Chapter One: My Turn

Tori Vega was standing at her locker in a deserted school hallway, checking out her reflection in the small magnetic mirror she had on her locker door. She was waiting, as she had waited every weekday morning for the past sixteen days, for a certain dark-haired, green-eyed girl to show up. At around ten to 7:00 there were only a handful of students at the school so far: the band geeks rehearsing for an upcoming performance, the jocks practicing for some game or another in the gymnasium, and Tori herself. With their friends not yet in sight, this was how Tori and Jade had been starting their days for the past two weeks.

This is the arrangement they had silently agreed to after their first… er… encounter. Tori would show up a little before seven in the morning and wait for Jade West to walk through the doors of Hollywood Arts at seven sharp. This pattern had stuck for the past couple of weeks. Today, however, things were different. This particular morning Tori had awoken to an unwelcome surprise. Mother Nature had decided to make an early appearance this month and disrupt her usual morning plans with Jade. Tori was thoroughly unamused by her body's annoying cycle, and spent the better part of her morning routine thinking of ways to work around the situation as she showered, brushed, and make-up'd herself to perfection. The brunette was under no circumstances allowing Jade to do whatever R-rated things she wanted to do to her today, but that did not mean Tori was going to throw in the towel. In fact, she came up with some very creative ways of dealing with Jade this morning.

Lost in those same thoughts, Tori almost missed the second best part of her day. She turned around just in time to get a perfect viewing of what she liked to call The Entrance. Now Tori may have been slightly biased, but she was sure that everyone in the school would agree that Jade had the most confident, sexy stride out of any of them. Whenever the goth walked in, The Entrance would demand everyone's attention – whether it be jealous glares or drooling teenage lust. Everyone knew when Jade West walked into a room. And this morning was no exception. Just by walking into the school, the raven-haired girl did terrible things to Tori's poor heart and respiratory system. She was sure that Jade knew exactly the sort of effect she had on her with the sway of her hips, the bounce of her streaked hair, the way her tight green shirt stretched over her chest, the cocky smirk she directed towards her, and – oh God, this always made Tori's knees weak – the desire-filled glint in her clear green eyes. Desire and lust for Tori alone. Not anyone else, and certainly not her boyfriend, just her. It may just be enough to give her a heart attack one of these days.

Before Tori could even register what was happening, a very familiar pale hand had slammed her locker shut and was dragging her by the wrist towards their usual spot in the janitor's closet. As soon as they were inside, Jade wasted no time with pleasantries and chose instead to greet Tori with the press of her coffee-flavoured lips. Throwing her tote bag behind her, Jade pinned Tori against the now-locked door. The goth quickly gained entrance into the small brunette's warm, wet mouth. Sucking the girl's tongue, biting her lower lip, and doing all the things she knew Tori loved to get her riled up. Tori didn't even have time to inform Jade of her current predicament, she was so lost in the expertise of Jade's mouth. She was caught up in The West Experience, as she called it in her head, which had become the best part of Tori's day. Instead of breaking off the kiss and telling the goth about the small hiccup in the plans for today, Tori wrapped her arms around her neck and leaned into Jade, letting out a small moan in the process.

Out of all the people Tori had kissed, Jade most definitely won the best kisser award – beating out the rest by a mile and a half. The past two weeks had started off splendidly simply because of Jade and her wonderful tongue… as well as her wonderfully skilled fingers, of course. Speaking of which, Tori felt a cold, pale hand snake its way under her t-shirt and under her bra, sending shivers down her spine as Jade's fingers brushed against her nipple. The brunette let out a groan as Jade split away from her to momentarily catch her breath and take off the Latina's shirt like the expert she had become. She discarded the shirt behind her and it joined her school bag on the floor. This time, the dark-haired girl's lips found themselves on Tori's neck, sucking and kissing just enough to not leave any marks. Just as Jade reached around the girl's back to unclasp her bra, sense reared its ugly head and brought Tori out of her haze of longing.

"W-wait, Jesus, I can't do this, Jade" said Tori, opening her eyes and using her own hands to stop Jade's from going any further.

"Sure you can, Vega," replied Jade, slightly annoyed that Tori chose this particular time to find her freakin' moral compass. "Promise it'll be great."

Jade emphasized her point by giving the Latina a small hickey on her right breast, just at the edge of her bright pink bra. This elicited yet another moan from Tori and even an "oh fuck" – those were rarely achieved without any below the belt action. Jade, quite pleased of herself, decided to leave a matching one on the small girl's other breast. To hell with their 'no hickeys' rule.

Tori, realizing what Jade was thinking of doing, used her hand to push her back slightly, creating some distance between them. Jade looked pissed off at this point but before the girl had a chance to yell at her or to pin her harder against the door, the brunette spoke up.

"I don't mean that I don't want to do this… I mean that I can't," Tori clarified for the goth. "As in, it's my time of the month."

"Oh," said Jade with a blank expression. "Right… well um…" started the goth, awkwardly running a hand through her dark hair and looking around for her bag. "I guess I'll see you in class then…"

Just as Jade reached behind her to grab her tote bag, Tori grabbed the raven-haired girl by her arm and stopped her from getting her bag and getting out.

