A little note: 'Hakushaku' is a japanese word used in both the manga and the series, meaning 'count' when used alone, or as a suffix to a name. Therefore 'Alucard-Hakushaku' means Count Alucard.

Ceres' eyes blinked several times as she went through the pages of the book curiously. They had been in flight for about an hour now, but were finally close to port. However, the small village of Zarozje was more than just a little outside the reach of modern civilization. It would take them awhile on land transport to get to the rural, impoverished area.

"Master…" Ceres said a little hesitantly, "What…is this about?" her finger lay on the very page Alucard had left off of, the story of Ambrogio.

Alucard's lazy eye rose to his draculina, and he closed his legs in relaxation, smiling a little. "That, Ceres Victoria…is the story of the very first vampire."

"Ehh?" her eyes widened a little. "So…what was he like? Was he human before…what I mean is…"

"Yes." Alucard said in a drawn-out manner, "He was human."

He paused a little before continuing.

"Ambrogio. A man born and raised in Italy, who sailed to Greece to have his fortune told by an oracle in the temple of Apollo. A man who fell in love with Selene, a maiden of the temple, enraging Apollo when they planned to wed, therefore taking her away from this jealous, immature god of the sun. The man cursed by Apollo, to burn alive when his skin touched sunlight, cursed by Artemis to burn when touched by silver, but also blessed by her, to become immortal despite having his soul kept by Hades for all eternity, to become a hunter with the strength and speed of a god, and the fangs to drain the blood of beasts." Alucard said, voice sounding more and more excited as he went, "That…is the Vampire King. The 'Prince of the Moon', whose wife Selene grew old while he remained young."

"Ah…what…happened to them" Ceres asked curiously.

Alucards eyes closed. "He bit her neck, and drank her body dry, and her body rose to meet Artemis and become the goddess of moonlight, touching her love Ambrogio and the children he makes with his and her blood mixed together in his body every night."

A sudden, mocking chuckle made Ceres stiffen a little with fright.

"That, however is just the warm bed-time story humans tell to each other." Alucard said with a grin. "In truth, Selene died as soon as her body was drained of her blood, and Ambrogio grew into a monster who was obsessed with nothing but the pure joy of stealing away every last bit of possession form every single human he possibly could, in retaliation, in mourning, in revenge for his suffering. That…is our Prince."

Ceres chewed her lip a little in confusion. "You said he was the Vampire King but…you called him a Prince, Master…?"

"A King has a kingdom. A wife for a queen." Alucard elaborated enthusiastically. "He has neither, but he is the pioneer of the existence of monsters such as you and I. Therefore…he is our Prince."

"And…and you, Master?"

Alucard chuckled a little at his servant's question. "I…of course, am simply a monster."

It was a quiet night in the city of Pristina, the graceful Swan glide down towards the runway of Pristina International Airport, its precious cargo of disposal men arriving at last. Alucard ventured out from within the darkened recesses of The Swan, cape flowing into the cold winds of Serbia as he greeted his first friend-the darkness.

Ceres was on his heels as he continued towards the port. "M-master! Wait for me!"

In this night so unholy, watched over by a slightly orange moon, the scent of death was in the air. Alucard's expression turned from a slight bore to a sudden surge of excitement as he smelled it, not with his nose, but with his very rotten soul.

"M-Master…?" Ceres asked as Alucard stopped in his tracts to gaze up at the mist that gathered to blot out the moon.

"…Ceres." he said.

"Ah- h-hai!" she nodded.

His smile turned into a sharp-toothed grin. "It seems this will be a lot of fun."

"Uh…" Ceres' expression betrayed her dislike of the line.

"Surely…" Alucard turned partway to meet her gaze with a single, glowing red eye. "…even you can sense it."

Ceres blinked a little before swallowing and looking at her surroundings. The city lights in the distance beaconed to them dimly, the most of the inhabitants of it already asleep in their comfortable beds, awaiting the morning these two have learned to neither welcome nor shun.

