's side, by his head, Hiccup looks at his dragon, hoping to glimpse a clue from him somehow. Sensing his unease, Toothless rubs his head against his human's cheek, letting out a soothing purr. The boy laughs nervously, lifting a hand to rub the scales behind his right ear. Toothless closes his eyes at the pleasant touch. Only to have them snap open as the taller male starts talking. "Hey! Don't start fucking each other here and now, we still have business to conduct here. Unless, of course, I can have the first serving of that particular dish. " Hunter suggests lewdly, eyeing the boy up and down. Toothless growls loudly. "Stay away from MY human, unless you want to loose a precious part of your anatomy!" Hunter justs snorts at the comment. "We'll just see about that." All Hiccup hears is a bunch of roars and hisses, just like what he would hear from any dragon.

With an annoyed expression on his face, Toothless turns to look at Hiccup then nods towards his saddle. "Oh! Of course." Hiccup immeadiately gets to work unhooking cables and unfastening the saddle from the dragon's back. "Do you want the tailfin off too?" He asks while sliding the saddle down his side, to lay on the ground. After watching his boy, he brings his head forward to watch the others, nodding at his question and keeping his tail still to make it easier for the boy to take it off. Locking the tail closed, he places it right next to the saddle on the ground, moving both out of the way so that no one can traipse on them by accident.

Turning back to his dragon he sees him stretching out his limbs. "I bet that feels much better, doesn't it, Bud?" He smiles. When he stands straight once more, Hiccup wraps his arms around his neck. "As much as I love to fly with you, after a few days I think we both need a little while on land, don't you think?" Toothless licks his cheek in agreement.

The smaller male steps forward and starts talking to them in a series of growls and grunts, looking impatient and annoyed. The female immeadiately steps to him, placing a hand on his chest and talking in soft purrs and growls that seem to placate him.

Although curious about their conversation, Hiccup quickly has to turn his face into Toothless's thick neck as the female's wings have been pulled back so she can touch him, showing her naked body. He hears more soft growls come from the female before hearing Toothless snort. The dragon nuzzles his side then backs away, slipping out of his arms. "Toothless?" He questions, watching as he stops about ten feet away. "Toothless?"

Toothless then stands up, erect on his back feet. Spreads his wings after shaking them out once then, closing his eyes, wraps his body in their leathery folds. The boy watches, perplexed, until a light suddenly shines through the membrane, making him shield his eyes. Once the brightness dims, Hiccup drops his hand just in time to see the wings pull back to reveal... Not his familiar friend, but a human with the same draconic features that the others have. Eyes wide, mouth gaping in shock, the boy can only stare at the new being. The man is about in inch shorter than the other, taller male. His black hair hangs straight to his shoulder blades with ragged ends, his bangs hanging down the left side of his face. Some strands hanging in his left eye. Blue highlights shimmer in the fading sunlight. The man turns so that he is facing Hiccup, training his eyes onto the boy. Very familiar acid green eyes look at him with an intense look. His face is slim, but strong with high cheek bones, an elegant nose and full lips. Although Hiccup has heard of the phrase 'Pretty Boy', no one in his village has ever fit the words, but that's exactly what he thinks of now. His eyes travel from that handsome face down the rest of his body. Just like his face his body slim and strong at the same time. His body like a swimmer's but muscles stronger than the other man. Under that slim physic you can see the muscles standing out subtley, especially his six pack. It's like a promise of upholding any word he makes with the strength beneathe his pale, fair skin. He stops at his waist, seeing his wings are actually covering everything below his abdomin as it wraps around his hips and thighs. He stands straight and proud, his legs as strong as the rest of him. All Hiccup can think is, 'Damn, he looks like he could have anything and anyone he wants.'

Out loud he says, " T-toothless?"

The man's lips widen into a smile and nods. The smile seems to blind the boy for a minute, causing him to pause. Toothless takes a step towards him, but, Hiccup, unsure and confused, flinches and steps back from him. Sadness fills those expressive eyes he's come to love on his friend, making him want to go comfort him. But before he can step forward to do so, laughter fills the air, making Toothless turn towards the tall man with irritation clear on his face. The man growl's at him in a teasing demeanor, still laughing in a way that you can tell that he's deliberately taunting Toothless. Toothless growl's back in a tenor that is slightly husky and smooth. Perfect for commanding attention or whispering words into a lover's ear.

Hiccup shakes his head, embarrased that he thought such a thing. His dragon turned human growls at the male in a severe tone, scowling at him. The other talks back, a condescending smirk on his face. They continue this way for a while, bantering back and forth. Toothless's demeanor goes from annoyed to angry, his voice now sounding strained as if its taking everything in him to not yell at him. Where-as the big male seems to be enjoying picking on him. Both the small male and female look on, faces showing their displeasure at the comrades actions.

Anger starts to well up in Hiccup at the intentional taunting, especially since it seems to be centered around him, since they would look over at him every couple of minutes.

"This isn't fair, I can't even defend myself, let alone defend Toothless!" He grumbles under his breath. " Looking at these three and how they're acting, I bet these three are the dragons we traveled with. But how can they all be human ? I don't understand what's going on here. If only I could understand them. I could speak to Toothless and get my head straight." He gritts his teeth in frustration. "The worst part of this is that idiot is badgering my best friend and I can't do anything about it." His grass green eyes train on his friend and complete yearning comes over him. "I wish I could talk to him. Defend him. Something!"

Suddenly, pain splits through his brain and his field of vision starts to swim. Groaning, his body starts to sway, breathing hard. He blinks several times and see's Toothless's stricken face before his world plunges to black.

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