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You promised me forever

Chapter 25 – Always will be.

No One's POV

Cat rubbed Jade's back, in an attempt to calm her down. "The nurse told me Tori was in surgery?"

"Yes, they're giving her an emergency c section. She was bleeding. I'm worried, I can't loose them…" Jade sobbed.

At this point Robbie came up. "How's Tori?"

"She's still in surgery; she's having a c section." Cat said.

Robbie lit up, as if he had thought of something. "Hey, Tori and I have the same blood type. She gave me some, when I had that car removed from me. I'll go see if I can give some. There was a nurse's station down the way, I'll go ask there."

"Good idea, sweetie." Cat said.

Before Robbie left, he said. "Jade, is that your SUV parked in front of the emergency room doors?"

Jade nodded.

"Jade, why don't you give me your keys and I'll move your car into a parking space." Cat said.

Jade fumbled with her purse and produced a set of keys, which she handed to Cat.

"You wait in the little waiting room down the hall; I'll be back in a few minutes."

With that, both Robbie and Cat left.

Jade walked to the waiting room, which was about 20 yards down the hallway. It was empty and she sat down. She couldn't fathom, losing Tori and her girls all at once.

Sitting alone in the waiting room at 4 in the morning, Jade never felt more alone in her life. She felt so broken, so empty, so scared.

"Jade." Called out the voice Jade recognized at Trina. She was wearing sweats, no makeup and her hair was in shambles.

"I ran into Cat, she told me what happened. How's my sister?" Trina said, moving to sit next to Jade.

"She's in surgery. I did everything right Trina, she just tripped in the dark." Jade said.

Trina put her arm around Jade. "No one is blaming you for anything. We all know you've spent day and night taking care of her while she was pregnant. It was just an accident. My sister is strong; she hand her babies will be fine. You've been wonderful to her."

"Thanks Trina." Jade said.

Mandy showed up about 2 minutes later. Appearing like she had dressed in a hurry. She ran in and gave Jade a hug.

"What's the latest?" She asked.

"Tori's having an emergency c section." Trina answered.

"Where's Beck?" Asked Jade.

"My husband is at home with our 2 year old. He's going to drop Jason off at his parents a little later and meet us at the hospital." Answered Mandy, as she sat down next to Jade. "He sends his love."

Jade nodded.

"Hey, does anyone want coffee? There is a machine downstairs; I'll get you two, some." Said Trina as she got up.

"That would be nice, thank you." Said Jade.

"Me too, thanks." Said Mandy.

Trina at that point left.

Mandy put her arms around Jade. "Tori and your two little girls are going to be fine. And don't blame yourself. It was just a stupid accident."

"Thank you." The still crying Jade said.

"Jade" said a male voice, causing both girls to look up. Standing in the doorway was Jade's father.

"Daddy" Jade said.

"Hello Mr. West." Mandy said.

"Hello Mandy. Jade, your mother called me and I came right over here. Your mom and Lisa should be along in a few minutes. How's Tori?"

Mandy answered "She's undergoing an emergency C Section. That's all we know."

"She'll be fine pumpkin, my grandchildren will be too."

He sat down next to Jade, who seemed too broken up to really have any meaningful conversation. So they just sat by, and comforted her. Cat did too, when she returned a few minutes later.

Lori and Lisa were next to show up.

"Kurt" Lori said to Jade's father.

"Lisa, Lori" He said in very courteous fashion as he walked and gave his ex-wife a hug. Mandy at this point explained the situation to the new arrivals including Andre and Tori's parents who showed up only a few minutes later.

Trina came back at this point with 3 coffees for herself, Jade and Mandy.

Unlike the last time Tori was in the hospital, there was no blame. Once explained, everyone realized it was a terrible and unfortunate accident. They all spent times calming and comforting the devastated Jade. Ignoring their own worries, for her sake.

They all could tell, the wait was agonizing for her.

At 4:42 AM, one of the nurses came out of the operating room to where every one was sitting.

" -West?" she asked.

Jades bloodshot eyes, instantly locked on the Nurse.

