The world we knew
Won't come back
The time we've lost
Can't get back
The life we had
Won't be ours again

This world will never be
What I expected
And if I don't belong

Even if I say
It'll be alright
Still I hear you say
You want to end your life
Now and again we try
To just stay alive
Maybe we'll turn it all around
'Cause it's not too late
It's never too late

All but memories remain.

Ezio walked silently next to Leonardo as he happily chatted away. The assassin made a sincere effort to pay attention to everything the artist was saying but he soon found himself lost in thought. They had a beautiful morning together, spending it at a lovely breakfast cottage owned by a cult. Also the wonderful night they had shared. The cult were about animal protection and helping the environment. It was a good place to take Leonardo. The food wasn't even that bad. His thoughts kept straying to his missions. He was due to leave again but he hadn't let Leonardo know that their day was going to end a little. Leaving the artist seemed a lot difficult now.

They had made it back to Leonardo's home. The artist was on his way to open the door for them when Ezio pulled Leonardo away from the door. The artist looked confused and seeing the expression on his lover's features made him feel concern for the other.

"What is wrong mio amico?" Leonardo asked, worried deep etched in his comforting voice. Ezio couldn't go back in the house. It would be too hard for him to leave then.

"I... Mi dispiace Leonardo. I have to leave now" Ezio admitted, turning to look at anything else other then Leonardo's face. He didn't want to see the hurt, disappointed look he knew would be there. There was a moment for silence before Ezio's eyes were forced to widen. Something he didn't expect.

The blonde painter had reached forward and pulled Ezio into an embrace. The assassin returned the hug after his shock left him. He pulled back to see his lover's face. Leonardo, his love was giving a faint smile, inside was a hint of sadness but he tried to cover it up.

"It's fine Ezio" Leonardo replied. He was smiling and Ezio knew it was a false smile. "You have no say in the matter, besides its your job."

"I guess it is"

Leonardo turned his back to Ezio before attempting to retreat to his house. Ezio watched him for a moment before grabbing Leonardo. He pushed the artist into his door that was almost to be unlocked. Ezio brought his lips down to Leonardo's own in a bruising war of emotions. Instantaneously he felt Leonardo return the kiss with equal force. The intensity of the kiss made it hard to where one started and ended. Ezio's hand reached around to wrap around the blonde's waist pulling their bodies together.

Leonardo gave a quite gasp at the feeling but soon melted into the touch he had been longing for. He didn't hesitate to wrap his arms around the man's muscular neck tightly, bringing them ever closer. The two stayed like that, not moving. None wanting to break from the feeling. But someone had to.

Ezio gently pulled away from Leonardo, giving him more one peck. He knew if he stayed longer it would be impossible to leave. A tanned hand came to the painter's face, flicking away some strands out of Leonardo's face.

"I'm going to miss you ti amo" Ezio whispered honestly. Leonardo's face was pained. "But I'll be back as soon as I can" he reassured.

Leonardo nodded before feeling Ezio pry himself away from his body. The artist already felt the other's heat leave him, feelings his own body freeze up. Already he could feel the pain of isolation. The assassin began to back away giving him one last look before turning and leaving. Leonardo watched till the man disappeared in the crowds of people. Once he sure the assassin had left he moved inside. He walked through the door and down the small flight of stairs until he reached his work room. It was the same as yesterday.

The paints he had just bought were still packaged. Finding that as a good distraction he moved to the stool in the middle of the room where his current work was located and seated himself comfortably. Slowly he picked up the paint brush and dipped its hairs into the wet paint before applying it to the unfinished artwork. Leonardo quickly cheered himself up by occupying himself. Besides, there was work to be done.

Leonardo made some good progress on his commissions. He had completely painted the first one, not one of his best but was acceptable. He lifted it gently and maneuvered it to the rack he had in the corner and placed it upon there to dry. He moved back to his stool and began on another one.

