Tenchi Muyo: Choices & Consequences: Epilogue

I do not own Tenchi Muyo, or any of its characters or ideas, but I wish I did. As for this story, it was written as a sort of what if, while I wait for the OVA 3 (to be released in 2003) and GXP to be releases stateside. To my knowledge, it's only in Japanese at the moment and not even subtitled yet. I started on this after wondering, what if he actually did make a choice?

AN: It has been pointed out to me that the characters are a bit OOC, well unfortunately that was the only way I could think of to get Ayeka & Ryoko to actually share Tenchi. So I bent a few rules and I did not hold 100 true to the series. I'm sorry that I didn't keep it true if it annoyed anyone. However, I wanted to see if I could bring the three of them together.

I want to send a very BIG THANKS out to Doug and Ring Princess for helping me with this story's plot and Robert and Johnny for helping with my many spelling and grammar errors.

From Last time:

Later that night, as the rest of residents of the valley slept. Tenchi and Ryoko did just as he had suggested earlier, and with the aid of his new abilities the two of them created their own mile high club, though they did not need the plane. Washu watched them for as long as she thought she should, then placing a shield around them she made sure that no one else could see them, before she returned to her bed, and the one that waited on her there.

Several times she had stopped to think about it, and each time it felt rather surreal when it came to the way things had changed around the house. Ayeka and Ryoko were getting along, at least for the most part. And when they did fight it was not over Tenchi per say. However she shuddered at the thought of them two sharing a bed, even if Tenchi were in it two, as she would have hated to be him. Jet he did it every night, and not just since they returned from their training. But he had spent five years with only them in her time chamber. Even though all three of them thanked her for the time together, she still said a silent apology to them for it. When she turned to go into her room a smile appeared on her face as she remembered how she and Nobuyuki had started sharing a room.

And now

Tenchi Muyo: Choices & Consequences: Epilogue

As usual, time passes in the Masaki valley, sometimes it passes by at a snails pace, and others it passes so fast it is hard to keep up. Already Tenchi thought that he had somehow got stuck in Washu's time compressor again as time seemed to fly by, yet things seemed to barely be moving. Before he had even realized it the months had passed and the time had come and gone for his grandfather to leave the earth.

On the day that he left there were tears and sadness, but now things seemed to be back to what could be considered normal. Tenchi sat on the couch in the living room attempting to watch a little TV. Though it was something he rarely ever had time to do, he tried anyway. However his mind was not on the TV as it could have been displaying static and he would not have known the difference. He was supposed to be watching the news, waiting for a special broadcast, but in his current state of mind he very easily could have missed it.

"Has it come on yet?" A voice from behind him asked. Even without looking he knew that voice.

"Not yet," he told his wife, though he hoped she did not realize he was not sure.

"Good, then would you…" Ayeka said as she moved around to in front of him and placed something in his lap.

Even as she sat it in his lap a smile appeared on his face. "Of course I will." He said as she handed him what looked like a bundle of blankets wrapped around something.

"Thank you, I have to go help Sasami with Lunch." She told him as she left, but not before placing several items on the table. One of which was a bottle with a white substance in it.

Pulling back the top layer of the blankets he exposed the face of his first child, a baby girl that they had named Kiyone after his mother. Even looking at her now it seemed strange that it has only been a few months since the girl was born. Her birth had come just a month before Yosho had to leave for Jurai, and Tenchi was glad that his grandfather was there to witness her birth. Before he left for Jurai, Nobuyuki had got Washu to take several pictures of Yosho, himself, Tenchi and the new baby.

Hearing a noise from his daughter he cooed at her as she opened her eyes and yawned at him. "Hello there. Let's see what mommy has brought for you," he told her as he reached forward and picked up the bottle. "Looks like it's almost time for lunch, are you hungry?" It was amazing to him in times like this that he really was a father, and even more amazing was Ayeka. Memories of Ayeka trying to take care of Taro filled his mind as he chuckled. But now she seemed to take to being a mother almost naturally. Placing the nipple of the bottle to his daughter's lips she began to suckle on it. "Is that good?" He asked her only to have her begin to cry a moment later. "Oh no… don't cry!"

Holding her close he used his arm to hold her in place while he opened the top. "No wonder you didn't like it." Tenchi began chuckling at first then began to laugh for in the bottle was only the formula powder. He had not seen anyone make this mistake since Ryoko tried to feed the formula to Taro like this.

