notes - so... this is now a... chaptered thing...

Mayaka learns that Satoshi especially likes it when she bites, hard, and traces the crescent of teeth marks she leaves behind with her tongue afterwards. His breathing sinks heavier and heavier as she bites his shoulder and neck and then dives for the flesh inbetween. He twists his hand against the material of her panties, stretching it, his wrist shivering. Mayaka hums, blowing a puff of air at his ear before biting on it too, and Satoshi's hand immediately slides past her underwear. She quivers against his ear at the brush of his fingers, and when his other hand goes up to thumb her breast, she gnaws at his shoulder again, fervently looking for a way to stop all these noises from escaping her. Satoshi's garbled voice dwarfs her groaning, but Mayaka knows she can make him go louder, and her hand scales up his chest to twist a nipple as she sucks on his neck and Satoshi seems to lose a part of himself then.

"More, more, oh god, harder, please Mayaka harderbitememoreiwantmore," Satoshi groans, voice scaling in volume with every word he shudders out, and she grinds down into the center of his palm and feels her heart thumping like a beast in her chest. One of her hands goes down in between them, touching his length. But, Satoshi only voices out his pleasure when she nips at his jaw and skims her teeth down the slope of his neck.

"Pleasepleaseplease againagainagain," he's still going on breathlessly and she slaps a hand over his mouth, too lightheaded to hear any more because she doesn't think she can handle it if he continues.

A frustrated growl rips from her throat when he takes her fingers into his mouth and begins sucking on them, his free hand snaking down from her breast to the small of her back to push her closer. Their hips crash together and she sees nothing beyond his shoulder, sprinkled with bitemarks. Mayaka pulls her hand away from Satoshi's mouth, reaching up to kiss him. She nibbles on his lower lip and he responds by colliding their hips again, and Mayaka arcs her back and hisses against his tongue. She pulls his lip between her teeth and only lets go when he pushes his fingers deeper inside her. When he suddenly removes his hand, Mayaka whines, pulling lightly as his hair, pressing her chest flush against his. Satoshi bends over her, both his hands now secured to her hips, pressing her into the bed, palms covering the point of her hipbones. He works to take off her underwear, peppering her mouth with kisses as he does, and Mayaka is too out of breath to do anything other than make satisfied sounds.

When he raises a hand to her mouth, she doesn't even need to think before she attacks his knuckles with her teeth and Satoshi groans from his place between her legs. The last thought she has as she locks her ankles behind his head is that she wishes she'd started doing this to him much, much earlier.