"Just because I can't, doesn't mean you can't either…" the brunette said to Jade, who regarded Tori with a questioning look before realization dawned on her.

"Oh… oh," was all the pale girl could reply with, her face flushing due to the dirty thoughts and images currently forming in her head.

Up until this point, Jade had been the top – so to speak – for the most part in their little arrangement. She had been the one to make Tori moan and scream with want, the one to fuck her with her hands and tongue and make the brunette practically see Jesus every morning for the past sixteen days. Tori had only gotten a chance to reciprocate on three occasions – days seven, ten, and fourteen – so it was no surprise that her mind started drifting off into the memories of Jade during those glorious mornings, though quick and infrequent they may have been. The taste of Jade in her mouth, the way she clenched around Tori's fingers as she fucked her, the way the girl had to bite her lower lip to stop herself from screaming too loudly, and, most of all, the Latina remembered the primal and needy way Jade had groaned out "Tori" just as she came.

Tori was abuzz with excitement as she switched roles with Jade. 'It's my turn now,' she thought to herself as she licked her lips and stepped closer to Jade, nearly pinning the girl against the wall opposite to the door. Jade wore a scared but excited expression, she had rarely seen this sort of predatory hunger in Tori's gaze. She felt not unlike a prey at this moment and she briefly wondered if the brunette had felt the same way during their very first encounter. Tori ran her right hand through Jade's dark hair and pushed the girl's head forward to meet with her own. Their mouths connected in a soft crash, their lips cushioning their teeth from colliding. Tori was first to shove her tongue into Jade's mouth this time. Forcing the girl to groan and open her mouth wider to accommodate their intertwined tongues. Jade let Tori have the dominance this time around only because she was pretty much dying to know what the brunette planned on doing with it.

The Latina girl used both her hands to nearly tear the tight green shirt off of Jade. She quickly reconnected their mouths, Christ she could never get enough of The West Experience. She trailed her warm hands over the goth's pale body, cupping her chest over her black bra before reaching behind to unclasp and remove the annoying garment off of Jade. It built on the small pile of clothes on the ground by their feet. Tori took a moment to admire the perfection that was Jade West, from her hips to her waist to her fantastic breasts and of course her gorgeous face and beautiful eyes. Her eyes were the first thing Tori had noticed about the girl when she had barged into Sikowitz's class all those months ago and started yelling at Tori. And Jade's body… there weren't enough adjectives to describe how beautiful her body was. She could have been one of those girls that the Latina would be ridiculously jealous of had it not been for the fact that she was sleeping with her.

"You're so perfect," whispered Tori, letting go of some of her primal dominance to express what had been on her mind for months now. Her eyes met with the goth's who blushed and averted her gaze. They both knew those were not the three words that Tori wanted to say at this moment but they would have to do for now. Jade simply brought her hand up to cup the Latina's face, bringing her into a soft, tender kiss. This was as much of a response as she was going to get and Tori knew that. Hell, the brunette was surprised that Jade had even given her this amount of acknowledgement. The Latina locked this moment up in her permanent memory, she would think of it every time she saw Jade with him. Every time she would see Beck doing all the things she desperately longed to do with Jade, Tori would revel in this moment. Knowing that this was a piece of the goth girl he would never have. A piece that belonged to Tori alone, never to be shared with anyone else… least of all Beck.

Anger fueling her desire now, Tori pushed Jade fully against the cold wall. Turning their soft, meaningful kiss into a lust-driven battle of tongues and teeth. Jade let out a surprised moan and brought her hand away from Tori's face and used it to grab onto a fistful of the brunette's hair, the other hand tightening its grip on her small hips. Tori enjoyed the slight change of pace, she had every intention of making this memorable for Jade. She wanted the girl to experience something that would consume her thoughts and dreams at night, making her restless and unable to sleep, making her wet and craving Tori and forcing her to fuck herself in order to gain some semblance of peace. 'Good,' thought Tori to herself, 'then it won't just be me going crazy at night.'

The Latina girl trailed a hand down to Jade's black skinny jeans, unbuttoning and unzipping along the way. Knowing full well where this was heading, Jade kicked off her boots to make it easier for Tori to take off her pants. The brunette tore her lips away from Jade's as she bent down, getting on her knees and working Jade's jeans and underwear off of her. The girl propped up each of her feet as required, getting the garments off and casting them aside with the rest.

Just as soon as they were off, Jade felt Tori's fingers glide their way up her inner thigh motioning the goth to spread her legs. She did as Tori requested and took a sharp breath as she felt a finger rub ever-so-slightly against her clit. Jade was surprised at how wet she had become over the past fifteen minutes or so. Who knew that a dominant Tori would be getting her off this much.

Tori slipped her middle finger inside of Jade, feeling the wetness and warmth envelop and coat her finger as she pushed it in as far it would go. She then used her tongue to get a taste of the girl, dragging it across her cunt and just barely flicking the nub of nerves that would drive Jade to the edge. Tori had planned on dragging this out for as long as possible, to torture the goth girl as she had tortured her. But getting a taste of Jade made her only want more, to fuck the girl hard and to make her scream. Now.

