Have you ever loved someone so much, you'd give an arm for?
Not the expression, no, literally give an arm for?
When they know they're your heart
And you know you are their armor
And you will destroy anyone who would try to harm them
But what happens when karma, turns right around and bites you?
And everything you stand for, turns on you to spite you?
What happens when you become the main source of his pain?

Leonardo mentally cheered at the plentiful colors of paints on displayed. A rainbow of colors and shades. The young artist had been running low on his paint supplies and required more to complete any more commissions. Hopefully he could finally concentrate and finish and artwork and earns some well needed florins.

"Meraviglioso, Such a collection" Leonardo chimed happily.

"Certo Leonardo"

The blonde man picked out several different colors and bought them. He got a more then he currently needed, with now an empty pouch. The artist couldn't seem to care as he waltz past the stores in the district. Leonardo headed back to his workshop which thankfully wasn't far. Once he arrived at the wood arch he entered through the large door he was so familiar with. He took a few steps down the stairs into the main room. The place was a mess Leonardo concluded bitterly as he made his entrance. Sketches all over the table, littering the floor beneath it as well. Canvas resting on the floor and his current work on a rack in the middle of the room. The aroma was a fading dusty smell with a hint of lavender. Curtsey of the few lavender sticks in a small jar. He was always fond of the smell and a mental note to fetch some more.

Frankly a messy house was never really a problem but it was different today. He was expecting a very important guest.

Leonardo clutched at the bag of freshly bought paints in excitement. His lover was finally returning to Venice. Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.


Ezio placed away the purchased item he had just bought into his belt. He paid the man 200f, quite overprized for such a small thing. It was a gift for Leonardo, which he knew the blonde was so fond of. He thanked the shop's overseer briefly before heading onto the crowded streets of Venice. Ezio's elegant natural brunette hair was pulled back by a red ribbon but his hood was pulled up. It covered majority of the assassin's face. Ezio continued his walk, stepping past a wanted poster with a portrait of himself on it. It was stuck firmly to the building's wall but the brunette ripped it off unfashionably. (-25% notoriety)

The cool breeze swept through Venice as Ezio neared his destination. Leonardo's home was in sight. He headed in the direction necessary before stopping abruptly. He felt two suspicious figures not too far behind him stop as well.

I'm being followed Ezio calculated quickly. The assassin begun his walking again to appear oblivious but he change his route suddenly. Ezio felt his followers speed up, knowing he was aware.

"Cazzo!" he hissed sharply. Maledizione! How could I be so indiscreet. Thoughtless. Maldestro.

Being an assassin is a dangerous occupation. You are always hunting someone or being hunted yourself. The crime of being an assassin was ungraceful. To be in constant watch for Templars... It was an ongoing war. Most assassinos would have broken their ties with close ones to prevent being caught or safety of the loved ones. Ezio was just about to bring his followers to Leonardo's doorstep!

Ezio coolly walked down a path that led in the opposite direction of his newfound lover's house. He took a few quick turns through alleys till no civilians were around. The man in the white robes stopped in his tracks.


Dametrae turned to his assistant and giving a stern look. Belgrae noticed the look before speeding up. The Assassino hadn't noticed he was being tailed yet. It was only a matter of seconds before the great and powerful man would realize. With those words echoing, the man stopped for a brief second before hurriedly continue his walk. The two robed men noticed the change in directions. Obviously he had just realized he was being followed. He had been heading towards a medium sized building till he began walking again in the opposite direction. He was probably trying to lead them away from the house, a amateurs mistake.

"Belgrae, mark this house" Dametrae whispered harshly. Belgrae slowly dropped the dagger that was hiding in his sleeve to his palm. With pausing, the robed man made a imprint on the suspected door. The two men continued to follow Ezio, speeding up now, not caring for detection anymore.

They had followed him through the curves of alleyways and street till there were no civilians. The assassin maneuvered them to a secluded spot before he stopped.


