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You promised me forever

Chapter 1 – Graduation day

No One's POV

This is a sequel to my earlier story "That which we face." This first chapter takes place on Graduation day from Hollywood Art's high school. The next couple of chapters will touch on important points in the first years of college.

No one's POV

Tori checked her makeup and hair in the mirror at least a dozen times before leaving the house. Something about graduation day made her giddy and excited. Even the dress she wore under her gown, which wouldn't be seen was carefully picked. It was a purple and black dress which she had bought earlier in the spring.

She excitedly texted Jade who was getting ready at her house.

To Jade: Were graduating from high school aren't you excited?

Jade texted back a few moments later.

To Tori: No

Tori frowned upon seeing Jade's answer.

To Jade: Why?

Her answer was quick in coming.

To Tori: Stupid gown, stupid ceremony, need I say more.

To Jade: I still want a picture of us in our gowns together.

To Tori: Uggg….

Tori just ignored that last comment and finished getting ready. As she was going to leave her room she suddenly remembered.

"Oh Shoot, the yearbook." She said grabbing if off the table. "I can't forget you."

As she came downstairs she saw her mom and dad waiting looking very proud.

"Are you ready Tori?" Her dad asked.

"Yes. I'm so excited." Tori said practically jumping up and down.

"Were so proud of you Tori?" Holly Vega remarked as she took a quick picture.

"Is Jade meeting you there?" Her dad asked.

"Yes, were running late let's go."

Tori, her parents and Trina all piled into the Vega Car and drove to school. As she drove Tori thought back to the that first day where jade poured coffee on her. How odd it seems that they've been a couple for almost a year now, she thought.

"Are all your friends going to UCLA Tori?" David Vega asked.

"Actually yes, Robbie, Cat, Andre, Beck, Mandy and Jade, they are going. We're all going there so we won't lose touch. "

A few minutes later the pulled into the parking lot, Tori looked at all her graduating classmates lingering in the parking lot in their graduation gowns.

"You know where to go Tori?" her mom asked as they got out of the car.

"Yes mom. I'm going to find Jade and the rest of my friends first."

"Good, Your, dad, sister and I are going to find our seats. We'll see you after the ceremony." Tori's mother said before her family departed for the auditorium. Tori immediately set out to find her friends. After a few minutes of searching she found them hanging by their usual lunch table at the asphalt café.

"Hey Guys!" She said cheerfully as she approached. "Today we graduate. I'm so excited."

"Hey Tori. Isn't it cool we all match?" Cat said pointing to their identical gowns.

Jade who was sitting on the table just rolled her eyes as everyone else laughed.

As Tori got to the table she took her yearbook and eagerly = handed it to Jade along with a pen after giving the Goth a quick kiss.

"You never signed my yearbook Jade"

Jade looked at the yearbook as if it were made from toxic waste. "Do I have to?"

"Yes Jade. Please?" Tori whined.

Jade huffed. "Fine" and started to write while Tori spoke with Cat for a moment about plans to go to the beach next week.

"Here you go Vega." Jade said handing the yearbook to the excited Latina who immediately looked up what her girlfriend wrote.

Tori's Jaw dropped upon reading the entry. "That's it?"


Have a great summer.


"Burn...Tori got the classic year book brush off" Rex commented quickly which everyone ignored except Tori who simply glared at the dummy.

"Is that all you could write?" Tori whined looking somewhat betrayed. "That guy in english who I've talked with once the entire year wrote 2 whole paragraphs. Your my girlfriend and you write have a great summer."

Jade jumped off the table and headed towards the auditorium where the ceremony was supposed to take place. "Life a bitch, ain't it" Leaving Tori pouting by the lunch table.

"At least she didn't write have a good summer. " Cat said as they all started to walk to the auditorium.

As they got in the school Beck walked up to Jade. "You know she's obsessed with getting everyone to sign. You writing that will make her pout all day."

"I know" Jade said looking straight ahead and showing little emotion.

Beck thought for a moment after gazing back at Tori who was walking several feet behind them with cat looking somewhat depressed.

"You can't leave her like that all day Jade." Beck pleaded.

"I know" Jade said once again as they just about entered the auditorium. "So stop worrying about Vega, she's my worry. You just worry about keeping your girlfriend Mandy happy. Cause she's practically my sister now and if she's not happy, I'll be unhappy and you don't want that." Jade said allowing a trace of menace to show in her voice.

