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Groaning, Hiccup turns over, pulling the blanket covering his body over his head. Sparing his his sleepy eyes from the pain of the glaring sun pouring into the room.

Waking is proving to be a near impossible feat for the viking prince this morning, but something is ningling at the edge of his conciousness, keeping him on the cusp.

But he's just.. Soooo relaxed. The most he'd ever felt in his entire life. He'd slept deeper than he had ever slept before. The only other time he'd been unconcious so deep was after the fall into the blazing inferno that had been the Red Death's body, the night he'd lost his foot and ended the war.

'I'm forgetting something. I know I am. I know it's the reason why I'm like this. If I could remember, then maybe I can go back to sleep.' Hiccup thinks, bringing a hand up to lay on his forehead.

A second later his eyes pop open, mouth gaping, as he finally remembers the fight between Hunter and Toothless that led to his dragon spiriting him back to his chamber to basically lay claim to what he thought was his.

Hiccup's face flushes as he relives, in his mind, the way that Toothless had kissed him with a passion he'd never felt before, and laid him down to kiss and nip and touch him in ways that aroused him to heights that was exciting, but scared him.

The image of Toothless's face, sweat dripping down his face as he thrust between his legs. The feel of his best friend's cock burying inside him again and again, causing a pleasure that he'd never known was possible to well up until he was cummimg all over his stomach and the linens, not once, but three times!

As quick and harried as the whole ordeal was, he found the most upsetting thing had been the way Toothless had seem so.. distraught afterwards. He would apologize thoughout each exchange. What made it worse was he'd admit that he loved the boy before each apology. It made Hiccup's heart heavy.

Pressing fists to his closed eyes, he groans at the tumult of feelings spinning in his chest.

"He's sorry that he loves me? What the hell is that supposed to mean? How am I supposed to feel about that?" He lets out a loud sigh. "My Gods. How did it come to this?"

He had no idea, but he was glad that he had some time to think this through. He had no idea where Toothless was at the moment, but he wanted nothing more than to be alone right now.

He reluctantly sits up to wrap his arms around his hunched knees, the blanket falling to his lap, exposing his bare chest which was covered with hickeys and bite marks. His eyes stare blankly at his covered feet.

He's surprised that his body isn't more sore than the faint twinge he felt when he sat up.

They had barely recovered from their first coupling when Toothless decided he hadn't had enough. So he immeadiately started to kiss and fondle him all over which had ended up with him on his side, his leg draped back over the dragon's hip as Toothless thrust vigorously into him from behind until both cried out with their release. Then Toothless shifted Hiccup to sit in the dragon's lap, facing away from him. Strong arms easily lifted him up and down on the hot flesh filling him up inside. Hiccup's right arm wrapped around his neck, nails digging in as Toothless buried his teeth in his shoulder. After that last climax his body had decided he'd had enough because the next thing he knew he was waking up this morning.

Hiccup lifted up his hand to run over the marks on his left shoulder, not understanding.

"He bit me every time, what's the point of that?" He shakes his head in frustration, as he scoffs. "And I thought I knew about dragons."

Of course he'd never watched two dragons actually mate before.

His mind again went over last night's experiences, unable to think of anything else, his body shivering at the remembered ecstacy that his dragon had brought him to.

But the feelings dampened as he wondered again..

"Why did he apologize for loving me? Is he ashamed of.. being in love with a human?" He muses, the thought disturbing him more than the knowledge that the night fury loved him.

Suddenly, Hiccup feels too exposed. Grabbing the blanket, he throws it over his head and draws it around to cover the entire length of his body.

"That's better, at least until I can find my clothes." He says, glad to not be so exposed.

That feeling doubles when a familiar voice comes in from outside, causing him to tense up.

"Hiccup? Are you awake?" Toothless asks, his voice timid for the first time ever.

"Ye.." Hiccup's voice fails. He clears his throat. " Yes, I'm awake."

Hiccup rubs his throat, surprised at his rough tone.

Toothless's dragon form fills the doorway and slowly walks inside, his head down and turned away from where Hiccup is laying. He sits with his side turned towards him, his eyes low to the ground, hidden from the boy.

Silence reins supreme for several minutes.

Hiccup stares at his dragon the whole time. The redhead's eyebrows scrunch down in worry to see Toothless's drawn-in wings and shoulders trembling.

"Toothless? Are you okay? You're shaking." His fists holding the blanket covers tighten as he leans forward slightly.

"Am I okay?" He gives a snort. "I'm not the one who was forced down and mounted like a common dog in heat.'' The dragon growls, his voice full of self loathing.

When the teenager doesn't say anything the dragon lifts his head, stricken, sorrow-filled eyes finally train on the boy, only to look down once more, in shame.

"Are-are you okay? I'm sorry. I didn't mean to attack you last night. I-I just couldn't.. fight my instincts anymore. Not after that fight with.."

Teeth unsheeth and grit as anger whips from deep within.

"That BASTARD! This is his fault! I've NEVER lost control like that! Never in all the years we've been together! Than that asshole comes along and tries to take you away from me! He's ruined everything!" He yells down at the ground, curled wings raising up abit.

"I've tried so hard to be a good friend and protector for you and to not spoil it when my feelings deepened for you. Then he comes along and ruins everything!"

Toothless's face snaps to Hiccup's face, eyes fierce in fury.

"HOW DARE HE TRY TO MATE YOU!" He stomps his left foot. "I made it very clear that no one was to touch you! And that.. BASTARD has to go and play games!"

His wings fly open to fill the space, as his growls reverbrate off the cave walls.

Hiccup watches his friend going beserk with surprise, mouth gaping open a little bit.

"I've never been more furious in my long life, as I was when he touched you! In the past, I put up with Astrid touching you, because I knew it made you happy. And because I knew that there was a fat chance of you loving me as more than a friend. But this! There's only so much a male can take!"

"Tooth-toothless..." Hiccup whispers, overwhelmed.

"But after last night no one can expect to get away with it again. Not if they wish to live. Beating Hunter in that fight will have spread through my people, and it tells them I am serious about you. That, combined with the scent of me on you will stave off any foolish dragons that may act without using their brains." A proud smile spreads across his maw, eyes glinting with his inner fire. "YOU ARE MINE AND MINE ALONE!"

Hiccup stares at Toothless for making such a blatent admission for several minutes, unable to say or think a thing.

All of a sudden, Toothless's mood changes again. His eyes fill with a saddness that Hiccup is sure that if he could cry there would be tears filling those deep, shimmering depths.

Defeat seems to fill the dragon's body as he crumbles to the ground.

"But what does that matter if I lose you because of it." He whimpers. "It's ruined, isn't it? I've ruined our friendship all because I couldn't hold onto my control over my feelings in the face of someone trying to take you away from me, and ultimately it caused me you. To have my body betray me like this and force you into a positon that I would never dream to put you in before..."

He gritts his teeth, forcing himself to say what he doesn't want to admit out loud.

"I...RAPED..you. You.. Who I find so.. Exquisite."

"MM-Me? Ex-Exquisite?" The boy whispers, unbelievably.

The dragon lifts his eyes, as he answers with a certainty that could brook no dismissal of thought.

" Yes. You are kind, adventurous, gentle, thoughtful, resourceful, inventive, and brave. You were scorned by your people and yet you don't hold it against them now that they've seen your brillance. You are the only one of your people to seek out a different end to the war and succeeded. Which ended up with two warring species as allies. Not just anyone can do that."

The saddness returns to his being, but he doesn't drop his gaze from the human's face.

"Please, tell me I haven't ruined my chance to stay by your side to continue to see that brillance. I..I..I.."

His eyes close, face scrunching up in pain.

"I'm sorry, Hiccup! I'm so sorry! Please, I won't do it again. Please don't leave me alone. I..I.."

His eyes longingly look up at Hiccup, who's own open wide with sympathy. Toothless begs him, feeling his heart rending under guilt and the threatening lonliness.

"I love you so much, Hiccup. You are my friend, my rider. The only one who understands me the most, in any form. But mostly you are the only one that has managed to capture my heart, and with that my protection and loyalty. You are the first one to capture, not only a Night Fury, but that Night Fury's love and devotion. If you push me aside because of my hasty actions I will not have to worry long about how I will fly without you. Because it will not matter. Life will not matter anymore. The second you leave, the pain will force me off the nearest cliff to sink into the ocean."

The dragon's body shakes, eyes closing once again, afraid to see what the boy will do.

"I'm so so..sorry." He finishs with a wimper, his head dropping back to the ground in defeat.

A few minutes pass as Toothless lets out little pain-filled whimpers, his version of crying.

Which he cuts off abruptly, freezing up, when he feels a palm rub over the top of his head before both of the human's hands cup his cheeks and lift his head up , so it level with his own as he kneels on the ground in front of him. Sheet knotted around his chest.

Hurt lime-green eyes slide open to find Hiccup looking at him with nothing, but compassion, tears at the corners of his eyes. His warm palms smooth over his scale-covered cheeks, over the back of his head to slip around his neck in a hug, his own left cheek pressed against Toothless's right cheek. His embrace as strong as he can make it.

"Toothless, it's alright. I'm not going anywhere."

The dragon shudders, wrapping both of his wings around the teen with great relief.

Toothless squeezes him tight, needing that moment to just hold onto the person he loved the most as he tries to calm down.

As Toothless's body shakes Hiccup holds him tight, whispering soothing words.

"I'm here, I promise you. No matter what I'm going to be right beside you."

Eventually, the dragon's shaking melts away, a measure of the tension leaves his frame, but not all.

'Toothless, are you okay now?" Hiccup asks, still holding him.

The night fury stays silent, so Hiccup pulls back to look at him, seeing that he's gotten control over his raging emotions. But an extreme somberness still fills his friend's expressive green eyes.

An ache fills his own heart in response to that pain. There had to be something that he could do to assure his friend that he wouldn't just dissappear because of what happened between them.

So he did the only thing he could think to do.

Holding Toothless's head steady, hands back on his cheeks, he licks his lips and presses them to the dragon's scaley lips. Reptillian eyes widen in surprise, letting out a short, questioning purr at the action.

Hiccup is shocked himself when the action gives him a deeply satisfied feeling, his lips buzzing slightly from the contact.

When he pulls away, hands still on his face, he sees the dragon swallow and swipe his forked tongue over his lips.

"So, you love me? I mean, really love me?" He asks.

The reptile nods slowly, unsure where this is leading to.

His face hardens slightly. "Then stop apologizing! I know, Toothless, that jealousy can bring people to do things that they didn't think they'd ever be capable of."

He embraces the dragon again.

"I don't hate you. I could never hate you. But I am confused where this leaves us. We're still friends, but... After last night.." He pauses, hard to put his thoughts into words.

Pulling back, he looked into the night fury's face.

"Last night scared me." He leans back, averting his eyes. Nervous, suddenly to admit this.

"At first. Then as the night went on.. It turned out to be the best night of my life and I don't know what to make of that now. I understand that you love me, have been in love with me for years, but... I'm sorry. I do love you, but-"

"But just as a friend?"

"Grrr." The teen buries his hands in his hair. "I don't know! I don't want to hurt you, bud. I'm just not sure how I feel right now." The boy finishes.

"Last night.. You really mean it? Even after I made you-"

"Enough about that!" Hiccup spins around to face him, hard face going soft when he does. "I don't want you to say anything like that anymore. It doesn't matter now. All that matters is we're together and nothing could ever tear us apart. I may need some time to get used to this and to sort through my own feelings, but I'm not going to push you away. I promise."

Reasured, Toothless sighs, relief clear as his posture relaxes. His wings sweep around the young man to draw him into his open arms, to press against his chest. Feeling Hiccup's arms accept it with his own arms.

'Hiccup should have been furious with me and demanded that I take him back home immeadiately. Forbidding me from ever seeing him again, but he didn't. Of course he didn't. He's my compassionate and accepting, Hiccup. My love. I think I just fell even more for you.'

