One day, in Sieghart's dream,

''Haaah! What a wonderful day for me to sleep!" said Sieghart, "Stop it right there!" Suddenly a voice came. "We are the AJA police which means Amy Jin Azin Police!" "AJA police?" Said Sieghart. "You are under arrest now follow us!'' They said. "Tch.. Nendoksaina! (It means 'Troublesome') Soul Extinction!" ...,.~Silence~... "Wha...What the?! My Soul Extinction didnt work! Soul Extinxtion! Soul Extinction!" "Fufufu, You cant use your skill because want to go home!" Said Police Jin. "THAT DOESNT EVEN MAKE SENCE!" said Sieghart. "Now come with us, youre going to the court." Said Police Azin. "Cho...Chotto! Im Innocent!" said Sieghart.

-At the Court

"Hm... You are here because of your lazyness." said the lawyer which is Lawyer Ronan Erudon. "Anyone agree that should be put in jail for the rest of his neuteral life?" "Agree!" Everyone said. "Tch,... I cant belive you guys do that to me ;_;." Said Sieghart. "Lawyer Ronan, May I speak?" Said a lady with cerulean hair. It was Mari. "It says here that Mr. Stupid poopy weirdo Sieghart wants to go home and sleep." "That is true but can you dont call me Mr. Stupid poopy weirdo Sieghart? It hurts my feeling ;3;" Said Sieghart. "THATS ILLEGAL!" said Lawyer Ronan. "You cant go back home if you want to sleep." "Lawyer... May I speak?" said the chief of his family. Which is Dio. "Can I take a dump..?" He said. "No." said The Lawyer. "Urk...! My stomach..." said Dio with a weird face. "Lawyer can I speak?" said a Girl with Lime hair. "Yes you may, President of Lollis A.K.A Lime Serinity. "Hm...It says here that Mr. Poopy coward weirdo Stupid Sieghart must say the 'Cipacipacacaburas' while he is in jail." She said. "AND WHAT THE HECK IS CIPACIPA...RAS?!" Said Sieghart. "Lawyer Ronan Erudon, may I speak?" said a demon lady."Yes you may miss Ley." Ronan said. "You have two things for you to do while youre in jail. 1. Say the 'Cipacip...cubaras'." She said. "EVEN YOU CANT SPEAK IT!" said Sieghart. "I need someone to help me to say im innocent.. Ah! You, Mr. Dio, I need you to say that im innocent." "I.. Cant do that... I got a stomach ache." Said Dio. "WUAAA, JUST GO TO THE TOILET YOU!" said Sieghart. "Well, theres obviously someone is always at your side. Which is the Troll Siblings, Elesis and Elsword." Said Lawyer Ronan. "Oh no, not those two..." said Sieghart. "Tee Hee!" said Elesis and Elsword. "DONT GO TEE HEE!" Said Sieghart. "Please Anyone, I need one of you to believe me that im innocent." He said. -Everyone looks at something else- "LOOK AT ME!" Sieghart said Angrily. "Well, seems like no one wants to help you." Said Ronan. "Bye bye." He said. Then Security take Sieghart away. "DAMN IT YOU TWO TROLL SIBLINGS! I DONT WANT TO SAY THE WORD CIPACIPACACABURAS!" Sieghart said.

Suddenly Sieghart woke up,

"Omg what the heck is that..." said Sieghart. "Suddenly the door opens and theres Ronan. "Hey Sieghart, look I bought a new dress and make up for me. :D" He said. "EEK! ITS THE LAWYER!" said Sieghart. Sieghart is doing a groveling to Ronan. "Dont take me away! I wont sleep anymore!" He said. "Urm... Okay?" said Ronan

-The End-

Thank You so much for reading this short story! :3