"Got it Jade'" Beck said quickly taking the hint before he went to sit down in his designated spot.

The auditorium was filled with students, parents and teachers. All the graduating students sat in alphabetical order and as it turned out Tori Vega sat next Jade West. Though much to Jade's chagrin on the other side of Tori was Sinjin Van cleef who kept stealing glances at Jade. Cat was on the other side of Sinjin sitting quietly for once.

Tori said nothing finding it somewhat amusing, besides she was still annoyed with her girlfriend anyway.

"I would have written something nice in your yearbook, how much you mean to me and how much I love you." Tori half whined.

"I didn't get a yearbook, they're stupid." Jade said causing Tori only to frown even more.

"Hey Tori" Sinjin said after a few seconds.

Tori turned her attention to Sinjin. "Yes"

He suddenly pulled out 2 crisp 100 dollar bills and held them up with a smile. "These are yours if you let me switch places with you."

Before Tori could answer, Jade smirked and quickly retorted. "Even consider that Vega, and I'll kill you in your sleep."

Tori looked a little embarrassed. "Uhh…No thank you Sinjin. I'll stay right where I am." Leaving Sinjin looking very disappointed.

Jade smiled and put her hand on Tori's leg. "Very good."

A few moments later the ceremony started with the remarks by the principal and the valedictorian who none of them even knew. Some geeky girl from band, it was.

With that one by one the students walked up on stage to get their diplomas. With a quick picture being taken of them receiving it. Cat giggled when she got hers. Tori waived in the air proudly. Jade simply smirked and flipped off the entire audience causing her girlfriend to turn red in embarrassment.

"I can't believe you did that." Tori chided a still smirking Jade as they sat back down.

"What's not to believe, I did it."


"Because I can." Jade said proudly.

After the last of the graduates received their diplomas the principal congratulated them and they finished the ceremony tossing their caps in the air.

As soon as Tori threw hers, she was suddenly grabbed by Jade and pulled into a very hard kiss. In an instant Jade's lips crashed into hers as Jade tightened her grip on the Latina's body. Tori responded by placing her hands on the back of Jade's head pulling her in even closer as they both dug into kiss. Tori ran her tongue across Jades lips then took a small nibble before Jade opened her mouth. The short battle for dominance was won by Tori.

After a few blissful moments the pair separated and smiled.

"I still wish you would have written more." Tori said

Jade just rolled her eyes and ushered her girlfriend outside where the rest of the gang was waiting.

Tori gave congratulatory hugs to all her friends and even Jade relented and gave some.

It was then occurred the incident that forever would be known to all as "The Kiss".

As the group was standing and talking just outside the auditorium talking and taking pictures, Sinjin who as one to never to give up his strange obsession for Jade, ran up took a startled Jade in his arms and kissed her right in front of the whole group. It was a deep passionate kiss that lasted about 2 seconds.

After a moment he released a very a very suprised Jade and yelled. "Woo Hoo! I kissed Jade!" While doing a strange happy dance that vaguely resembled the 70's disco dance "The hustle".

The reactions were mixed. Cat and Tori simply opened their mouths in shock. Robbie, Beck and Andre just burst out laughing. Jade just stood there like a statue with a stunned and shocked expression frozen on her face.

After a moment Beck spoke up and calmly said "Uh..Sinjin..i would strongly advise you to run."

At this point Jade opened her mouth an let out an ear piercing scream in sheer horror and disgust causing a frightened Sinjin to run very quickly away. Rumor has it, Jade's scream could be heard at least a mile and a half away.

"HE'S FUCKING DEAD!" The enraged Goth screamed causing Robbie, Andre and Beck to laugh even harder.

It was Tori and Beck that quickly moved to restrain the furious raven haired girl before she could hunt down and destroy poor Sinjin. They both knew if released she would do just that.

"He's got some balls, you have to give him that." Andre remarked to Robbie.

"If she catches him, he won't have them for long." Rex aptly pointed out.

"HE'S DEAD, I'M GOING TO RIP OUT HIS SPINE AND USE HIS SKULL AS A BOWLING BALL." Jade fumed as Tori and Beck barely managed to restrain the insanely furious Goth.

Several other students and parents quickly backed away fearing being anywhere Jade.

It was then Jade simply seemed to melt into a mass of tears as she started to cry.

"He kissed me!" Jade sobbed uncontrollably into Tori's shoulder.