He was about to say something when a voice shouted out from behind him, "NO WAY! There is no way I am going to let you do that!" He recognized the voice of his other wife immediately and he turned to see her standing at the door to Washu's lab yelling into it.

"But it's just a little test!" Washu retorted as she exited the lab.

"No, no more! Those two tests this morning were more than enough for me!"

"But I had to find out what was making you sick, I designed you so that you'd never get sick!"

"So I threw up a few times big deal!" Ryoko huffed as she sat in the air hovering right beside Tenchi.


"No Butts!"

"Ryoko," Tenchi began. She looked down at him as she was sitting even with his shoulders. "I would like to know what made you sick too."

"See! Even Tenchi agrees with me!" Washu crowed happily as she though the argument was over.

"Mother Washu," he said again, "All I said was I wanted to know. If you've already run two tests on her don't you know yet?"

Washu colored slightly and he thought she was blushing. "Well, you see, I have my computer examining the results right now for the third time, each time they keep coming up with the result that her body is fine.

"Then what's wrong?" Ryoko demanded hotly.

"That's why I want to run this last test! It will tell me everything." She pleaded, but Ryoko would not budge. Finally she added on one last thing. "I was hoping to keep a part of this test as a surprise, but…" she paused as Ryoko looked at her. "Do you remember when I told you that you could not get pregnant the normal way?" Ryoko nodded her head as Tenchi turned sideways on the couch to see things better.

"This test will also allow me to find the best way to help you…"

"To become a mother too!" Ryoko shouted. Holding her ears Washu nodded. Ryoko was still pleasantly shocked when she felt Tenchi's hand grab hers. Looking into his face, into his eyes she saw that he also wanted to know this.

"Miss Ryoko," Ayeka said from the doorway. "If that is possible then why not try it?" She and Ryoko had spent many nights in the onsen talking about Ryoko being a mother after they had discovered that Ayeka had been pregnant. Since finding out that Ryoko could not though their talks had been strained and both felt uneasy about it. Ayeka wanted Ryoko's support, but she felt that she was throwing the fact that Ryoko could not conceive in her face for a long time. But now this might help them get back to their normal conversations in the onsen.

Ryoko too had been thinking along those same lines and turning her eyes back to Washu she told her, "Ok, let's do this." Tenchi pulled her down into a kiss before the two went into the lab again.

Once they were gone Sasami came into the room. "Is it on yet?"

"Huh? Oh! Um…" Tenchi looked back at the TV.

The announcer was saying something that none of them caught but his next words were what they had been eagerly anticipating. "The entire Galactic Community has shown up to be in attendance for Yosho Jurai, the long lost prince of Jurai that set off 700 years ago to defeat the Space Pirate Ryoko. Every race and culture has sent dignitaries to show their support. The Galaxy Police are hard pressed to hold back the supporters…" he continued to ramble on about the different races and people in attendance though the three watching the TV were only worried about Yosho and Mihoshi.

"You don't think they're letting her fly do you?" Tenchi asked worriedly.

"No, brother made sure that since Mihoshi was called to be a part for this that she would be riding on one of the larger cruisers. There is less chance of her causing trouble that way." All of them nodded in agreement.

"Here it comes now, the tree ship Funaho; named after his mother Funaho Jurai. In just a moment the ship will touch down on the surface and the Prince will emerge."

After a few moments the large tree ship touched down and not for the first time did Ayeka think that Washu's help in re-growing the space tree might have been excessive. With the ship coming to a stop the crowed pushed forward to get a glimpse of the returning prince. A light appeared in the air and drifted down before solidifying into a form. Yosho's feet touched the surface of the planet he had been born on and the same place he had last touched 700 years ago. On either side of the prince people were lined up to see him, and ahead of him was a raised dais where his father and mothers stood waiting for him.

He approached them with confident strides though no one knew that inside he was scared. He stopped just a little ways in front of them and greeted them all, first by the formal names and titles, then as his parents before telling them, "My mission is complete, I have returned."

"And what mission was that my son?" The emperor asked out of formality.

"As requested, I have chased down the Space Pirate Ryoko and made sure that she never again poses any trouble to Jurai or any other system."

"Then she is dead?" Funaho asked though she knew quite the opposite.

"The Space Pirate Ryoko is no more." He said with a bow.