"It is a lie that all vampires burn in the sunlight." Alucard said, referring not only to himself as an example. "However…it is suitable that they hunt at night. For that is when the human mind conjures up the fears the sunlight perishes with it's touch. That is when it grows weak and feeble."

Ceres took another look at the city lights, the blood within her from Alucards very veins, working like an augmentation. And she could feel it as well.

"Ano…" she said a little warily. "How do I say this…it…feels like…someone will die."

In the back of her mind, the former police-girl scolded herself for sounding so strange, not liking the fact that it was true at all. But that is truly what she felt.

"Correct." Alucard said amused.

He tilted his head up into the moon, removing his glasses to greet it before it was sealed away by the mist as a token to the 'princess'.

"Tonight. A monster will slay a human." he said through the shark-like grin.

Not all of the city was asleep in their beds. Because good little boys and girls grow up. And when good little boys and girls grow up, they learn to leave childish things. Innocence, is one of those 'childish things'. They become 'mature' men and women, who seek nothing but to fulfill their own desires, to take, and take and take until they realize there must be more than just this primal instinct. Primal instinct, reserved for a monster. But a place where these souls gathered, not knowing that was perfect for a true monster. A place…like a brothel.

Especially when a vampire didn't need to make any other vampires from virginal prey.

Pristina was like any other city. Despite it's angelic name, there was nothing true in it's being 'pristine'. Like any other metropolitan, it had it's shady loins.

"Leave me alone, please."

Ceres turned her head to the side as she heard the voice, turning back to her master, who simply walked on. "Uhm…Master…why are we….here…"

A sweatdrop formed as she saw a woman and a man far too close for comfort in the darkness behind a dumpster. The red light district was not something Ceres was fond of going into duty at even when she had been human. Even less so now.

"We're heading to where the coach will take us to Zarozje." he said simply, when it actual fact…it was the smell of blood that led him on.

"Leave me alone, please." the prey said.

"What's the matter, cutie? You too good for the likes of me?" the predator asked.

"That's not funny." the boy replied as he grew impatient. "I am not not a woman. And I am no prostitute."

"Ah?" the man who had been persistently following him said, tilting his head in mockery. "Hoooh…you could'a fooled me with a face like that sweet cheeks."

The young lad turned down the next alleyway quickly. "Please just, leave me alone."

His mind growled, and his mouth was dry. He needed to devour something quick or he was going to go insane. The meal before him however seemed all too delicious to pass up. So he pursued it.

"Come, come, little kitty…I just want to play a little bit." the man said, persistently turning the corner, following the sweet scent of youth.

The kid being followed, looked back and gasped a little to find the man still there, a perverted grin stretched across his features. "Please, just go away."

He couldn't take it anymore. If he didn't have something now, he'd lose it. What was he waiting for? Such easy prey, mindless and clueless. It was too easy. He promised himself he would not take another, but…he craved it. Despite everything he'd told himself, he licked his lips in anticipation of his next, delicious, sweet meal.

The alley led to a dead-end, with a single door, leading to god-knows-where.

"Shit." the young man said, biting his lip.

To the boy's surprise, the door opened and he was greeted by a burly looking man, who was built more like a bear than anything else. Without thinking the boy pleaded.

"Please, please let me in!"

The burly man looked at him curiously, before turning his gaze to the other, approaching down the same alleyway. A sly smile came across his seemingly warm features.

"Of course." the man at the door said, "Another one for the boys, eh Bojak?"

"Huh?" the kid blinked as he was suddenly grabbed by the man who had been tailing him. "HEY! LET GO!"

Insane. Insane. Insane. So close. So close to the delicious, provocative smell, the body pressed against his own, screaming of promise of that relief.

The man called Bojak replied. "Kid's a guy, but look at that face. I could just eat that right up, eh, Filip?"

The burly man called Filip who was at the door opened it wide, grabbing the boy's feet and holding them up from the ground. "Look at those thighs. He'll be a nice ride for sure."

"I'm not a GIRL!" he screamed. "LET ME GO!"