Ezio turned silently to face the two men who followed him. The two men wore a dark brown robe covering all their human features. Neither of them looked any familiar to his enemies but it was all cleared when he saw a shiny necklace hanging from their bodies. A was a simple silver chain with a red cross dangling. Ezio's fists clenched in preparation at the discovery. These two men were Templar's.

"Assassino, you have caused us to much trouble" One of the men spoke. The assassin readied his hidden blade before standing to his full height. He made a small teasing gesture with his lips as they twisted into a smirk. The shorter man of the two raced forward, enraged.

"Belgrae you fool!" the other shouted. 'Belgrae' ignored the others harsh words, ripping his sword and swinging it at the assassin. Ezio easily dodged it before using his blade and slicing at the man's face. Belgrae pulled backwards in retaliation as the knife made a gash along his face. Blood dribbled down his face exiting from the wound.

"Dametrae, don't watch bastado! Help me" Belgrae hissed. The other man chuckled before joining him in the fight. The two Templar's charged at Ezio armed with shining blades. Belgrae was first to strike and the assassin quickly dodge and kicked him in the side. Belgrae went stumbling to the floor. Not a millisecond after Ezio blocked Dametrae's blade with his own. Ezio's strength overpowered the robed Templar rendering him defenseless. Ezio retracted his hidden blade before thrusting it forward into Dametrae's neck causing him to gasp desperately. The man was quickly robbed of his life as he fell to the floor. Belgrae watched his comrade lose life before jumping to his feet. Ezio noticed the other man take off in an attempt to escape. The assassin quickly raced after him, jumping on a nearby barrel and reached for the pole connected to a building. With speed he climbed the Italian building and located Belgrae racing through the streets. Ezio quickly sprinted, jumping to the next building to the next.

The assassin was graceful and talented, not missing a single step or jump. He landed perfectly, his shoulder cape suspended in the air for a moment. He jogged to the building's edge and waited for Belgrae to be in close enough range before leaping off the building. Ezio lifted his arm high the in air, blade ready to kill. The assassin landed perfectly on the man, piercing him with the hidden blade. A few citizens who were in range noticed the scene before screaming and running off.

Ezio kneeled over the fallen man, glaring down at him. His hood had rolled off his face showing his sour expression and the recent gash across his face.

"Requiescat in pace" Ezio spoke to the dying man. The man spat out a glob of blood before smirking causing Ezio to wonder.

"Con piacere. I will now that my mission is complete" Belgrae spoke in triumphant. He stared at the man in disbelief.

"Chiarire yourself" Ezio demanded, dropping his calm demeanor. The man still held a smirk, he reached up and took a hold of Ezio's clothing slowly. He pulled him closer to his face.

"You will be undone..." he whispered before taking his last breath. Ezio pulled away from the dead body with a scowl. The assassin walked away from the scene feeling angry, bitter and confused. Also angry at being confused. He hated being confused and doubtful. He tried to bury the feeling of uncertainty.

Ezio began to head back to Leonardo fully alert now and feeling a little concerned for Leonardo's safety. He might have put him in the middle of his own troubles. Those two Templar's who followed him, they couldn't have seen him heading to Leonardo's house. With that thought in mind Ezio hurried himself eager to see the artistic man. Once he made it to the familiar destination he searched quickly for anyone suspicious. After clearing the coast, he headed for Leonardo's door before knocking briefly before letting himself in. A usual trait that he won't be stopping anytime soon. Upon entering the familiar house, everything seem to be in place. The place was tidy, paintings stacked neatly, papers sorted on the working bench. The only thing missing was the artist himself. Ezio was just about to call out when a voice beat him first.

"Ezio, is that you?" Leonardo's sweet voice sounded out as he appeared at the doorway to the kitchen. "Si it is you!" he cheered happily. Leonardo walked towards Ezio and opened his arms for an embrace. Ezio wrapped his arms around the smaller body. Leonardo was a affectionate person, he hugged everyone. There was only one thing different from these hugs that only Ezio received. The artist pulled away briefly to lean up and kiss him softly on the lips. Ezio was eager to return the kiss. He had easily turn the innocent kiss to a heated passionate one, leaving them both breathless. Ezio stilled held his artist close to his body.

