Jeff went over everything he wrote in his notes for the third time. He had all the important details, data and theories from the last two weeks – and yet nothing told him who was behind it all. Maybe if he went over the ways in which Chang couldn't have done it again, he might find a loophole.

Yet poking holes in Chang's surprising innocence had to wait for now. There was a knock on the door, and Jeff went over to send the culprit away and get back to work. But that plan was shattered when he opened the door and saw Annie.

"You missed my intervention," Annie stunned him further.

"I what?" was all Jeff had.

"You really don't know? So you weren't protesting it by not coming?" Annie kept blindsiding him.

Once Jeff caught up enough, he growled out, "Those oblivious little…." This seemed as good and as promising an opening as Annie had.

"Do you still believe me?" she got right to it as she came inside. "Do you still think I'm not on Adderall?"

"Well, um…." Jeff knew he should have said yes right away. But if his theory was right, it was a lot more complicated than that. How could he explain it when he didn't know the most important details yet – like whose skull to crack open?

"Jeff, I need the truth, please. You can give me all the half-truths and lies you want after this. But just give me a clear cut answer first, just this once. Do you still believe me?" Annie pleaded for an answer.

Jeff took in how Annie had at least straightened her hair and gotten some color back in her face. But she still looked more sad and lost than she had in the last two weeks. What the hell had those nitwits done to her?

Sadly, this was one time Jeff couldn't get out of complicated things with Annie. Not if she was being put through the ringer while his back was turned. Maybe some real answers would work better than a pointless intervention.

"Annie, I believe you more than ever," Jeff started, in hopes of softening the next few blows. "Even though you are on Adderall again."

"What? Jeff, what kind of answer is that?" Annie wondered incredulously.

"It's more like a theory, really!" Jeff qualified as a disclaimer. "But it's a mostly convincing one. It's one where….someone's been drugging your coffee with Adderall for two weeks."

Jeff could have tried to explain it further, but this was a delicate situation. He didn't know how stable Annie was, and he barely ever used the right words with a healthy Annie as it was. But when he saw Annie's hurt and confusion, he decided to let his notes explain for him.

Jeff turned to the first page, led Annie to his couch and let her sit down to read everything he knew. But by the time she got to the final pages – with a blank expression throughout – Jeff knew he had a few things to explain.

"I just started this on Tuesday, so I only hid it from you for three days, technically," he excused. "I know it was creepy to sic spies on you. But trust me, it was the only way I knew how to find out what was going on."

Annie didn't question his response, or even look that surprised, so Jeff continued, "I spent this whole afternoon putting it all together, but I don't know who's behind it yet. I hoped I could figure it out and tell you by tonight, but I've got nothing!"

Annie put the notebook down as Jeff listed his failed suspects. "Sadly, Chang wouldn't go near pills of any kind, and this is too small time for City College. Rich is probably the supplier, because he's sick like that, but he would have come after me if he was that sick. This isn't weird and cult-y enough for the AC school, Slater's been gone way too long to get revenge now, and Adderall isn't Mike's pill of choice… that rules out pretty much everyone."

"It's Annie," Annie stated simply.

"No, you're not blaming yourself for this just to let me off the hook," Jeff insisted.

"I'm too busy blaming other Annie, Jeff," Annie kept being weirdly calm.

"Okay, I know Adderall doesn't create multiple personalities, so….this is you trying to joke?" Jeff still didn't get it.

"Annie Kim, Jeff! Annie 2, other Annie, Asian Annie, or whatever made up name you have! That Annie did this to me, I know it!" Annie finally exploded.

"Oh, that other Annie!" Jeff remembered. "I usually remember Annie's who hurt the money maker," he tried to quip about the near-concussion Annie 2 gave him at the Hunger Deans. But Annie wasn't laughing or bringing up her own crimes against the money maker, so Jeff moved on. "If you know it's her….sharing it with me might have been useful a while ago."

"I didn't know until now, but it's so obvious! She made sure I couldn't see it until now! Now that's a classic Annie move!" Annie gave faint praise. "She's obviously jealous of me and how well I'm doing. She let it stew all throughout winter break, then she came up with a grand plan to destroy me!" she started to describe as she got up.

