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Tsukune was sitting in awe trying to gather what had just happened plus trying to figure out how Mizore new he was human and taking in the fact that she had been human too, then Tsukune began talking in a light whisper.


"yes",replied Mizore in a orderly fashion.

"uhm...so how'd you know I was human"

"oh that was easy, by the way you've been acting"

Tsukune recalled his wimpieness so he just accepted the insault

"b-but then wh-" Tsukune was cut short with a pointer finger just a few inches away from his face

"now I take it you'd like me to tell you why I kissed you"

a little bit of blush came upon Tsukune's face then he complied after a few moments of embarrassment.

"I kissed you for two reasons, one to stop you from trying to leave, two because for a long time in my life no ones been my friend everyone's always made fun of me making me feel like an outcast until, i-i m-met you"

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Tsukune then began to feel his cheacks burn with embarrassment once again but this time with a little sincerity added on

a few moments went by Tsukune and Mizore were sitting there in silence until Mizore overheard Tukune mudder something

"n-n-never...n-never a-again" then Tsukune quickly grabbed Mizore without hesitation and pressed his warm lips against her cool but luscious like lips and began kissing her with more passion than the last one

after a while of intense kissing Tsukune and Mizore had decided that it was getting late and began walking back to the school dorms

"so...does this mean we're dating"

"uuuuuh I-I suppose so"

"but Tsukune...I have to tell you something before we begin being a couple"

"hm?, what might that be"

"...remember that day we first met when I ran into you"

"...yeah why...?"

"well...I uh, I'm human to"

the instant Tsukune heard this he was overjoyed to hear he wasn't the only human being at the school but at the same time he felt a little bad that she was here all alone stuck being placed as an outcast

"soooo what do you think" Mizore asked with a tilted head and that kind of face that gives you some curiosity to it

"w-well I for one don't mind or at least don't feel like I mind but either way...I-I'm still yo-your Boyf-friend" Tsukune said with a kind of flushed face but tried his best to make it sound sincere

"o-o-ooooooh, TSUKUNE Mizore said with multiple feelings like Love, Joy, Sadness etc. etc.

"I'm glad that you care, I'm glad that we can spend time together, I'm glad we have soooo much in common"

"Me to Mizore, I also really care for you...I-I-I th-think that I-I might even L-L-Love Y-You..." Tsukune was now holding Mizore as close and tight as he could and Mizore didn't fight,didn't care because she Loved him just as much and now the two could be together