Being the man Ezio was, he was keen to push their relationship quicker. They two had found their love not more than a month ago and their love was growing with every passing moment. They had yet to make the commitment in bed but Ezio was keen to move ahead. Ezio, himself had no trouble committing to Leonardo. It was different to not be able to flirt and sleep with everyone as he usually would though he passed that point. He always avoided relationships. Another reason was he was afraid of falling for someone and having the possibility of losing someone dear to him yet again. He wouldn't want to put Leonardo in that danger either. Though as hard as he tried he couldn't stop his feelings for the artist.

Ezio moved his lips to Leonardo's neck. He kissed it softly. The painter's soft hair tickled his face. His skin was a warm as ever. A few freckles had taken residence on his pale neck.

"I have missed you a lot" he murmured against the flushed neck of the artist. Leonardo shivered lightly at the touch. He reached up to play with the assassin's chocolate hair lovingly.

"Mio amo..." he breathed out. Ezio smiled to finally be able to hold his lover after a long separation. He could feel his blonde hug him back tightly proving he was affected by his absence.

Ezio had constantly left Venice due to his occupation. Mainly day after day. Leaving Leonardo to himself, sure the man had friends but none could compare to Ezio. The assassin wished he could be there with him but it was unfortunate. He knew of the abuse by the city guards that Leonardo endured. They seemed to take a liking to bullying the young artist. Whenever Ezio tried to address the issue. Leonardo would always smile and say it was no big deal.

Leonardo reached up to grab Ezio hood and pull if of his beautiful face. Ezio notherless kept attacking Leonardo's neck. He wrapped his arms around the shorter's waist bringing them closer. In response Leonardo began to fiddle with the assassin's brown hair and the red ribbon that held it together so neatly. Leonardo could feel those scarred lips sucking and kisses, probably leaving marks in his wake. Suddenly Leonardo gasped as he felt his stomach being jabbed.

"Ezio, a question" the artist asked.

"Quickly Leonardo" Ezio replied huskily obviously wanting to take things further.

"Whats in your belt, it's hurting" Leonardo tried. Ezio sighed before stopping his actions and seeing the gift hanging out of his belt. Quickly he pulled it out and covered Leonardo's eyes. He almost forgot about the expensive gift he got for his lover. Ezio listened to the artist question his motives.

"I have a gift for you Leonardo" he explain. Slowly he took his hand away from Leonardo's eyes. Pools of sky blue eyes were revealed and the blonde man eagerly looked at the present Ezio held out to him.

For the briefest moments he was confused as to what is was but recognition quickly took over. It was a small wooden human figure. Leonardo had wanted it once he had saw it and asked Ezio to get it for him. Ezio smiled warmly when he saw Leonardo's brilliant eyes water. Just was just like Leonardo to do that. Being the oversensitive and emotional man he was. The painter quickly rubbed at his eyes before smiling at Ezio.

"Ezio gracie! It means so much to me" the blonde said before fiddling with the doll completely forgetting their recent activities. Ezio stared in shock as the man walked around him to sit on the bench and played with the wooden figure. He got screwed over by a wooden doll. Another trait of Leonardo's- easily distracted and forgot about the task at hand. Instantly he knew he shouldn't of shown the gift after they had sex. Ezio shrugged his shoulders. There's tonight...

The two chatted happily and soon Leonardo came out serving dinner. Of course a vegetarian meal. Such strange eating habits he thought to himself before fretfully eating it all. Dinner was over and the two were sitting together, kissing and playing. Leonardo's conversations spilled forth to no end. He likes to talk Ezio reminded himself. Ezio's thumb brushed over Leonardo's lips halting whatever he was babbling on about. His blue eyes met with warm brown ones. The two stared before temptation became too much. The assassin pressed his lips forward, crashing into the painter's own. They pulled back with a smile.

