So I'm going to move the story a little faster. Because when it comes to Hellsing, anything draggy I find boring. I hope it's still a fun read, and that a lot of you will enjoy!


Alucard ventured from his room, the moonlight not greeting his steps, still blocked by the mist of red that formed heavy clouds over the village.

"So…this is why." Alucard said. "He can no longer hear."

The sounds of cheery talk and banther drew the count's attention to the lights of a nearby house. Senses told him that not all those present in the pleasantries were human. Two other energies he felt familiar, and he approached the cottage.

"Nem, could you please take this outside?" the young girl asked, holding a basket of freshly picked apples. "The horses should be getting hungry right about now."

Nem smiled. "Sure thing, Agneta." He took the basket and turned towards the door.

Alucard smiled from the outside, peering into the cottage with a wide grin. Nem caught the other's gaze as he opened the wooden door, and hesitated, only for a mere split second. But it was enough to catch the count's attention, and he waited patiently.

"What's wrong?" Agneta asked. "Nem? Ah…don't tell me, you're still scared of the dark?"

"N-no." he said with a slight chuckle. "Just saw our other guest, and I mistook him for someone else."

"Ah, I see."

"Well, I'll be off with these then." he said, taking a slowly step out, into the darkness.

An eerie silence accompanied him as he exited the little get-together. Alucard stood, malevolence as hard-felt as ever as he narrowed his gaze. Peering. Prying. Judging. Concluding.

"Good evening." Alucard greeted.

"Good evening." Nem replied back. "Alucard-Hakushaku."

Alucard lowers his gaze. "I received a job here, from my Master. I was sent here to settle a total of five murders that happened consecutively. The village has made reports that an ancient vampire called Sava Savanovic committed them after the mill where he lived in collapsed."

"The mill did collapse recently." Nem replied, turning to take the apples to the horses. "I'm going to the field. Will you accompany me?"

Alucard emerged, grinning a little, encouraged by the boy's avoidance of the matter. "Yes. I will."

Nem smiled a little, making his way towards the far-off fence. But the fact that he was going to be isolated with this other vamp was getting to him, and he felt it in his heart rate, which slowly began to rise.

Thump. Thump. Thump. Thump.

Alucard's sensitive hearing picked up the racing beats, and he chuckled to himself, following the other. Nem ignored the laugh, and continued on to the fence, whilst after a certain distance from it, Alucard stayed behind, so as not to agitate the horses. Nem set the basket of apples down, picking one up and whistling to the mares and stallions that were resting, grazing and sleeping just beyond the fence. One of them stirred, approaching the boy and sniffing, raising its head watchfully at Alucard before slowly making his way to Nem.

"There. It's alright." Nem smiled as the horse took a bite of the apple that was in his hand.

Some more silence followed, before Alucard finally decided to speak up. "Who are you?"

Nem seemed troubled by the question, before turning his head to face the other. "I am who you say I am."

"Are you simply saying this because this monster stands before you?" Alucard grinned. "Or…are you truly sure of yourself?"

Nem flinched as the horse bit into his hand by accident, dropping what was left of the apple. "Ah-"

Alucard was before him in a flash, cloak fluttering and shadows emerging. Furious. Sure. The horse gave a loud winnie before galloping away. Nem gasped as he felt his wrist possessed by a powerful clutch. Alucard's intense, red-eyed glare reached his own eyes and Nem shut them quickly.

"Who ARE you?" Alucard asked.


"Be quiet!" The monster ordered. "The Blood-Moon Prince is a monster who dances with blood dripping from the very bare soles of his feet. A Prince who laughs as he slowly tears apart those too unfortunate, too foolish, too pathetic to stand in his way. He is one who delights himself in the fear he instills by the very air he possesses. So…who are you?"

Nem shook, breathing hard. "I…don't remember…"

Alucard raised his head, deeming gaze piercing right through the boy's eyelids, striking terror into the other, he noted the bruise on the hand he was holding, the broken fingers which were supposed to have healed as soon as they had been snapped, the bite-mark in the skin from the horse's teeth. Nem flinched, very fingers shivering in fright. Alucard's eyes widened slightly, before he let go of the other's wrist. Nem staggered back, falling onto the ground beneath him.

