Warning: Yaoi, Gore, Rape, Blood not for under 18 years (then again, what do you expect from Hellsing?)

Hey all~! I hope some of my Silent Hill readers find this enjoyable. So yes, I've decided to do a little Hellsing. But eh, I can't help but love a true vampire who doesn't sparkle like shit in the sun. Then again, he could always be the result of some rogue fledgling vampire raping tinkerbell, who knows.

I did quite a bit of research into vampires and recent events (regarding the Serbian vampire Sava Savanovic, and Ambrogio, who, recorded in the scriptures of Delphi, was the first vampire) just for this fic! So I hope you thoroughly enjoy this, as I've tried to make it as accurate as possible in tone to the original manga. What can I say, I hate those people who make Alucard too sweet for his own good. Yes, he can be sweet, but you can still see the eternal pit of pure blood-lust in this eyes behind that smile. So expect this fic to be as horrible and as Alucard-classy as I could possibly manage. Dear Alucard-sama is still someone I don't deserve to be in the presence in, but that just goes to show you how much I love this monster. My feeble attempts to tribute him, I hope will be sufficient enough for you readers to at least smile a little about.

The plot where this starts is a little after Ceres Victoria becomes a vampire. It is therefore between the events of his first encounter with her, and before the incidents building up to the war with the Last Battalion in the series. It's just a little thing I did for fun, and to take a break from all the work I've been doing up to now. So please do enjoy!



The bird of Hermes is his name, eating his own wings to make himself glory was like the flowers in a field, and the flesh on man is the grass. The grass withers, the flowers fade, and everything disappears.

But he was not human. Not anymore.

"You have nothing left!"

Yes, that was true.

"You pitiful No-Life King."

His life was lost a long time ago. There was nothing else. Everything was gone, his servants, his slaves, his love.

"You have nothing left!"

A monster has nothing, only the rules by which it functions, the conduct by which they behave, the honor of fulfilling the duty to those who have managed to tame them, and the heed of the hierarchy by which they have been set by.

There is no such thing as immortality. But for certain monsters, there is no such thing as death…only the desire to kill and kill, destroy and devour the massacred. The pleasure of watching those they encountered, dance in confusion and agony before they either finally overcame it, or succumbed to it. There was one monster in particular, who liked to enjoy his slaughters.

A monster who was darker than night, pure pitch black in the pitch blackness without the moon…a monster, named Alucard.

And tonight, was like any other night for him. A night of slaughter. A night of peering down on those who thought themselves of something greater than they are. A night of slaughtering and massacring fools.

"If there is a king, there is a prince. If there is a duke, there is a marquess. If there is a count, there is a viscount. The same goes for those who are monsters." Alucard's low, monstrous voice beamed, like divine word in a twisted sense of irony. "But you…!"

He boomed, gesturing towards the cowering draculina on the floor, arms having been severed, now crawling helplessly in their own pool of blood away from him. She gasped and turned just enough to catch the devilish glow of scarlet, accompanied by the wild grin Alucard held, razor-teeth bared.

"…you are simply a fledgling. A piece of shit in life." Alucard said, grinning even wide as his left arm turned into the very darkness itself, covered by prying, demonic eyes, jaws of a canine and ears, a snout forming at the very end of it. "Now…you will become dog shit."

"Hhhngh-…"the former-human gasped in terror, "Why?! What did I do wrong?! What did I do to deserve this?! They were in the wrong!"

"Aha-…" Alucard's jaws opened wide. "AHAHAHAHAH! AHA! HAHA! Haaa…do not mistake this for punishment."


"This has nothing to do with that at all." Alucard explained, smirking all the while. "It is simply to do, in making you understand your place."

There was only but a split second for the draculina to draw in breath.


Truly however, there really rarely was any other monster that was as dignified as Alucard. Even as the massive, hell-hound tore and crunched and ripped at the bone, sinew and flesh, sending blood everywhere, chunks of meat splattering onto Alucards fine red coat, only deepening the fine hue, he was no less a count.

This who acted out of their place, were not worthy as monsters after all. That was how it was.

Ahh…the joy of pure slaughter.

The grin flexed just slightly, lips curving beautifully, controlled by nothing but madness. "Hnghh…"

In no time at all, Hellsing's investigative team had arrived. Just as expected, courtesy of the great Integra Hellsing.

"Ahh…" Walter sighed a little, smirking cynically. "Always making a mess wherever you go, Alucard-sama."

Alucard's footsteps rang clear as he made his way past the butler, who was there to govern the investigation into the incident, leaving the blood-covered room behind. "Walter. Bring me the 1500's wine, tonight."

"Oh, my." Walter said, "Did this one manage upset you?"

"Not really." Alucard dawlled, "It was simply boring."

"Ah. That's too bad. People thee days really aren't as interesting as they once were."

"Hmh." Without another word, the monster of a vampire continued on his way.

Humans. Monsters. It didn't make any difference to him, as long as they were interesting. It'd been awhile since then.