"Let us continue this on your bed" Ezio breathed out. Leonardo couldn't help the fierce blush that covered his features. The assassin practically ripped Leonardo up and rushing him up stairs.

Ezio gently pushed Leonardo down onto the bed once they arrived in his bedroom. He quickly joined him, adding extra weight to the neatly made bed. He climbed over his lover who was resting comfortably on the soft fluffy pillows. Leonardo leaned up and pulled Ezio down for a deep kiss. They kissed for several long, breathless minutes, silk and cotton sliding back and forth against one another as they rocked together. Ezio, growing tired of the separation between them, started slowly unbuttoning his lover's shirt, starting at the neck and working downwards. Leonardo quickly followed suit, struggling to work out the kinks of Ezio's armor. Ezio undressed the blonde before him before helping Leonardo who was still struggling. The moon shined through the open window on the two lovers. The two were soon naked, flushed and heated.

Ezio smiled heatedly and Leonardo felt the assassin's warm body against his own. The painter gasped softly as a warm hand found him, stroking hungrily and sensually. He blushed immensely.

"Cazzo,Ezio..." he swore pleasurably, squirming a little on the comfortable mattress. Ezio swallowed, feeling Leonardo fully hardened as he writhed below him.

"Leonardo..." Ezio murmured in silky tones, kissing and nibbling lightly at Leonardo's neck as he continued to fondle him

The assassin was so frustrated, having been so long without his lover and sexual need taking over. With a delighted, but strangled little cry, he grabbed Leonardo's wrists and pinned them by his head. He examined the other carefully. A dark blush covered his freckled cheeks, his blonde hair sprayed out over the pillow. Those bruised pink lips... He wanted to just take the artist right then and there... but tonight will be special being their first time together. He kissed Leonardo again at the thought.

Leonardo groaned, kissing Ezio back deeply. He felt his exposed body becoming chilled from the midnight air and yet feverishly hot as it begged to be touched again. He shifted his wrists a bit, but Ezio had him firmly. It didn't hurt, but the assassino was clearly indicating that he wanted Leonardo to be still and let him do this his way.

"Bastardo..." he whispered.

The chocolate haired man only smiled at his love staring in adoration and desire. The look in Ezio's eyes nearly took Leonardo's breath away.

"Where is the oil?" he whispered into Leonardo's ear before kissing it slowly. Leonardo shook his head, scrunching his eyes tightly. He took the hint and left it at that

Ezio lifted his hand to Leonardo's lips and slid his fingers into his mouth and the painter flushed a little. After a moment Leonardo obligingly sucked on them, flicking his tongue teasingly against the assassin's long, slender digits as he got them good and wet, which he knew was what he wanted.

Ezio shuddered at the deliberately sensual and suggestive stroking of Leonardo's tongue against his fingers. Leonardo's innocence was something enjoyed and frankly turned him on even more. Despite his need, Ezio took a good long time preparing Leonardo. He didn't want to put him through any discomfort in the absence of olive oil.

Leonardo was aroused enough to enjoy the ministrations, but not so much so that he got impatient with the slow progress. His slender hands explored Ezio's muscular body, playing with his hardening nipples. Finally, Ezio withdrew his fingers and replaced them with something longer, wider and more satisfying. The painter gave a soft sound that was half growl, half purr as Ezio pushed slowly into his body.

The assassin inhaled in agonized delight at the tight, moist, gripping heat and he held onto Leonardo as he thrust forward more firmly, pushing until their hips were flush and he'd claimed the delightful body as far as it could go. Leonardo's body felt amazing, he had no idea he would feel like this. Leonardo was the first man he had even been with and most definitely the last. Ezio had never desired any man until Leonardo. Ezio liked women but loved Leonardo.