"You are but a sniveling pathetic puppy." Alucard declared, voice becoming low. "You are not the Prince I remember."

Nem clutched his wrist. "….so what…?" He shook, looking at the ground.

This time, Alucard's eyes widened with dignified rage. "….what?"

"So what if I am?" Nem said, looking up at the other. "So what if I can't remember…this 'Prince'…yes…I must have been him at a time. But those memories have escaped me. I've only just begun to recall as soon as I saw you. As soon as I heard you…why?!"

Alucard gritted his teeth in disgust.

"Why can't I be human? I've had this feeling, as soon as I awoke in that broken mill…like this…I know this…this isn't me." He admitted. "The people here…they took me in. They were…so kid. I don't…I don't want to be the monster you say I am!"

"FOOL!" Alucard grabbed the boy's collar, lifting him off the ground. "You are a MONSTER! You can NEVER be human! NEVER AGAIN! YOU OF ALL SHOULD UNDERSTAND THIS! THE VERY FIRST!"

He slammed the smaller being onto the ground, grinning wildly as his grip tightened, crushing the very neck that was in his grip, threatening to rip it apart. A monster has nothing. Only the very rules by which it is governed, and the character by which it should always abide. 'Nem' was no longer any of these. Pathetic. Irritating.

"You should not have appeared before me like this, Prince." Alucard said as he pointed his gun at the boy's forehead, pressing into it.

"Kh-!?" Nem struggled, before a flash of red glowed in his eyes, and with a growl he drove a foot onto Alucard's belly, sending the other off of him.

Alucard landed some distance away, gathering his composure. "Hmph. So you do still have some of yourself left in you."

Nem coughed and moved away, glaring warningly. "I told you…I don't remember…stop this. I don't want to know!"

"You've changed." Alucard said, "You are no longer worth any of my time."

He cocked the jackal, pointing it right at the seemingly young man, who realized the true threat of the gun, a strange sensation of fear at the thought of blessed, holy bullets, forged at the very heart of faith. And he knew, this would kill him.

Nem shut his eyes, accepting his fate.

The sound of a gunshot ran through the air, Ceres looked up from the pleasant conversation she was having with Agneta. "Master!" The vampress ran out the cottage, nearly breaking the door in her exit, heading towards the sound.

Troubled, but afraid, Agneta stood at the door. "Miss Ceres…!"

Ceres arrived at the fence to find the ground smoking, a single bullet having been stopped by several blades of sacrificial grass. Nem stared at the indent in the ground next to him, so close to his inured hand, and yet missing. He looked up at the count in question.


Alucard simply huffed, sour scowl turning even more sour. "I don't waste my bullets. You are not a monster, you are not even a man, nor a dog. Just a sad, whimpering puppy."

He turned, making his way past Ceres, who only followed him with her gaze, turning as he went by. "Master…?"

"Only a human can kill a monster." Alucard said. "But dogs are the only ones dumb enough to kill each other. I need not raise my gun at you."

Nem stared at the ground miserably, until Ceres finally knelt down and put her hands on his shoulders.

"Uhm…" she said, smiling a little awkwardly. "Are you alright, Ouji-sama?"

"Please don't call me that." Nem said. "I…don't want to be called that. I'm not…"

Ceres swallowed, watching as Alucard made his way, not back to his own cottage, but deeper into the forest. She looked back at the boy reassuringly.

"Well…I don't know what's happened but…" She said kindly. "I'm here if you want anything, alright?"

Alucard's steps were fast and annoyed. Irritated, enraged, angry. The mist blocking the moon made him look up at the clouded sky, frowning at the sight.

"Is it really…because?" he asked, chuckling a little in an aggravated tone. "How stupid."

He had orders to carry out. But it seemed this job would be more trouble than he had previously thought. He grinned at the idea. Perhaps finally he would find something fun whilst it lasted. Not may could annoy him to this point. Cowards really were the worst, and to see the 'great prince' as he had remembered, be reduced to such a sad state made his dead blood boil. Yes. Maybe it didn't have to be all bad.

"Hmph." he chuckled. "Haha….Hahahahaha! Hmh. That's right…let's just see where this leads to."

The moon shone just barely through the mist, and the glint caught Alucard's eye and he smirked, a toothy, defiant smirk. The smirk of a madman. The smirk of a monster. The smirk of a count.