"She waited until the week after we came back to get started, when I'd least suspect it. That gave her more than enough time to buy pills and target my coffee! She knew I was doing so well in my new major, I wouldn't suspect anything if I did even better! And she knew that when the group accused me, I'd be so angry at them that I wouldn't even try to figure out the truth! She planned it out to the last detail!" Annie declared in a rush.

"Then how did she get past the roommate brigade to drug you last weekend? Plans and logic have no place in that realm," Jeff reminded.

"She didn't drug me last weekend. She couldn't because I didn't have my coffee; but that's the evil genius!" Annie kept piecing together. "I was only on Adderall for four days by then! My withdrawal symptoms wouldn't be that bad yet, but because they made me so mad, I was too angry to figure out my condition! Then she went back to drugging me until I broke down! But I didn't break down for good, and that's where she screwed up!" she cheered wildly.

"Yeah, stupid her," Jeff semi-cheered, too thrown off by the 'broke down' part to think of anything better.

"Well, now I'm a step ahead of her. Now we can expose her and take her down!" Annie celebrated.

"With what, exactly? My notes have everything but proof! And so does your brilliant theory!" Jeff nitpicked.

"Then we'll get proof ourselves," Annie vowed, thinking hard for a few seconds before lighting up. Even by Annie standards, she was working a mile a minute – and Jeff was skeptical about how good that was.

"I got it! You sneak in early tomorrow and hide out in the cafeteria kitchen, and film Annie Kim drugging my coffee. You'll get a small hidden camera from one of Abed's film friends, put it on your suit and get the whole thing on tape! But DON'T tell Abed! Don't tell any of them or they'll give it away!" Annie warned.

"So I just film her and then we turn her in, right?" Jeff concluded.

"No!" Annie shot him down. "Even with that, she'll still find a loophole to get out of it! She's an Annie; we do that."

"But the cafeteria workers know it's your special cup, they'll back you up." Jeff jumped ahead.

"She'll plead ignorance anyway! There's no actual proof she's been drugging that cup for two weeks! She can say she didn't know it was my coffee, or this was the first time she did this, or she wanted to drug someone else, like Britta! She'll probably get off with a warning for that." Annie feared. "No…we have to make sure there's no chance at all that she can worm out of this!"

Jeff wondered where she was going with this – then regretted it when she revealed, "I'll have to drink the coffee."

"Um, you clearly said that wrong," Jeff contained himself enough to say.

"No, I didn't, Jeff," Annie started. "You get Annie Kim on tape, you get me taking the coffee on tape, then I drink it, and then you get her looking happy about it on tape! Then we've got her!"

"And then you're on pills again! That's a big flaw in your master plan," Jeff commented. "She'll probably say you came up with this to keep taking Adderall, because you're too far gone. That's what she'll say," Jeff made sure to qualify.

"It's a risk, but it's worth it to crush her like she tried to crush me! Except she didn't do it, and she never will!" Annie was jumping around, lost in her emotions like she was an hour ago. Yet before she could hallucinate again, Jeff surprised them both by grabbing her by the shoulders and rubbing them.

Jeff's soothing touch – and the fact that Jeff could be so soothing – stunned him and Annie. However, he was on auto-pilot and was acting out of pure instinct – the kind he didn't think he had in him. Yet he powered through and tried to relax Annie by massaging her shoulders and back – and making sure she didn't see the worried look on his face.

"Annie, you've clearly had a long day. Let's get you to bed and get you some rest, okay?" Jeff asked, not bothering to acknowledge – or cover up – his choice of words. Annie was still stunned, but it did help make her emotional rollercoaster settle down. She followed him into his bedroom and before she knew it, Jeff had her climb into his bed and under his fancy sheets.

Annie hadn't really slept that well for a while, and certainly hadn't slept in a comfy bed like this before. This helped her ignore how Jeff was tucking her in, and brush aside whether that looked too childish or not. For Jeff's part, he just focused on making Annie as comfortable as possible.

Ultimately, Annie got still under the covers, and Jeff's pillows were fluffed enough for her. Before any awkwardness could set back in, Jeff patted her softly on the back – not the head – and even rubbed it a few more times before she closed her eyes.

By then, Jeff was coming out of autopilot and realizing what he was doing – and how un-Jeff like he was in doing it. Still, he was able to leave the room and close the door behind him before it set in – and before he was tempted to watch Annie sleep. To make sure she was sleeping well, of course.