"Yes" she said as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

Jade knew, this was news about Tori and her babies. Her heart stopped as she waited for the nurse to tell her something. Weather or not she would have to go through life alone. Without the woman she loved. Without her children.

The entire room went silent, as everyone waited for the answer.

"You're wife is fine." She said causing a group sigh of relief. "She lost a good bit of blood, but she will make a full recovery."

Jade held back her joy, until she found out about her babies.

"My babies. Please tell me my babies are alright?" Jade pleaded.

She smiled. "Congratulations, you're the mother of twin girls."

Jade felt like a mountain, had been lifted off her soul. Tears of happiness burst from her eyes, as a huge cheer burst from the assembled group." Andre who happened to be sitting next to her, gave Jade a huge hug.

"I knew she would be fine." He said. "You're a mama now, Congratulations Jade."

Across the room, Jade's mom tearfully hugged Lisa and then graciously hugged her ex husband who looked happy as well. Being a good sport and in a joyous mood, Jades father gave Lisa a congratulatory hug as well.

"Were grandparents now." Lori said to her wife and Ex husband.

Beck and Mandy hugged, and then gave a hug to Cat.

Then the nurse said. "Your friend Robbie, gave as much blood as he physically could. He's resting in room 12 down the hall."

Cat then said "I have to see Robbie" then she took off to attend to her husband.

Trina and Her parents hugged, before going to congratulate Jade's parents and Lisa.

"Can I see Tori and my babies?" Asked Jade expectantly.

"Your wife is still in recovery at the moment, so you'll have to wait to see her. But if you follow me, you can see your new daughters. Just you, for the moment. The rest of the family can see them, in a short while.

Jade sprung off the chair and quickly followed the nurse down the hall. More than anything in the world, she wanted to see her and Tori's daughters for the first time.

Jade and the nurse entered a small room, were two little cribs made from plastic. Brushing past the nurse, Jade rushed to the cribs. In each little crib was a baby. One with a green blanket and one with a red blanket.

They were small and pink and appeared to be asleep. Jade's heart leaped as she picked up the baby in green. She wore a little yellow cap on her head to keep it warm. As Jade nestled her daughter in her arms, the baby yawned and opened its eyes. Jade's heart melted when she saw two beautiful little brown orbs looking at her.

"You have your mama Tori's eyes" Jade said tearfully.

Looking further, Jade determined that she had Tori's eyes and her own nose and lips.

"She was first, 5 pounds, 10 ounces." Remarked the nurse.

"Your name is Olivia, Your mama Tori and I picked them out." Jade said with glee.

She quickly put down Olivia and picked up her sister. She seemed a bit more animated, waving her arms around.

"Hi there little one, I'm your mama Jade. Your name is Grace"

"She was 2nd, 5 pounds, 11 ounces." The nurse said.

Looking down at Grace, Jade grinned. She now was the mother to 2 of the most beautiful creatures in existence, as far as she was concerned.

"My beautiful little angels. Soon, we will meet your mama Tori." Jade purred.

She put her index finger, in Grace's left hand. Grace gently squeezed it. The touch of her little girl felt magical. Not wanting to neglect Olivia, Jade scooped her up and sat down in a nearby chair. One baby in each arm. They were calm for the moment and Jade was happier than a clam.

Jade rocked them gently and hummed the melody to make it shine, to her little ones.

Tori gradually started to wake up. She felt, weak, groggy as hell and felt like someone scooped out her insides. The first thing she realized is, that she was in bed.

As her head began to clear Tori suddenly panicked.

"My babies!" Tori blurted, out as she felt her belly in a surge of terror.

"My babies!" She cried out.

"Tori, Tori" She heard Jade call out.

Tori looked to her left to see Jade rush to her bedside.

"Relax sweetie, our babies are fine" Jade said, putting her hands on Tori's shoulders.

"Please Tori, You lost a lot of blood, just relax. I wanted to be here when woke up, but typically you decided to wake up when I was taking a shit. You have the worst timing Vega." Jade said with mock annoyance.

Tori smiled. "How are our girls?"

"They're perfectly fine. Everyone else is visiting with them now. "

"What time is it?" Tori said, noting that it was daylight outside.

