Before anybody tries to claim OOCness, I have to say that I think Lewis would become more cockier with age, more confident of himself. So with that being said- Enjoy!

(Lewis' POV)

"Would you give those back now?" I huff at Tom, who decided five minutes ago that it'd be fun to steal my glasses.

"Not even! I feel like a complete genius in these! E equals MC squared, pie is 3.14… whatever, and gravity causes apples to fall on unsuspecting victim's heads! See, genius!" I smirk.

"Do you know the quadratic formula?" His face goes blank. "The difference between DNA and RNA?" He winces. "How about what a covalence electron is?" His eyes blur over, and I can practically see the smoke coming out of his ears. "That's what I thought," I snatch up my glasses and replace them on my face, "Genius." He recovers.

"Okay, okay. Clearly those glasses don't have magical nerd abilities. But I did totally rock them. Besides, not everyone can be the almighty Mr. Smarty-pants in life like you." My smirk grows more defiant.

"Damn straight."