Purring with the warmth enveloping his being, he savors their embrace for several minutes before finally letting his wings slacken. Hiccup steps back a couple of steps to look him in the face.

The dragon nuzzles under the teen's chin, giving another brief purr.

"Thank you, Hiccup, for understanding. I'm sorry it happened this way."

"That's okay." Hiccup smiles softly and reaches up a hand to scratch his scales high on his neck.

The dragon's muscles go completely lax, losing the last bit of tension in his frame, his wings sagging to his sides. His purring increasing as that hand travels down, scratching all the way until his hand reaches under his chin.

As his nails graze those sensitive scales, Toothless feels that familiar zing of pleasure before his legs give out and he collapses to the stone floor with a soft thump.

Hiccup's eyes follow over the prone dragon, laying on his right side, his tongue hanging out, eyes hazed, and his left front leg twitching abit.

Laughing softly at the sight and glad that the drama seems to have passed, Hiccup walks over to the ledge doorway, stepping outside abit before squinting and pulling his unoccupied hand up over his eyes to save them from the brightness of the mid-morning sun.

"Uh, Hiccup?" The dragon sits up, amusement ringing through his tone.

"Yeah?" The teen looks back, his eyebrow perking up in inquiry.

"Don't you think your clothing at the moment is just a little too breezy?"

Looking down at himself, Hiccup snorts as he realizes he is wearing only the thin blanket from their bed, wrapped loosely around his chest, gripped tightly in his right hand. The only thing keeping the flimsy material around him and keeping his naked body hidden from the one who sampled it not too long ago. A light pink spreads along his cheeks.

"Yeah, I guess I should get dressed, huh?"

"Well, I certainly wouldn't mind you walking around half naked, but I think you'll be alot more comfortable. There's new clothes for you in the basket by the bed."

"Basket?" Hiccup heads over to the bed, finding a new dark green, medium sized, woven basket sitting there, waiting for him. Kneeling down, he unbuttons the wooden clip to see different pairs of shorts and shirts of various colors and lengths inside. Riffling through the bundle, he discovers that all the clothes are made to show off parts of his body in some way or another, causing him to roll his eyes at the cloth.

"This wasn't here yesterday, was it?" He asks as he picks his clothing, choosing something that shows as little of his skin as possible, and closing the basket, lays them on it's closed lid. Standing, he drops the blanket and reaches for his shirt.

Toothless's eyes glue themselves onto the exposed body in front of him, watching the blanket fall away to show pale, pink skin. The burning heat of desire blooms quickly through the dragon's blood at the sight.

Ripping his head away from the temptation, he gets to his feet to walk over to the ledge to sit in the doorway, seeing the sky free of any of his brethren.

Hiccup dresses quickly, and joins his friend at his side.

"There's no one out there."

"Mmm. Not surprising. It's still too early for most Night Furies. Most aren't awake until evening, although there are some who keep different schedules so they can work at their stalls before the crowds fill The Commons at night."

"The Commons? What's that?"

"It's our marketplace. My people go there to talk, work a trade, share a meal, or visit the various stalls there.

"Wow. That sounds interesting. Will you show me?"

Toothless turns to answer only to freeze. His gaze roaming over the boy's figure.

The light blue shirt he is wearing is sleeveless and rather plain with no embelishment, other than the sweeping hemline that stops just above the hem of the sandy brown shorts which stop just above the knee. The shirt's fabric is soft and flowy at the bottom, and hugs Hiccup's chest. The bottom hangs down in front, then sweeps back to thin into straps that tie off at his lower back. The shorts show off his lean legs.

Electric green eyes then move to Hiccup's face, his trusting green eyes look on him with nothing but his good spirit shining through them, a small smile stretching his lips.

The sight causes warmth to bloom in his heart. A smile stretching across his own face for a moment into his famous toothless grin.

"Sure. I'll take you there later." The dragon ducks his head and nudges the teen's side.

"For now, how about a trip to my favorite spot on the island? It's where I go to be alone and collect my thoughts. Interested?"

Hiccup's smile stretches wide, excitement shining in his face.

"Sure! I'll go get our gear!"

Toothless watches as Hiccup runs inside, the pale expanse of his back a pleasant surprise to his eyes, the shirt being held tight to his body by being tied at his neck and his waist by thin straps. The absense of fabric in the back, shows off how close the shorts are to his body. Tight enough to show off his lower half, without being uncomfortable. He enjoys the sight before the boy disappears inside.

Sighing in relief, the dragon turns to stare at the surrounding sights. Happy as it seems that his transactions have really been forgiven and their friendship seems to be intact. He stubbornly refuses to acknowledge the faint pulse of pain from the unrequited love.

He knew Hiccup loved him as a friend and that would just have to be enough.

Both felt as light as the air around them as they flew through the sky. Hiccup crys out his joy as they execute a few rolling aerial acrobatics, before nose diving down to the ocean and pulling up at the last moment. The movement causes the human's stomach to flip, pleasantly.

With a few great flaps of his mighty wings, Toothless turns to bank towards the left far side of the island.

Within moments they are landing in a small clearing in a large cospe of trees.

"Toothless, where are we going?" Hiccup asks with a big smile on his face, as the dragon, complete with rider, ventures into the trees.

"You'll see soon enough. I don't want to spoil the surprise for you."

The dragon walks on, careful to avoid any stray tree limbs, so none can hit the rider on his back.

Hiccup leans forward to rest his head on top of his hands placed on top of the dragon's head. Just quietly enjoying the sounds and sights of nature around them.

He sighs, closing his eyes. Hiccup has always found the forrest to be relaxing, and entertaining. His safe haven to escape the disapointment always felt from his dad and the townsfolk. There was always something to do to calm down or expend his frustration. Either by drawing wildlife, or exploring the world around him. He was always interested in learning more.

The sound of crashing waves stirs him into lifting his head.

"Is that the ocean?"

Instead of answering, Toothless steps forward right into open space. Sunlight blinds them for a moment.

Hiccup blinks as his eyes adjust. Toothless's eyes adjust first, looking around at the spot that seems it hasn't changed in all the years he's been gone.

"Wow. Toothless this is great."

Hiccup exclaims as he finally sees the mini-paradise in front of them.

A white, sandy beach is shaded by the tall trees in cresent shape. Waves sway temptingly onto the warm sand, leaving behind white foam. A soft breeze russels the leaves and seagulls call in the distance.

"It's no wonder you spent so much time here."

Toothless walks forward into the sunlight, his body sinking a bit in the sand, the grains shifting with each step. He doesn't get more than a half dozen steps before the boy stops him.

"Wait. I want to get down."

The dragon immeadiately stops and drops down, the teen slides down his left flank.

He quickly sheds his shoes, which are the same slippers as yesterdays. Enjoying the feel of the soft sand between his toes.

"How about I take off that heavy gear, hmm?"

Toothless smiles, giving a nod, then stands so he can reach the buckles to the saddle.

A few yanks and a lift and the saddle and it's fin attachment are sitting on the sand, out of the way.

Rotating his shoulder blades, Toothless sighs in relief.

"COME ON, TOOTHLESS!" Hiccup laughs as he runs off.

Toothless gives a chuckle as he runs after him, keeping his pace to no more than a steady jont, so he stays just behind him.

The sight before him just as thrilling as the chase. Giving a growl of appreciaton at the sight, his eyes travel over the pale skin of the boy's back. A deep satisfaction fills him as he sees that the boy has gained a few new marks from last night. Deep red hickeys and bite marks decorate his right shoulder blade in two patches and rather large hicky peeks out from the tie at his waist. His eyes can't help but dift down to see the shorts that Hiccup is wearing are so snug that it shows of the luscious, round globes of his butt as they bounce with his movements. Heating up his blood again. Shaking his head at his persistant hormones, the dragon runs straight into the cool, crashing surf.

The water splashes up around him, successfully switching his mind from play to play.

Oblivious to Toothless's inner struggle, Hiccup jumps in after him, laughing and kicking up more water up behind him.

Lifting his head from from the waves, he doesn't seem to notice the teen has followed him, until it's too late and a spray of water hits him full in the face. Hiccup points and laughs at his friend.

"I got you, Toothless!"

Blinking the excess moisture away, the dragon watches his best friend as he bends over, clutching his stomach and laughs merrily at him.

A soft smile finds itself on his lips at the sight, glad that the boy was back to normal after everything that's happened. But his soft features soon curl up evily, eyes glinting mischieviously, as he dunks his muzzle into the water. At the same time his wings fan out, dippimg down on to the cool water to scoop up a large wingful. He pauses a moment.

The mirth disappears from green eyes, only to be replaced with a sudden fear. Standing he waves his arms in front of him.

"Toothless.. No.. no!"

He turns around to get out of the way, but he doesn't manage to go anywhere as the Dragon hits the boys with every drop of water he's gathered.

The cascade of water pelts him down back into the surf.

It takes a moment, but Hiccup resurfaces, sputtering and coughing.

Toothless chortles his dragon laugh at his struggling human.

Managing to compose himself, Hiccup glares at his friend.

"Oh, It is so on."

With that Hiccup launches himself at toothless, splashing water toward the dragon. Of course, the night fury retaliates with his own splashes back.

"That's it! I'm going to get you for that!" The teen yells, and laughing he runs after the dragon, who runs off.

The sounds of laughter form the them both can be heard here and there as they both try to gain the upper hand in the water fight. They run and throw water and jump until exhausted, they both callaspe onto the sand. Hiccup's back against Toothless's left side as he lay around him, his wings tucked into his back.

Their breath lowly returning back to normal as the warm sun starts to dry their the water from their forms.

Toothless regains his breath first, smiling warmly at how drenched the boy looks, his hair darker as it weighted down. drops dripping down his face. Gently the dragon extends his tongue lick them from his forehead, which effectively gets Hiccup's attention. Instead of pulling away, Hiccup sits up, his eyes as soft, his left hand rises to cup the dragon's right cheek.

As the warm appendage skims over his forehead and down his cheek, Hiccup marvels at the affection shining through the eyes trained on him, strong enough that it triggers an answering feeling in his oen chest, his heart filling with tenderness.


The dragon purrs softly as he pulls away, pleased to hear his feelings reflected in that voice, only to return to rub his snout on the boy's chin, back and forth.

'This is nice. This is the most relaxed we've been since we came here. I hope it doesn't stop too soon. Hiccup thinks, as he raises his hand to join the other as he starts scratching the scales just under his chin.

Shuddering, Toothless hangs his head down to lay on the teen's shoulder, purring even louder.

There's nothing like a good scratch to a dragon, especially when it's coming from Hiccup and his magic fingers.

A breeze suddenly gusts across them, and Toothless stiffens, falling silent as his eyes sharpen and his head snaps up.

"Hiccup, get behind me!"

"Toothless? What is it?" he asks as he quickly stands to fall behind the dragon's body, who lifts his wings up, showing his fiercness as he curls up his lip to show sharp teeth, growling.

For several moments nothing seems to be happening. then the peace gets shatters as a bear comes tearing out of the forest at high speed, bellowing.

Roaring back, Toothless runs forward to intercept him. Their bodies slamming into each other, before the dragon jumps back and hunches down to wait on his opponent's next move.

Shaking his head, the bear gathers himself from the impact, before zeroing his gaze on the dragon in front of him. With a deep roar he attacks again, swiping sharp claws as he gets close to him.

Ducking each swipe, Toothless looks as if he is dancing as he evades each strike, leading the bear away from Hiccup as he evades them. When he is a safe distance away, he answers the bear with a few swipes of his own before speeding around and hitting him in the chest with his tail. The bear hits the ground hard, stunning him. When he gets back on all fours. Toothless lets out an intimidating shriek.

Whimpering, the bear turns tail, running back into the forest.

Victory makes pride swell in the night fury's chest, and it comes out in a cry of triumph. Vibrating the very ground he stands on.