"It's about 8 in the morning. You'll be happy to know there are a couple of pints of Robbie flowing through your veins at the moment." Jade said.

"Can I see our babies? I really want to see our babies."

Jade nodded. "Two babies coming right up." Said Jade, as she left the hospital room.

A moment later, Jade and Beck came in rolling two little cribs. Tori's heart started to beat faster, knowing she was going to hold her babies.

Jade picked up one in a green blanket and Beck picked up the one in the red blanket.

"How are you feeling Babe?" Said Beck, as he came to the bed holding a baby.

" I couldn't be better." Tori said with a smile.

Beck gently placed the infant, in the crook of her right arm. "This little darling, is Grace." The Canadian said to Tori. He then turned his attention to infant in Tori's arms. "Grace, say hello to your mama Tori."

Beck smiled at Tori. "We're all so glad you 3 are alright. I think, I will give you guys a little privacy so you can all get acquainted. Being a parent is a tough job, but it's more than worth it."

Beck then kissed Tori on the forehead. "I'm so glad you are ok. They are beautiful, just like their mama's"

"Thanks Beck" Tori said as he left.

Jade then placed the infant in green in the crook of Tori's left arm. "This little angel is Olivia"

Wordlessly, Tori looked at the two babies in her arms with loving pride. They were so tiny and looked so helpless. Both were asleep. Tori couldn't even remember feeling so happy in her life. Watching her little angels sleep in her arms, she teared up.

"They're so beautiful!" Tori said, practically beaming with happiness.

At this point, Grace made a gurgling sound and opened her eyes. Looking down, Tori was moved beyond imagination to see a pair of her own eyes looking back up at her.

"They have your beautiful eyes" Jade said rather proudly.

"They have your lips and nose. I'll bet they will have your smirk too." Tori said happily.

Jade sat down next to the bed and gently began to caress Olivia's cheek. "I thought I was going to lose all three of you" Jade said, as a tear ran down her face.

Another tear ran down Tori's face. "You and I aren't meant to be apart. You're not going to lose us."

"I love you Tori. Grace, Olivia I love you too."

Tori smiled. "I love my family."

"I was thinking Tori. I know we hadn't discussed the other embryo we had. The doctor said that the longer it stays in storage, the greater chance for problems. Very soon I think we should have that one implanted in me. Our little girls need a little sister and I'm giving birth to her." Jade said.

"Then our family will be complete. Too bad you only have one set of "The scissoring" Onsies."

Jade frowned. "I'll have to correct that."

"I'm sure you will. I can also picture each of our girls, going to high school with a nice shiny pair of scissors in their backpack." Tori joked.

Jade smirked at the thought.

Jade got off her chair and kissed each of her girls, on the forehead. She then turned her attention to Tori. "You've made me so happy." Then the Goth gave Tori a tender kiss.

"So have you" Replied Tori.

"We have some people, who want to see the mother and her babies together, so let's bring them on in. Everyone is here."

Jade opened the door and told everyone outside, to come in. With in seconds, everybody was in the room waiting to congratulate Tori. Beck, Cat, Andre, Robbie, Lisa, Lori, Kurt (Jades father), Trina, and Mr. & Mrs. Vega all were surrounding the bed.

Everyone was very happy and told Tori how beautiful, her and Jade's babies were.

Jade took a step back, letting Tori and her girls bask in all the attention for the moment. They did all the work and deserved it. Jade needed nothing else, she had a beautiful wife who loved her and two lovely daughters. With a 3rd one on the horizon. Jade knew that there had been a lot of struggles over the years. But after all that, she and Tori were still together. Not to mention stronger than before.

As Jade saw a brief but loving gaze from her wife, Jade was comforted by the knowledge that they always will be together forever.

The End.

Jade and Tori have two daughters named Olivia and Grace and everyone is happy. Everyone came together and helped Jade through her time of need.

In case you missed it, Beck and Mandy are married with a 2 year old son named Jason.

This is the end of the story. I may write an epilogue or post script. Not sure yet.

I would like to thank everyone who reviewed and read my story. I had a number of faithful reviewers and I appreciated your comments greatly.

I hoped you all enjoyed the story.