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Chapter 8

Part A

Groaning, Hiccup turns over, pulling the blanket covering his body over his head. Sparing his his sleepy eyes from the glaring sun pouring into the room.

Waking was proving to be a near impossible feat for the viking prince this morning, but something was ningling at the edge of his conciousness, keeping him on the cusp.

But he was just.. Soooo relaxed. The most he'd ever felt in his entire life. He'd slept deeper than he had ever slept before. I guess the only other time he'd been unconcious so deep was after they fell into the blazing inferno that had been the Red Death's body, the night he'd lost his foot and ended the war.

'I'm forgetting something. I know I am. I know it's the reason why I'm like this. If I could remember then maybe I can go back to sleep.'

Hiccup thinks, bringing a hand up to lay on his forehead.

A second later his eyes pop open, mouth gaping, as he finally remembers the fight between Hunter and Toothless that led to his dragon spiriting him back to his chamber to basically lay claim to what he thought was his.

His face flushes as he relives, in his mind, the way that Toothless had kissed him with a passion he'd never felt before, and laid him down to kiss and nip and touch him in ways that aroused him to heights that was exciting, but scared him.

The image of Toothless's face, sweat dropping down his face as he thrust between his legs. The feel of his best friends cock buring inside him again and again, causing a pleasure that he'd never known was possible to well up in him until he was cummimg all over his stomach and the linens, not once, but three times!

As quick and harried as the whole ordeal was he found the most upsetting thing had been the way Toothless had seem so.. distraught afterwards. He had kept apologizing thoughout each exchange. The fact that he'd admitted that he loved the boy before each apology, made Hiccup's heart heavy.

Pressing fists to his closed eyes, he groans at the tumult of feelings spinning in his chest.

"He's sorry that he loves me? What the hell is that supposed to mean?" He lets out a loud sigh.

"My Gods. How did it come to this?"

He had no idea, but he was glad that he had some time to think this through. He had no idea where Toothless was at the moment, but he wanted nothing more than to be alone right now.

He reluctantly sits up to wrap his arms around his hunched knees, the blanket falling to to his lap and exposing his bare chest which was covered with hicceys and bite marks. His eyes stare blankly at his covered feet.

He was surprised that his body wasn't more sore than the faint twinge he had felt when he sat up.

They had barely recovered from their first coupling when Toothless decided he hadn't had enough. So he immeadiately started to kiss and fondle him all over which had ended up with him on his side, his leg draped back over the dragon's hip as Toothless thrust vigorously into him from behind until both cried out with their release. Then Hiccup had been shifted to sit in the dragon's lap, facing away from him. Strong arms easily lifted him up and down on the hot flesh filling him up inside. Hiccup's arms wrapped around his neck, nails digging in as Toothless buried his teeth in his shoulder. After that last climax his body had decided he'd had enough because the next thing he knew he was waking up this morning.

Hiccup lifted up his hand to run over the marks on his left shoulder, not understanding.

"He bit me every time, what's the point of that?" He shakes his head in frustration, as he scoffs.

"And I thought I knew about dragons."

Of course he'd never watched two dragons actually mate before.

His mind again went over last night's experiences, unable to think of anything else it seems, his body shivering at the remembered ecstacy that his dragon had brought him to.

But the feelings dampened as he wondered again..

"Why did he apologize for loving me? Is he ashamed of..being in love with a human?" He muses, the thought disturbing him more than the knowledge that the night fury loved him.

Suddenly, Hiccup feels too exposed. Grabbing the blanket he throws it over his head and draws it around to cover the entire length of his body.

"That's better, at least until I can find my clothes." He says, glad to not be so exposed.

That feeling doubles when a familiar voice comes in from outside causing him to tense up.

"Hiccup? Are you awake?" Toothless asks, his voice timid for the first time ever.

"Ye.." Hiccup's voice fails. He clears his throat. " Yes, I'm awake."

Hiccup rubs his throat, surprised at his rough tone.

Toothless's dragon form fills the doorway and slowly walks inside, his head down and turned away from where Hiccup is laying. He sits with his side turned towards him his eyes low to the ground, hidden from the boy.

Silence reins supreme for several minutes.