The artist had began to roughly sketch the second commission according to the details. This was supposed to be out of proportion but the use of colors was what the commissioner wanted. By the time the artist had finally begun to get anywhere with the artwork, he abruptly dropped the charcoal he was holding.

He wrinkled his nose before quickly turned away from the canvas and sneezed heavily. The smell of paints and charcoal began to heavily coat the air thickly. He turned to the bench and noticed his lavender had been thrown out. No wonder why the air's scent seemed to be out of placed, he needed new lavender leaves.

Leonardo stood from his stool before stretching out, hearing the tensed muscles and bones crack. A slight pain in his back side caused him to hunch over in pain. His body was finally receiving its punishment for last night's activities. He blushed at the receding pain, before dismissing it. He dusted his clothes quickly before rotating his red hat till it was in place. Leonardo smiled once everything was in place before moving to the door and headed out.

The artist walked out onto the streets of Venice before realizing it was almost noon. He was so cooped up inside he hadn't known he missed out on lunch.

"Silly me" Leonardo laughed to himself.

The blonde man passed several people before making it to a secluded shopping district. He pulled out his pouch, noticing it almost weightless. He winced knowing the outcome was not good. He peered into his pouch and counting his florins. 20f he counted. Leonardo sighed before walking to the flower stand. He was confronted by the shop's owner. It was a elderly lady named Gwendolyn. She owned this stand and Leonardo knew he quite well since he only bought his lavender from her.

"Buonasera Leonardo!" She greeted immediately after recognizing him. She moved from behind her stand to peck Leonardo on both of his cheeks. Leonardo shared her enthusiasm.

"Mio Amico, Un piacere vederla signora! It's been awhile" Leonardo replied. She smiled happily genuinely happy to see the lavender lover. Leonardo's expressive eyes scanned the many flowers before quickly finding the purple leaves. Gwendolyn lent down to the lavender and picked five fine, healthy leaves before handing them to the young man.

Leonardo looked at them before shaking his head at her and trying to hand them back. The elderly woman was a little taken back. She tried to understand while not being offended.

"What's the problem Leonardo?"

"I can only buy two signora" Leonardo explained, desperately trying to hand the others back. Gwendolyn then smiled in understanding.

"It's ok, the others are a gift" she insisted. Leonardo looked down at the leaves before at the woman.

"I couldn't possibly..."

"Leonardo, per favore"

The artist gave her a hard look before accepting the offer. The lavender were placed in a small carry bag before Leonardo emptied his pouch to Gwendolyn.

"Gracie, Gwendolyn." Leonardo beamed. She said her goodbyes before waving him off. Leonardo left smiling, that woman always made him forget his worries. Probably the only woman he actually likes.

Leonardo headed back to his workshop. The street were busy at this time and he knew the thieves were out at this time, snooping around. Although he had no money for them to steal. He laughed bitterly to himself at the raw joke. The sun was creating orange and red to scatter the sky as they sun began to say it goodbyes. He had sketched a picture of the sunset once, finding it to be beautiful and peaceful.

Leonardo was pulled from his thoughts when he reached home. He unlocked the large door, earning a slight click from the wooden door. Leonardo pushed the door open before closing the door behind him. He put the key into his pocket before moving to the glass that held his previous lavender sticks. He pulled all five from the packaging and placing them all inside the container. Leonardo could instantly smell the aroma of the purple plant.

A loud knock soon echoed throughout the house. Leonardo raised his eye brow in wonder of who could be at his door. He strode to the door before opening it fully.

"Ciao, are you Leonardo Da vinci?" the man asked politely. The artist examined the man. He didn't look familiar at all. He wore a dark robe with red coloring the inside of the robe. He had his hood pulled down, the man's light brown hair spiking up softly.

"Si. How may I be of service?" Leonardo asked. He presumed it was just another patron wanting some art.

"I have heard you do paintings, and are quite well" the man inquired smiling.