The boy kicked and struggled, turning as he was roughly dropped onto the floor, several shadows looming over the small, young body, facing the door. He was about to make a dash for it, when a heavy boot came down on his hand, a tell-tale crunch telling him that more than just a couple of fingers were broken.

"AH-!" the young man's eyes widened as he realized the bottom of the boot was lined with metal.

Filip chuckled. "Alright boys. Time to break in this colt."

"Uh-?!" the boy gasped in horror as he felt his knees get tucked in and his behind pulled up, putting him in the most undignified position. "Stop!"

The chuckled in the room counted just how many men were there with him. The platter to be served now more ready and steeping succulently than ever. He had been waiting for this ever since he arrived in this city. And the meal looked too inviting, so much better than he had hoped.

He struggled one last time as the man called Bojak yanked his trousers and underwear down in one go. "No!"

At the sight of the round, smooth ass, one of the men could no longer help himself and reached out, giving it a hard squeeze.

"Hngh-!" the boy tried his best to yank his crushed hand out from under Filip's boot. "Stop!"

"You're right, it is a nice ass." Filip commented.

Bojak grinned. "Alright boys. He's all ours tonight."

A zip was undone and a couple hands were placed on the boy's tender hips as he shook in anticipation of what was to come. Now, he would eat his meal.

"Hehe." the predator smiled as his eyes glowed red, and the lightbulbs exploded.


Ceres stopped her tracks at the blood-curdling scream of agony. "Master!"

Alucard's eyes widened and his body moved like the wind, into the wind and with the wind, carrying him towards the source of the sound. The scent increased tenfold towards the sound.

He moved like a god, and tracked like an animal. The alleyways twisted and wound around, and though they were not as elaborate a maze as the alleyways of London, one could easily get lost in these. But the count's feelings were never mistaken, and he ventured down a secluded, dark alley in particular, with not but a single door, leading to god-knows-where.

But Alucard knew. And he arrived at the scene, the door wide open, and the scarlet smell that wafted through the air. The slaying had been very fresh. The terrible visage of the count filled up the door, and cast a damning shadow, cloak flying with treads undone, forming a terrifying picture.


The grin had gone from his face, and a serious expression was upon it as his eyes wandered the room. The lights had been smashed, entirely, leaving no illumination for any human eye to see any more than his horrible shadow. But the count did not need the light as a friend.

The corpses laid about in pieces. An arm here, some toes there, pieces of the brain, the wood soaked in blood and guts. Alucard's serious expression slowly transformed into one of pure glee.

"This was no work of a mere human." He said, a hussy tone to his voice. "You there."

The trembling form in the corner, bare of all clothing was not hidden from his infinitely superior sights. Alucard examined the form, a small frame with pale skin not uncommon to this area. The dracule came closer, walking across the blood without so much as a second glance at the mess.

"Tell me, who did this?" He demanded calmly. "Was it an animal of the wild?"

The boy trembled even more as the tall red-coated man came closer with steady rhythm to his steps, and an evil grin to his face. A grin that…awoke something inside the young man.

"Was it an angel of judgement?" he asked, voice growing louder. "Or…"

He stopped in front of his current object of focus.

"Was it…a monster of the dark?"

The boy gasped as he gazed upon the full, frightening visage of the non-human man.

"Tell me!"

"…Count…?" the boy said in a quiet tone.

The boy's feigned fear melted away, and a slight smile graced his lips. He stood from his corner, his very crouch hiding the heart of one of the men, which he was sucking dry, when Alucard had interrupted him. The muscle fell to the ground with a satisfying splat.

For perhaps a hundred of his four-hundred years, Alucard had not ever dreamt he would come across this abomination in such a state. A charmed, evil smile came across his face, and Alucard bowed low, going so far as to shut his eyes as he paid respects to the one before him.

"Count…Vlad…" the boy said feebly, as if he was just starting to remember the other's face.

"Has it really felt so long for you, dear Prince?" Alucard half-teased half-asked truthfully. "That you can so much as remember me?"

The boy smiled, a small touch of nostalgia in his voice. "It's nice to see you again. Count."

