No One's P.O.V.

Brody walks up to Jack and starts talking "Look I'm sorry for what I did. I trained in solitude for a year to redeem myself; I want to be a Wasabi Warrior" Jack just stares at him like he's crazy "After everything you did to Kim what makes you think…." Brody cut Jack off which just pissed him off. "Kim can I talk to you in private? Outside." "Sure" Kim said with little to no emotion in her voice.

The two walked outside. "Kim I'm sorry; will you go out with me? Brody blurted out. Kim then looked over her shoulder at Jack in the dojo practicing on a dummy. "No, not after what you did to me." Brody then looked Kim with a giant smirk on his face.

"Fine. Then I'll just have oh…. what's her name…. Lila beat up Jack for me"

Kim had a terrible flashback. 'Jack come on the movie starts in… Oh. My. God. JACK!' I ran over to him. 'Come on Jack wake up!' his eyes slowly opened to face mine and adjusted to the light 'Kim? Where am I?' He said sounding confused. I looked at Jack with some of my most thoughtful eyes 'The dojo. Who did this to you?' Jack sat up slightly but was still in my lap he managed to stutter out 'L...L…Lila.' My eyes widened in what I believed to be anger and fear "What! I'll kill her' by this point I was gritting through my teeth. 'No Kim she is… is… crazy! I don't want you to get hurt too.' He was so concerned.

"Alright Brody. You win. I will go out with you" Kim said gritting through her teeth. Brody grabs her hand and leads her towards the dojo. "Guess what Jack? Kim and I are going out now." Jack just stands there shocked "What!" Jack said clenching his fist so he wouldn't knock Brody out. "Isn't that right cupcake?" Brody said in a baby voice with his noise scrunching up. "Yes goo-goo bear" Kim said in the sweetest voice she could manage without vomiting. Then Jack ran out of the dojo.

Two days later at school. "Jerry can I ask you something?" Kim said biting her lip and twiddling her thumbs. "Sure Kim. What's the problem?"

Kim takes a deep breath then she let it all out "First Lila beat up Jack really bad so I took him home. He didn't want me to leave so we watched a movie which somewhere during it I fell asleep. After walked to the dojo together the next day, Brody shows up there, at the dojo, and says he'll have Lila beat Jack up again if I don't go out with him. So now I'm dating Brody and Jack hasn't spoken to me since then. What should I do?" Then Kim then let's out another sigh only this time out of relief. Somehow she had gotten through her speech without one question from Jerry and he seemed to be paying attention.

Jerry then asked with no question in his voice or problem once so ever asked "Who do you like?" My eyes widen in shock. "If you tell anyone I'll kill you." I said with anger obviously present. He swallowed his Adam's apple bobbing which reminded Kim of Jack "Okay." Kim once again took a long deep breath "I like Jack" Jack was walking by and stopped behind a pillar and heard the whole conversation.

At this point Jerry was jumping up and down like a little kid hocked up on ice cream. "I knew it! I was just waiting for you to admit it." Kim rolls her eyes and asks irritated "So what should I do?" After that she stomped her foot for effect. Jerry huffed and rolled his eyes like it was obvious "Tell him why you're dating Brody and see what Jack wants to do." Kim jumped up once and squealed letting her inner girl come out "Kay thanks Jerry see ya at the dojo" I walked happily away.

After last period Kim runs out of her classroom to see Jack walking towards the door. Kim screamed "Jack!" Then she ran to him. "Look I need to talk to you. I don't like Brody I like…." Jack then swooped down and softly but passionately kissed Kim on the lips. Jack then pulls away so he doesn't do something he regrets. "Kim I overheard what you were talking about with Jerry earlier. I like you Kim like… I like you a lot. Please Kimberly Anne Crawford will you go out with me?" A huge grin grows across Kim's face and she says "Of course" While jumping into his arms. Kim's expression went from happy to serious when she said "But what about Lila?" Jack rolls in his eyes and responds "I don't care about any girl other than you." By this time Jack is sporting a huge grin on his face. Kim then just shrugs off the subject after that and said "Same goes for me Jack. Same goes for me."