"Watch me, 'Princess'. Watch this little dance, because…I am going to enjoy myself thoroughly."

And though the moonlight was no goddess, and gave no reply, he reveled in the little masquerade they had been conducting amongst monsters like himself. And he smiled.

The next day passed without so much as a peep from Nem, who remained in his room. Agneta had offered by knocking at his door to look at his hand, when she had noticed the odd purpling color the previous night, but he had refused. And she said nothing else until sunset. The girl was taking out some more apples for the horses, realizing that the job had been left half-done by Nem the night before. However seeing as his hand was injured, she didn't press it any further. It was then, Ceres came.

"Agneta-san." Ceres said. "Have you seen Ou-…I mean, Nem-sama around?"

"Ah that…" Agneta smiled a little. "It seems Nem-kun likes to stay indoors a lot during the day. He's really sickly, so he sleeps a lot of the hours away and comes out when it's dark."

Ceres began to worry slightly about the price's identity being exposed. "Oh…isn't that…you don't find it a little strange?"

"Yes. Well…we all did at first. We still do but…I suppose we've gotten used to it." Agenta explained. "He won't see me right now, despite the fact his hand is hurt. I'm getting worried."

"Oh!" Ceres understood right away. "I see. Why don't I try talking to him?"

"It's no use."

The draculina and the girl turned their heads towards Alucard, who was making his way towards them. "That pup won't come out in the sunlight."

"Master!" Ceres said, a little uncomfortably at how he was being so casual about the situation.

"It doesn't matter." the count chuckled, grinning. "He will only come out at night. To eat. Surely even a fumbling pup has those urges. Even more so, actually."

"Master?" Ceres questioned.

"It won't take very long now." Alucard said.

The sun had already begun its descent, half of its face already gone from the world. Alucard's grin only widened and he turned towards the cottage they had given for Nem to reside in.

"Agneta-san." Ceres said with a little grin. "I think it's best if you go inside right now."

"Ah…" the girl nodded. "You're going to look for Mr. Savanovic tonight, then?"

"Yes. Please don't forget to lock your doors tonight." Ceres said. "We'll be back before morning!"

"Be careful." Agneta said

Ceres nodded. "Don't worry about us. Ah-…! Master, wait for me!"

As Alucard approached the cottage, the darkness in the windows hid not the form of the one inside, who was now staggering towards the door, holding his head in delirium, and his stomach in hunger.

Alucard disappeared into the fast-approaching darkness of the night, Nem making his way out of the door and right into Ceres.

"Woah-!" she gasped, "Ouji-sama?"

Nem choked a little, looking up at her, slightly dazed, not registering who or what it was.

Alucard's hand shot out from the dark, pulling her in as Nem stumbled away, walking towards the end of the village.

"Master?" she asked, looking up at him as he was made visible once more.

"Let's go." Alucard said, looking like an excited dog on the hunt of new prey. "Our job is to find who is committing these murders, and eliminate them completely."

"Huh?" Ceres looked at the wandering boy, who was now getting closer and closer to the destroyed mill, nothing but instinct driving him. "But…what if it's the Prince, Master?"

Alucard merely grinned. "Orders are orders, Ceres."

Upon arriving at the mill, Nem seemed to muddle over the rubble what was once a house made of stone. Before turning and looking up at the sky. But no moonlight came, and his expression grew pained.

"Master…what is he doing?" Ceres asked. "I thought you said that the stories weren't…"

"They aren't." Alucard said, "But even monsters need something to remind them of what they are. The Blood-Moon Prince has been driven into a corner. The same happened two-hundred years ago, when the moonlight began to fail in the lands of the greeks. Mankind's lights slowly blotting out the stars, and it has grown so bright as to block out even the moon. The prince can no longer hear his master."

"His Master is…the moonlight?"

"Those without masters are masters to their own will. The will of their own story. A story told every night to themselves by the very thing they hold dearer than their morals. To the Prince, that is the light of the red moon."

"So…he really can't remember? Is he…really the one who killed all those people?" Ceres asked.

"I don't know yet." Alucard admitted.

