Emma POV

"Hi, Liv!" I said as I bounded into our dorm. Liv immediately turned away from the window. "Oh, hey, Em." I walked over. "Watcha looking at?" I peered down and saw a flash of gold, tangles hair disappear around the corner. "LIv, are you okay?" Liv seemed… I don't know, SAD. Olivia Vertigo, the crazy girl with crazy hair, was effing sad. She had this faraway gaze that I couldn't identify. She blocked my view of the window. There was nothing. "What WERE you looking at?" I pushed her away from the window. I knew I was being unreasonable, but I felt that something was off. The usual yards stared back at me. I frowned. "LIV." "Em, I'm fine." I tried to smile. I couldn't. But I did anyway. "Oh well." Then I noticed something wrong. VERY wrong. Liv's hair wasn't her normal crazy colours, it wasn't pink or blue or green or black and white. It was BROWN. As in, chocolate brown. Her normal hair colour. "Liv, your hair…" I muttered. She turned and glanced at me. "I'm fine with my hair, Em. What were you so happy about?" I grinned. "Liv, you know I can only change into a mere little bird?" "A nightingale?" "Yeah, Liv, I can turn into an EAGLE." I waited for her outburst. She'd been really giddy about my transformations. "Oh, that's great, Emma." She merely nodded and took out her phone. (She sneaked it in.). She had a thousand LINE notifications mostly from…DORCAS? DORCAS LOOM?

Manfred POV

I sat down in my study, leaned down in my leather chair, and sighed. I was worried and angry. Worried about Dorcas, angry at those wretched friends' of Charlie Bone. And I missed Zelda. I did. Nobody knows where she went. She was the only person I had ever loved. I didn't like Ezekiel. Who would like that scraggly old man? Dorcas, on the other hand, was clingy.

I'm going to use her.

Dorcas POV

I skipped to Manfred's study. I'd just accomplished the mission he gave me. That horrid, ugly, stupid boy thinks I like HIM. Pfffft. As if. I'm just pretending. Mrs. Tilpin told me to. She wants to kick Manfred and the Bloors out, once and for all.

Mrs. Tilpin wants to take over.