Relaxing, Toothless turns to find Hiccup waiting to wrap arms around his neck.

"Toothless, You scared him away! Good job! What was wrong with him?"

Rubbing his head on Hiccups's back, he breathes in Hiccup's scent, calming his aggitated nerves as he reasures himself that he is safe.

"He was hungry and thought you'd be easy meal." He snorts. "I don't think he took into account my protection of you."

"Yeah." Hiccup laughs, disengaging. Hiccup cups Toothless's face. "You're not hurt?"

"No. " The large eyes dart all over his human's face. "Are you ok?"

"Yeah. I"m..good."

Toothless nods, then moves in to lap gently at the corner of his mouth, before pulling away to look up at the sun.

'Toothless..' The teen looks at the dragon, feeling uncertain, but also strangely pleased with the dragon's brief kiss.

"We should get going. It's getting late in the afternoon." Toothless says reluctantly.

"Why?" Hiccup asks, not wanting to leave, and yet not sure he is ready to face his uncertain feelings. Reluctantly he goes to retrieve their saddle gear.

"I promised to take you to see The Commons, remember? Or do you not want to go anymore?" Toothless looks at him, his head cocked to the side.

"No, I want to go. I'm just.. Sorry to leave this.. this sanctuary." He looks around at the peaceful beach,fondly, then turns as Toothless rubs his head on his arm.

"We'll come back soon. I'm sure we'll need periodical breaks from all the maddess thats likely to ensue being among my people."

Chuckling, Hiccup goes and lifts the saddle onto Toothless's back, going through the motions until everything is secure on him.

"Okay, so let's go, so we can come back sooner."

Toothless leans down. " As you say, Master." He jokes.

Hiccup shakes his head as he climbs on him.

Together they dissappear back into the forest.

Back within the mountain's corridors, Hiccup is walking down them, his hand on Toothless's neck, at his side.

The tunnel's are empty for the most part, except for the occasional passerby. When a dragon does show up Hiccup ignores the stares that come his way, whether they be sexual, indifferent, or hostile.

They soon come upon a huge doorway where a few dragon's were coming and going. Two dragon's pause as they approach, before they drop down in a bow to their prince. Toothless nods at them, not stopping as they passed.

"One thing I didn't miss about this place. Being bowed to with as much respect as one would a fly." Toothless growls under his breath.

"What do you-" Hiccup stops as he hears the two behind them start to speak.

"That's him. The human the prince is set on having for his mate."

"Really? Huh. Too bad. It seems like such a shame. I wonder what Maria-belle will think of this?"

'Maria-Belle? Who's that?' Hiccup wonders.

"Oh, yeah. She's liable to tear that little human apart. I hope I'm around to see that fight. Should be interesting."


The voices soften as they drift away from them, down the tunnel.


"Never mind them, Hiccup. Stand proud and flinch at nothing they say and you'll garner respect from those who matter."

"Right." Hiccup forces the the conversation out of his head. Standing up straight, he tries to show confidence, even though he finds it hard feel just that.

They move forward into a humongous, circular, cavernous room. A roadway leads from the door straight through the middle of the space. On both sides of the road stalls are set up here and there. Most looked closed, the streets in-between deserted.

As they walk down the main road, Hiccup's head swivels left to right, looking from one shop to the next.

"No one is open."

"It's still early yet. Most people won't be here until three or four hours from now, but there is a few shops open now. Getting ready for when they come. Most won't mind us being here early, being the Prince and his intended. Look there's one over there." Toothless gestures with his head at a shop just a few places down from them. It was a large stone building that had a chimney built into the thatched roof. Smoke was currently puffing out of it, bringing with it scents, which were making his stomach growl and his mouth water.

Just as they were coming upon it, the door opens and a dragon woman in human form comes out, broom in hand, sweeping dirt out the doorway.

"Charr-lene." Toothless calls, causing the dragon's light brown head to swing in his direction.

Eyes wide, the broom hits the ground as her hands flatten against her chest in wonder.

"Einarr!" Charr-lene jumps up and down before running to throw her arms around the dragon. Hiccup jumping back to get out of her way. "It's been so long! I'd heard rumors that you were back, but I didn't dare believe it for fear it would prove false!" Toothless rubs his head against her back once. Then they both pull away.

"Yes, well. Truthfully, I hadn't planned on coming back, but my father had other ideas. Anyway, How have you been?" His eyes look her up and down. "Busy?" He asks, raising an eyebrow at her dusty form.

She looks down at herself, giving a laugh. Her brown hair is pulled back into a bun on the top of her head. Her golden-brown wings are tucked into her back. She's wearing a dress as long as her knees, the back of the dresses neckline dips down to accomidate her wings. An apron hangs from around her neck, draping down her front to tie around her waist. And all over her was spatters of different food and a whole bunch of flour. Smudges also speckle her pale cheeks and forehead. Her thin lips are a delicate pink. Freckles bridge themselves over her cheeks and across her nose.

"Yes, business is booming ." She smiles, then laughs slightly, seeing that she has spread the flour over the prince's chest.

Hiccup automatically goes to Toothless, using the backs and fronts of his hands to brush at the powdery substance. The dragon lifts his head up, keeping out of his way.

"Oh! That rumour is true as well. You did bring home a special souvenir." She smiles, seeing that the flour is just being spread to young man's hands. "Come along you two and we'll see about cleaning up that flour." Turning around Charr-lene walks inside, leaving the door open for the two to follow.

Hiccup enters first into a large, bright and warm room. A huge fireplace takes up the expanse of the far wall, and the other two, on each side are filled with racks covered with breads and pastries, and all kinds of goodies that made the air permeate with the delicious smell. Light shines down from windows laid into the ceiling.

Taking a deep breath, Hiccup sighs as his stomach grumbles.

"It smells great in here."

"Thanks. My name is Charr-lene. Einarr and I have been friends since we were hatchlings. My mate and I are the only bakers in the whole colony. So we make sure there's enough for everyone." She sweeps her arms skyward, turning around in a circle.

" Your mate? You mated while I was gone? When did you stop working in the fields with your father?" Toothless looks around the room.

Charr-lene goes to a sink basin set in the corner of the room next to the door, picking up and ringing out a clothe rag and handing it over to the teen. "Oh, I mated to my Steffen about three decades ago. Right now he's gone with my brothers to harvest wheat to grind more flour. I'm sorry he's not here to meet you and your lovely young man here. And speaking of.. Aren't you going to introduce him to me?"

Toothless chuckles. "Of course. This is my mate-to-be, Hiccup."

"Hiccup? How cute! It's nice to meet you! It's soo nice to see you finally starting to settle down with someone you love, Einarr. Especially since we now have something in common when it comes to our choice of mate."

"Nice to meet you too." Hiccup sincerely says, smiling.

"Thank you. What do you mean?" Toothless asks as he fondly watches Hiccup kneel to clean his scales, with gentle eyes.

She smiles at the both of them, seeing the love clearly shining in his eyes. "Well, I met Steffen when he was still working in his father's bakery." She chuckles. " Human's can really be irristible sometimes can't they. "

"Wait a minute. Steffen is human?" Hiccup asks, standing and handing the cloth back to Charr-lene. "Thanks."

"No problem. Yes, after we met I didn't waste any time staking a claim on him. He 's so sweet and caring." She sighs. "After a year of learning everything I could from him and his family about baking, I was lucky enough that he didn't think twice when I asked him to start a bakery with me here on the island."

"Congratulations. I'm happy to here that you're so happy. We can't wait to meet him."

"Thank you. That's enough about me. So what are your plans for the rest of the day?" She asks as she heads over to rinse out the rag and hang it on the edge of the basin to dry.

"Toothless is showing me around since I'm new here. We just came in from flying from a really great spot he showed me."

"Really? And where would this great spot be?"

"That's for us to know and for you to forever wonder about." Toothless says quirking an eyeridge.

All three laugh.

"Alright, don't tell me then. But you can tell me if the other rumors I've been hearing are true. "

"What rumors?" Hiccup asks.

"Well, I heard that you," she nods her head in Hiccup's direction, " hurt the prince when you first met and he can't fly anymore on his own. Then you got to know each other and made him a contraption that helped him fly again. Is that true?"

Toothless and Hiccup look at each other and smile, no longer feeling anything negative toward their rocky beginning.

"It's true. Toothless is wearing what I use to help him fly. Check it out."

And she did, circling around the two she continued throwing out questions to quench her curiousity. The couple telling her about how they met and other such things.

In return, Hiccup finds out that when Charr-lene met her mate, in Rome 31 years ago. He was the baker's third born son and was treated poorly, but excelled at the trade so once they were mated Charlene whisked the man away to the island and created the colony's first and only bakery. Introducing the dragons to something other than meat and veggies. They have been succesful ever since.

After the friendly interigation ends Toothless perks his ears up to the sounds of more dragons on the street starting to ready their shops to open ready for the public.

"Hiccup, we should get going if you want to see the rest of The Commons, before it becomes to busy." Toothless says.

"Oh. Okay." He says, a little reluctant to leave the energetic, sweet dragon.

Seeing this the dragon goes and wraps the human up in a warm hug with arms and wings.

"Ooohh. Hiccup, you are so cute! Don't worry you can come by any time you want. Besides you still have to meet Steffen, so come back soon. And don't you dare leave the island without saying goodbye, got it?" She warns, knowing now that they don't intend to stay long.

"I won't. I promise. we'll come by tomorrow to meet your mate, alright?" Hiccup smiles at the tight squeeze before they both seperate.

"Goody." She claps her hands together. "Now you two get going! I'm sorry I kind of butted into your date."

"Oh! It wasn't-"

"No, no, no! Not another word! Out you get and go enjoy yourselves!"

With that the woman pushes them out her door.

"Oh! But before you go... Here!" She plucks a couple of buns off the nearest shelf. "A snack to tide you till evening meal. Have fun!"

She slams the door, but they can hear her start to hum beyond it.

Hiccup stares at the door to the bread in his hand, taking a small bite.

A wonderful assortment of flavors burst on his tongue.

"Mmm! Wow! I didn't know bread could taste like this! Man, the stuff in Berk is so bland compared to this!" Hiccup turns, walking beside Toothless to the street as he eats the rest of the bun. Then he reaches out to offer the dragon the other bun.

Who quickly snatches it up, and eats it quickly.

"Your right that is good! I can't wait to meet this Steffen. He sounds interesting."

"Yeah, I wonder if he can teach me how to bake that bun?" Hiccup wonders as they walk along the road.

"I'm sure he could. I can't believe Charr-lene mated while I was still in the power of the queen. It's a little mind boggling to know so much has changed while I was gone."

"Oh. Well, we'll see him tomorrow. Then we'll both find out about him and maybe they'll tell me what they put in that bun to make it so tasty."

Toothless smiles and rubs his head against the teen's side. "You can try. But I doubt they'd divulge their baking secrets so easily."

"Just watch. I'll bet I can. Besides she thinks I'm cute, so I've got a little leeway."

"Uh-huh." Toothless humors him and leads him around the shops.

For the next few hours, Toothless shows Hiccup around a few shops, including a jewelry shop, where Hiccup is flabbergastted at the sparkling jewels and fine metal worked gold and silver. The dragon has to change to his human form to enter each shop and changes back when they are done with a shop. Having to take the saddle off and put it back on each time.

They visited a shop that boasted several different kinds of fabric in all different lengths, colors and and degrees of texture. The shop keeper is nice enough to showcase his wares to Hiccup and Toothless outside his shop, so that Toothless doesn't have to change form again. He shows them his best fabrics. Hiccup marvels at the softness of them and the rainbow of colors. Toothless suggests that a few more outfits be made for Hiccup and that starts a bit of an aggressive conversation between the human and dragon as the human wants pants and tunics made, where-as Toothless wants more skin revealing outfits. Which amused the shopkeeper to no end. Eventually, they decide to compromise, deciding on 2 pairs of tunics and pants and one more outfit of Toothless's choice that he and the shopkeeper discussed in private, keeping it secret, to the boy's annoyance.

