The first time they meet both of them are too young to remember anything about it.

By the time they have a solid enough concept of self to be able to retain any memories of things or people, Daiki and Satsuki are already inseparable.

It's only natural. Their houses are next to each other and their mothers quickly become friends. Having children at the same age leads them to encountering similar problems. They end up sharing tales of those experiences with one another, making bonding easier. The women converse often about their worries, anxieties and little pieces of daily happiness with each other.

This in turn leads them to leaving the children in each other's company while they chatter away.

They are still too young to be bothered by the difference of their sexes. The fact Daiki is a boy registers within Satsuki's mind only to the point that he likes to play rough and he can only wear shorts and pants (her mom says that skirts are for girls only and Daiki is not a girl). The fact Satsuki is a girl registers within Daiki's mind only to the point that he understands she has a very soft spot for anything cute and she is someone prone to wearing colourful clothes that emphasize the adorableness of her face.

They are five years old. She's Sacchan, he is Dai-chan and they are best friends.

Even at that tender age, Daiki is mischievous and prone to getting the two of them into lots of trouble. Since the kids are inseparable, they play the same games together. However, being the more domineering of the two, it is usually Daiki's suggestions for games that are heard more often. As a result of that, they often end up getting yelled at by adults because of the adventures his troublemaking streak gets them involved in.

Satsuki is a good girl by heart. She doesn't like being scolded. She chastises her friend as best as she can, trying to dissuade him out of the most obviously mischievous feats. And even though more often than not her pleas fall on deaf ears, the little girl knows that she won't stop associating with the troublemaker.

Regardless of the messes he drags her into, every day with Daiki is fun and exciting. He knows the most thrilling things to do and the most interesting places to go, so even if he does things she dislikes sometimes, she is willing to forgive him.

This trait becomes one of the founding blocks of their bond. It's important because no matter what Daiki does, Satsuki always ends up forgiving him for it in the end. She forgives him because he is the brother she never had and because he's her best friend.

She forgives him because she's Sacchan, he's Dai-chan and because they are all the other has.

The world they live in is small and cosy. The only things that exist within it, the only things that matter, are the Aomines, the Momois, Satsuki and Daiki.

They are about five years old when she notices it.

She notices that Dai-chan is better than the other boys in the ball sports they play in kindergarten.

They are five years old when she sees him play basketball against nine-year-olds and win.

That day Satsuki is filled with awe.

To begin with, basketball seems like a very difficult sport to her. The ball is quite large for kids their age to even dribble. Yet Dai-chan does it with ease. The ball is heavy and difficult to throw so she finds it amazing that her best friend can so much as aim it at the goal, much less score as often as he does.

They are five years old when she starts seeing her best friend in a new light.

He's no longer just her next door neighbour Dai-chan, whom she spends all her time with and gets her in trouble all the time. He's Dai-chan, her mischievous best friend who can play and thoroughly enjoy a sport that puts him at an obvious disadvantage.

He's nine by the time he goes around the parks searching for opponents to challenge on the court. Satsuki finds herself a willing spectator, rooting for her best friend the entire time. She always stays to watch his matches till they end, regardless of how late they may run.

More than anything, she likes watching him play because of how it makes him light up with glee. She's happy that he's happy. She's relieved that he's found something socially acceptable to invest his unbridled energy into. She's glad that he's stopped getting into trouble as often, because she still dislikes getting reprimanded by adults for the messes he gets them into.

Satsuki likes watching Daiki play because she fancies he becomes something of a superhero on the court. He runs faster than people twice his size. He's quicker on his feet than those twice his age. He handles the ball better than most of the people he plays and he's still in the process of realizing his potential.

He's amazing. A natural talent. An unstoppable force.

He's Dai-chan, her best friend, and when she watches him playing basketball she thinks he is incredibly cool—something that has never even crossed her mind before.

They are ten years old when Aomine Daiki falls in love with basketball.

They are ten years old when Momoi Satsuki comes to adore the basketball loving Daiki.

He's still Dai-chan and she's still Sacchan, but their world is growing.

It has expanded to include basketball, setting a lot of character-altering changes in motion.

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