Curling her finger slightly inside of Jade, Tori sought the familiar spot that would make the girl see stars. She knew she'd hit home when she heard Jade let out a moan and felt the girl's hand find its way into her hair, tightening her grip and urging her closer. Tori pulled her finger out and pushed in both her forefinger along with the middle this time. She heard a louder groan coming from the goth and felt her adjusting to the new and welcome intrusion. The wetness once again spreading on her fingers, making them slick enough to move in out of the girl at an excruciatingly slow pace. She knew that Jade was getting riled up quickly through these ministrations, if her short breaths and increasingly flushing skin were any indication, so the brunette decided to add to her pleasure… wanting to overload the girl just as she had done to Tori time and time again. She once again used her tongue to flick at Jade's clit. Spreading her lips with her free hand, Tori then started to softly suck on Jade's clit as her fingers quickened their pace, stretching and fucking the girl harder.

Jade's grip in her hair almost hurt at this point, but Tori didn't care. Her pants and moans getting louder with each suck, flick, and push. The Latina girl pulled back enough to gaze up at the raven-haired girl whose eyes flickered open seemingly in sync with Tori. Her cheeks were flushed, her lower lip was caught in between her teeth, and her green eyes were hazed over with pleasure and a glint of anger, the goth undoubtedly wanted to yell at Tori for pulling away. But the Latina had planned for this moment in great detail during her morning routine. She pulled out her fingers completely, adding a third as she pushed back into the tightness of Jade. This is what the brunette wanted to see, the surprise on the goth girl's face and the wave of lust glazing over her eyes just as she shut them closed and threw her head back.

"Jesus fucking Christ," groaned Jade. The feeling of Tori's fingers pushing inside her, filling her, fucking her was almost enough to drive her over the edge.

Tori brought her tongue back to Jade's clit. Sucking it with more pressure and fucking Jade faster and harder. Hitting that spot inside the girl with every push into her tight cunt. She knew the girl was very close now, her grip on Tori's hair painfully tight and her hips were trying to grind down to meet her fingers. All it took was one synchronized motion of Jade's hips coming down, Tori's fingers pushing up inside her, and a particularly hard suck on her clit to make Jade come undone.

"Oh fuck, Tori," Jade moaned as she felt herself tighten around the Latina's fingers and felt ripples of pleasure cascade down to the tips of her toes. Tori continued to slowly move her fingers inside of Jade, bringing her down from her orgasm. The goth felt exhausted and complete all in one moment, she really should let Tori dominate more often. Jade felt the Latina withdraw her fingers after a few moments, and glanced down in time to see the girl lick off her fingers one by one. 'Jesus fuck, is she trying to kill me?' Jade thought to herself with her mouth agape, unable to look away from Tori.

With the goth girl's grip loosened on her hair, Tori pulled away from Jade and searched around the pile of clothes for her own shirt. Retrieving it, the brunette pulled it over her head as she stood up to nearly eye-level with Jade and leaned forward to capture the girl's lips in one last kiss for the day. She kissed Jade tenderly, no longer driven by a need to prove her worth to the dark-haired girl. What she needed instead was for this to mean something to Jade. To feel about her the way she felt about the goth and to drive her crazy at nights when she would be alone with her thoughts, theorizing and rationalizing just as Tori did every night.

Jade tasted herself on Tori's lips and on the brush of the girl's tongue. She thought to deepen the kiss, erotically craving more of Tori's tongue and the taste of herself, but the Latina had other plans. Tori simply ended the kiss softly, pulled back and gave Jade a shy smile before turning around, unlocking the door, and walking right out into the hallway.

Confused but satiated, Jade realized it was nearly time all their friends would start showing up and another day of classes would begin at Hollywood Arts. She dressed with just enough time to run over to the washroom and reapply her make-up as well as fix any sex hair she may have had. The goth was just about finished fixing herself up when she paused, just for a moment, to stare at her reflection and think about Vega and what on earth their briefly legitimate emotional kiss had meant. When the hell had this arrangement become even the slightest bit emotional? And how the fuck was she supposed to bring the emotional shit to a screeching halt? Just as she was on the brink of freaking out, a loud swing of the washroom door jerked her out of her thoughts and the dark-haired girl shook her head, blowing off the absurdity of her concerns. Of course this wasn't emotional, she didn't do feelings, she was worrying for no reason. Jade quickly packed up to leave and meet up with her very committed and loving boyfriend, that's all the feelings she needed in her life. Just as she exited the washroom, she was greeted with a 'Hey' and a kiss from Beck. Regarding her with a relaxed smile and taking her by the hand, he started to lead them to their first class for the day.

Jade tried to will herself to feel normal, tried to ignore the nagging feeling that something was off, but that was becoming more difficult. Especially when Beck's hand suddenly felt foreign and awkward in hers and his kiss felt like the peck of a bird, pulling at her lips all wrong. And before Jade could stop the gears in her brain, she came to the stunning realization that she was no longer in love with Beck Oliver – and hadn't been for a while now, if she was being honest – but more importantly (and terrifyingly), she was falling for Tori Vega.

'Well, shit.'

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