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The Beginning, Knowledge and Exile

The Mass Effect series is the property of Bioware studios and E.A... Harry Potter is the sole property to J.K. Rowling. This written story is not an attempt by me to rip-off these individual's works but to combine both into a great new story. Just a warning there will be depictions of child abuse and gory deaths in this chapter. If you are weak stomached then please leave.

Earth Sertaer 25th 45,000 AFE "July 5th 100005 after formation of the empire"

Project leader Aricna Porcet was looking upon one of the last possible hopes for the Prothean Empire. Built on the homeworld of a race of primitives called humans the Prothean science team that resided in a naturally formed cavern on one of the larger islands on this watery planet was building one of the most remarkable things in the known galaxy, a miniature mass relay of unimaginable power. The Prothean people had discovered FTL technology when they discovered ancient ruins created by a race called the Inusannon on the sixth planet in their solar system. Using technology found in these ruins the Protheans had discovered the mass relays and what would eventually be the interstellar capital of their empire, the Citadel. But that was ancient history, now the Protheans were fighting against the greatest threat to organic life, the Reapers. The Reapers had swarmed the Protheans who were living on the Citadel and had harvested them for unknown purposes taking control of the mass relay network cutting off the Prothean's colony worlds before the machines arrived to harvest them. But in the chaos that took place aboard the Citadel an unknown Prothean managed deleted two files from the main archives, both files were about teams that were building mass relays one known as the conduit that would lead the Citadel and the other in this facility that connected to one of the two relays in the sahrabarik system. Now Aricna was looking over a few reports that some of the Eezo harvesting teams had sent in about how some of the primitives that were using biotics of some sort. Perhaps if the science team had anyone that was not studying the relay once it was constructed then Aricna would assign someone to study the primitives. Aricna would never get a chance to get the science team to study the phenomenon. Six years after the relay was officially constructed a disease of unknown origins ravaged the Protheans in the faculty leading to their deaths.


October 31 1981.

In a village in England known as Godric's Hollow it was a calm and peaceful night. Small bands of children were roaming the place hunting for candy. One child in particular who was dressed up as a tiger was walking with his mother and father towards a house that was on the edge of the village when the child bumped into a man wearing long dark black robes. The boy looked at the man and after seeing what was inside of the hood the kid let out a loud scream. The robed man took something out of his pocket and whispered something inaudible before a flash of sickly green light flew out of the man's hand and ended the boy's scream. The child dropped to the earth dead. Two more flashes of green light were sent by the robed man at the boy's parents ending their lives. The robed man slowly approached the bodies of his victims kicking them with his shoed foot, the man then proceeded to spit on the corpses. The man then proceeded to walk down the lane he was passing underneath a street light pole when a gust of wind knocked off the man's hood. The face that was revealed was one of a ghastly nature. The head had no visible hair on its top or in the way of facial hair, two silted red eyes that were like a snake glared out onto the world, where the nose of a regular human would be there was nothing. The man readjusted the hood so that it covered up his face and proceeded down the lane until he came in front of two house with a glaring gap in-between them. The man then began moving towards the gap inching closer until he was in right in front of some solid object. The man then made to open something before disappearing entirely. The man reappeared inside a small yard with a few rare plants growing before a small house. The hooded man continued walking until he reached the house's door. Again the man removed something from his pocket the object was a simple piece of wood. Waving the wood in a certain pattern at both the house so that the inhabitants could not escape and the door the man was pleased to hear a small click signaling that the door was now unlocked. The man then reached for the doorknob grabbing hold of it and slowly opened the door. Behind the door was a nicely kept front room with an opened entrance to the family room but standing in front of the stair that led to the second floor was a five foot seven inches man with raven black hair, on the man's face were horn rimmed glasses that cover what would normally be warm chocolate brown eyes. The raven haired man withdrew another piece of wood from his own robes and then pointed it at the intruder.

"I think I know how you found us Voldemort. You got to Peter and he probably turned on us so that he could save his own pathetic life. You will not kill my son."

"James Potter, how lucky of me to find you and your mudblood wife and your vermin of a son. It will be enjoyable to cleanse them from existence. Why don't you surrender to me now and I will help you find a new bride that will be a good honest pure-blood."

"I will never surrender to you. The use of inbreeding is destroying our people, in a few generations there will not be any more of us unless we try marrying outside our bloodlines."

"I see now Potter that I cannot sway you from your beliefs I do hope that you will die easily, Avada Kedavra!"