"That's nice haha" Leonardo laughed nervously, hand going to rest on the door frame. "Mi dispiace but I don't know your name amico"

"Oh, my apologies. My name is Luigi Borgia, it's a pleasure" Luigi greeted, reaching out to shake Leonardo's. The artist obliged taking the other man's hand. Leonardo smiled politely.

"Luigi, if its art you have come for, certainly amico, but I am quite busy with other assignments. Perhaps another time" Leonardo replied as politely as he could muster.

Leonardo noticed Luigi's features drop from a friendly smile to a serious frown. The painter began to close the door giving his deepest apologies. Before Leonardo could close the door he felt a extremely hard force on the other side of the door. The artist stumbled backwards and Luigi forced the door open and stepped into his home. The robed man closed the door behind him, flicking the lock on the door. Leonardo could his throat dry up feeling like a trapped bird, in his own home.

"Oh no no, I insist" Luigi spoke with a scary grin. He slowly approached Leonardo, like a lion stalking its prey. Dear heavens no


Ezio stared ahead, his horse galloping on the path to Monteriggioni. He had a few things to check up at the villa and collect the money he earn from the chest before he was going to retrieve his assignment with Mario.

He wasn't feeling so sure about leaving Leonardo by himself but he had no other choice. With every step his horse took away from Venice he could feel himself becoming more and more concerned. The Templar's who attack him out of nowhere had been so random, it made no logical sense. Sure Templar's and assassin's will fight at first site but he words kept echoing.

Now that my mission is complete... Ezio wondered what he could have been talking about. Ezio Auditore was still alive, how was his mission complete. Maybe the Templar just want to play a mind game and try to drive him insane.

You will be undone.. The Assassin's eyes narrowed. He had to stop making excuses. Obviously they were up to no good as per usual.

Ezio pulled at his reins causing his horse to stop, he tugged at his horse to change direction. He just had to check on Leonardo. Maybe he should have spent the night. To keep him safe and happy. Ezio felt himself grow with adrenaline as he headed back to Venice at full speed. All he could do at this moment was to hope. Hope for one thing.

Please be ok Leonardo...

The Auditore assassin rode quickly through the terrain. The horses feet clicking on the dirt path as the stallion raced against the wind. Ezio looked towards the sky, watching the sun sink into horizon creating a red sky. The gallop back to Venice was a seemingly long once which in reality took no more than an hour. The assassin jumped from his horse leaving the animal at Venice's gates with the other horses.

The chocolate haired man ran into the largely overpopulated city, shoving the people out of his way. He knew every corner and street of Venice, taking a few turns which was a quicker path to his lover's house. Ezio soon found himself knocking at Leonardo's door urgently.

"Leonardo, open up" he demanded, knocking even harder on the door. He felt the door budge slightly. He looked to find it slightly open but something on the other side was stopping the door from being pushed open. He raised an eyebrow before placing his palms on the cold wooden door. With not much needed strength he easily pushed the door open.

Ezio's eyes couldn't help but to widen. Leonardo's workshop had been turned upside down, literally upside down. He walked to the main room, feeling his heart ache painfully. Paint had been spilt all over the floor accompanied with broken paint brushes. Some of Leonardo's painting had been destroyed only a few survived the attack. Tables were flipped and he noticed a the broken glass in the corner that previously held lavender sticks.

The assassin's fisted clenched at his sides as searched the room. A small glitter caught his eyes. His feet made a slickening noise as he walked over the wet paint and crunched on the paint brushes on the floor. He walked to the small item on the floor and knelt down to it.

Obviously this item was left behind for him. In spite, to tease and tempt him.

Slowly and calmly he lifted up the small item by the chain. A red cross dangled dangerous in front of the assassin. He clenched his hand around the necklace before tossing it across the room as if it were dangerously hot. The necklace made a clatter as it hit the wall and slid to the floor. The assassin stood to his feet, anger almost seeping through his skin. Ezio turned to leave the workshop, he would return but first, he needed to release his anger...


"Ezio signore, are you feeling fine?"

