This was originally an idea and planned out fanfic from Hypnotoad76, but when he didn't have time to write it out, I got him to give me the rights to the idea. However, the central idea of the fic is all his.

On Tuesday, Annie seemed particularly focused on her studies, which her friends didn't see as out of the ordinary.

On Wednesday, she seemed more single minded and glued to her books, which was only a slight red flag.

But even Annie didn't sustain this kind of studying energy for three straight days. When she did on Thursday – and made both Troy and Pierce cry for distracting her from her textbook review – eyebrows were raised.

By Friday, the group was ready to bring it up to Annie at the morning study session. Or they would have if she let them get a word in edgewise. Even Jeff couldn't break her concentration, and he was….Jeff.

When their class finally ended, and Annie answered virtually every question, the rest of the group finally broke away from her as she rushed to her next class.

"Okay, even for her, this is weird, right?" Britta double checked. "Is she going nuts so she can be valedictorian or something?"

"No, that shouldn't happen until April. This is too soon to start setting up series finale plotlines," Abed noted. "And she can't be stressing out over her new major, because she played that out in the first half of the year. We can't end things by being that repetitive."

"Maybe she's just having one last big affair with studying before they break up in May," Shirley theorized.

"No, if she were having a 'one last school fling' plotline, it wouldn't be with studying," Abed pointed out, with Jeff turning away from him almost by instinct. After all, there was no use in legitimizing Abed's dumb TV theories with classic Winger zingers.

"As long as it's a plotline where she lets me finish my Lee Merriweather stories in peace again, I'm good!" Pierce chimed in.

"And yet it's still worth it to find out what's wrong with her anyway, believe it or not," Britta quipped. "I believe it because she won't even let us goof off in the study room anymore! And it's less fun in the apartment too, right Troy?"

"And yet despite how she's cutting down on your sex sinning, it's still worth trying to help her. Believe it or not," Shirley echoed.

"Remember that when we find out that this is religion's fault, okay?" Britta insisted. "Hell, it's either that or she's back on Adderall again!"

Whether Britta was being serious, or got caught up in her latest religion tirade, even she didn't know. But the mere mention of Adderall, the memory of Annie's past with it – and her suspicious behavior all week – combined to make them think long and hard about a point Britta made. That meant this had to be serious.

However, there was one person who could be a better authority on this. And for once, he was asked to be an authority on something other than LeVar Burton, Inspector Spacetime, Abed, AC repair, or how to cut Britta's rambling down by a few precious minutes.

"Troy, you saw Annie drug out in high school," Shirley reminded him. "Is she acting like she was back then?"

"How would he know that, he never noticed her in high school!" Pierce, of all people, remembered. "He was too busy being cool! He had to pass the time before her boobs came out somehow!"

While everyone else was groaning at Pierce, Troy actually ignored a boobs comment for once. "What if that's it?" he asked. "What if she's back on Adderall and we can notice it this time?"

"That kind of plot would be completely out of tone for our wacky series," Abed predicted, yet began to think deeper.

"Then again, her dark history should be out of tone for this saga as well, and yet it's there. And if there's a last-ditch effort to renew us, this would be the overly dramatic, watercooler worthy kind of twist that would come up out of desperation." Abed sighed and concluded, "I hate to admit it, but if we have to have a creative downfall to get renewed….Annie being on pills again could be possible."

"Oh come on, she's too classy and smart for that!" Pierce defended. "She knows there are far better drugs to get her going by now! She's the only one who listens to my stories, so she would know!"

"And yet she's worth saving from Adderall anyway, believe it or not!" Troy got into.

As the group began to bicker, debate and then talk themselves into worrying that Annie was on Adderall, they were ignorant to a few other things. Namely that none of them had gone to their next classes.

And the fact that since Annie and Adderall were linked together, Jeff hadn't said a single word.

The rest of the group tried to keep quiet again at lunch, so as not to give anything away to Annie. Yet it barely mattered, as Annie's mind was elsewhere and when she did talk, it was only about studying over the weekend. This made her friends worry for a wide variety of reasons.

However, there was one person sitting nearby who wasn't worried at all. In fact, Annie's odd behavior filled her with hidden glee.

It also filled her with relief, since no one was on to her little plan, or how she was getting Adderall into Annie's system. But even if those study group lunatics ever found out, it would be after graduation - and after Annie was in a mental institution, rehab clinic or both for good.

By then, Annie Kim would be in the clear.

She would leave Greendale on top like she was supposed to, she wouldn't be upstaged by some crazy, pill head doppelganger any more, and all would be right with the world again. And all that amateur Annie's idiot friends were doing was helping her.

Hell, she didn't even have to break into her apartment and keep drugging her over the weekend. After all, letting Annie enjoy one last weekend was the least Annie Kim could do.