They walk into the dojo holding hands. When they walked in Milton actually looked at them… confused. "What's going on between you two?" Then Eddie jumps in taking a break from his donut "Yeah; you guys look like a couple." Jack just lets go of Kim's hand, puts his around her waist, and moves her closer to his side. "That's because we are a couple I asked Kim out." Jack said stressing the word are. Jerry started shaking and walked backwards slowly and tried to hide behind Milton. "Kim I didn't tell him I swear." Kim rolled her eyes in disbelief but she was also smirking at the fact she scared him so much. "I know Jerry, Jack overheard us talking in the hallway."

"So you're going out with Jack now; you broke our deal. Well my end of the bargain will be held up to its full extent." Then Brody walks out of the dojo. Kim runs after him out of the dojo and out of the mall.

"Wait Brody please don't have Lila hurt Jack." She says breathing heavily from running out of the mall. "Well you're sister really wants to beat up a black belt. But since you're a black belt you could fight her then she wouldn't ruin Jack." Brody said with a smirk wider than the Grand Canyon on his face. Kim didn't even think for a minute about it she responded with "Okay let's go."

Back at the dojo with Jack. Jack looked at the door with the meanest look on his face. "Where do you think Kim went with that jerk?" Eddie took yet another break from his donut "Who knows?" Jack's expression changed from mean to concerned when he said "I'm worried"

Back with Kim and Brody. Kim looks around then asks to no one in particular "Where are we?" "In your worst nightmare" Lila said with a smirk growing across her face. Kim jumped up out of surprise "Lila!" Lila was still smirking. "So you chose to save your boyfriend. Are you ready?" Kim huffed, got into her fighting position, and sighed "I guess."

Kim and Lila spared and within a minute and thirty seconds Lila wins. At this point Kim is on the floor unconscious.

An hour and a half later Jack was looking for Kim. "Kim! Kim! Kim where are you? Kim!" Then Jack looks over and sees Kim lying on the floor unconscious. "Oh. My. God. KIM!" Runs to her and holds her head gently in his lap. "Kim wake up. Please… please Kim wake up… please." Jack then slowly drops his head.

"J… J… J… Jack. Whe… Wh… Where are we?" Kim says her voice shaking. Jack sighs and replies "I don't know but let's get you out of here" Then he gently picks her up in a princess hold. "Why were you unconscious?" Jack asked confused.

"L… L… L…" Kim says unable to get the name out. "Lila. Why she's your sister?" Jack says even more confused than before. "To save…" She let out a muffled groan "…you from her." Then she leans her head against his chest. "Okay" Jack lets out a sigh "I know what you mean. Thank you for trying to help but please don't do that again." Kim let out a slight laugh before saying "Okay Jack. But where are we going?" Jack just looks down and smiles at Kim "I'm taking you to your house. Okay?" Kim returns the smile Jack just gave her "Yeah"

Ten minutes later at Kim's house. "We're here" Jack says using Kim's key to open the door. "Can you take me upstairs? Please." Kim gave Jack her best puppy dog eyes. "Of course. Is anyone else here with you?" Jack says walking up the stairs. "No not right now. But Lila will be back later." Kim said sounding a bit nervous. "Well then… I'm staying. I'm not leaving you alone especially with her" Jack said looking around the hallway clueless. "Okay. My room is just to the right." Jack nods and carries Kim into her room.

"Wow this room is huge" Jack gently puts Kim on her bed. "So… where do you want me to sleep?" Kim pats right next to her and says "Right here." Jack starts to blush and sits on the bed "Okay" Soon the pair fall asleep.

Nine hours later at 6 am. "Kim where are you? Kim." Jack hear noise coming from downstairs and follows it "Kim?"

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