No one's P.O.V.

Everyone was at the dojo. Rudy walked in from his office and said "There's a new girl coming so treat her like… Kim. She heard this and retorted "What do you mean!?" Rudy was obviously scared even though he was the sensei "Like a… with respect she's another Black Belt" He said trying to cover his last statement.

The door opened with the sound of the annoying bell Rudy had gotten them a week before. "Everybody this is…" Rudy had started to introduce her but got cut off by Kim "Lila Marie Crawford." She said with enough venom in her voice to kill an army. "Crawford! Kim who is this!?" Jack asked with worry and concern very clear in his voice. Then Kim answered gritting through her teeth "My older sister"

Then like an idiot Jerry blurted out "Wow karate runs in the family"

Lila responded with a chuckle and said very rudely I might add "Not quite. She learned everything from me. When I heard she left the Black Dragon's I thought it was to go away to a better dojo in I don't know… Florida. But now…. Well I guess she wasn't good enough that dojo." Kim then retorted back trying so hard to hold back her anger "I didn't I left because…." Then as if right on cue Lila cut her off with "Sweetie none of us want to hear your lies."

Then surprising Milton jumps and seems pretty steamed up "She is one of the most honest people I know." Even Eddie jumped in with "That's right here we follow the Wasabi Code." Right on cue Rudy, Jack, Jerry, Milton, Eddie, and Kim said in unison "We swear by the light in the dragon's eye to be loyal, honest, and never say die. Wasabi!" Moving their hands back down to their original positions

Lila then eyed them up and down and finally said "I see." Rudy then immediately said "Great. So let's spar Lila you're with Jack" Lila jumped up and down and squealed "Perfect!" and followed it with "Don't worry I'll go easy" Jack cockily replied with "I won't" and smiled his amazingly perfect smile (A/N ~ Kim's thoughts are italic) Jack and Lila then spar and in a matter of a half a minute Jack won. Lila then said a little too happily "You're good! Amazing!"

Then at school the next day. Kim screamed "Jack." When he turned around and he smiled at her she waved him over. "So I got tickets to the special screening of Zompiers. Do you wanna go with me?" Jack then looked at her with wide eyes "How did ya score them?" Kim then biting her lip excitedly replied "Contest! So is that a yes?" Jack answered like it was obvious "Course! So about…" Then the bell cut him off.

Kim completely and utterly confused "What?" she asked while feeling like Jerry. "Nothing. Gotta run. Don't want to be late for class" Jack said while running to his class

Kim then walked away and sat on the bottom step of the stairs. She then sighed and said out loud "I wish I could just ask him out"

A/N~ Yes I know. Some of you think it's wrong for them to admit their feelings this early but I have my reasons. So don't let that stop you from reading. You guys are lucky I love you because I sat here for over an hour in a half converting this to put it on this site. So for the next few days I will update often for this story because all I have to do is convert it. But it will be a while before I update my other story. (Writers Block)