"It's a shame." Alucard said as he straightened himself. "That I did not get to share this delightful meal with you."

"It really is a shame. That it happened this way." the boy replied, the tinge of regret striking a chord in Alucard's insane mind.

But that could wait. For now, he had orders to follow.

"I am heading towards the village of Zarozje. Upon orders from my Master." Alucard said with a little pride hidden in his tone. "What brings one such as yourself here, Prince?"

The young man's eyes wandered to the mess he had made. "I simply…needed a meal."

A frown replaced the smile Alucard had, and a sharp look in his eye caught the very thing that was amiss with this vampire, whom he thought he knew well. "I see."

"Master!" Ceres' voice interrupted them before Alucard could utter another word. "Ah-…ash…" she gazed at the bloody mess on the floor. "What…happened here…"

From where she was standing, nothing but the Count's waving, fluttering coat kept the bare naked body of the Prince from her gaze. She soon noticed and looked away, blushing.

"I-I'm sorry!"

"Ceres Victoria." Alucard said, "My current subordinate."

"A draculina?" the boy asked, "How unlike you, Count."

"Please." Alucard said. "I would be very honored if you would call me Alucard. That is…my name."

"Alu…card…" he nodded. "…I see…Very well then."

"I am honored, Prince." Alucard said. "Ceres. We leave for Zarozje."

Though he said such things, no smirk was given to the Prince. No expression of being pleased at all. He turned away from the boy, heading for the door, when he was stopped by but a single request.

"Alucard-Hakushaku." the 'Prince' said.

Alucard's steps stopped, and he turned to face the fellow vampire fully-something that was only repeatable to do. "Yes, Prince?"

"Take me with you."

"…very well, Prince."

Ceres fidgeted a little, staring at the young man across from her, who, up until recently had been walking around completely exposed. Alucard said nothing in particular, the click-clack of horse-shoes making the silence a lot less deafening than it would be.

The young man caught Ceres' stare and smiled a little. Ceres flinched a little and smiled back sheepishly. "Uh…"


The currently biding monster's gaze rose from the floor of the carriage, to the other vampire sitting across from them both.

"You never introduced you little draculina to me." the boy said with a calm smile.

Ceres blushed at the remark and scratched her cheek. "Ah! That's well…Uhm…m-my name is Ceres Victoria! I'm a police officer-err…well…I was…until…" her voice trailed off as she looked away, still scratching her cheek awkwardly.

"I see." the boy replied. "Ceres Victoria. It's a nice name. Even for a vampire."

"Ah…th-thank you!" she smiled.

"Ceres." Alucard interrupted cooly.

"Ah, yes, Master?" she asked.

Without so much as a shift, Alucard said, "Respect your elders. This vampire here is his majesty, the Blood-Moon Prince."

Ceres recalled the conversation they had earlier in the jetplane. "Ah-! Then…" she turned back to the young boy before here, and though she was slightly confused as to his appearance, she bowed as best as she could. "Thank you very much for the compliment, Ouji-sama!"

"It's nothing." the boy replied with a wry smile. "I would very much like the two of you to call me…Nem, as of now."

"Short for Nemanja, I presume." Alucard said with a grin. "A name that means, to be poor and have no possessions, does not suit you Prince."

'Nem' averted his gaze to the outside of the window. "Unfortunately Count, it does. For a monster has nothing."

"But the very nature by which they are governed, and the rules by which they can function." Alucard completed for him. "If you say so…Prince. But…"

Nem turned to look at the now grinning murderer.

"If I find that your character has averted from your very nature, and the very rules by which you function as a monster have been distorted…" he said, eyes glowing a dangerous, gleeful red. "I am certain you know what will happen…Prince."

"Master…" Ceres said a little frightened.

The 'prince' said nothing, only turned his gaze back to the window. "We have arrived at Zarozje."

Alucard's eyes shot to the prince's left hand, and his grin faded as he noted two broken fingers, and a deep bruise forming. The hand was quickly pulled into the boys pocket as the coach stopped, and the driver of the horses called for them to exit.