Leonardo gasped at the penetration, though it wasn't as bad thanks to the preparation he had earlier. Suddenly Ezio shivered, his slow, steady rhythm nearly breaking. Leonardo felt the assassin fumble slightly, jerking within him. The tight heat swallowed him and Leonardo unintentionally shifted his hips causing pleasure in Ezio's direction

"Ah!" it was Ezio's turn to groan audibly, his thrusts quickly becoming harder and more urgent. The assassin keened, grabbing Leonardo's thighs and pulling them more forcibly apart as he drove home. The artist gasped at the tight grip on his thighs and felt his legs spread till his bones wouldn't allow any more. Leonardo groaned low in his throat, drawing a deep, shuddering breath in as Ezio pressed even deeper inside him. It was incredible. It was like Ezio was inside him in more ways than one. The assassin thrust deeply into his spread body and Leonardo's head tipped back hard against the pillows. Ezio's hips pulled back, before pushing in again even deeper than physical penetration could manage. He cried out softly, head spinning in delight, his thighs almost shaking as they curled harder around his lover's hips. Ezio smirked, striking the artist's already incredibly sweet spot and Leonardo reallycried out, voice hoarse from bliss.

Ezio groaned loudly, body unexpectedly going into spasm, his fingers punching into the pillows by Leonardo's head, hips flexing down into him. Leonardo's lips parted gasping loudly. There was nothing to stop the tidal wave of pleasure that slammed into him. He felt Ezio's bliss slam into him his body tensed with a burning wave of pleasure and he unconsciously reached for Ezio. He thrust harder and deeper, hips slapping into Leonardo's urgently, he was probably being too rough with Leonardo, but he wasn't aware of it.

Leonardo wrapped his arms around Ezio's back, burying his face against the killer's shoulder and muffling sharp, keening cries of desire. His own body was begging for release and Ezio's beautiful desperation. If Ezio was being too rough with him, he certainly wasn't noticing at the moment. He wanted more.

Ezio wanted more too. Wanted it so badly he could have screamed it to the heavens. He could feel the smaller body below him shaking uncontrollable, knowing Leonardo was at his limits. Leonardo's face was flushed with ecstasy and damp with perspiration, his features tense and awash with ragged pleasure as Ezio shoved him rather violently back and forth on the bed. The bed following their actions, hitting the wall behind it. Ezio was gripping his hips tightly, but his nails hadn't broken the skin. Ezio couldn't feel any blood there. There was only one place he was using hard enough to have accidentally caused his lover to bleed... He was going harder, harder till...

Ezio forced himself to slow to a stop, his heart pounding and his breath still coming in gasps. He burned so badly... but he was struggling to regain himself. He'd lost it for a few minutes there. He'd not been aware or in control of how careful he was or wasn't being with his lover. With strength like his, Ezio had to be careful. Leonardo was so beautifully fragile, an elegant, shy painter. His body a lot different to Ezio's own. His own muscled and tanned, built for a killer. Scars littered his body unlike Leonardo's perfectly untouched skin. He'd not meant to hurt Leo.

Leonardo, however, seemed unaware that he was supposed to be in pain. Everything had felt amazing and he had never felt like that. He let out soft, strangled moan of protest, obviously unaware why his lover had stopped and certainly didn't want him to.

"Oh Ezio, per favore. Non si fermano, dai. Per favore.." He strung out in Italian

Ezio shuddered, unable to resist that plea and his hips rolled, slowly this time, thrusting his length smoothly in and out. The artist hissed in pleasure, pressing back against him. He needed that. He needed Ezio so much. Only Ezio could make him feel like this.

Ezio claimed him again, and again, slowly, carefully, dying by inches with his own desire for more but trying to go easy now and give Leonardo's body a chance to heal while still giving his lover what he wanted. Leonardo moaned softly in frustration, almost whining as he urged the assassin to move a little more urgently.