Hiccup notices something as he waits for Toothless to finish speaking with the shopkeeper. The few dragons that are wondering around would stop and lift their noses into the air, scenting. Their eyes would immediately turn to focus on him, narrow or widen, then they would turn and move on. One had just left when Toothless finished and bid the man goodbye. Hiccup tells him what has been going on for the last few minutes.

"Toothless, What the hel is going on?"

"They're just catching your scent in the air." Toothless says.

"My scent? Why would they.."

"Well, it's pretty faint right now, what with the sea bath we had earlier... And your nose can't smell it, but..." He falters, unsure how the human is going to take what he's about to say.

"Just tell me, Toothless."

"Alright, the others are scenting, under the smell of salt water, how well I satisfied you last night."

Silence for a moment than pink blooms on Hiccup's cheeks, shock morphing his face.

"They smell what we did?! Geez!" He folds his arms around his chest tightly, looking at the ground. "How embarrasing!" He scuffles his prostetic along the stone floor.

"I'm sorry you find it uncomfortable, but really it helps in the long run."

Hiccup eyes his dragon dryly. "Really? How?"

The dragon purrs as he runs the length of the side of his body along his back, curling himself around the boy, breathing in his scent deeply. "I'm enjoying how you smell right now. You smell like yourself, the sea, and like me."

"I..I do."

Toothless eyes meet his, heat filling them. " Both of are scents are twined together with the scent of lust, and the musky sweetness of sex. I like that you smell that way. It's telling other males that you are off limits. ALL MINE."

Tingles shoot up Hiccup's spine, his heart sputters and speeds up, and his cock begins to show just how much he likes that, also to his surprise.

"Don't you two go into heat right here. Go back to your quarters if you want to mate with the boy, Einarr."

Blinking, Toothless lifts his head to look at the dragon man now standing in front of them. Hiccup takes the man in.

Tall at seven feet with dark grey hair and matching grey eyes. Tan skin showed off the silvery sheen of scales that could be seen on his biceps, forearms and backs of his arms. They follow the natural curved outline of his naked chest, along the underside of his pectoral muscles and in the indentations of his abdomin. His posture is relaxed. White teeth shining from his chisled face in a playful smirk.

"Cade." Toothless names the man, surprise coloring his voice. " What are you doing here?"

"Just stopping you before you seduce the boy into a frenzy that he'd rather not display in front of our clan.

Toothless sits next to Hiccup, tail curling around his feet. " I would never put Hiccup in that situation."

"By the smell of how both of your scents increased, it was heading that way." He laughed out. "So this is the mate I've heard you've chosen."

Hiccup looks down at the ground, not letting himself think about the way his body had reacted, pink back on his cheeks.

"Yes, this is my Hiccup. Hiccup, this an old friend of mine, Cade."

Hiccup nods at him, smiling and trying to ignore the sudden butterflies in his stomach at Toothless's declaration of ownership.

"Nice to meet you, Cade." He says.

"Look at that Innocent face," He laughs. "How the hell did you manage to get lucky enough to find a cutie like him."

Toothless smiles. "Let's just say I fell for him hard." He nudges Hiccup's side, who laughs a little at the statement.

"Yes, Gwynne told me all about that. Must not have been too hard to do. He's quite fetching."

"Yeah, well. Don't look too hard or else I might have to scratch out your eyes."

"You can try, but I believe you were one that always got pinned when we scrapped as hatchlings."

"Really? I can't imagine Toothless getting beat in a fight. Or as a little baby, for that matter. What was he like?" Hiccup asks, hs face lighting up at the prospect of learning something new about his dragon.


"Cade! Why don't you tell Hiccup about what you do in your shop?" Toothless butts in before he can reveil anything embarrasing about his childhood.

"You own a shop here?" Hiccup asks.

"Yes," He drops his arms from his chest, lifts his palm out to gesture toward his shop's direction. "I own a metal working shop."

"Wait a minute! You're a blacksmith?! So am I!" Hiccup shouts excitedly.

"You are? Come to think of it, I heard that you made some sort of contraption that helped my buddy here to return to the skies after he got hurt, is that true?" He asks with interest.

"Yes, well.. I've apprenticed with my village's blacksmith, Gobber, since I was about eight. But I did help Toothless out with his flight, since it was my fault he lost it in the first place." Sheepishly, he shrugs his shoulders.

"Let's have a look then." Stepping up to Toothless, he turns scrutinizing eyes to his saddle. He examines the equipment, running fingers over each piece carefully, muttering to himself.

"I guess there's more to you than meets the eye then. Taking one look at you, I wouldn't have guessed you could do such talented work." He says looking at the human with respect in his eyes, standing with one hand on his hip.

"Uh, thanks. I know I'm not much to look at-"

"But he's very imaginatve and he uses his skills with the forge to create inventions that he thinks up and draws." Toothless interupts, not wanting the viking to put himself down any more than he'd already said.

"I'll say. Can you show me how it works?" Cade asks Hiccup.


Toothless leans down as Hiccup goes to straddle his back.

"It's pretty simple. I clip myself in here for safety." He clicks his safety harness in place. "Then hook my leg into the pedal," He does so. "Which controls the tailfin."

Cade watches as he presses and releases the pedal, seeing the tailfin furl and unfurl.

"Fascinating, especially since you've got a fake leg yourself. But isn't it hard to fly with two beings at the helm, so to speak?"

"It was difficult at first, but Hiccup and I are now perfectly in sinc."

"Show me."

With that Toothless pushes off the ground, wings flapping to bring him up into the air, with a press of the peddle, and then with a strong thrust of his wings they propel upward.

Higher and higher they go until they are about a few hundred feet in the air, then Cade watches as Toothless folds his wings and they both drops from the sky. Together they freefall, the air rustling around their bodies as the ground looms closer and closer.

Wings snap open at several feet from the ground, and the pair catch themselves and turn back into the air. Executing a quick backflip, they head back to the ground with a smooth touchdown.

"Wow. That was impressive." Cade smiles, as he watches Hiccup dismount and happily stand at the dragon's shoulder. "That's a sound contraption and the way you two flew in sync like that... That must have taken alot of practice."

"Yeah, it did take us some time. A few falls and scrapes and bruises in my case, but it was worth it in the end." Hiccup says running a hand over Toothless's neck, who gives him his gummy smile.

"This could prove to be really useful to the few unfortunate furies that can't fly anymore due to injury, but there's not enough humans on our island to help and some won't accept help from them even if we find some who would help." He frowned at the thought.

"That's no problem. Hiccup can make the prostectics so that they can fly on their own." Toothless suggests.

"He can?"

"Like I said, no problem. He made me one once. He attatched a tailfin that had a rod that fit to other fin and moved with the help of metal gears. When the healthy fin moves it mimics and moves the fake fin into the same position. "

"That's fantastic and yet your not wearing it?"

Toothless shakes his head. "I did use it to go retrieve a helmet Hiccup lost in the sea, but when I returned, I destroyed it. I decided that I loved having Hiccup with me in the skies more than independantly flying alone." He butts his head against the teen's stomach, who rubs his head in return.

"Well, I can't blame you. So, Hiccup, would you like to come see the shop? Maybe draw up some plans for this new potential project?" Cade asks.

"I'd love to help out! It shouldn't take more than a few hours to draw up ideas and get started on a prototype."

"Sounds doable. Let's get started." Cade says eagerly, stepping in the direction to his shop.

The pair follows as the dragon walks off, Hiccup brimming with excitement at the prospect of creating something with his hands. Toothless smiles at his human's obvious excitement.

Toothless lay on the floor near the forge enjoying the heat washing over his scales, watching as Cade and Hiccup worked.

Hiccup's bent over the drafting table, drawing, and making notes, while Cade is working with some iron finishing up a previous project. He pulls the gleaming hot metal from the fire to bang with a hammer, flattening it. He lifts it up to judge the shape, before banging on it some more and, satisfied, dips it into a large bucket of water. A hiss and a cloud of steam emanates directly from the dunking.

It's been 3 hours that the two have been working. The marketplace is now filled with many of their clan, signaling that night was quickly drawning near.

Toothless stands and walks over to the table, bumping his muzzle gently against Hiccup's side. Hiccup turns his head to him, a smile stretching across his face.

"Hey, bud." He scratches him under his chin, Toothless purrs at the pleasant feeling.

Suddenly, a soft growl makes itself known. A pale hand covers his trim belly.

Toothless immediately turns away from him and heads straight toward the door.

"Toothless? where are you going?"

"You're hungry aren't you?" Toothless raises an eyebrow ridge and smiles playfully, then turns and walks out. "You coming?"

Hiccup snorts and looks at Cade, who has an amused grin on his face.

"Want to come with us?"

"No, Thanks. As much as I'm sure you'd both entertain me. I need to finish this order. Come back tomorrow. I'll ask a friend over that needs a prostectic so we can measure him and get started on it. Okay?"

"Sure! I'll see you tomorrow!" Hiccup waves and runs after his dragon.

Catching up to Toothless, the boy bumps his hip into the side of his left front leg, who just chuckles in his throat, his wing coming out from his back to rest against the boys back, and leads them towards the market's center.

They didn't have to go far before they could see the large cookfire blazing there. The smell of cooking meat wafts off the spits staked above it.

Hiccup's stomach growls again from the delicious smells. He can see a few male dragons in human form, tending to the fire and the food cooking over it.

To Hiccup's relief they are both wearing linen pants.

In front of the fire are a few table covered in varieties of fruit, bread, vegetables, meat, and fish on platters. Tending to the tables is a woman with bright pink hair, who looks to be in her later thirties. She's wearing a light blue dress, her wings are tucked tight to her back. Her round face turns toward them and her bright blue eyes brighten, a smile stretching across her face.

"Welcome, My Prince! It is good to see you home again, safe and sound! And with such a lovely young man in tow! I, of course, have heard the good news about your betrothal! May I offer something to tingle your human's pallete and fill his belly."

Both of them can't help, but smile at the very motherly-like aura coming from her.

"Thank you, Eventide. We'd be delighted to taste the fares made by your family. Are those your sons I see tending the fire?"

"Yes. My mate and I have finally started handing the reigns over to our hatchlings a little more."

"Hatchlings?" Hiccup looks at the two young men, with their mature faces and dark hair. They look to be in their mi-twenties. "They don't look like hatchlings to me." He comments.

She laughs a little. "Believe me, the way they act sometimes..." She shakes her head. "Anyway, enough about my offspring. When are you going to make an honest man out of your human and produce an heir, mmm?" She asks, a smirk on her lips, finger pointing at Toothless.

Hiccup blinks in confusion, not understanding her question.

"Eventide." He chuckles in amusement, especially when Hiccup shifts uncomfortably next to him. "Maybe you should let me finish courting Hiccup first. Mating and hatchlings can come much later."

"Okay. But don't wait too long." She spreads her hands out to the food spread out before them. "Now, what can I tempt you with?"

Shaking his head, Hiccup puts the queries of the former sentence out of his mind. Picking up two plates from the stack on the table, Hiccup puts both in front of them, and fills them with their selections.

Toothless selects half a dozen freshly caught salmon, while Hiccup decides to try some roasted duck. Hiccup grabs a few fresh strawberries and a few raw carrots chosen for Toothless, which Hiccup scrunches his nose up at, and picks up an apple for himself. Then hefts the load up, balancing the large plates on his forearms.

Eventide offers a large mug that steams. "Would you like some tea?"

"Thank you." He looks at his burdened hands, wondering how he is going to take it.

"Mayhap, I should carry it?" She offers, gesturing to the two very full plates with her free hand. " I don't think you have anymore hands left." She smiles.

Hiccup smiles sheepishly.