Ezio's attention snapped to the woman spoke. It was one of his newest assassin's recruited. The assassin leader was quite in thought before speaking.

"Bene. I want every assassin back here. Abandon all missions to return here, I have a more important request at hand" Ezio explained. The apprentices he had recruit subsequentically devoted themselves to learning the way of the Assassin order. Ezio had every mind bent on that the Borgia were also involved with these Templar's. Each of the apprentices who had joined the Brotherhood had given themselves to Ezio as their leader who had saved them from the hold Borgia had on them. The Brotherhood had steadily grew over time to what it is now. It had a lot more improvements to be done but it was at a good pace. They operated with both male and female who were instructed in combat, pick pocketing, blending and running to become a full fledged assassin

The brunette stood to his feet after clarifying what must be done. The woman apprentice nodded before taking off to gather the rest of the assassin's. Ezio didn't just have his own order of assassin. The assassin's also worked closely with the thieves of Italia. That which led him to the thieves guild where he would find Rosa and Antonio. When he entered the district, immediately he was met with Antonio who spot him instantly.

"Ezio, you seemed troubled" the Italian man observed.

"I need help" Ezio asked.

"What would that be" came a distant voice. The two men turned to the familiar voice and saw Rosa enter the guild. She approached them noticing Ezio's angry but composed self.

" A scandalous group of Templar's have taken Leonardo" The assassin spat. The two thieves were in surprise and Ezio continued. "I had an encounter with two of the men before I met with Leonardo. I killed them but somehow they sent word out of Leonardo's location and... importance"

Ezio didn't miss a flicker of emotion in Antonio's eyes. He had seen Leonardo and Antonio quickly build a friendship. The two had grown quite close.

"Cazzo. I don't understand why the Templar's are involved with Leonardo-" Antonio objected but Rosa just placed a gentle hand on his chest before looking at her assassin friend with understanding brown eyes.

"Just tell us what you need done" Rosa ended. Ezio smiled but he was evidently still enraged and concerned. The dark haired female took a step towards her friend. "Ezio, we will find him" she assured. Ezio only nodded at her.

"I want eyes and ears all around Venice. If anything of valuable information, I want to be notified directly and straight away"

"Of course!" Antonio said, he himself beginning to become affected by Leonardo's disappearance.

"Where is La Volpe?" Ezio asked. "I have to find him"

"He should be in Rome at this time. He probably won't know anything about it yet" Rosa admitted. Ezio inhaled deeply.

"Alright, I'm leaving now" Ezio spoke before turning his back to his friends and leaving the guild.


Leonardo felt a harsh sting that ripped him from the pools of unconsciousness and back into cold hard reality. His pale blue eyes ripped themselves open, having gone too fast resulting in a blinding till he regain sight again. His vision slowly poured back. The artist saw a pair of blurry boots near his face. He heard the sounds of people talking around him but he couldn't focus himself.

The blonde's memories rushed back to him. He remembered the man who had entered his house. Luigi was it? Leonardo wished he was a little more aware of the man when he said he was part of the Borgia family. From what Ezio had explain to him that the Borgia and Templar's were closely joined. Leonardo felt his inner turmoil panic and he began to feel his limbs come back to him. His arms and legs were tingling, like pins and needles being stabbed into them repeatedly.

Leonardo was brought to life when he gasped for air, like it was the first breath he ever took. The people talking around became crystal clear along with his noticed the boots scamper around on the marble floor. He tried to move his arms but failed when they wouldn't budge. He felt a sharp rope tied tightly bounding his wrists together behind him. He was laying on the cold stone, cheek becoming frozen from the cool touch. He cried in discomfort before struggling slightly. The action seemed to capture the attention of his captors as he heard young voice snicker.

"Oh Vedere, he was waking up now" One of the men spoke. Leonardo jumped to attention as a man knelled down in front of him. The artist tried to pulled himself off the floor but found it useless when his hands were tied.

"Great to see you have finally joined us" the man in front of him mocked. The artist lifted his head to inspect his surroundings.

