Hi, Badliar2312 here, and I'm here to announce something.

First of all, I want to say thank you to those that had took their time reading this One-shot and reviewed them, they've motivated me to ponder this story a bit more, flesh it out a little bit more, and as such, I have come to a decision.

I shall make this story into a full-blown series.

But, I will also change quite a lot of things from this One-shot. A re-boot to be exact.

For one, four sabers plot will be... cut off. And my reason for this is simple...

There are many fics that deal with Shirou summoning multiple servants, Nerve Damage from CrossyCross may instantly comes to mind, and perhaps King of Blades Tricolor Swords from ArnaudB, or even What if Almost Everybody was Shirou's Servant by Mereo Flere.

These fics handled things differently of course, but what's stopping me from doing so?

I'm stumped.

A simple answer, perhaps not the most satisfying, but regrettably, it is that simple answer that made me decide to reboot the story and re-think the plot all over again.

The general premise of the story came into being when I read Nerve Damage, when I first read it, my knowledge about the world of Fate/Stay Night at that time was limited to its most prominent characters, which was Shirou, Rin, Saber, Sakura, and Archer. I had no idea about the system of the Holy Grail War and about the Master and Servant conundrum, the three different routes... All of that was unknown to me at that time.

After Nerve Damage, I began to delve further and further into the lore of the Nasuverse, starting from reading the info about Fate/Stay Night from its impressively extensive wikia, reading the manga, watching the anime, seeing some of the series' fanfics, etc. And, it also brought me to Fate/Zero, which, in my opinion, is far superior compared to Fate/Stay Night anime (And I'm sure most of you would agree).

And because of the animes (Fate/Zero and Fate/Stay Night), and also because I was already knee-deep in the lore of Nasuverse, the idea to make the fanfic about Shirou's adventure began to take form.

At first, it was so similar to Nerve Damage, and as apparent in this one-shot, it was basically a copy of Nerve Damage, with Shirou being... (Ahem), a bit more badass than the Shirou in CrossyCross' story.

After this was done and published, I began to read it again, word for word, and during that time, the story's overall plot began to expand itself within my mind. Involving lots of things that would make it more interesting in my opinion... provided that Shirou only has one Saber. (Considering that he's already somewhat broken anyway, the decision was not that hard to do.)

In essence, what starts as a blatant Nerve Damage clone will be changed to make it different and stand on its own instead of just being a rip-off. And I hope that you see this as a good thing too.

So, with that said, it is my final decision to remake this story, and the most apparent change is the fact that Shirou does not summon four Sabers, but just one, the canon one from Fate/Stay Night and also Fate/Zero.

But, the badass Shirou plot is still on the table. So to those of you who are worried that this will be taken off, do not worry, Shirou will still be a powerful main character in the re-booted story.

And there will be some Servants who will not be as what you might expect them to be.

One of them being the good ol' King of Heroes of course... Gilgamesh will be... well, just wait and see... And the other... well, let's just say that the King of Knights isn't someone that you should judge only with a first glance.

Because there's something else within her that even she won't know yet, something that I've prepared for her... It won't be pleasant, but... it's necessary, at least for me.

So, once again, I have made my decision. This one-shot will still be here and it won't be deleted, but it won't be continued either.

As the title suggests, this is merely a prototype, a strange one, but a prototype nonetheless.

And with that said, if you're still interested, then see you at Fate: Heaven's Works. (still a tentative title, and I might change it at the very last minute), and the first chapter should be published on this site in three to five days from now. Perhaps even sooner than that.

So keep in touch.

Badliar 2312, out.