"Right. Yeah, you carry it." Hiccup nods, agreeing. The last thing he needs is to spill everything. No doubt it would beall over himself, though he's sure a certain dragon would get a kick out of that. Both go in search of selecting a seat on a few cusions that are a safe distance from the fire. Eventide follows behind them

They both sit and Eventide places the mug in front and between them.

"I hope you enjoy your meal. Make sure to come see me again soon." They both say their goodbyes and watch as she hurries back to her booth.

Hiccup sets Toothless's plate in front of him on the ground, who picks up a fish and bites it in half, swallowing it whole.

Hiccup digs into his own food. Picking up the warm duck breast, he rips up a chunk and puts it in his mouth. Flavor explodes on his tongue, and he groans.

"This is great!" He says, eating another piece.

Toothless licks his maw, grinning at the boy.

"Yeah, Eventide's family has been cooking for generations. They are the best on the Island. Rumor has it her family used to cook the feasts for the Gods of Valhalla."


Both fall silent as they finish their meals, Hiccup pausing every few seconds to drink the wonderful brew.

After they finish, the teen gathers the two plates and the mug and places them to the side out of the way. He jumps as a squeal breaks their peaceful moment.

"Einarr! Is that you?!" Head snapping towards the voice, Hiccup see's a female in her human skin, running towards them across the area.

"I hadn't heard you were home!" Her arms fly open, her blonde, wavy hair loose and flowing behind her, bouncing with her steps as it hangs to her hips. Her bangs are perfectly draped down to her chin on each cheek. While Her sky blue dress clings to her body, showing every inch of her enticing curves.

Toothless jolts, standing up. "MARIA-BELLE!" He cries in surprise as she reaches him and throws her arms around his thick, draconic neck, hugging tightly.

Hiccup's jaw hangs loosely a moment, before closing with a snap and looking her over again.

'Who is this?' He wonders, eyes narrowed in annoyance at the trespassing female.

"I've missed you! Where have you been? Why were you away for so long?"

"It's a long story." He blinks his big eyes as she finally pulls back. He's still getting over his shock at seeing her again. "How have you been?" He asks, hesitantly.

Hiccup watches as her eyes flit for a moment to the ground then back up, looking through her lashes. 'Is she..'

"I've been okay, but.." Her left hand picks up a piece of her hair and twirls it around her finger, giving a little pout.

"It's been a bit lonely." She smiles. "But that's all going to change now that you're back."

Hiccup crosses his arms, lips pursed, eyes watching every move between the two.

'Not if I can help it.' Hiccup thinks defensively.

She leans in, skimming her hands up from the dragon's chin to his cheeks. "Now we can continue where we left off. Can't we?"

"Um? Belle, I can-"

"I've missed you calling me Belle, almost as much as I missed this." Her eyes close, her lips pucker, and Toothless freezes, not sure what to do. But somebody else does.

Maria-Belle cries out in surprise as she stumbles backward as Hiccup pushes to insert himself in front of his dragon. His eyes glare at the female.

Maria-Belle recovers and glares back. "Excuse you, human. How dare you push me, slave." Her beauty suddenly turns ugly as her words enter the air, her face shows her arrogancy.

Hiccup doesn't flinch at her tone. Instead, he stands up straighter. "Sorry, I just didn't want you taking liberties with my mate."

Toothless watches the interaction closely, breath freezing in his chest at the admittance. Tension thickens the air.

Her head snaps to look between the two males, shock quickly gets replaced by confusion, but close behind that is anger. "What? What are you talking about? Who are you? You are certainly not Einarr's mate."

Hiccup smiles, wrapping his arms around the dragon's neck, who smiles warmly at him in return.

"Not yet, maybe. But I'm going to be. My name is Hiccup and I'm Toothless's betrothed."

The smile widens across Toothless's face. Purring, he licks Hiccup's cheek. So pleased with the acceptance, he pulls Hiccup closer with his front leg curled around his legs. Hiccup flushes himself to Toothless's side, but he doesn't take his eyes off of Maria-Belle.

Her eyes and wings flare up with indignation. She props her hands on her hips. "No. That can't be true! I'm Einarr's fiance! It was planned for us to mate long before he left to go explore the world. So get away from him and go sleep off whatever you took to hallucinate the thought. Or perhaps you just need to learn your station now that you're here. I'm sure it wouldn't take much to beat it into your scrawny, little body, slave." She smirks as alarm widens the human's eyes.

Narrowing slit eyes, Toothless growls low and hunches down on his front legs, wings lifting high, and tail coming around to wrap around the boy's feet.

"If you or anyone else comes near my Hiccup with any intentions to harm him, you will regret it, I promise."

The uneasiness melts out of Hiccup's eyes and warmth fills his being the same way it always does when his dragon shows him affection or protection.

Meanwhile, the fight drains out of Maria-Belle, wings and hands drooping to her sides in forlornment. "Einarr? How can you say such a thing? Sure, maybe you've become fond of this human. I can smell how fond.. of him you are." She wrinkles her nose in distaste. "So keep him as a little pet for yourself, but stop these lies. The plan has always been that you'll take over for your father, we'll be mated and soon after our hatchlings won't be far from being laid." She finishes with a hopeful sigh, and a happy gleam in her face.

"Maria-Belle..." Toothless sighs, sitting and drawing his wing around Hiccup once more. "We've talked about this. Our sires planned this mating long ago, but they understood that we may not want to go through with it. I don't want to hurt you now, just as I didn't want to hurt you then. BUT the truth is, I didn't want to go through with the mating. I knew you weren't my soul's other half, so I decided to leave. Not just to explore the world, but to search for that special person just for me."

Her lips quiver, tears starting to gather in her eyes. " But why... Why a human? I mean why leave the mountain to go on a search? Had you found a mate here, I would have moved aside for her. As long as you were happy, I'd move aside for any dragon you found."

"I'm sorry, Maria-Belle, I tried a few times to talk to you about how I felt about the engagement, but everytime you'd just talk over me and sweep aside my concerns until I gave in to your excitement. But I should've tried harder. I'm sorry, Maria-Belle, I've never loved you as anything more than a friend."

Tears fall down Marie-Belle's cheeks, her limp arms reach up to wrap around her middle, holding tight to herself and trying to get her emotions in check.

" I went to Gwynne to ask for her advice and she told me that I would only find my mate if I left and she was right." He rubs his cheek against Hiccup's arm, causing him to smile.

"I found my mate in the most unlikely of beings. Hiccup saved me when I couldn't save myself and he helped me to learn that the people who seem the weakest in body are often the strongest in spirit and character. I love him, Maria-Belle. I'm sorry I hurt you, but he's the one I choose. He's my other half." Hiccup kneads the scaled muscle of Toothless's shoulder, feeling light-hearted and so happy to hear him say that.

Speechless, Maria-Belle looks at the two, clearly seeing the love for one another. She turns around, giving them her back for a moment to hide her pain as her heart breaks. She quickly wipes the tears from her cheeks.

Gathering herself and swallowing her pride and hurt, she turns around and clears her throat. "I'm-I'm sorry." She sighs heavily, forcing the next words to leave her mouth. "I'm sorry I never listened to you and that I said those things to- Hiccup?" Hiccup nods, eyes back on her. Still watchful, not trusting this sudden turn of behavior, but willing to hear her out. Toothless adjusts his head to look at her to do the same.

She looks down at her feet, hiding the pain in her eyes. A moment later a hand enters her sight and she looks up to see Hiccup has stepped forward, hand held out in truce. After a minute, she places her clawed hand in his and they both shake a few times. "I accept your apology. I'm sure anyone would react the same way." His face gentles towards her.

She smiles a little. "Sure. Uh, can I ask you something?" Hiccup nods. "Did I hear you call Einarr, toothless?"

"Why don't we sit and we'll explain what happened while I was away?" Toothless suggests, pulling up next to them.

All three of them go and take a seat back near the fire and Toothless retells all that happened between his leaving and his return to the clan home. For what seems like the hundredth time.

When they finish, they watch the female as she looks straight at the flames of the fire, saying nothing for several long minutes. Jumping to her feet, she swirls around to face them, her demeanor stormy.

" So let me get this straight. You were brain-washed by a giant dragon queen that you managed to defeat and in-so doing was able to free not only, several other species of dragons, but this human's village from an endless war. Okay, Fine. Good. Whatever. But what I can't believe is, this only happened after you were maimed by this..creature. Forcing you to have to relay on him to become your only way to return the sky. And without a pledge of servitude, no less! Had it been me, his throat would've filled my mouth the second I was free from his trap!"

Running her hands through her hair to try and calm her agitation, she sighs.

"Einarr, I understand that you have need of him as your wings. You may have grown a little attached to the boy, but don't mistake that for love. You are home now, there's no place the human can run, so he can't try to escape you. You can keep your wings through him, but don't deny yourself the future that we planned just because you fear losing your little pet. Keep him, use him for your flight. Hell, I'll even let you fuck him whenever you want. But mate me and let me give you real love. I can please you in ways that he never could and he can't give you pure hatchlings like I can. No human is worth that loss, right?"

Toothless ignores her attempts to sway his decision, but Hiccup's temper flares at her insinuation. Before any of the dragons realise his movement, the teen goes straight to the she-dragon and... THAWP!

Maria-Belle's head snaps to the side at the force of the slap. Hiccup hits her so hard his palm burns as hot as his fury.

"How dare you! Toothless and I don't use each other for our own selfish purposes. We genuinely care for each other and we delight in what we provide for each other. Yes, I hurt Toothless and I will forever regret that I tore him from the sky, but had I not then we wouldn't have met. And I'll always be thankful for that. Until I met Toothless I was treated like scum by my people. Then I earned the trust of the dragons and now we're the heros that ended a never-ending war. I can honestly say I'm proud that Toothless has chosen me for his mate and nothing can change that." His words reverbrate with his sincerity and just to prove to her his sincerety, Hiccup turns and cups his night fury's cheeks, feeling out the bones there as he leans to press a hard kiss against those scaley lips. He notes how strange it is to kiss the dragon in this form, but finds it nice anyway.

Toothless looks over his boy to see Maria-Belle standing rigid, cheeks burning in rage, hands clenched into tight fists by her sides.

Feeling playful, Toothless slides his wings around his boy's back, moving his head to break their connection, he quickly stands on his two back feet, to Hiccup's questioning gaze, then pulls Hiccup against the front of his body. Hooking his front legs under Hiccup's arms, he lifts him up so their lips connect once more. Smiling, Hiccup wraps his arms around his neck. After a moment, the dragon licks at the line of his lips, Hiccup greets it with his own tongue and for a moment they mingle against one another in the open space before Toothless draws Hiccup's into his large maw as far as it can, where he caresses it over, under, and through the split in his own tongue. A deep growl of contentment resonates from Toothless through both their bodies.

The two quickly forget about the female as they become absorbed in each other, so they don't notice when Maria-Belle gives a frustrated huff and stomps off, feeling disgusted and cheated of the prime male she'd always been promised.

Hiccup groans at the warmth circulating through his being from todays happenings.

First the wonderful intimate, playful time at the beach, then feeling protected and special as Toothless scared off the hungry bear. To the fulfillment of working in the forge, to the confrontation with Maria-belle, which left him angry, and if he were honest with himself.. Jealous. Now add to it the possessivness he felt when the she-dragon tried to persuade Toothless to claim her as his mate instead of him, has his head swimming as that possesiveness suddenly turns into lust. Swirling inside him, and over-whelming any past concerns that he had had.

The teen pulls back from the dragon's mouth, groaning.

"Toothless," He rubs his face into his neck. "Take me back to your room, please."

Hesitant in the sudden request, he carefully lowers the teen back to the ground, smiling when Hiccup doesn't let go right away, he backs up a bit, so he does. And so he can return to all fours, on the ground. "You want to go back to the room to..."