The room was very spacious, and empty. It was marble, lit up by many hanging lights. The place had a chilling feeling which kept giving him Goosebumps. He was brought alert when he felt large hands against his bound arms, pulling him up. Leonardo struggled till he stood in his own feet. The man behind him held him tightly and he could feel the others hot husiky breath against his neck causing him to shiver.

"What is happening?" Leonardo asked, trying to hide any fear and worry in his voice. The men only laughed which caused the artist to blush in anger. "You have no right to keep me here like this"

"Oh, on the contrary. We have every reason to keep you here" the man in front spoke. Leonardo watched him carefully as the man moved forward and reached out to play with his medium hair.

"Enlighten me" Leonardo snapped back. He flicked his head to the side causing the man to lose his grip in his hair. The other seemed displeased at the action and roughly grabbed his face and turning it back towards him.

"You Leonardo Da vinci are not an innocent man! You are a traitor to human society" The man spat, roughly holding his face in place. (That rhymed :3)

"How can you accuse me like that" the artist shot back.

"You are a traitor to god! You have betrayed society in the act of sodomy! And with an assassin no less. Also to have falling in love with him!"

Leonardo only then showed real fear as his eyes widened to their fullest. He tried to turn his face away from the man's expression but with no avail. He averted his eyes to the side, feeling terrible uncomfortable.

"I-i..." Leonardo nervously tried but he couldn't form words. The man only replied with his fist as he punched the artist's fragile face. Leonardo yelped at the painful attack as his face snapped to the side. He stayed like that for a moment, biting his lip as his cheek stung. The long blonde bangs covered his face. His red hat barely hanging into his scalp. The man behind him held him firmly against his own bigger and built body.

"Traitor you are!" he snapped furiously. The man once again gripped Leonardo's face to make him look. Instead of the fierce screams he received the man leaned in closer until his lips practically touched Leonard's ear lobe. "Since you enjoy things up your ass, maybe we could attend to that" he whispered so lightly Leonardo barely heard it. He stared at the Templar in shock, before shaking his head to the side quickly. His composure was finally breaking.

"No... you mustn't! Per favore..." Leonardo pleaded. He felt the Templar behind him shift and he tried to pull away but the other Templar pushed his own body against Leonardo's trapping him in between them. The man ignored his pleas and brushed away the artist's blonde hair so he could gain access to the other's neck. Leonardo tried to buck the other off but the man behind him placed a meaty hand on his forehead pulling his head back so its rest against his broad shoulder. At that moment his felt his red beret fall off his head and toppled to the floor. "You yourself said it g-goes against god" Leonardo struggled to breathe out. He felt his neck was going to break from the force of having it pulled back so far.

Leonardo clenched his eyes shut, completely trapped. The two men holding him in place refused to stop any of the actions upon his body. Leonardo could see two more Templar's nearby just watching him. He swallowed deeply and tried to cut himself out so he didn't feel anything.

The Templar began sucking on the artist's neck becoming a little rougher and began to bite it. He felt the man's hands ghost above clothed chest before sliding down slowly. Leonardo gulped as the man rested his hands on his rump.

"Do you enjoy this?" the man spoke teasingly. The moved his fingers into Leonardo breeches moving his hands down to grasp Leonardo's cheeks and roughly massaged them. "Or do you only want the Assassin to touch you here?" the mocked. Leonardo felt as if he could die.

"Auturo, the master wants to meet the hostage" a voice interrupted. Leonardo felt his stomach do a belly flop as the man hesitantly pulled back. Leonardo turned to glance at his partial savior. It was a woman who wear the same robes as everyone else in this building. Auturo looked at her before at Leonardo with a smirk.