Nem turned his attention towards the village, before quickly turning away, heading up to the path towards where the coach had dropped them off. Alucard couldn't help but reflect on those years he had spent alone, after his revenge was savored, after he had killed so many. Wandering, wandering, terrorizing, looking for nothing but the fight. The thrill of slaughter. Much like Nem's body instinctively did so now, yearning, longing for something, anything that made him feel alive.

"He's not going back towards the village…" Ceres said in surprise.

Alucard's eyes narrowed as his suspicions were raised. "It seems so."

As soon as Nem's feet hit the very, very end of the path, a thick blackness engulfed his form, and his eyes grew red with the same thirst for blood that Alucard understood.

"Come, Ceres!" Alucard said, watching as the shadow that was now what made up the boy's entire body, fled towards the sky.

Ceres dashed on foot, her monstrous speed able to keep up with Alucard, who was pursuing their target in mid-air.

"So I see…" Alucard said as they travelled, like planes at miles no human could ever make up in one night-right to the very city of Pristina. "You didn't want to hurt the villagers with your bloodlust. So you come here."

The followed their target to the very same alleyway near the airport where they had first arrived. It was then, the second strangest thing happened.

Nem staggered to his feet as he hit the ground, groaning and holding his head in pain. "Not again…"

Alucard followed closely behind, but did not impede his target's activity, slipping into the shadows with Ceres.

"When a vampire loses it's purpose, he becomes a mad-driven monster that simply destroys everything purposelessly. But this is different." Alucard explained off-handedly to Ceres as she curiously followed him. "It seems that somehow…Nem-sama has forgotten who he is."

"Forgotten….how?" Ceres asked as they followed them, staggering around the corner.

"Whatever has happened, this brat is not the Prince." Alucard said.

"Master…Ah! He's going into the street!"

Nem leaned against the far wall, looking pained and hanging his head down, staring at the ground. "…hu…ngry…"

"But why go to the city?" Ceres asked. "If he's been killing people here…then, maybe he's not the one who committed those murders, Master?"

"Don't get me wrong. I hold not the orders of my Master against him." Alucard said.

Ceres blinked. "Eh?"

Nem unbuttoned the top of his shirt, feeling a strange fever rise in his body and he stared up at the sky, but no moon shown, and no moonlight gave him comfort. He growled and held his head in his hands and groaned.

"Hey." a voice said, and they noticed a girl…who had made her way over to the suffering figure, leaning against the building.

"I'm fine." he wheezed, with a weak smile.

Alucard sensed Nem's hunger peak at the sight of the woman, and he was ready to close in, thinking that the other would simply slaughter her. But to both his and Ceres' surprise…

Nem turned away from the young, ripe girl. "Please, leave me alone. I'm not feeling well, and I wouldn't want to pass it to you."

The girl hesitated, wanting to put a hand over his shoulder. "Come…come home with me. I'll help you."

"Hey, hey, hey…"

All four looked up at the sight of three approaching men, grinning wide as they got closer and closer to the girl and the boy.

"Says she'll take him home, boys." the first man chuckled. "Hey sweetie, why don't you take us home too?"

"Yeah, we'll make you feel loads better." another concurred, licking his filthy, fat lips.

Alucard smirked. "Ahh…so that is how it is."

"Please, run." Nem said, taking the girl's wrist and motioning her towards the alleyway, unknowingly bringing her closer to Ceres and Alucard. "I'll handle this."

The girl gasped, looking back to find a bright glowing red eye under the strands of the boy's short black locks. "Ah…" Frightened, and confused, she ran through the alleyway to safety, past Alucard, who emerged from the shadows, sealing off the path with the illusion of a wall.

"Don't let her get away!"

The men followed, only to be surprised by the dead end the alleyway presented to them.

"What the hell?"

"Oi, oi, where did she go?!"

Nem staggered to his feet, still partially leaning against the wall and grinning a little. "Sorry. But sweet little girls don't like big bad wolves. Didn't you ever read little red riding hood?"

"You! Brat!" the first man grabbed Nem by the hair, pulling him off the wall of the building. "You little shit!"

"We've got three huge problems right now, and little missy over there was supposed to help us take care of them…" it was from this one's voice did Nem realize all three of them were drunk.

"Oi, look at this brat's face."

"Haha! It sure is girly."

Ceres looked up at her master worriedly. "Master, shouldn't we…"

Alucard remained silent, watching, waiting.