"Yes." Hiccup nods, rewrapping his arms around his neck. "Please, I-I want you." He admits, burying his face into his scales to hide the growing blush from both his rising arousal and his embarrasing words.

Toothless slips from his hold and rubs himself in a body slide against Hiccup's back.

"Alright. Get on my back."

Hiccup waits for the dragon to kneel down before doing just that. With a push off the ground they're airborne.

As soon as they are both back safely behind locked doors, Hiccup immeadiately jumps off Toothless's back and, before his nerves can set in, rushes to undo all of the riding gear.

He's never felt this way before, not even with Astrid. He feels a heat crawling in his veins that stems from both his heart and his loins, making him restless and feeling a hunger that needs to be fed right away.

After he turns around to lay the saddle and tailfin next to the door on the floor, strong, warm arms encircle his waist after he stands back up. The bare skin of his back is pulled against the hot, hard muscle of his dragon's naked humaniod form.

"Are you sure about this, Hiccup? Let's not start anything we might regret. I know that if we do this .." He breathes in Hiccup's intoxicating scent, shuddering as his body surges to fulfill his mate's need. "I won't be able to deny myself anymore. I just... couldn't." He grits his teeth, hating his weakness.

Hiccup can hear the strain in his voice, and the slight tremmer in the strong hold around him. It points out again just how much his dragon has sacrificed just to hold onto their friendship. How much mental and physical pain he has gone through to keep him safe from himself and what he thought would be destructive feelings.

'So horrible.. To think how long he's had to endure.. That's not right.'

"I'm-I'm sorry, Toothless." Hiccups says, quietly.

The dragon's body shrinks in disappointment, thinking that the boy has changed his mind.

"I'm sorry that I've never noticed how you felt."

Hiccup turns around and embraces Toothless around his waist.

"I'm not ready to commit to anything long term, but I can give you this, at least. I-I want to give you this."

He smoothes his fingers up over the firm pecs in front of him, resulting in a tingling in his finger pads. He smoothes them up to his neck, leaning up and licking his lips. His earnest green eyes seeking his dragon's. Toothless looks into those eyes and gives in, leaning down with a groan, sealing his firm lips to Hiccup's thinner ones, delving his tongue into the moist interior.

Tightening his hold a moment, he suddenly breaks the kiss to swoop down to wrap his arms around Hiccup's thighs, just under his rear, picking him up, with a surprised yelp from the boy.

Shifting, so he's holding him with his left arm, Toothless threads his fingers through reddish-brown hair to cup the back of his head, bringing their lips back together.

The dragon savors the boy's mouth, running his tongue over the roof, over his teeth, and ending, with a swirl of his tongue around Hiccup's before pulling it into his own mouth.

Hiccup tentatively takes his turn running his tongue over his dragon's teeth, careful of the sharp canines. Flicking the roof and rubbing slowly over Toothless's tongue.

For several minutes they go back and forth, going slow, learning each other's likes and dislikes in their kissing, making up for the speed from the night before.

Eventually, Hiccup has to break off to catch his breath. His chest heaving slightly, a big smile making his face shine.

"Toothless, let me down, please."

The dragon rubs his face in the slendor chest in front of him, bunching up the blue fabric of Hiccup's shirt.

"What if I don't want to?" Toothless asks, playfully.

"Come on, please. I promise I'm not running away, I just want down." He laughs a little.

"Give me a quick kiss, And I will."

Smiling, he gives him the single kiss, letting the moment linger a minute, before pulling away. But he doesn't go too far. Their breaths mingle as Toothless juggles him so his hands are back under his arms, taking better control of Hiccup's body as he slowly slides him down the very naked front of his own body. Hiccup can feel every inch of that hot skin as he slides down. His clothing tries to slide up, but the tight ties at his neck and waist keep his shirt in place. By the time, Hiccup's slippered foot and prostetic touch the cave floor, his eyes are hazy and a ruddy shade colors his cheeks. Toothless can't help but feel a kind of pride that he's managed to work up his rider so much, when not so long ago Hiccup had been unsure of anything happening between them other than friendship.

Seeing the grin on the dragon's face, Hiccup's playful side emerges through the intense feelings.

'Let's see if I can wipe that smirk off.'

Turning his back to the dragon, he walks away from him.

"Where are you going? Don't thin-"

Toothless's voice cuts out as he watches Hiccup's right hand reach up to the tie at his neck to slowly pull it loose. At the same time, his left hand clasps the tie at his lower back and pulls.

Electric green eyes fixate on those two points as the strings unravel at a rate that seems far too slow to the dragon. Finally the ties are free and clear, and he watches as the shirt falls to the floor.

Hiccup looks over his shoulder to see he has indeed wiped the smirk off the dragon's face. Toothless's eyes narrow and move between the shirt and the bare skin of his back. The dragon growls lowly, bacause he can't see the revealed skin of his boy's slim chest.

Hiccup can't help, but chuckle at his annoyed looking face, which quickly turns into a squeak of fright as the dragon dashes to the human and grabs him, turning him around to throw over his right shoulder.

"You really shouldn't tease horny dragons, Hiccup. You never know how it's going to retaliate." He puntuates this statement with a light tap to the globe of his left butt cheek.

The slight pain seems to radiate straight to Hiccup's cock, which throbs as he stifles a groan.

"Should I write that in the Book of Dragons when we get home?" He jokingly suggests.

Walking to one of the barren stone walls, the dragon runs a clawed index finger down in the air, muttering a few words quietly, before answering.

"I don't think anyone else is going to find the information as useful. I mean, how many other people are going to find themselves in danger of being thrown over a dragon's shoulder?"

"Good point." Hiccup acknowledges as a rumbling sound fills the room. "What's going on? What happening?"

In answer, the dragon sets the boy down so he can turn to see as a door-sized opening reveals itself. A piece of wall displaces itself back from the wall and moves to the side, revealing a hidden room.

As Hiccup watches, Toothless takes the opportunity to smooth his palms over the creamy skin of the teen's stomach, keeping his right hand where it is as he trails his claws up over his chest to wrap his hand around the top of the bare right shoulder. Hiccup shivers at the scraping of those claws.

"I'll bet you've never experienced this before. I chose this room specifically for this feature. One of the perks of being the heir, you could say."

It only takes a few moments before the rumbling stops and Toothless gives Hiccup a gentle squeeze, before switching his hold from his shoulder to hold his right hand and leading him inside.

Warm, moist air wafts around them, sweat starts to bead on their bare skin and Hiccup's shorts become slightly damp.

"Wow. Is this what I think it is?" He asks, a smile blooming on his face as they stand before a pond-sized body of water, steam billowing from the surface.

"Yup. It's my own personal, private hot spring bath. Moving forward, Toothless glides down the stone steps cut into the rock of the basin. Hiccup's eyes glue to the image presented to him. Sliding down Toothless's strong back to his firm backside, watching the way the muscles shift as the dragon walks down has his mind going blank at the sight and finds his blood pooling downward even more. Once Toothless stands in the middle, the water reaches up to his waist. He goes and sits down on a wide bench seat carved into the side.

"Ooohh. I forgot how good this feels." Toothless groans. Lifting a hand out of the spring, water splashes back to the surface, as he offers it to Hiccup. "Come on, Hiccup. Join me, it feels great."

Shaking his mind mentally out of the lust burning in his veins. Hiccup bites his bottom lip, and leaning on his left hand against the wall, shucks off his slippered shoe, before moving to carefully step down the steps into the heated spring, not worried about his fake leg at all. At the bottom, as the water billows around him at chest hight, Hiccup closes his eyes and sighs. The heat sinks into the muscles of his body, releasing any and all tension lingering there.


"I know. Come sit with me."

Hiccup carefully makes his way over to the seat, sitting down next to the dragon. The water rises to just under his chin. The water sloshes as Toothless wraps his arms around the teen's waist and pulls him up against his side.

"Mmm. Why didn't you show me this sooner? I ought to be mad that you didn't."

"I'm sorry. But I had other things on my mind. Mainly a young, sweet man that I'm trying so hard to seduce." He leans down and kisses Hiccup softly on the lips.

Hiccup smiles. "Oh, Yeah? How well are you doing with that?" He asks coyly.

"Well, I don't think I'm doing as good as I thought I was, since you decided to come into the bath still wearing your shorts." Toothless chuckles.

Hiccup looks down to the light brown shorts covering his thighs. "Oh, yeah. In that case I think you succeeded in your seduction since it's your body that made me forget about them." He chuckles.

"I think I can remedy that, but first.." The dragon gives him a salacious grin. Tightening his arms he lifts Hiccup up and over to straddle his lap. As soon as he's settled, he smooths his left palm down to cup and squeeze his butt cheek, as his right hand smooths up from his waist, over his flat stomach to mold itself to his right pec, rubbing it as Hiccup's arms wrap around his neck, his left hand curves around the column of flesh, while his right hand fingers his black hair.

Toothless leans forward and kisses down the expanse of Hiccup's throat to his shoulder, sucking on his skin, biting here and there as his hands massage where they touch. His index finger and thumb pausing now and again to twist his nipple.

"Oooh." Hiccup groans, arching his back. Enjoying these ministrations for a few minutes, Hiccup then interupts him by burying his hands in the dragon's hair and yanking his head up.

Lips connect and both sets of arms wrap tight, glueing themselves together. Tongues tangle, breaths shorten, and passions rise so that Toothless's arms drop to the fastening on his shorts, undoing it, his hands tuck into the back of his pants, slipping the fabric down over his hips. Panting, Hiccup breaks from their kissing to move off of Toothless's lap to stand up on the bench. The dragon prince watches as the boy tugs the material down his legs and stepping out of them, tosses them to the side, before sinking back into the water, to sit on the bench.

Purring, he pulls Hiccup back against his side, tucking his face into the right side of his neck, breathing in his rider's scent, hugging him tightly.

"Hiccup, I love you." He whispers softly, rubbing his cheek against the soft skin.

"Toothless." Hiccup can only say his name softly, as feelings of joy, fear, and uncertainty course through his being.

"It was hard for me this morning. Even after you forgave me. I had to fight my instincts quite a bit. I was worried."

"Worried about what?"

"I was worried that my instincts might betray me again and what happened yesterday would happen again. I never want to see the fear I saw in your eyes when I attacked you, again."

Hiccup opens his mouth to deny it, but a clawed finger presses against his lips, stopping him.

"I did. I never want make you frightened of me again. I'm supposed to protect you."

Pushing his hand away, Hiccup answers him, wanting them to move on from the experience.

"You do protect me. Like today with the bear. Look, I was scared by your intensity, but I wasn't thinking that you were going to hurt me. Everyone has trepidations when it comes to new things. Add the fact I've never had the thought of being intimate with another male and of course I'm going to be a little scared. But.." He pushes the dragon back to look in his face. "I'm not scared now." He leans forward to lay a kiss on Toothless's mouth, grinning playfully before moving to boldly run his tongue over the dragon's lips, feeling the breath rush from his mouth. Growling deep in his chest, Toothless's split tongue rushes out to meet and wrap around that appendage drawing it into a deep kiss.

Toothless lightly scritches his talons down the skin of his pale back until he reaches the lower part, turning his hands to smooth his palms down to cup his perfectly bubbled butt. Squeezing the flesh, he pulls back from Hiccup's mouth, an intense growl rumbles into the air. His eyes shining with renewed lust, watches as Hiccup bites down on his swollen bottom lip, eyes closed. They scrunch down as the feeling of a hand pulls aside the flesh so the pad of his clawed middle finger can skim over the puckered pink hole, back and forth.

Letting out a frustrated groan, Hiccup grips Toothless's shoulders in the wave of heat that follows the fingers touching him.

'I can't believe how good that feels.' Hiccup admits to himself. "M-more." He asks shakenly.

Toothless pauses. "Are you sure? I don't have the oil in here. It would be uncomfortable for you, to say the least. Maybe I should go get-"

"No, I'll be fine. Just don't stop."