Hiccup staring at his dragon the whole time. The redhead's eyebrow's scrunch down in worry to see Toothless's drawn-in wings and shoulders trembling.

"Toothless? Are you okay? You're shaking." His fists holding the blanket covers tighten as he leans forward slightly.

"Am I Okay?" He gives a snort. "I'm not the one who was forced down and mounted like a common dog in heat.'' The dragon growls, his voice full of self loathing.

When the teenager doesn't say anything the dragon lifts his head, stricken, sorrow-filled eyes finally train on the boy, only to look down once more, in shame.

"Are-are you okay? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to attack you last night. I-I just couldn't.. fight my instincts anymore. Not after that fight with.."

Teeth unsheeth and grit as anger whips from deep within.

"That BASTARD! This is his fault! I've NEVER lost control like that! Never in all the years we've been together! Than that asshole comes along and tries to take you away from me! He's ruined everything!" He yells down at the ground, curled wings raising up abit.

"I've tried so hard to be a good friend and protector for you and spoil it when my feelings deepened for you. Then he comes along and ruins everything!"

Toothless's face snaps to Hiccup's face, eyes fierce in fury.

"HOW DARE HE TRY TO MATE YOU!" He stomps his left foot. "I made it very clear that no one was to touch you! And that.. BASTARD has to go and play games!"

His wings fly open to fill the space, as his voice reverbrates off the cave walls.

Hiccup watches his friend going beserk with surprise, mouth gaping open abit.

"I've never been more furious in my long life, as I was when he touched you! In the past, I put up with Astrid touching you, because I knew it made you happy. And because I knew that there was a fat chance of you loving me as more than a friend. But this! There's only so much a male can take!"

"Tooth-toothless..." Hiccup whispers, overwhelmed.

"But after last night no one can expect to get away with it again. Not if they wish to live. Beating Hunter in the fight will have spread through my people, and tell them I am serious about you. That combined with the scent of me on you will stave of any foolish dragons that may act without using their brains." A proud smile spreads across his maw, eyes glinting with his inner fire. "YOU ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE!"

Hiccup stared at Toothless for making such a blatent admission for several minutes, unable to say of think a thing.

All of a sudden, Toothless's mood changes again. His eyes fill with a saddness that Hiccup was sure that if he could cry there would be tears filling those deep, shimmering depths, as the drop from his face.

Defeat seems to fill the dragon's body as he crumbles to the ground.

"But what does that matter if I lose you because of it." He whimpers. "It's ruined, isn't it? I've ruined our friendship all because I couldn't hold onto my control over my feelings in the face of someone trying to take you away from me, and ultimately it caused me you. To have my body betry me like this and force you into a positon that I would never dream to put in before..."

He gritts his teeth, forcing himself to say what he doesn't want to admit out loud.

"I...RAPED..you. You.. Who I find so.. Exquisite."

"MM-Me? Ex-Exquisite?" The boy whispers, unbelievably.

The dragon lifts his eyes, as he answer with a certainty that could brook no dismissal of thought.

" Yes. You are kind, adventurous, gentle, thoughtful, resourceful, inventive, and brave. You were scorned by your people and yet you don't hold it against them now that they've seen your brillance. You are the only one of your people to seek out a different end to the war and succeeded. Which ended up with two warring species as allies. Not just anyone can do that."

The saddness returns to his being, but he doesn't drop his gaze from the human's face.

"Please, tell me I haven't ruined my chance to stay by your side to continue to see that brillance. I..I..I.."

His eyes close, face scrunching up in pain.

"I'm sorry, Hiccup! I'm so sorry! Please, I won't do it again. Please don't leave me alone. I..I.."

His eyes longily look up at Hiccup, who's own open wide with sympathy. Toothless begs him with the feeling of his heart rending under guilt and the threatening lonliness.

"I love you so much, Hiccup. You are my friend, my rider. The only one who understands me the most, in any form. But mostly you are the only one that has managed to capture my heart, and with that my protection and loyalty. You are the first one to capture, not only a night Fury, but that Night Fury's love and devotion. If you push me aside because of my hasty actions I will not have to worry long about how I will fly without you. Because it will not matter. Life will not matter anymore. The second you leave the pain will force off the nearest cliff to sink into the ocean."