Ceres peeked her head into the room curiously, swallowing as she did so. It…really was far too dark in there for her liking. Even with the new vision master had given her, she still didn't take well to dark places. Though, the sun was no longer a friend.

"M…Master…?" she squeaked.

Said vampire she was referring to seemed to be more than just slightly disinterested in being disturbed. She tried again.

"Ex…excuse me…master…"

A gleaming red eye suddenly snapped open, accompanied by a pitched sound of darkness itself swirling, the terrors of the night, held onto simply by the leash known as Alucard's will.

"What is it?" he asked, head lazily, but gracefully leaning onto a propped hand on his throne.

"I…I brought something from Integra-sama…" she said sheepishly, making her way into the room fully.

This past week, their local count has been having temper problems, even for someone of his level of devastation. It was always bad when he wasn't in the mood.

"Come." he said, voice echoing in the dark.

Ceres swallowed again and nodded, bringing in a neatly bound book. "I wasn't told why but…it seems she thinks you'll be interested in this."

Alucard's gaze followed his underling as she approached, a shadow, formed from the wisps of his hair, presenting itself to take the book. As of late, Alucard had been revealing his true, dark, nightmarish nature more and more often. As to fully accept what he was, as if to flaunt it, to cherish it, cherish the monster he was.

"Ano…" Seras said as the book was taken from her. "Have you been…feeling alright, Master?"

A silent aversion of Alucards gaze from the bound book to the vampiress made her go stiff.

"A-ah! Uhm…I'm not the only one who's worried…Integra-sama and Walter-san are also wondering…I mean…" she straightened up and put on a brave face. "I-If there's anything I can do to help you, please tell me, Master!"

The red, glowing eye curved up in slight amusement, before he once again turned his attention to the book, now before him. "There is nothing you can do."

"Mhh…" Ceres' expression changed to being crestfallen.

"This is simply…" Alucard said, voice still sounding pleased. "A matter of existence."

"Huh?" she blinked. "Uh…ano…I don't understand…"

"Hmph." Alucard gave a slight chuckle-he would never actually show irritation, simply amusement…was he ever actually irritated at all? For it seemed everything in this world was naught but a toy, or a new game, or prey. "One day. You will understand."

Ceres bit her lip before bowing respectfully. "Excuse me then, Master." she gave a little smile before hurrying out of the room, looking back once to shyly close the door behind her.

Alucard examined the book that was held by his own dark shadow before him, the cover bearing an ancient symbol he knew well, the same pentagramic symbol weaved into his white gloves. An old book of tales of evil.

The great count chuckled, "Is this your idea of a joke…my Master?"

That night, the moon was blood red. Dyed the cherry color of scarlet…one of the most elegant colors to be viewed in the night. As the moon reflects the face of the sun, and the sun guards the face of the earth from the monsters that lurk in the shadows, the moon was tonight a beacon of the events that had taken place.

Corpses lined the field, pieces of them scattered across the grass and the flowers, painting everything the same wonderful blood red the moon was crying. Amidst it all, Vlad Tepes stood, fangs dug deep into the shoulder of a maiden who's musical cries were now growing silent and desperate, fading away. She dropped dead at his feet not a few moments later, eyes wide and face contorted in an expression of sheer terror.

It had been exactly 300 years since his awakening as the No-Life King. And he was enjoying it thoroughly. Destroy and slaughter, kill and kill and kill, splatter everything with blood. More, more, more more!

That was all he needed now. That was all he now desired. Pure, mindless destruction, to try and quench the unquenchable desire to massacre meaninglessly. Flaunting his monstrous nature, living every aspect of it, guided by the insane rules of dark existence. This is what it mean to be a monster. A true monster.

Vlad Tepes' honorable, pristine face suddenly marred by a grin of insane proportions, and he knew that slowly he was becoming something far more than just a madman. And he loved every moment of the insane transformation.

Having abandoned his armor by now, Vlad's red coat, dyed by the color of all his victims blood, flew as he turned his back on the massacre, stopping only to gaze down at a priest who had foolish, but bravely dared to cross him.

A cursed smile grazed his lips, "…it really is too bad. But you were a fun match for me. I haven't had such fun in a long time."

He proceeded to grab the now dying man by the collar of his shirt, lifting him off the ground. Both hands went to the man's cheeks as Vlad held him up, and the smile turned wide as the vampire bared his teeth.

"It really is too bad you could not kill me, human. However I will reward that chivalry of service to your fellow humans." And with that, he sank his teeth into the man's jugular, deep and painful.

Though he slaughtered…some humans earned the respect of a monster such as he. Death was his only desire. To kill and be killed, and then be killed and kill some more.

"Only a man can truly hope to kill a monster." he said as he dropped the dead body, whose soul was now his forever, in the form of ingested blood. "Therefore…I will plug myself in this bloodbath, again and again and again. I will never hesitate, nor will I run or hide, only drive straight ahead, enjoying every blood-soaked moment, until finally…I meet such a human."