"Yeah, it sure is girly." the man whose hand was in Nem's hair said, "Hey boy, you got an ass, right?"

Nem averted his eyes from the alcohol-smelling breath in his face, looking down the left of the street, then the right, relieved there was nobody else around.

"Oi, you little shithead!"

Nem grunted as he felt his body collide against the dirty street, feet stepping onto both his hands to keep him down. The other man held his legs as the third grabbed his chin.

"Hey, he is cute." he grinned. "Guess what little berate, since you so graciously let our meal get away from us, you're going to take her place."

"No thanks." Nem chuckled a little arrogantly.

Alucard looked up at the scrap of display, of the Prince's true self. His old self.

"We'll see about that, you cocky bitch." the man undid his pants, and surely enough he had already become erect. "Suck on th-AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH"

Nem's teeth sank into the man's crotch, he turned his head, violently ripping the man's penis and parts of his hips off, tendons snapping as they were exposed, drenched in red. His hands grabbed the feet that were standing on them, gripping, gripping and crushing, until the the bones and the sinew that made up the appendages fractured and splattered.

The street filled with screams as the massacre occurred. Alucard watched as Nem ripped the men apart, the same prowess and brutality he remembered from so many hundreds of years ago, and in himself. A small surge of nostalgia, brought a frightening grin to his face.

"Ceres." he said.

"Y-yes..M-master?" Ceres asked, covering her eyes from the sight.

"Return to Zarozje." Alucard said. "This is not the Sava Savanovic we are looking for."

Ceres blinked but nodded after a pause. "Y-yes, Master!"

"I will return shortly."

As Ceres headed off, her speed carrying her all those miles back, back into the mountains, Alucard pulled his form from the darkness, bright red only accentuating the blood that was now covering the gravel and cobblestone street.

"You've certainly made a mess, Nem."

Nem froze, teeth bone-deep in a severed arm, which his hands held.

"Now I see…" Alucard said, "You are even sadder than I had first thought. Not only have you denied your existence as the monster you are, but you behave and hunt like a fledgling. Without purpose, no finesse."

Nem dropped the arm and scrambled to crouch against the wall. "Don't…don't look at me…this isn't…"

Alucard gritted his teeth at the cowardly behavior he despised so much. "You pathetic mongrel!"

"Ngh-…" Nem flinched at the accusation. "….that's right…I'm nothing but a dog to you…please just…leave me alone. I don't want this. I never wanted any of this…"

"You had such a wonderful smile when you killed." Alucard taunted. "And you expect me to forget that look so easily? The look of a murderer? The look of a monster?"

"Stop it!" Nem pleaded. "I don't want to be this thing…"

"And that is why…" Alucard said, foot finding place near the boy's head on the wall. "…you are right now, the most pathetic thing I have ever laid my eyes on. A monster who cannot accept their fate is no better than a human who crawls on the ground and eats shit like a dog."

"I'm not like you!" Nem said, trying to turn and stumble away from the monster looming over him.

Alucard grasped his wrist with bone-breaking force. "You cannot even fix your own body. Have you forgotten how as well?" he asked, eyeing the broken fingers that twitched in pain at his grip.


"Shut up, runt!" Alucard yelled, twisting the other's arm painfully.


"You do not wish to be a monster, fine. You do not wish to be a prince, fine." Alucard said. "Therefore, I will treat you as neither, but the pathetic, lost pup you are."

"Count!" Nem cried as he felt his shoulder dislocate. "Stop!"

"Show me." Alucard grinned. "Show me that prowess, the mettle that made you a monster worth my respect! A beast worth my attention!"

He gripped even harder at his wrist.


Fresh tears fell from Nem's eyes as his shoulder and wrist began bruising, turning an ugly blue hue. "…I can't…"

He had no control over it. It just came and went as it pleased. The thirst. The bloodlust. The crazed need to destroy anything and everything regardless of who it was. Even in letting the innocent girl go, he had given his all in trying not to lash out and massacre her along with the three other men. And they both knew this.

"I hate it…" the boy whispered, flinching as the count let go of his arm and he fell against the wall, panting hard. "

"No desire. No passion in your slaying." Alucard said, frowning deep. "You don't deserve to even be called a sniveling dog."