The dragon's body shakes, eyes closing once again, afraid to see what the boy will do.

"I'm so so..sorry." He finishes witha wimper, his head dropping back to the ground in defeat.

A few minutes pass as Toothless lets out little pain-filled whimpers, his version of crying.

Which he cuts off abruptly, freezing up, when he feels a palm rub over the top of his head before both of the human's hands cup his cheeksand lift his head up , so it level with his own as he kneels on the ground in front of him.

Hurt lime-green eyes slide open to find Hiccup looking at him with nothing but compassion, tears at the corners of his eyes. His warm palms smooth over his scale-covered cheeks, over the back of his head to slip around his neck in a hug, his own left cheek pressed against Toothless's right cheek. His embrace as strong as he can make it.

The dragon shudders, wrapping both of his wings around the teen with great relief.

"Toothless, it's alright. I'm not going anywhere."

Toothless squeezed him tight, needing that moment to just hold onto the person he loved the mostas he tried to calm down.

As Toothless's body shakes hiccup holds him tight, whispering soothing words.

"I'm here, I promise you. No matter what I'm going to be right beside you."

Eventually, the dragon's shaking melts away, a measure of the tension leaves his frame, but not all.

'Toothless, are you okay now?" Hiccup asks, still holding him.

The night fury stays silent, so Hiccup pulls back to look at him, seeing that he's gotten control over he's raging emotions. But an extreme somberness still fills his friend's expressive green eyes.

An ache fills his own heart in response to that pain. There had to be something that he could do to assure his friend that he wouldn't just dissappear because of what happened between them.

So he did the onlt thing he could think to do.

Holding Toothless's head steady, hands back on his cheeks, he licks his lips and presses them to the dragon's scaley lips. Reptillian eyes widen in surprise, letting out a short, questioning purr at the action.

Hiccup is shocked himself when the action gives him a deeply satisfied feeling, his lips buzzing slightly from the contact.

When he pulls away, hands still on his face, he sees the dragon swallow and swipe his forked tongue over his lips.

"So, you love me? I mean, really love me?" He asks.

The reptile nods slowly, unsure where this was leading to.

His face hardens slightly. "Then stop apologizing! I know, Toothless, that jealousy can bring people to do things that they didn't think they'd ever be capable of."

He embraces the dragon again.

"I don't hate you. I could never hate you. But I am confused where this leaves us. We're still friends, but... After last night.." He pauses, hard to put his thoughts into words.

Pulling back, he looked into the night fury's face.

"Last night scared me." He leans back, averting his eyes. Nervous, suddenly to admit this.

"At first. Then as the night went on.. It turned out to be the best night of my life and I don't know what to make of that now. I understand that you love me, have been in love with me for years, but... I'm sorry. I do love you, but-"

"But just as a friend?"

"Grrr." The teen buries his hands in his hair. "I don't know! I don't want to hurt you, bud. I'm just not sure how I feel right now." The boy finishes.

"Last night.. You really mean it? Even after I made you-"

"Enough about that!" Hiccup spins around to face him, hard face going soft when he does. "I don't want you to say anything like that anymore. It doesn't matter now. All that matters is we're together and nothing could ever tear us apart. I may need some time to get used to this and to sort through my own feelings, but I'm not going to push you away. I promise."

Reasured, toothless sighs, relief clear as his posture relaxes. His wings sweep around the young man to draw him into his open arms, to press against his chest. Feeling Hiccup's arms accept it with his own arms.

'Hiccup should have been furious with me and demanded that I take him back home immeadiately and forbid me from ever seeing him again, but he didn't. Of course he didn't. He's my compassionate and accepting, Hiccup. My love. I think I just fell even more for you.'

Purring with the warmth enveloping his being, he savors their embrace for several minutes before finally letting his wings slacken. Hiccup steps back a couple of steps to look him in the face.

The dragon nuzzles under the teen's chin, giving another brief purr.

"Thank you, Hiccup, for understanding. I'm sorry it happened this way."

"That's okay." Hiccup smiles softly and reaches up a hand to scratch his scales high on his neck.