"And what of my daughters?" Asked Queen Misaki.

"Yes, Princess Ayeka left in an effort to find you," said the Emperor. He knew that his son and his daughters had been on Earth, but he did not want to divulge that information.

"The Princess Ayeka has found her own place in the universe. Her own quest was not to find me, but to find her own happiness. As such she has found it and has started her own family."

Several gasps were heard and the Emperor ground his teeth in annoyance, he knew what this meant, that Ayeka had wed that earth boy Tenchi.

"And my other daughter, Sasami?" The queen asked.

"She has chosen to stay with her sister for the time being, but she will surely return to Jurai."

In the Masaki house Tenchi was very nervous watching this and he knew that the Emperor was not going to be very kind the next time he shows up. Ayeka having sat next to him while holding their daughter seemed to sense her husband's nervousness. "Don't worry, we will just let him see his granddaughter and he won't be angry anymore."

"I hope you're right," Tenchi told her though he suddenly asked Sasami, "What did grandfather… I mean Yosho mean by that?"

"Oh… well… since Tsunami is a part of me and she is a part of Jurai I will have to return there some time."

Tenchi nodded and recalled when Tsunami had asked him to be strong for Sasami, to show her it would be fine. "I see, when you go… don't stay away for too long."

In an effort to stop her husbands seething the Lady Funaho, Queen Funaho to most, spoke up. "Jurai has not been the only one waiting for you to return." As she spoke she gestured to someone that had been standing off to the side of the dais.

"Who's that?" Both Tenchi and Ryoko asked as they pointed to the woman ant the girl that stepped forward to beside the queens. Ayeka though looked at the TV with her mouth agape.

"And now Prince Yosho," Funaho announced, "Your wife Airi Magma, and your daughter Minaho, they have been waiting for you to return to them."

"HIS WIFE!" Tenchi and Ryoko screamed.

"HIS CHILD!" Ayeka screamed causing everyone else to hold their ears.

Airi approached him, Yosho tried to not let the sweat show or to show how nervous he was. "My husband," she told him sweetly before she leaned in and kissed him. It was a chaste kiss, as they were being broadcast all over the known parts of the universe.

Ayeka fell out of her seat and had it not been for Tenchi's quickness, then Ayeka would have hit the floor. From the laboratory door Ryoko was able to get her wits about her long enough to move closer to her husband and co-wife. She had just stepped out of the door when she heard the announcement that Yosho had been married, but now she had other news to give.

Tenchi placed Ayeka on the couch after handing his daughter over to Sasami; he then looked back towards the TV to see his grandfather giving his daughter, a girl he had not seen for many centuries, a hug. "This is very strange." Ryoko chuckled at it, though she was trying to find a way to tell him the news. Before she could think of the words Tenchi looked from the TV, to Ayeka then back to the lab. Upon seeing her he smiled and asked, "You're out! How'd things go?"

"Oh, well… Washu thinks she found a way…"

"A way for us to…" She nodded her head and he smiled hugely, "That's wonderful!" Tenchi and Ryoko hugged for several moments before Ayeka began to return to herself.

Sasami sitting, with the baby in her arms, beside her sister spoke up, "When can Washu start?"

"Well that is the interesting part," Washu said as she exited the lab.

"What do you mean?" Ayeka asked as she sat up.

Ryoko looked down before announcing, "I'm already pregnant!"

"YOU ARE?" The others yelled!

"I find it pretty interesting myself," Washu told them. "You see when Tenchi assimilated with the Masu he became more compatible with our little Ryoko here." Tapping a podium that suddenly appeared before her with a baton that had similarly appeared, Washu instructed them on the finer points. "You see Tenchi was completely human with Jurian blood, but Ryoko was partially Masu though mostly like myself." A screen appeared showing that their compatibility was very low. "And now after the Masu," the image changed, "Tenchi is now partially Masu now as well which has brought up their compatibility. That does not mean that every time she will conceive, but she now has a stronger chance of it."

Both Tenchi and Ryoko were a very bright red as Washu talked about their love life like this, though Sasami laughed quietly at them. Ayeka had one other question though, and she was afraid of the answer. "Miss Washu…"

"Yes Lady Ayeka?"

"What about…" she was hesitant to say what was on her mind but Tenchi seemed to sense what she was thinking. His heart was suddenly torn between this joyous news and the idea that he would not have another child with her.