"Shh, easy, amore," Ezio murmured hoarsely, voice trembling. "Mi dispiace...I took you too hard, Leonardo. Per favore..." he closed his eyes, swallowing roughly as Leonardo's delicious writhing and bucking was threatening to snap his reseeding restraint. "Per favore don't push me. You don't comprendere... I don't want to hurt you. Please..."

It was not like they couldn't have some rough fun. Only it didn't feel right at this moment. It was their first time and he wanted it to be a beautiful night. He couldn't let his own need ruin that right now. If he couldn't do this much, Leonardo probably deserve someone he was less violent, that shared the artist gentle and lovable nature. Leonardo felt a soft, powerful wash of tender emotion throb in his chest. The gesture of Ezio slowing for him meant so much to him. He could feel how much Ezio was trying to show the depth of his undying love. Only then did he realize the pain in his backside but he couldn't care at the moment

"Ti amo" Leonardo gasped out. "But I feel like I'm on fire, I need you. I'm not in pain I promise" the artist begged.

"Then let me fix it..." Ezio murmured, his voice dipping into deeply seductive tones. He pressed down against his lover in a slow, smooth motion, taking him deep and staying there. He rocked slightly back and forth in rapid, little motions, remaining deeply inside the other. His throbbing length pressed firmly and repeatedly on the artist's inner sweet spot.

Leonardo sucked his breath in as he felt the delightful friction combined with the sensation of Ezio being pressed quite firmly against very sensitive places inside him. Ezio seeming to have pulled enough of his control back to have regained his gentle thrusting. Leonardo panted softly, leaning up a little.

'Wow that was good...' the artist thought, still tingling from the deep thrusts. Ezio grinned Leonardo, guessing his thoughts.

"Mmm, Ezio..." Leonardo panted softly, just breathing his lover's name for the joy of saying it. His hands glided up and down the killer's perspiration slicked back as the other man made thorough and complete love to him in every way, perfect body rocking against him now in a steady, graceful rhythm that fulfilled, but did not remotely hurt. Leonardo was shocked with the sudden kiss he received.

Leonardo kissed Ezio back, strongly, sweetly, trembling with pleasure as they moved together, chests rising and falling, bodies rocking and pushing together intimately on the bed, being watched by the moon and stars. Ezio was loving him very tenderly now, yet still making it incredible. Leonardo wondered if the assassin knew how amazing he was. How amazingly safe and adored he made Leonardo feel. He wished he could let Ezio know his thoughts.

The thoughts swirled in Leonardo's mind as he felt his body starting to tense, his abdomen quivering slightly as his lover's lavish tending pushed him to the edge. Leonardo pushed lightly trembling fingers through Ezio's chocolate hair and kissed him. Ezio's hair fell out from its loose pontytail. His hips jerked softly in Ezio's grip, breath trembling.

"Ti amo!" Ezio reassured, breathing harshly against the others lips. Leonardo's hips twitched a couple of times, warm heat spreading between their bodies, soft cries escaping his flushed, kiss-swollen lips as his orgasm approached. Leonardo's voice grew loud and moaned loudly. The blonde clung to Ezio desperately feeling Ezio's erection twitch inside him. Leonardo spread his legs as far as he could feeling. Ezio plunged in deeper giving a moan of surprise.

Leonardo felt his orgasm as it shook him to the core of his existence. He felt Ezio's deliciously firm rod inside him. Ezio was lost in the beauty of Leonardo's release, he moved slightly faster sensing the predicament the other was in. He could feel the man beneath him tensing immensely as his orgasm spread through his body. Ezio's felt his lungs stutter as Leonardo brought him to his own end. Ezio's framed shook against Leonardo's as the heat enveloped his body. With the last thrust he buried himself deep inside his lover, releasing his love into the other.

Leonardo's body trembled in the aftermath of powerful release, his head swimming contentedly. Everything felt beautiful and pleasant. He felt Ezio warm juice flood his insides and shuddered. Ezio soon collapsed onto Leonardo's as he recovered from the wonderful feeling.