The dragon's muscles go completely lax, losing the last bit of tension in his frame, his wings sagging to his sides. His purring increasing as that hand travels down, scratching all the way until his hand reaches under his chin.

As his nails graze those sensitive scales, Toothless feels that familiar zing of pleasure before his legs give out and he collapses to the stone floor with a soft thump.

Hiccup's eyes follow over the prone dragon, laying on his right side, his tongue hanging out, eyes hazed, and his left front leg twitching abit.

Laughing softly at the sight and glad that the drama seems to have passed, Hiccup walks over to the ledge doorway, stepping outside abit before squinting and pulling his unoccupied hand up over his eyes to save them from the brightness of the mid-morning sun.

"Uh, Hiccup?" The dragon sits up, amusement ringing through his tone.

"Yeah?" The teen looks back, his eyebrow perking up in inquiry.

"Don't you think your clothing at the moment is just a little too breezy?"

Looking down at himself, Hiccup snorts as he realizes he is wearing only the thin blanket from their bed, wrapped loosely around his chest, gripped tightly in his right hand. The only thing keeping the flimsy material around him and keeping his naked body hidden from the one who sampled it not too long ago. A light pink spreads along his cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess I should get dressed, huh?"

"Well, I certainly wouldn't mind you walking around half naked, but I think you'll be alot more comfortable. There's new clothes for you in the basket by the bed."

"Basket?" Hiccup heads over to the bed, finding a new dark green, midium sized, woven basket sitting there, waiting for him. Kneeling down, he unbuttons the wooden clip to see different pairs of shorts and shirts of various colors and lengths inside. Riffling through the bundle, he discovers that all the clothes are made to show off parts of his body in some way or another, causing him to roll his eyes at the cloth.

"This wasn't here yesterday, was it?" He asks as he picks his clothing, choosing something that show as little of his skin as possible, and closing the basket, lays them on it's closed lid. Standing, he drops the blanket and reaches for his shirt.

Toothless's eyes glue themselves onto the exposed body in front of him, watching the blanket fall away to show pale, pink skin. The burning heat of desire blooms quickly through the dragon's blood at the sight.

Ripping his head away from the temptation, he gets to his feet to walk over to the ledge to sit in the door, seeing the sky free of any of his brethren.

Hiccup dresses quickly, and joins his friend at his side.

"There's no one out there."

"Mmm. Not surprising. It's still too early for most Night Furies. Most aren't awake until evening, although there are some who keep different schedules so they can work at their stalls before the crowds fill The Commons at night."

"The Commons? What's that?"

"It's our marketplace. My people go there to talk, work a trade, share a meal, or visit the various stalls there.

"Wow. That sounds interesting. Will you show me?"

Toothless turns to answer only to freeze. His roaming over the boy's figure.

The light blue shirt he is wearing is sleeveless and rather plain with no embelishment, other than the sweeping hemline that stops just above the hem of the sandy brown shorts whitch stop just above the knee. The shirt's fabric is soft and flowy at the bottom, and hugs Hiccup's chest. The bottom hangs down in front, then sweeps back to thin into straps that tie off at his lower back. The shorts show off his lean legs.

Electric green eyes then move to Hiccup's face, his trusting green eyes look on him with nothing but his good spirit shining through them, a small smile stretching his lips.

The sight causes warmth to bloom in his heart. A smile stretching across his own face for a moment into his famous toothless grin.

"Sure. I'll take you there later." The dragon ducks his head and nudges the teens side.

"For now, how about a trip to my favorite spot on the island? It's where I go to be alone and collect my thoughts. Interested?"

Hiccup's smile stretches wide, excitement shining in his face.

"Sure! I'll go get our gear!"

Toothless watches as Hiccup runs inside, the pale expanse of his back a pleasant surprise to his eyes, the shirt being held tight to his body by being tied at his neck and his waist by thin straps. The absense of fabric in the back, shows off how close the shorts are to his body. Tight enough to show off his lower half, without being uncomfortable. He enjoys the sight before he disappears inside.

Sighing in relief, the dragon turns to stare at the surrounding sights. Happy as it seems that his transactions have really been forgiven and their friendship seems to be intact. He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the faint pulse of pain from the unrequited love.

He knew Hiccup loved him as a friend and that would just have to be enough.

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