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I didn't play the game (too much of a wuss to even play it), so I watched playthroughs instead (oh, Cry 3), and words cannot even describe how disappointed I am at the true ending. Yes, I know it's the 'true' ending, but I'm still pissed :/

And Dio! I almost cried when I knew that he wouldn't be able to live (well, he was already dead in the first place, but never mind that). You know that feeling when you finished a movie/tv series/book/etc and you still feel empty afterwards, like there should be more to the ending but there's none? Yeah, that's what I felt after the ending.

So I thought I should extend it, to what happened after the true ending!

By the way, to those who don't know, 'Dio' is the golden-haired boy who kissed Aya on the forehead in the true ending. It's not his real name, and he wasn't given an official name, so many people call him by the name 'Dio', so it would be easier to address him.

Warning: Don't read if you haven't finished the game, or finished watching other people finish the game.

Chapter 1 What Happened After

Aya looked sadly at the burning mansion. She heard Maria walk further away, but she couldn't help it. She just had to stare at the house. As she looked on, her thoughts wandered to the strange man who called himself Ogre. She was worried that the man might not make it, but then again, he is…quite strange, after all. Aya was sure he was fine. She then picked up Snowball and followed Maria, but she saw a book on the ground and picked it up.

Already quite far, Maria stopped. Aya wasn't following her and she was worried.

"Mistress?" Suddenly, as if hearing her call, her young mistress came running towards her. "What is the matter?"

"Hmm…nothing. Let's go." And after that, Aya walked hastily in front of her.

"The mistress is very hardy…" Maria said to herself as she watched Aya walk. "Even after that harsh experience, she walks on without shedding a tear." Maria knows they will do fine, but she can't shake the feeling of uneasiness as she quietly followed after Aya into the forest.

As Aya went further into the forest, she let her mind wader away again, but this time it was about a certain golden-haired boy who gave her a kiss on the forehead before parting ways. At first she felt flushed as she remember the kiss, but then an unexplainable sadness hit her as she realized that she will never be able to see him again.


"Hmm…" A young boy lying down in the forest moaned in pain as he struggled to open his eyes. The sun was awfully bright, and it was stinging his eyes, making it water. After he was captured by that mad doctor, it has been a while since he saw actual sunlight, and he was overjoyed for a moment until he realized that something was off. "Wait a second…am I…?"

The boy stood up and touched his head and chest. "Why…?"

'Surprised, aren't you?' A female voice said to him.

"Mrs. Drevis! I thought you were…! And I'm…"

'Hush, dear. I don't have much time left, so I will explain everything as detailed as a brief explanation will allow.' The voice was soft, and the boy immediately stopped talking. 'After I showed my daughter what she needed to see, I thought that I have exhausted all of my powers. As you can see right now, I was proven wrong, and I used what was left of my powers to resurrect you.'

"I am grateful of what you have done." The boy bowed. "But why?"

'Yes, I was getting to that. Thanks to you, my daughter escaped from my husband. I should be relieved now, but somehow I still can't rest in peace, and it's not because of the maid, that I am sure of. I don't trust the maid, yet I need someone to look after my daughter. After observing her for a while, she showed some characteristics similar to my husband, and if there is no one there to guide her, she will surely follow the path of her father. There have been too many sacrifices already, and I don't want my daughter to lead the same life as her father. I resurrected you because I trust that you will look after Aya and lead her back to the light if ever she has gone astray.'

"But, I thought resurrection was impossible…" The boy looked down at his own hands. They were warm and had the color of normal flesh, just like a living human's.

'Though it drained a considerable amount of my energy, it wasn't that hard. You still had your body, and your soul was intact, too. All I needed to do was to revive your body while connecting it with your soul at the same time. The hard part was to bring you out of the burning mansion unscathed.'

"I see…" The boy then touched the right part of his face. The skin felt perfect and flawless, unlike the scarred one he possessed before, and he had his right eye back. "I am ever so grateful to be given the chance of living again. I shall see to it that your daughter lives a normal life. However, I don't know where they currently are right now…"

'You don't need to thank me. This is just a small gift for all the times you've helped my daughter and an advance thank you if you protect her well in the future.' Though he couldn't see her, he knew that she was standing in front of him. 'And I'm afraid my powers are limited. Aya and the maid have gone too far for me sense their location and I cannot leave this place.'

The boy bowed again. "It's alright. Whatever it takes I will track them down."

'Thank you. By the way, I still don't know your name. Mind telling me before I fade completely?'

The boy hesitated for a while. "I don't have any parents, so I don't have a given name, but people who knew me in the past called me Dio."

'Alright. Then, Dio, find my daughter and make sure she doesn't repeat history…' The voice faded in the wind as Monika Drevis' soul disappeared, leaving Dio all alone in the forest.

And, it's kinda short, but this chapter is more of a prologue than a real chapter. I'll try to make it longer in the future.

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