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, I'm a viking. I can handle it. Besides, I'm your viking. You know how to handle me." Hiccup smiles.

Giving a toothy grin, the dragon removes his hand from the boy's butt. The cheek springing back into place, making the finger just inside feel even more snug against him. Making Hiccup squirm at the sensation. He cries out, jerking, as Toothless grips his jutting cock, squeezing gently.

The dragon smirks. "Oh, yeah. I know how to handle you. Grab onto my shoulders tightly."

Feeling his hands grip him strongly, Toothless pumps his arousal, slowly, carefully as his digit presses teasingly into his rosy notch.

Back and forth, up and down. Hiccup starts to sweat and finds himself squirming to feel more than just the presence of that finger against him. Eyes glazing as his blood pools in his abdomin and his cock pulses, precum dribbles with each pass of the dragon's hand. In turn, Toothless watches his human's face closely, reveling in the pleasure that the boy is feeling. His own body humming, as his cock stands and throbs in desire at the delectable sight and the excruciating control keeping himself from rushing things. He wants to savor this moment forever.

Deeming the boy ready, Toothless pushes his finger to slowly sink into the muscles. First to the first knuckle, then to the next. Keeping aware to be careful of his talons.

Toothless grits his teeth at the tight squeeze he's given as Hiccup groans when the finger finally fills him. Wincing as his insides still feel a bit sore from yesterday. Seeing this, the dragon holds himself still, feeling the thunder of the teen's heart pulsing inside. Toothless leans back, drawing his hand out of Hiccup.

Surprised, and unsure, Hiccup looks at the dragon in concern.

"Toothless, why did you stop?" He asks, between labored breaths.

Instead of responding, Toothless lifts the boy, hands under his arms, to sit on the edge of the hot spring.

"You're still sore, so I'm going to help you stretch a different way. Just keep yourself relaxed for me."

"O.k-" Hiccup grunts as Toothless grabs his thighs and pushes them upward, rolling him to his back. His thighs are settled on the night fury's strong shoulders as his hands once again part his butt cheeks to look at the glory of his hole.

Seeing it twitch, Toothless's mouth waters at the sight and he leans forward to swipe his wet, hot tongue up the expanse of the valley between the cheeks.

Flinching, Hiccup gasps, then freezes as he feels the tips of the forked tongue play with the ring, tracing it before flicking against the opening and retreating to repeat a swipe over it. Then goes back to toy with the opening once more. Soft vocalizations escape from Hiccup's mouth at the unfamiliar treatment.

Toothless watches it all with unblinking eyes, letting his tongue toy with the edges of the hole again before pushing the appendage past to delve into the muscles beyond. Hiccup cries out at the intrusion, tightening around him. Toothless pauses and waits until Hiccup relaxes again before pushing forward, reaching deep inside. This happens only twice more as Hiccup is filled with Toothless in this new, unexpected way. Once as his muscles twitch in protest, trying to dislodge the dragon and the second when the dragon passes over the pleasure spot buried inside.

"Ooh! Toothleess! Ah! Pl-uhn!" Hiccup groans as Toothless centers on that sensitive spot, letting the prehensile tips of his tongue play with that nub. Flicking and rubbing it several times, pulling his head back to slip the tongue out only to slip back it again and again. Keeping his pace steady as he makes love to the boy with his tongue.

Toothless's eyes become pinpicks as he watches the boy squirm at his motions, and his ears ring pleasantly as Hiccup voices his pleasure inarticately. The boy's legs squeeze his shoulders to bring him closer just as the tunnel inside squeezes around him. It reminds him of the pleasure to be found if he were to place a different part of his body inside. The part currently beckoning him to do just that. But the dragon ignores the incessant need between his own thighs and pulls himself back from his boy, withdrawing the tongue to swipe around his own mouth. Immeadiately, Toothless raises two fingers and presses them inside until completely engulfed. Carefully, Toothless tests his moistened cavern by stretching him with his scirroring fingers. Trying to ignore the feel of his muscles tightening and relaxing around them.

"Mmm. Ho-" Toothless clears his voice as it cracks. "How's that feel now, Hiccup? It shouldn't feel as tender."

Looking at his dragon's face, Hiccup is again blown away by Toothless's selflessness.

'He always makes sure not to hurt me. Even last night when he couldn't really control his desires. It-it's not fair. Why shoud I get alll this attention when he's gotten so little in return.'

Hiccup thinks of the way his hands had traced Toothless's body earlier and how much the dragon had enjoyed his assertiveness when he'd been trying to get rid of that bitch Maria-Belle.

'He's always enjoyed a good rub or scratch from me, why would this be any different?'

Seeing the lust shine in his dragon's face, he realizes that he wants to return the pleasure that the dragon has given to him. To see the dragon writhe in need for him just as he's done for Toothless.

Caustiously, Hiccup leans up to wrap his hand around Toothless's wrist and pull him free from his body, ignoring the pang of emptiness that gives him, and turns so he can crawl away from him to the side of the spring. Sitting upright once more, he looks as Toothless stares at him in concern.

"Hiccup, what's wrong? Are you still in pain?"

Smiling, Hiccup shakes his head.

"I just.. want to touch you too. It's only fair, right? I want to try pleasing you as well. So will you...sit on the ledge for me?"

At his boy's question, he can't help, but feel a surge of anticipation, helping to add to the fire already simmering in his blood. Smiling, Toothless silently stands. Hiccup gulps as his eyes follow the water slucing down his rippling body to the swaying member jutting out from Toothless's hip. Tension curls deeper in his gut. He manages to pull his eyes up to Toothless's face as he sits where he's asked, right beside the rider.

"Whatever you want to do, Hiccup. I'm happy to go along with. Just take your time." He says amused and beyond happy to catch Hiccup looking at him that way.

Unsure how to proceed, Hiccup pauses and takes a moment to just think, while sliding off the edge to kneel on the seat in front of the dragon. The water shloshing around his body. Biting his lip, Hiccup smoothes his hands along the warm, smooth, hard muscles of Toothless's thighs. Practically feeling the strength vibrating within the limbs.

Looking up into the dragon-man's face, he see's Toothless smiling softly at him, waiting paitiently. Hiccup lifts his right hand and runs it through the ebony hair hanging haphazardly over his right eye. He cups the opposite cheek with his other hand, then smoothes his finger tips over his brow, down his sleek nose, moving to trace his lips lightly.

Toothless's lips tingle as Hiccup places his hand on his shoulder and leans up to lay a hesitant kiss on him. Hiccup smoothes the hand on his cheek down his neck, over his collar bone, to rest over his chest, before rubbing over the defined pectoral muscle, to end up tracing over and around his nipple.

Toothless wraps his right arm around Hiccup's frame as his other hand guides Hiccup to deepen the kiss, by wrapping his hand around his jaw. He twists his tongue around Hiccup's and pulls it into his mouth as he shivers at the way his nipple hardens at his touch.

Encouraged, Hiccup slides his hand to feel over the dragon's sternum and on down his rippling abdomin. Slowly, savoring the feel of the warm body in a way he never had before. He can't help, but pause when he gets to his lower stomach. Still hesitant to touch an area he'd never wanted touch before.

Toothless ends the kiss and encompasses Hiccup's hand with his own, linking their fingers. Bringing his lips to the boy's ear, he whispers, " Don't be shy, Hiccup. I'm still your dragon. Everything you see is yours to touch. " He licks his forked tongue up the appendage, and latches on as he guides Hiccup's hand to wrap around the girth of his aroused member.

Hiccup's breath hitches from the moist, pleasant feel of the dragon sucking on his ear and the intense heat of the plump cock in his palm. Toothless removes his hand, letting Hiccup to take the lead once more.

Licking his bottom lip, Hiccup bites it, as he swipes his thumb over the head, feeling moisture gathering at the tip.

Pulling back, Toothless draws in a breath, throwing back his head and closing his eyes.

Seeing his reaction, Hiccup feels a little more confident and rubs the head more purposely, then wraps his hand around the shaft to slowly fist him up and down.

Breathing out, Toothless groans. "Tighter, please. And faster." He asks, opening eyes gone slitted as the fire of desire spreads in his blood.

Hiccup feels an answering need thrum through his own body. Picking up the pace of his fist, he tightens his hold. Watching as Toothless gritts his teeth and groans again, pleasure zinging up his spine, the warmth starting to build in his gut. Enjoying the attention of a lover on him after several hundred years of going without.

"Is this good? I-I mean does it feel good?"

"Oh... yes. Just like that."

Inspired, Hiccup brings the weeping tip down, licking to taste the liquid seeping out. Surprised when the sweet/salty flavour actually pleases him. Ignoring the sudden nerves fluttering in his stomach, he takes the head into his mouth, swirling his tongue around and rubbing under the glands.

"AHH!" Toothless cries out, bowing his head and closing his eyes against the searing heat. Not expecting the teen to go this far. "Hic- You don't have to-" He cuts off as he feels the tongue play with his slit.

Hiccup pulls off and looks up at the dragon as he breathes heavily, heavily lidded eyes ablaze with lust.

Loving the look. Hiccup breathes in deep, then takes the length back into his mouth and keeps lowering himself down, trying to swallow it as far as he can, wanting to give his dragon as much pleasure as he can. Stopping a few times to suck, before continuing down.

Growling, Toothless grabs the edge of the pool, digging his claws into the stone so he doesn't dig them into his boy's head. Cracks fracturing in their wake.

The turgid length fills the recesses of Hiccup's mouth quickly, hitting the back of his mouth in no time and triggering his gag reflex. Backing up, Hiccup breathes in, determined to ignore it and take the cock further down his throat. He manages it for about a moment, making him think he's doing well, until his body decides to not like the huge thing invading it.

A coughing fit overtakes him, causing him to choke. Whipping off, as fast as he can, Hiccup covers his mouth as his body shakes with the movement, tears filling his eyes. Shaking the water all around him.

Worried, Toothless rubs over Hiccup's hunched back. "Hiccup, are you okay?" He asks through heavy, panting breaths.

Hiccup takes the necessary moments to get control of his body and takes a breath, before looking at his concerned dragon, wiping the tears from his eyes.

"Yeah." He sniffs. " I was just wanted to give you something I've never given anyone and I-" He looks down at his hands in his lap, gives another few coughs. "I messed it up. I'm sorry."

He squeaks in surprise when two strong arms lift him up to tuck against a hard, warm chest. Hiccup automatically wraps his arms around the dragon's neck, allowing Toothless to smooth his hands down to his waist and around his back to hug the boy.

"Don't be so hard on yourself. You didn't mess anything up. I enjoyed that more from your unexperienced mouth, than I have from anyone else in my past, and that was a long time ago." He tilts Hiccup's head up with his left hand on his chin to peck a kiss to his soft lips.

"I ruined the moment." Hiccup insists, making the dragon smile at the soft, whining tone.

"No, you didn't."

"Yes, I did-" Toothless cuts him off, pressing their lips together hard, swiping his tongue over his bottom lip before pressing his tongue into his mouth. Initiating the boy into a full, slow, and sensual make-out session. So that when they finally seperate Hiccup is out of breath, but his eyes are tinted with the reignition of his carnal interest. Touching their foreheads together, Toothless laughs softly.

"See, you didn't ruin anything. You are still new at this. I'm not expecting you to know everything. In fact, I'm going to have fun teaching you. I enjoyed myself plenty having your mouth on me, but you didn't have to take it so far, so fast."

Hiccup moves his head and looks away from him, admitting silently he's right.

"Besides I don't want you to hurt yourself in any rush to please me. We have plenty of time to learn how to please each other.. together."

Pressing his lips together, Hiccup nods and smiles in agreement. "Okay. You're right."

"Glad you agree. Now..." Toothless smirks, his eyes rove over Hiccup's naked body, reaching out to cup his half hard phallus. "Where were we?"