Though there was regret. There is no changing the past. He is a vampire. So he had gathered his troops. Servants. Slaves. Monsters alike. It didn't matter. Kill. Kill. Kill. Kill. That, was what mattered. He is a monster. And this is how monsters should be, in every, glorified moment.

Alucard's eyes snapped open, glowing a bright sunset red in the shadows. A dream? Hah. Monsters do not have dreams, only callings.

"…hmph…" he smirked. "That is how monsters should be? That's right."

If this was not a premonition of his own self-doubt…it was a sign. Something, something was about to happen.


Alucard motioned his line of sight to the door, where the voice came from, the butler opening it with a slight bow. "Walter."

"Integra-sama calls for you presence."


Sometimes, even for a monster, there were those who deserved his respect. Those who had the iron will on monsters without becoming one themselves. Those, like his beloved master…Integra Fairbrook Wingates Hellsing. A woman who was fierce enough to take Alucard himself by the leash, leading him into the dark, without becoming consumed by darkness herself. One of the only humans who will actually be able to kill him, but sadistically, and yet dutifully uses him as a foot-soldier, a tool of war, grasping his true nature.

He ventured to the countess' room. presenting himself to her with a wild grin. "I am here. My Master."

"Alucard." Integra said, her elbows propped up in her study desk, hands supporting her chin. "There has been an incident."

"Ahh…" Alucard smirked, tilting his head slightly, "Another rogue fledgling? There have been many as of late."

There are monsters. There are vampires. There are freaks. There are abominations. And then, there are humans. As service to this repeatable human, he would kill the monsters, kill the vampires, kill the freaks, kill the abominations…and kill even the humans, that dare stand in her way. But he was no less evil for doing this.

"Not this time." Integra said, eyes closing slowly. "Did you read the book I had Walter send to you?"

"Ahh…that." he said with a grin. "An old relic I remember from sometime ago. Stories on the ancient royalties of vampires. A classic. I thoroughly enjoyed it, even if it is meaningless to me."

Even amongst monsters, there was a hierarchy. And though Alucard was an incorrigible warmonger, there were those who are assigned to govern such monsters beneath him and themselves. If there is a king, there is a prince. If there is a duke, there is a marquess. If there is a count, there is a viscount. The same goes for those who are monsters. The prowess of Vlad Tepes had indeed earned him the respect of those ranked higher in the staircase of authority, he alone, tipped the balance and made those above become those below.

…but he had his morals with the rules. After all, monster only had the rules they lived by. The behavior by which they are governed. it just so happened that Alucard's behavior was so that he was governed, and at the same time trampled the very meaning of being governed. An enigma.

"This incident seems to stem from more than just he strange ghouls we have been dealing with." Integra explained. "For once, I think we have something entirely uninvolved with out current predicament. Nevertheless…it is a problem that falls under our jurisdiction."

"Hm?" A single eye widened with slight intrigue.

"You will go to Zarozje, in Serbia." Integra said in her usual commanding tone. "There have been reports in the news lately, about the return of Sava Savanovic."

At this, Alucard's interest was piqued. "Oh?"

"Truthfully, this could be to simply attract tourists to this impoverished area." Integra went on further. "However…there is evidence that an old mill had collapsed on the outskirts of town, where this Sava Savanovic was said to have been living up until now. Already five people have died, one after another. It's a small community, making this very uncommon. One reportedly hanged himself. We cannot allow whoever is doing this to do as they please. If there really is vampire, find him and destroy him."

"Hmhh…" Alucard breathed slowly. "I don't recall Sava being such a worthless coward. Nontheless, I will go as you command…my Master."

Her name was The Swan, and she was as white as the elegant bird. Her wingspan was wide as her length was long from nose to tail. A fitting name for Hellsing's latest purchased jetplane. And aboard the white vessel that sailed through the skies like an angel…was the darkest, most atrocious monster of the night.

Alucard's idle hands flipped through the pages of the ancient book. A recording of all creatures deemed heretics and abominations by the standards of the church and therefore God. From Lamatsu, a vicious demon goddess, preying on humans, said to have wings and sharp talons, erasing humans and devouring children, to Rakshasa, gargoyle-like shaped figures who preyed on children, to Lamia, one of Zeus' mortal lovers, cursed by Hera, making her eat all her own children, her anger turning her into an immortal beast that sucked the blood out of children from the jealousy of their mothers, all the way down to the kings and princes of hell.

However, there was one story in particular he was interested in. As old as Alucard was, and as powerful…he was not the first vampire.

That…had been a man named Ambrogio.

An evil, excited grin crossed his lips. "I've been wondering how you were, dear prince."

So…what do you think? In the next chapter, I'm hoping to elaborate a little more on Ambrogio's part. I hope this isn't as long as Chance, for those of you who've read my fanfiction. As much as I love writing short stories, I don't want to swamp myself and keel over.

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