Vlad Tepes grinned in satisfaction as he made himself visible from the darkness, the opposing soldiers catching sight of the one they had learned to call the 'No-Life King'. He faced the opposing Ottoman army with such glory. So long he had waited. So long he had suffered. And finally…he would have sweet taste of their filthy, turkish blood. No mercy was given that night.

Screams of agony and fear were heard as the great vampire himself headed the attack, tearing and ripping, sinking his teeth into flesh and tossing bodies around like ragdolls. Far cries of demonic hissing and laughter could be heard far into the distance.

Sounds that were caught, by many other monster. But there was one in particular that took interest.

Vlad Tepes' sensed a strange aura, removing his first from the chest of a heavily pained and wounded turk. A small chuckle reached his ears, and he turned his attention to it.

"Hehehe." Another figure, with the speed and strength of a god, and the fangs to drain the blood of many a beast, dashed through the army, coming towards him, ripping apart fresh bodies like wet tissue paper.

Much like he did. Vlad grinned in delight as a solider made a point to pierce his body through with a spear.

"Hhhrghh…" Vlad's head turned an impossible angle to gaze at his attacker, the solider grew frightened and tried to withdraw his spear to no avail, cries going frantic, before he finally decided to abandon the weapon to run. "HAAAH!"

He didn't get far, before giant talons-for-teeth sank into his shoulder with such force, it caused the blood to explode from his veins and spray everywhere. Red splatters fell onto bare feet, pale in the light of the red moon.

Vlad's gaze followed up, from the toes, to the dyed-red coat that hung about the form, the only thing keeping the other from being completely uncovered. A silent exchange was underhand, and they gazed at each other with the same, monstrous, hungry ferocity, the same, insane desire for spillage of blood, the same, demonic grin.

It was the other who began. "I came…after hearing the abutiful music you were playing. To share this wonderful meal with you."

"I am honored, you enjoy my symphony." Vlad replied, feeling a strange vibe from this mystery dracul.

As if on que as he spoke, another deafening scream of death followed, as one of Tepes' hellhounds feasted.

"But I must ask, who is it I am sharing this meal with." Vlad replied, look turning a little sour. "Who are you to stand before me…a dog?…A human…? A monster…?"

Those around them, though ordered to do so, could not make a single move, as the air around the two menacing monsters itself seemed to become murderous and poisoned.

"My name is Ambrogio." the other replied. "I am the one they say who is married to the moonlight."

Vlad's expression changed, and he smiled a little warmly-a little sincerely, though the pits of hell lay just beyond the thin layer known as his eyes. "In that case, it is night to meet you…Blood-Moon Prince."

"What is your name…No-Life King?" The prince asked, grinning, the air around him making his coat fly, only to reveal an eternal darkness under it, covered in multitudes of jaws, filled with rows and rows of sharp fangs.

"I, your Majesty, am known as Vlad Tepes." Alucard said-their exchange of what seemed like such a sophisticated greeting, merely a farce to the actual nature of such a conversation…for there was no need for a true honor amongst monsters-only the mockery of the human rules of society.

"Well then, Count Vlad Tepes." Ambrogio replied, smiling, a sick, cruel smile. "Will you grant me the pleasure of seeing you put on a show?"

"I would be glad to, Prince." Vlad replied with a slight chuckle at their shared little joke-an insane treat only monsters like them could understand. "But first, give me the honor of greeting you properly."

The 'prince' raised his right, pale white arm, directing his hand towards the count, who kneeled with a toothy grin, taking it into his own right hand. "You may."

The non-man's lips barely touched the pale white top of the knuckles, before ravenous teeth sank into the flesh, causing blood to trickle in a large amount. But he let none go to waste, nor allow it to make it's way down to fall onto the ground, drinking every last drop.

The prince smiled. "Shall we begin?"

Alucard opened his eyes, seated in a wooden chair at the far end of the room, farthest from the window. Ah…such memories. Perhaps whatever was happening in this village, really had something to do with him. If it did…it would be very interesting indeed.

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