Happy late New Year! These are going to be bunches of drabbles related to my story, The Love That Transcends Time. You'll probably have to read that to understand these. Enjoy!

(Lewis' POV)

"Only one more minute until the New Year!" The celebrity on screen yells into a microphone. "And here goes the ball!"

I sigh, and bite my lip to prevent from crying. It's supposed to be me and my boyfriend's first New Year's together, and he promised he'd come. But the countdown is starting and Tom isn't here.

"Fifty! Forty-nine! Forty-eight!" I think I hear something, but figure it's just partiers outside.

"Thirty-three! Thirty-two! Thirty-one!" Mom and dad went out for the night. They wanted to stay here with me, but I insisted. I'm just so grateful that they adopted me, and I really want to be the best son I can be, for them.

"Fifteen! Fourteen! Thirteen!" I start to chant along with them. There is an echo in the room. Somebody grabs me from behind and covers my eyes.

"Ten. Nine. Eight." The voice whispers in my ears. I shiver as his words tickle me. Tom.



"One." He spins me around and kisses me, pulling my close to him.

"Happy New Year!" The whole world screams at us from behind the TV screen. There are fireworks going off in my neighborhood. I hear nothing.

We pull apart, and he kisses my nose. "Happy New Year, Lewis." I quickly pull him in for another kiss.

Happy New Year, indeed.