"We will have to continuare this another time" he said, pretending to sound sad and disappointed. Leonardo watched as the woman walked to a large pair of doors and held it open for them. Auturo pulled a gesture at the man behind him and Leonardo felt the man's grip tighten before forcing him to walk. The artist had no strength to put up a fight having been so ruffled up. The large man escorted him through the door and the first thing Leonardo noticed was the thrown. There was an elderly man seated upon it observing Leonardo intensely as he was forced to enter the room. The man walked him to the center of the room before throwing him to the floor.

The artist collapsed instantly into a heap on the floor. He was able to sit up despite having no use of his arms. He stared at the old man who was staring down at him. He wasn't glaring, just watching...

"Leonardo Da vinci, I have heard some interesting facts about you" The old man's voice croaked. The old man waited for a reply he knew he wouldn't get. "You know Sodomy results in the death penalty" he spoke ahead.

"I don't believe you kidnapped me to press accusations. To go through all this trouble." Leonardo admitted weakly.

"So they call you smart for a reason" the older interjected. "But foremost you are quite right. Ezio Auditore have caused to many problems and kinks in our plan, he needs to be disposed of as quickly as possible. It was so convenient for him to show us his ultimate weakness which will lead to his downfall. There was no way he could have kept you a secret for so long." Leonardo slightly shifted, trying to compose himself.

"Y-you're wasting your time" Leonardo tried.

"I can tell your lying. I can see you shaking from fear." The elder Templar admitted. Leonardo shook his head stubbornly causing the elder's anger to slightly flicker in frustration. "For your sake, you better wish he'd come for you.


Ezio frustration grew to insane amounts. Leonardo had been missing for three days now and he hadn't heard anything of Leonardo's whereabouts. What were the Templar's doing, just going to stash him away? If they wanted to use him at bait they needed to leak a bit of information. Ezio Auditore hated not knowing things. He despised not being able to be 100% sure of something.

Ezio sat perched on a seat in Venice. He had been unable to get proper sleep since his lover's disappearance. It was driving him insane. He needed to know that Leonardo was ok. He couldn't help but thinking this was all his fault. If he had been just a bit more careful or had he not been an assassin. Perhaps he would be able to hold the painter then.

Ezio's snapped out from his reverie quietly as he notice someone sit rather close to him. Without moving his eyes glanced at the man who sat beside him. He looked away and crossed his arms leaning back

"Took your time" Ezio's voice spoke in monotone. The man shifted beside him and fixed his hood pulling it over his head even more. "Gilberto"

Ezio's voice was hard stone cold. The voice Ezio had taken on hadn't not been the freakiest part though. What made Ezio so insubstantial and bloodcurdling was how terribly calm he was. The assassin was obviously not his is right mind now, clouded by vengeance and revenge. It was even more frightening then when he had watched his family die by the sturdy rope. Ezio's demeanor was like a long suspended volcano awaiting for the perfect opportunity to erupt. Ezio couldn't give away the last person who had made him feel such emotions to the Templar's. They had already destroyed his family, he wasn't going to allow it to happen with his love.

"Scuza..." the fox replied quietly. Ezio remained silent, gesturing for him to continue which the fox obliged. "The Templar's have been covering all their tracks. The information I did discover had been through a small leak. It may have no relevance to Leonardo whatsoever amico. I only happened to stumble upon the Intel by accident. It's a less likes situation" the older man explained.

"It better to have something then nothing mio amico" Ezio replied sternly. La Volpe studied the assassin briefly before nodding.

"Inside the poorer district of Venice, there lies a man name Fredrickson Belovornia. He was preaching to a few people about sodomy warning them of the betrayel against god, and the Templar's. He went on about a man who was captured for the accusations they imprinted on him"

"Alright, I will find him" Ezio spoke and then moved to sit up but before he could move an inch, he was grabbed by the man's strong arm.

"Don't be hasty. He could have just lost his mind Ezio. I don't even though if the man taken by the Templar's even exists, we could be wasting our time"

"If being hasty causes me to run into a dead end..." Ezio started, voice dripping with venom causing the fox to release him immediately. La Volpe could only watch as the assassin got up and left but muttered on last thing. "...Then I have too lost my mind."