A rage that consumed him, seeing someone he had respected turn into such a pathetic waste of space was different. It was filled with sadism and cruelty like nothing he had ever felt before. But he had his orders. This boy was neither in his way nor his target. There was no reason to kill him…

However, there was reason to torture this poor, lost soul. In the end, monsters were still monsters, even to each other.

"If you want to be a mongrel, then I'll treat you like a mongrel." Alucard said with a deranged look, which left Nem's blood running cold.

At the fearful look, Alucard grimaced, hate flaring up within him, and he pinned the smaller being against the dirty, worn wall of the building, that was almost as old as he himself was. His strength made quick work of the boy's poor village clothes, ripping them clean off the other's body.

Nem's eyes widened, "What are you doing?!"

"This is the second time I have witnessed you luring in perverts like some rent-boy." Alucard sneered. "Perhaps it's time you know exactly what they go through if you are going to be so openly coy."

"Hngh-!" Nem shut his eyes tight as he felt sharp, piranha-like teeth graze against his neck. "D-don't…!"

Acts brutality towards those of higher name, were prohibited by the rules to which monsters such as they functioned. However, Alucard was the one whose existence turned all those rules upside down. Without a care for such worthless formalities, the hunter who himself was a vampire tore apart with his bare hands at the boy's shoulder hard enough to spray blood against both their bodies.

The scream that came afterwards, echoed off the empty faces of the apartments and windows that were no longer lit. And nobody would hear, and if they did, they would prefer not to know. Things that went on after the sun had set were always better not to be seen.

"Scream all you want." Alucard said, "Howl like the pained dog you are."

"Khough…" Nem wheezed, shuddering in intense pain, feeling like his entire right side had been torn away from him.

The shock of sudden pain awoke a strange feeling that felt…all too right. The excitement of being so close to death, the knowledge that he could not die, and the anticipation of retaliation. But how to retaliate? He could not remember.

"Can you feel it?" Alucard snickered. "The rush? The itch? The yearning to feel alive when you clearly had died a long time ago?"

"Kh-h…uh…" Nem shuddered and tried to dig his weekend fingers into Alucard's shoulder, trying to push him away.

"And still you writhe in your own shit like a whimpering pup." Alucard scowled. "Scream then, you filthy gigolo."

The penetration was rough, unrelenting, and brutal…only appropriate resonation to Alucard's devious personality. There was nothing wrong in his actions-only the satisfaction of his yearning to destroy and decimate being answered to, like the murdering tool he was.

"AAH-!" The rough stones of the building dug into his back as he tried to get away from the pain, the invasion of his body, a pain he had never known before.

"Does it scare you?" Alucard chuckled huskily against the other's ear as the latter struggled. "Whimper like the dog you are, then!"

The next thrust tore open the pup's insides and whimper he did, clawing into the worn away stone that was pressed into his back, sandwiched between Alucard and the facade.

"Hngh-!" Nem bit his lip, shaking and feeling the searing, heated pain that intruded. "HH-nghhuu…!"

"You never had the chance to touch your wife, did you?" Alucard mocked. "Pleasure like this will be very unpleasant for you. It is only fitting for a dim idiot that has forgotten how wonderful it is to massacre."

Alucard smirked as he continued to violate the body, excited at the soiling of the hierarchy, like spitting onto the crucifix for the first time. But he was slightly impressed, amused, that the boy could at least hold his screams in. Dark memories that haunted his being however, holding them as important factors that lead up to his vampirization. The origins of his madness. Served, as tools even now, to inflict further damage to his already suffering prey.

"I'll hear you howl." Alucard chuckled, switching his approach and raising the boy's thighs over his shoulder, blood trickling from between the other's smaller cheeks, and pushing himself inside roughly. "Now!"

Nem's eyes widened as something lustful was awakened, the new position allowing access to deeper inside of him, and Alucard had struck something that drove him mad. "Hnn-YAAA!"

As if to mock him, his scream was followed by several howling dogs that smelt the pooling bloodbath. The time that passed seemed like aeons compared to the long life Nem was beginning to recall, the memories taking toll on him along with the pain burning through his being. The way his body jerked and pressed against the wall with the thrusts delivered, the evil grin that was dug into his ripped and bleeding shoulder, the strange sensation that was unfamiliar, frightening, building in his stomach, like there was a coil being wound up tighter than possible.