Hiccup shakes his head, "I believe I was trying to seduce you into a frenzy" He cups the dragon's neck with his hands and pulls him close once more.

"And I believe you were doing a fine job. Shall we continue?" Toothless speaks against Hiccup's lips. Then they kiss once more, shallowly.

"Let's skip the foreplay. I've had enough waiting. Make love to me, Toothless, now."

Growling low in his throat, Toothless runs his hand over Hiccup's hip as his other hand wraps around the boy's flesh, stroking in a fast rythym.

Groaning, Hiccup grips the dragon's neck harder, thrilling as the continuing growl thrums through their mouths as they meet to dance together again.

The palm over the viking's hip slides back to smooth over the soft globe sliding down to finger the sensitive skin in-between. Not breaking their connection, Hiccup lifts himself up on his knees, so that the questing fingers can reach where they seek.

Easily, the fingers part the globes and slide down to first finger the promising heat projecting from within.

Shivers of delight fill his belly and he throws his head back, spine arching, with a cry as two fingers delve into him, thrusting repeatedly as they scissor and twist inside, spreading the lingering moisture around and widening the passage for the dragon.

Both men groan as passion coils tighter inside them.

Toothless grits his teeth, feeling the muscles hugging his fingers so tight that he can feel Hiccup's heart pounding within.

Unable to take any more. Toothless pulls the digits free and let's go of the leaking cock. He grabs the boy and slips back into the water, sitting back on the bench.

Hiccup whines with the loss, and at the suddenness of the move. "Toothless, wha-"

The dragon prince cuts him off by shoving his tongue inside his mouth, distracting him as his hands grab his hips and positions him over his lap, pressing the head of his cock against his pucker.

Hiccup whimpers into the kiss, tightening his arms, and pressing down against the leaking knob, moaning when the hot flesh slides slowly inside him.

Toothless jerks his head back, hissing as his erection is hugged snugly in Hiccup's internal embrace.

Hiccup presses his face into Toothless's shoulder as the dragon takes control, using his grip to lower the teen until his length is buried as far as he can into the teen.

The dragon takes control, using his grip to lower the teen until his length is buried as far as he could make it.

"Oh, Gods. Toothless, you are soo big and hot inside me. I'd never think that this would feel soo good."

Swallowing past his sudden dry throat, Toothless inquires, "Are.. Are you in any pain?"

"Very little." He rubs his face along the dragon's skin. "I just feel so.. very.. full of you. It's incredible."

Growling, Toothless attacks Hiccup's collar bone, sucking and nipping at the pale skin to distract himself from the urge to move his hips before the boy is ready.

Tingling starts at the base of his spine and Hiccup knows that he will not last long, so pulling himself back, he looks into Toothless's handsome face. Anchoring his hands on Toothless's shoulders, he lifts himself off of his lap, pulling in a deep breath as the dragon prince lets his out in a shudder, as the slide up incites the fires inside them into a fever pitch.

All thoughts are thrown to the wind as Hiccup pistons his body up and down. Arms tighten around Hiccup's waist and hips thrust up so they come together with loud slaps. Groaning as shivers of delight tremble their frames. Water lapping at their flesh.

Their rythym starts out slow then quickens until their breathing becomes heavy and neither know the meaning of being seperate creatures. All they know is passion and the sweet pleasure found in each others arms.

The water around them sloshes with their movements and soon feels cool compared to the heat of their bodies.

"Tooth-Toothless!" Hiccup gasps as the cock inside him glides through his internal muscle to glide over his prostate, his vision fuzzing as his insides boil and he can feel his balls tighten and pull into his body, signaling that he is right at the precipice.

Toothless is right there with him, grunting and groaning as Hiccup's flesh squeezes him so tightly, then it relaxes before tightening again, pushing him ever closer to the edge. He wants to see Hiccup fall apart in his arms when he comes, so he slams his hips even harder while reaching around to take hold of Hiccup's cock, swiping his hand from base to tip only twice before seeing him cry out.

"AHH!" Hiccup stiffens, voice echoing off the walls, his cock pumping out his seed and his walls tightening impossibly tighter around Toothless, who growls and seats himself through those walls deeply, burying his teeth in Hiccup's shoulder once more. Sucking on the blood filling his mouth, reveling in the pleasure he feels as he fills his rider with his seed.

The moment seems to last a long time and then it's over too soon.

Hiccup collapses bonelessly against Toothless's chest, head on his shoulder, breathing a deep, contented sigh.

Toothless pulls his teeth away, licking at his mark and then relaxes against the wall behind them. He rubs his right hand up and down Hiccup's back, while keeping a firm arm around his waist, nuzzling his temple.

The two sit in silence, content to just be for awhile.

Large green eyes blink open sleepily, as the large dragon fidgets within the bed, noticing immeadiately the distict absence of his favorite person, who would normally still be tucked into his body, asleep.

After enjoying the hotspring a little while more, Toothless dragged Hiccup out and throughly dried him from head to toe before quickly wiping himself down. Switching forms before dragging his tired boy to bed.

"Hiccup?" He calls drowsily, Rustling his wings, and sitting up. Yawning, he heaves himself to his feet and scents the air. Then heads towards the doorway leading to the ledge outside.

He pauses to see Hiccup sitting in the middle of the ledge, in his old clothes. He sits with his knees drawn up against his chest, looking up at the clear night sky, stars twinkling above, the moonlight shining down on him.

"Hiccup?" He calls softly, treading carefully as he walks out to stand behind him. He lifts and tussles the teens hair with the outer ridge of his wing.

When the boy turns to look at him with strange eyes and a worried face, concern fills his heart. "Hiccup? Are you alright?" He retucks his wing into his back.

Hiccup turns back to the sky. "Yeah. I just needed some time to think."

"Oh. Do you want me to leave you alone?" Toothless asks, even though he doesn't want to leave.

"No. No, you can stay. In fact I wouldn't mind a little heat. It's a little cold out here. Besides I'd like to talk to you."

Saying nothing, the dragon curls himself around the boy. Tucking his side right up against Hiccup's back, laying his head down next to his right hip. He lets Hiccup take his time when he isn't immeadiately forth coming with his thoughts.

The moment drags on, nothing breaking the silence of very early morning. After awhile, Toothless feels the teen shift and curl himself over the dragon's neck, throwing an arm over to scratch the scales gently. Toothless's eyes close as a soft purr thrums through his chest.


"Hmm?" He opens one eye to look at the boy, still scritching his scales so nicely.

"I've been thinking about yesterday." He says before pausing, his hand holding still on his scales. "There's something you've yet to tell me about and I know I've kinda just let the comments from other people about it fly over my head. But if we continue to have.. sex," He wriggles in discomfort. " Then I can't ignore it, even if it seems completely unfeasible to me."

He pauses again.

"Hiccup, what is it?" He lifts his head to look directly at the boy, slight concern in his eyes.

"Toothless, is there really a chance of my becoming...pregnant?" He finally manages to get out, the word sounding small and hesitant.

Toothless's eyes widen and then his head tips down in reluctance. "I've been avoiding this conversation as well. Are you sure you want to know?"

"Yes, I need to know, because I don't think I'm comfortable with the thought of you never touching me again. Yesterday I was confused about what happened between us and how that affected our friendship as I'm sure you were."

Toothless nods and confesses. "I was confused as well and also a little fearful that I had damaged our friendship after what I'd done."

"As I sat here I realized that last night when Maria-Belle touched you, I wanted nothing more, than to scream at her and scratch out her eyes for touching what I believed is MY dragon. The thinking is not how it used to be when I thought that about Dagger or anyone else trying to steal you physically. Although I was just reacting to her advances I realized that the idea of her stealing, not only your body, but your heart for her own made me extremely jealous and protective of you. It surprised me, thinking back on it, that just the other night I hadn't ever had an inkling of your feelings and never pictured myself with another man, but here I was spurred into action to get you away from this rival and reinstate my claim on you and your affections. It scares me a little to know that I didn't have any control over that reaction.

"Hiccup." Toothless gazes at the teen lovingly, feeling warmth pool inside his heart and soul.

"Now I don't know what to think and I want all the facts that continuing a relationship with you can lead us to. So I ask again. Can I get pregnant by you, even though I'm a man?"

Toothless sighs. "Yes, and no. Males can become pregnant by other males in my clan, whether they be human or night fury. You are safe from it right now, because we haven't completed the mating ritual. You've noticed that whenever we have sex I react at the end by biting you. My instincts are pushing me to complete the ritual with you so that we can become one in body, mind, and spirit. In the ritual we would mate with me in my natural form and you would bite me back when I bit you. My blood has a unique quality that once drunk by my mate, it will change his body to compliment my own.

You'd become more durable, and stronger in your bones and sinue to protect against being hurt. You'd have faster healing capabilities, become faster in speed and reflexes. Your sight and sense of smell would become more sensitive. You wouldn't tire so quickly and we'd be able to comunicate with mindspeech. An ability all mates share. You would also be susceptible to our weaknesses too. Like becoming ill when breathing in the blue oleander flower. Most noticibly, your inards would change and within a matter of a few months, shift to create a new system within you that can hold and carry an infant to term. It doesn't work exactly like human females because I carry all that we need to create a life in my seed, all we need is a little of your blood, which would autimatically be added when released within you and a little of my own as well. So you'd bite and drink from me too. I don't know why or how that works, but it does."

Hiccup looks at Toothless silently, overwhelmed by his explaination, then turns his gaze down to his flat belly, rubbing over it, while imagining it growing larger and rounder with the life of Toohtless's child. A swelling of immense pleasure inside unsettles him.

'How can that thought make me so happy?' He thinks, perplexed.

"W-would it be dragon or human or a mixture of the two?" Hiccup asks.

"Does it matter? Genes mix between two humans, I would bet it would be the same between us. I don't know for sure. A coupling between our species is rare nowadays. And a breeding pair is even rarer. I'm going by information found out by the very few that have happened in the past. It's been decades since there has been one. Well, until Charr-lene and Steffen, that is."

"If we were to Mate and have children, what would we do?"

"What do you mean? We'd parent and love them as best we could, just like any parent would." Toothless says, confused.

"No. I mean, you're the heir of your clan and need an heir inturn and I'm the next to become cheiftan and I need a heir as well. We can't stay in Berk and we can't stay here. "

Hiccup looks at Toothless for answers to his concerns. Toothless rubs his head against his shoulder.

"I told you, Hiccup. This place isn't my home anymore. My home is in Berk with you. We are going home."

"But your people-"

"Are not going to self-destruct without me. Besides we can visit from time to time. I will go visit my sire today and speak with him again. I will not leave his side until I make him see reason and he chooses to agree to find another to take his place in my stead."

Hiccup chuckles. "That's going to be hard. Although, I may be alittle biased. I don't think anyone can hold a candle to you. Can I go visit with Gwynne while you are talking with your father? I'd like to see this stone you all mentioned."

Toothless chuffs, amused. "Good luck. Only the guardian is allowed near the stone. No one else knows its exact location. I'll drop you off in her cave before heading to my sire's cave and after we can go back to Cade's to work some more on your proto-types. Sound good?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. I'm definately going to try and wiggle some embarrasing things about you out of your childhood friend. Oh, we also need to go the Charr-lene's as well to meet steffen." Hiccup smiles.

"We'll see about that. Now, I think we should head back inside and try to get some more rest."

Hiccups gets to his feet. "Okay." He agrees just as a yawn takes over his face.

Toothless stands and with a wing buffering the wind from Hiccup's body, leading his rider back to the nest.

Letting the uncertainties of the future alone, if only for now.

So there it is! Did you like? I hope so because I have some bad news. I will not be posting anything else until this story is finished. And as you can see that will probably take awhile. I'll try my best to get it finished before the New Year. If you want, I can try to leave updates on my progress. Let me know. Also let me know how you want this to end! Thanx for being awesome and sticking with me! Heart you guys sooo much! -Dragonwaterlily26