The same sickly green light from before shot out of Voldemort's wand and towards his opponent who quickly moved one of the couches from the living room into the energy's path, the attack hit the couch exploding it and creating a small fire from its remains. James zigzagged his wand and turned one of the umbrellas into a small terrier dog which then launched itself at Voldemort. The dog bit down on Voldemort's robbed leg making the intruder gasp in sudden pain, Voldemort kicked the dog off his leg and sent another ball of energy at the dog who had little time to dodge before flopping to the ground dead before turning back into an umbrella. In the time that Voldemort was distracted James had thrown several other object before the stairs before turning them into a wall of solid concrete. The snake headed man turned away from the umbrella and back towards his next victim. Voldemort then did something that completely surprised James, the madman twisted his wand making a cracking sound. James turned towards the noise only to find that his concrete wall was now coming right at him. James had little time to move out of the walls way before it came crashing down onto the poor man trapping him completely. After the dust settled from the crash Voldemort continued walking in the direction of the stairs before stopping in surprise as he heard some of the concrete move slowly. Turing around the man looked to see James Potter slowly trying to get to his feet. The insane man smiled turning back to potter and raising his wand he launched a ball of energy at his target. James Potter grabbed his throat coughing up blood from both his mouth and the hole in his throat before falling back to the ground to bleed out. Voldemort now had a smirk of pleasure on his face before making his way up the stairs towards the nursery and his real target.

The walk took Voldemort through a small hallway with disgusting pictures of the family that lived there lining the walls. When he finally reached a door at the end of the hallway with a small sign that read "Harry Potter" the man inched his hand to the doorknob and opened the door ready to fulfil his destiny. Inside was a typical nursery with a dresser for cloths along with a waste basket for diapers next to a rocking chair and bookcase filled with children literature. Standing before the only window of the room was a small crib with the baby who would die this night. But standing in front of the crib was the filth mudblood herself who was a 5 ft. 3 woman with blood red hair and emerald green eyes that promised pain with her wand at the ready and pointed right at him.

"Well mudblood your blood traitor husband is now dead by my hand so that wand of yours won't do any good. Just give me your vermin baby and I won't be forced to kill you."

"You will never take my baby from me you monster. No matter what you will die here today."

"Hah you think that anything you do will kill the great Lord Voldemort? You are sadly mistaken mudblood. At least I can rid the world of your presence."

Voldemort then shot out an Avada Kedavra at the red head hoping to take her out quickly with the attack but to the madman's surprise the woman dodged the attack and threw back a quick blood bursting charm which hit the wall behind him. The attack impressed Voldemort because it was a borderline dark "magic" and he had thought that the old goat's followers would avoid any type of that "magic". He responded with a bone breaker hex that was dodged again by the petite woman the hex hitting the rocking chair making it explode into tiny wood slivers. The red head then threw a nasty spine destroyer curse at her target but it was off target by a few inches hitting the nursery wall. The two "magical beings" continued firing balls of energy at each other for ten minutes before the petite woman was starting to feel "magical" exhaustion set in on her. Seizing the advantage that had been given to him, Voldemort threw one of his most powerful attacks at Lily a horrible heart killer curse. The curse hit the woman and few a few moment it seemed like nothing had happened. Lily suddenly grabbed at her chest before the red head dropped to the ground dead. Voldemort let out a breath that he had been holding and smirked now that total victory for him was now at hand. He advanced slowly over Lily potters dead body and right up to the crib which held his true target. The little boy in the crib had been watching the whole scene looked ready to cry. Voldemort now had a chance to get a good look at the baby, the boy had fuzzes of black hair stating to emerge on his head. The eyes were that of emeralds shining in almost any light. The dark lord was ready to end the greatest threat to his future dynasty and raising his wand launched Avada Kedavra at the child. The sickly green energy flew towards the child before hitting him right on the middle of the forehead. The child let out an unearthly scream surprising the mad man by not dying when the attack hit him. Then all of a sudden a large amount of energy gather in front of the boy before flying back at Voldemort. The energy smashed itself onto Voldemort's body disintegrating it with ease. The dark lord that had threated all of Britain was now gone. The child continued crying the place where the killing curse had hit now held a lightning bolt scar. The child would continue crying until the stooge for the old goat arrived to take the boy to his muggle relative's home at number 4 Privet drive. When the morning of November first 1981 dawned on the small community and Mrs. Dursley went out to get the milk she discovered her nephew on her door step. The giraffe necked woman quickly gathered the boy and the mornings milk in her arms before disappearing into the house.


June 5 1985 Dursley house Surry

The sounds of leather hitting flesh were perfectly audible throughout the home. In the family room where the Dursley's stored the television two human figures one standing holding a belt in its hands the other on the floor screaming in pain. The person on the floor was Freak being whipped by his angry Uncle who was punishing him for disobeying his orders to clean the house. The skin on Freak's back was completely destroyed with blood spilling out of it and hitting the carpet. Along the back there were pieces of skin actually coming off. The fat mustached man then kicked Freak in the ribs making a violent cracking sound that was heard throughout the home. The man then grabbed Freak by the hair dragging the boy over to the cupboard before throwing Freak against the wall inside. The sound of a lock being forced into place was heard living Freak alone in the dark. Freak gingerly ran his fingers over his body making sure that the bones he thought were broken were really. The abuse that he had suffered through the four previous years would continue until his eleventh birthday. Freak took a while to fall asleep but when he did he had a horrible nightmare of sickly green flashes of light.