Leonardo could feel his sleep now approaching as his tired eyes forced themselves to stay alert. Ezio pulled himself of the smaller body to lay next to him, pulling the blanket over the two. The assassin wrapped his arms around the artist who was trying to keep himself from falling asleep. Ezio felt his heart tug before leaning to give his love a quick lovingly kiss.

"Sleep now mio amore"

At those words, Leonardo felt sleep consume him, exhausted and spent though never felt more happy. The chocolate haired man watched the sleeping Leonardo before he himself felt himself fall alseep.


"It's done" a man in a familiar looking robe spoke softly. The other's company looked at him before back into the window where the two lovers snuggled. He nodded in affirmation.

"I'll report back" he spoke briefly before jumping to his feet and leaving. The man watched the retreating figure head back to the base. He rose to his feet before giving one last glance at the assassin and his unknown lover.

The mission was about to commence. He jumped from the rooftop to the cold stone floor. The night sky was like a cold blanket over Venice. Only the star's sparkle could match the moon it its shine. The robbed man walked through the streets to retrieve the bodies of Belgrae and Dametrae.

Far from the scene the other man entered a large villa. Inside it was very large, large crosses on the marble walls a signature for all Templar's. Many other robbed templar's filled the room. It was seemingly quite as he strode through the large room. He passed his fellow men before walking up a flight of stairs. At the end of the staircase were a large heavy door with cravings all over. He approached the door before knocking. The large doors were pulled open by two men from the inside. The templar walked through the door to be confronted by a elderly man seated on a throne. He had piercing golden eyes accompanied by large eyes bags. Grey bangs covered his forehead and a long black robe.

"Segnala." the man ordered. His voice was thick and aged.

"The assassin in being involved with a man named Leonardo. We still have to collect information on Leonardo. We have enough evidence to believe they are romantically involved." the man started. The elderly leader raised an eyebrow in curiosity and doubt.

"Ezio Auditore held him with great care and devotion. Many kisses were shared. Their act of sodomia was gentle and he spoke words of amore" the templar explained.

"Interessante" he whispered to himself. A moment of silence before the elder looked back at the man. "What of Dametrae... and Belgrae?"

"Flilipo will collect their bodies"

"Well the deed is done" the templar elder replied, disregarding the two deaths quickly. "I want more information on the other boy. Till then..." He ordered before waving him off.


Leonard's eyes slowly fluttered open, revealing expressive blue eyes. The artist slowly rose as he stretched out his limps. A light blush crawled over his lightly freckled cheeks as he realized he was still naked. The events of last night flooded back to him making him feel embarrassed and exposed. His eyes lead to the open window glancing outside. The morning rays reflected off the rooftops. The blonde then casted his eyes to the empty spot next to him. Before he had the time to feel upset at the loneness, the assassino appeared at his doorway smirking. The chocolate haired man was smirking as he lent against the door frame. Leonardo jumped in surprise, pulling the sheet to his neck in a attempt to cover himself.

"No need to cover up, you showed me everything last night" Ezio chuckled. Leonardo just pouted, averting his sea foam eyes back out the window. Ezio smiled notherless. "Since your awake now, I will take you out to breakfast" Ezio offered. Leonardo smiled brightly

"Oh, Gracie" Leonardo cheered, enthusiasm once again taking over.

Ezio smiled before leaving the room to allow the artist to dress himself in privacy. He walked downstairs which lead to the main room. Everything in the room was untouched, still the same as yesterday. He noticed on the bench were the lavender, sadly dying. He moved over to the dying plant before taking the few lavender sticks and putting them into the bin. Ezio would have to get him some lavender before he had to leave Venice soon... Ezio shook his head at the thought before he heard steps coming down the rickety staircase. He turned to meet his lover. He was wearing his usual blue and high boots. He strode over to the working bench where his beret was resting. The painter pulled it on before smiling at Ezio.