FOREWARNING: Non-explicit adult situations, ahoy!

Their tryst starts like anything Aomine Daiki ever does – on a whim.

It's their graduation day from Touou. There's an air of exhilaration everywhere. The ceremony in school, Daiki thinks, is dull and long and needlessly pompous. He sleeps through most of it. The after party with the basketball team is what he's looking forward to more; even though those guys can never play basketball as well as him, they know the best ways to have fun.

As a part of the team, Satsuki is there, too, laughing and joking with everyone else. Being in the company of so many guys who tower above her makes her stand out even more than usual with that adorable face of hers. Daiki pays her little heed because he's so used to having her around it fails to impress him anymore.

They go to café to have some cakes. Then they go to an arcade and play games. When it gets a little later, they decide to have some dinner at a restaurant. At the end of the day, they end up in a karaoke bar singing their hearts out.

Touou's way of having fun is loud and raucous and completely overboard. They wouldn't have it any other way, and Daiki loves that about them.

At some point, someone starts spiking people's drinks with illegally brought alcohol. They're only eighteen so they aren't allowed to drink but none of them seem to care. Their singing starts going terribly off-key and everything becomes even more hilarious than it was before.

He goes out at the back of the karaoke bar to get a gulp of fresh air and to give his head a little rest. He's exulted from all the laughing, singing and drinking he's done but he can feel it taking its toll on him. So he takes a short break, leaning his back against the wall of the bar and staring up at the night sky above.

He feels her more than hears her joining him at some point. Her shoulder brushes against his as she leans against the wall next to him. Daiki turns and gives his manager a curious glance. She isn't facing him, though—she's looking at the ground and she's short of breath, so she takes deep gulps of fresh air. She says something about it being difficult for her to keep up with boys even when it's not on the court and he laughs because he knows that isn't true; if there's anyone who can keep up perfectly with their crazy bunch, it's her.

He's not sure what it is exactly. It's probably mostly the alcohol's fault for him having lost his mind and done something out of character. However, the way her cheeks are flushed, her eyes hooded and her hair slightly disarrayed make her look more seductive than he's ever seen her. The top three buttons of her uniform are undone because it's hot inside but here, when it's only the two of them, it allows him a view of her lovely creamy white flesh underneath.

He's kissing her before he knows it and for some reason, Satsuki allows it. She claims that she's usually the one keeping an eye on him, controlling the length of his leash. It doesn't feel like he has one anymore when he pushes his tongue in her mouth and freely explores inside.

She tastes sweet and bitter and something else entirely that he cannot name, and the way she feebly tries to reciprocate his rough advances inside her mouth arouses him like nothing ever before. One of his hands is cupping her face while the other pulls her body closer to his until she's pinned between him and the wall behind her. All of her is so soft to his touch, so gentle to the feel that it's driving him crazy.

He wants to feel more of her so he slips his hand under her shirt and gropes her chest unrestrained. He's always wondered how these would feel to his touch, but the real thing exceeds his fantasy. She's so receptive to his every action and her moans so tantalizing that his reason is leaving him faster than he can admit.

She mewls and moans and whines as his deft fingers toy with her sensitive breasts. He swallows all the delicious sounds she makes because he refuses to cease kissing her. He's already becoming addicted to her sweet taste.

Their feelings and movements are becoming more urgent and at some point his knee parts her legs, making his thigh brush against her core. She makes the most arousing sound then and he's lost completely. The hand that's been on her face travels down her body, disappearing under her skirt. His fingers trace her through the cotton of her underwear and she sucks on a breath at the contact.

Her panties are gone soon and nothing stops him from exploring further what's beyond the shock of pink curls. She's warm and wet and oh so ready for him that it numbs his mind completely. He probes her with a finger, then two, and she murmurs his name. Here and now, he's not "Aomine-kun" but "Daiki" and the way she says it should be criminal.

Before either of them knows it, he replaces his fingers with himself, pushing roughly into her until she swallows him whole. He's hard and hot and so damn aroused and he needs her desperately to do something about it since it's her fault entirely that he's like that now. She's soft and warm and all smooth silk inside, clamping down on his entire length as he moves within her. He knows this must be heaven because nothing earthly has ever felt this good—not playing, not winning, not meeting a stronger rival on the court.

He hoists her up easily and her legs are around his waist, keeping him in and angling him in a way that makes her moans rise in volume. She chants his name like a spell as she holds onto his shoulders for support and he pushes into her at an urgent pace. He knows he won't last long because she's so hot and tight around him, but that's all right because she's almost gone herself.

He thrusts harder and rougher the tighter she becomes and he feels all the nerve endings in his body on fire, tingling with the pleasure that courses through him. His ears are ringing and his blood is rushing; the only sounds he can make sense of anymore is his pulse in his veins and her whimpers right next to his ears. He grunts and growls and whispers her name and she's falling over the edge already.

The way she's tighter around him than even the most desperate fist he's ever made and the way she calls his name as she clings onto him for dear life brings his release as well. He comes with a sound that's almost a roar and loses himself inside her completely.

In the wake of their impassioned lovemaking, they're panting and disoriented but somehow profoundly happy and content. The doubts and worry won't come until later, when reality kicks in. For the time being, they're still drunk and high on adrenaline. All that matters is that he wants to do it again because it's not nearly enough yet. Not enough by a long shot.

Daiki has a feeling she'll allow him to continue as long as he wants with the way she licks her lips suggestively when he's ready for her again.

A/N: This will be an actually sensible multi-chaptered fic but I had to start with this one for some reason. :D Sorry, the perv in me spoke. Daiki needs to receive some writing loving from me for being so impossibly awesome.