"That is the good part!" Washu crowed just as Tenchi and Ayeka seemed to be slipping into sadness.

"What do you mean?" Ayeka asked hopefully.

"Well his compatibility has dropped enough to be able to have a child with Ryoko, but his compatibility has not dropped enough to make it impossible to have another child with you Lady Ayeka, however…"

"However?" He asked.

"However, it will take longer for her to conceive so you will just have to try harder!" Washu began to laugh as Tenchi became such a bright red he felt he would burst. But however much he blushed; Ayeka was blushing still harder. Unfazed by her mother's antics Ryoko grabbed both Tenchi and Ayeka in a big hug as Sasami watched them all happily.

That night after he had put his daughter to bed, Ryoko took it upon herself to start practicing with her husband, for when they were ready to try again. And though Ayeka told her it does little good to start practicing now, she did not complain when it came time for her and him to practice as well.

On another planet, two that had been separated, but now reunited stood in the princes' bedroom. As she approached him the first thing she did was slap her husband, hard. At his look she asked him, "Why, Why did you stay away from me for so long? We heard nothing, nothing at all for 700 years!"

"I am sorry," he told her. "I could not return."


"You may think I am weak, but I was scared. I was scared of becoming the Emperor, of what might happen."

"But anything could happen; to run away from what might have been is foolish!"

"I know," He stepped forward towards her. "And I will not run away again."

"Good, your daughter has missed you, and I hope that she will not be your only daughter." She smiled at him and with a slight grin before he placed a kiss on her lips.

On Earth Washu sat in the living room, watching several of her screens, one showing Yosho's punishment and the others showing the rest of her family, at least until their practicing began. It was not long before Nobuyuki came in from working late again.

"Oh you're up."

"I wanted to wait up for you, we have some big news."

"Big news?"

"Yes, it seems that you are going to be a grandfather again."

His face lit up with joy and despite his age he danced about the room before she stopped him. "You keep that up and you will wake the baby."

"Huh, oh!" He grinned sheepishly before letting out a large yawn.

"Why do you do this to yourself?"

"Do what?"

"You are working yourself to death. If you keep this up no matter what I do to you are going to put yourself in an early grave!" Though she tried to make light of it, he could tell that she was troubled by it

Pulling the scientist close to him, Nobuyuki held her close, "I do this because I have to; no one else can pay for our home here."

Nodding her head against him she suddenly got a wonderful idea. "Why didn't I think of this before?"

"What? Think of what?"

"Well, we can't stay on Earth forever. Since Tenchi has the Masu in him he will live for as long as Ryoko has and then some, and Ayeka being Juraian will live for a long time as well."

"Oh I see…" He said somewhat saddened.

She at first missed his comment, as she continued. "Well, since I was at the university, my inventions brought in more money than I could spend, and I could spend a lot! So I have enough stored back to buy my own planet!"

"Your own planet?" To say the least he was shocked.

"Yes, but I won't do that, that'd get too much attention. But if we were to move to a lesser known planet then I could support the family off what I have saved up and I could even start teaching again at the Academy!"

Nobuyuki was silent for a while as he thought about it. It did sound good to him, and it would save him from having to work a lot, but he was not sure about leaving the Earth.

"See if we pick a place where Jurai has little influence and no one really cares about the name Masaki or Habuki. Then Tenchi and the girls won't have to worry about raising their children there. No one will come after Ryoko the Space Pirate, or for that matter Ayeka! We can just live as a family." Washu had gotten herself so worked up that she barely remembered that anyone was in the room with her, at least until she heard him sigh.

"What's wrong?"

"I'm not sure if I'm ready to leave…"

"We don't have to leave right away, and we can keep a doorway open to here."

"I'd like that," he told her. "I'd like that a lot."

And so it was, that after three more months on Earth, Tenchi Masaki, his 2 wives and his child, along with Sasami, Nobuyuki and Washu relocated their family to a small little known planet. And though it was little, it was closer to the Science Academy… a place where Washu could teach to take care of everyone without Nobuyuki having to work long hard hours. Even though after about 5000 years her bank accounts have more than tripled, she still felt the need to do something.

Just one month after moving in, Washu and Nobuyuki were again discussing their family. "Oh Nuby…" Washu said sweetly… "How do you feel about being a father again?"

The End…