They never saw Sinjin after that. It was years later the group learned Sinjin opened his own software company writing an ultra efficient document and office management program he would call Jade3000 and a vast array of other computer programs in the Jade software series. He was worth about 2.3 billon dollars that last the group read about him in Fortune magzine.

After a few moments sobbing In Tori's arms Jade recovered and wiped the tears from her eyes.

"So was it good for you?" Rex said in a rather snarky tone of voice.

In one swift motion Jade ripped off Rex's head and then drop kicked it across the parking lot.

"Rex!" Robbie called out as she ran after the head before a car ran it over.

"Any other smart comments?" Jade said looking rather angry again.

Tori, Beck, Andre and Cat looked at each other and all shook their heads. "No" They all said in unison.

Tori's family approached at this point. "What was that scream we heard?" Asked Trina

"Oh..that was Sinjin kissing Jade." Cat said rather plainly.

"Too bad I missed it, I could have snapped a picture for posterity." Trina said causing Jade to glare at the older Vega.

"Come on, we have drinks and refreshments at our house to celebrate" Mrs. Vega said.

Tori's POV

We all piled into our cars and drove to my house. Jade was still upset that Sinjin kissed him. I hate to admit it but it was rather funny. I'm her girlfriend and shouldn't feel that way but it was just funny. I'm not going to tell Jade that, but it was funny.

A short while later we all arrived at our house. I took another look at Jade's meager entry in my yearbook. I was so hoping she would write more.

"Have a great summer" I muttered as we all wandered onto the patio where my parents had a little party set up.

We sat and talked, took pictures and had a good time at our little party. At one point I will still pouting a bit due to my yearbook slight. Jade must have seen this and took my hand.

"Come on inside for a second I want to speak with you." She sounded annoyed.

I followed her into the house where she cornered me in the kitchen.

"Are you still upset about the yearbook thing?" she asked.

"I just wanted to feel special" I couldn't help but say letting sadness creep into my voice.

Jade put her head back and laughed, "You are certainly something else, Vega."

She then looked at me deeply in the eyes. "You are special Vega, much too special for a mere yearbook entry. That's why I got you this"

I think my eyes about bugged out of their head as with a smile she pulled out a small ring box and opened it.

Inside was what I recognized as a Irish Claddagh Ring. It was silver and had a heart with a crown on it. "Tori, I'm part Irish and according to Irish tradition this is a ring that symbolizes Love, loyalty and friendship. I even had it inscribed."

I think my heart simply melted as I pulled the ring from the box and looked at the inscription. JW & TV.

I started to immediately tear up as my emotions started run away with me.. "Oh my god Jade, it's so beautiful"

Before I could slip it on Jade said. "This ring can mean different things depending on how it's worn. In your case you will wear it on your right hand with the heart pointing to the wrist. It means you're heart is taken and you are in a relationship."

I promptly put it on my right hand as Jade directed.

"Consider it a token of my love to you." She said as she gave me a kiss.

For a millisecond I thought it might be an engagement ring but this is just as special. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever seen.

It was then I remembered my gift.

"Oh, wait, I'll be right back." I said running up to my room. I returned a few moments later with a small box of my own and proudly handed it to jade.

"I got something for you. A token of my love."

Jade opened it to reveal two silver necklaces. Each one having half a heart. On each half was a name. On one it said Tori written vertically and the other said Jade.

Now it was Jade's turn to tear up as she took the heart labeled Tori and put it around her neck.

"I love you Jade." I said putting the other necklace on my neck.

She pulled me into a tight hug. "Now you're never getting rid of me. "

I smirked myself. "Providing Sinjin doesn't steal you away from me."

Jade narrowed her eyes and starred at me for a moment. "Since you've made me so happy, I'll let this one slide."

"I love you and I will always be there for you Tori." Jade continued with a smile.

"I love you too Jade." I said as I gave her a kiss.

She took my hand and we rejoined our graduation party. I was ultra happy, not only for my new ring but the fullest confidence that we would be together forever.

Next chapter will jump ahead slightly. I will try to get the chapters out as soon as I can but the writing of this story is coming a bit slower than the rest of mine. I would rather take a bit of time and put out a quality chapter than rush and put out a shoddy one. So at times there may be several days between chapters.

But considering I've been waiting for months for chapter updates on a few stories, still isn't too bad.

I hope you all enjoy this story.