Scary. It was…so…scary. Something…something was happening to him. And he had no idea. That in itself, frightened him like he had never felt frightened before. Not since the first time the sun burnt his porcelain skin.

"Stop! No more!" Nem pleaded, pushing against the other's chest fruitlessly.

Alucard dug his hands into the cut-out stones, pushing in as far as he could against what he knew was the boy's prostate, the fatal strike. That was when Alucard's drive to sadistically torture was satisfied, and also the beginning of his suspicions.

An opaque, almost clear substance soiled the ground, spraying from between Nem's spread thighs. Alucard knew from his experience, that the only substance vampires ever associated with, was blood. They devoured it, bled it, and cried it. Ejaculation should be no different.

"Hmph…" Alucard huffed as he withdrew, his voice merely an echo of garbled words to his victim, now falling into dizziness. "Don't think you will be let off so easily. Now there are questions, which you will have to answer."

The next thing Nem felt was his knees against soft sheets, the cold of the night air and the smell of oak, that which his cottage was contructed out of. Alucard was not through with him yet, not since he realized that this had more to do with his mission than he had first thought. It had been a personal vendetta at first, the torturing of this feeble individual. But now, it was more than just his own past that drove him to further press.

"Do not mistake this for punishment." Alucard said casually, even as he dislocated the boy's other shoulder, to keep him from moving

The snap of the joints and the sting it brought, caused the boy to suddenly become aware of himself. "AAH!"

"I am simply putting you in your place." he continued, knowing very well what he was going to do next. "Also, you are useless to me as you are now. Orders are orders, and I will fulfill them, you will realize who you are."

"Let…go…" Nem said between pained shudders, not able to move his now limp arms. "Please…just…kill me…no more…"

"Pathetic fool." Alucard cried as he wrenched the boy's legs apart, and a true display of cruelty, he forcefully shoved his .454 Casull Auto, Joshua inside. "Fine, if that is what you wish. I'll pull the trigger her and now."

Feeling the tearing of his insides by the hard metal made Nem look down, and his gasped in terror, upon realizing Alucard's intentions. "NO-!"

Alucard chuckled, grinning devilishly. "…you see? You were the same as you were those hundreds of years ago in Delphi, your highness." He said, emphasizing the honorifics in a fit of mockery. "You still fear death. Only now, you run away from the consequences of your own decisions.

Alucard removed the gun, and pushed himself into the bloody, ruined asshole, making Nem whimper. The count was not the type to give the sweet release of death so easily to those he found unworthy of his concern. No. Something more tortuous and prolonged was more suitable for those.

The daylight that attempted to peek through the window, was immediately stopped by the thick blinds, woven from crude, village wool. Twitching eyes, caught the small slivers of light that escaped through tiny holes, ending at a spotted pattern on the floorboards. The breathing that emerged from the quivering mouth, sad and strained.

"Uhh…!" Nem gasped as he felt his shoulders put back into place. "Khh…" the boy curled into fetal position, blood leaking from inside him, the sheets a mess of red and smelling unpleasant.

Shaking and shuddering, Nem reached a hand towards the light, knowing it would destroy him, that it would burn away everything. A heavy boot landed on top of the hand that begged for nothing but death.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk…" Alucard said with a smile. "That's no good. You're still refusing to open your eyes?"

With an empty look, Nem rolled onto his back as soon as the weight on his hand was lifted. "…I am…Ambrogio…" He said weakly, as the gap between his neck and his shoulder was slowly sewing itself back together.

A pleased grin plastered itself onto Alucard's face. "That's right."

"…I can't hear her here…" he said in a daze. "I can't…feel it…the mist…the mist…that woman…"

The pain that settled into his body finally pushed him to the very brink of this fool existence. The human mask he was wearing was now fracturing in key places, reveal just a tiny peek at the crazed eyes behind it. But it was not enough. Not just yet.


However, Alucard smirked as he heard all he needed to close this investigation.

Yes, I know. Not a lot of descriptive smutsie compared to what I usually do. Then again, Alucard isn't exactly a lustfully passionate young man. He much prefers killing things than fucking them, and I do imagine he's very sadistic while he's doing it. Well, I hope to finish this fic real soon as it was meant to be sort of a shorter fic than what I usually do.

Until next time!