Olivia walks into the police station where she works, she walks over to her desk and slaps down the folder in her hand. She looks around and sees police officers, some dressed in uniform and some not. She didn't see her partner, Detective Nick Amaro at first, than she sighs and takes off her brown coat and she sits down and opens the folder up, gets a pencil and starts filling out the last of yesterday's arrest reports when Nick shows up, holding two cups of coffee. He puts down one for her, and she looks up and says. "Thanks". He looks at her and she blows the coffee then takes a sip then he asks. "Date didn't go so good?" She looks at him sharply, then gives out a exaggerated sigh, then he says under his breath. "Okay". He takes a sip of his coffee then he sits down in his office chair then he says. "You might as well tell me about it now Olivia, because you know I'll get it out of you sooner or later".

She sighs and sits back in her chair while still fidgeting with the pencil then she says. "At first, it was great. I picked her up at her house, we went to a great restaurant, 'Mi Amori', you know that place?" Nick nods his head and Olivia goes on. "We got there, ordered and were having great, pleasant conversation, a really great time getting to know each other than..." . She moves up closer than she says in a low voice, "One of the rape victims from one of my cases from a few years came over and...". Nick signals for her to stoop and he asks. "She didn't know you were a cop?" Olivia nods her head then says. "Oh, she knew, but she didn't know what kind of cop I was, I gave her the impression that I was something like a traffic cop...meter maid or something like that. Anyway, the victim comes over and she goes on about what a good job I did and explains to my date, how I helped her from that sadistic husband that raped her with a branding iron so after that, the rest of the evening went downhill". Nick takes another sip and asks her. "How's that?" Olivia does another sigh then says. "After that, she just got a little too interested in what I do, what kind of cases do I get?...how sadistic do they actually get? Nick, she practically asked me to describe the worst of the worst rape cases to her". Nick whistles then says. "I think you dodged a bullet , Liv". Olivia throws down the pencil then says. "Yeah...I'm telling you, I'm beginning to wonder if I'm cut out for a relationship...something always happens to put a bump in the road just when I think things might work out" . Nick takes another sip then puts down the coffee, then notices Doctor Melinda Warner passing on her way to the mourge, and he notices the pleasant smile she gives Olivia and how she puts a tender ring on saying "Good morning". Olivia looks at her and smiles then she looks at Nick then says.

"Let's just finish our coffee and get some paperwork don before Cragen comes in here with some case" He nods his head then says. "No argument here". He pics up a pencil and he gets a folder from a pile at the side corner of his desk and they do get some work done as the other police officers in the place work. They see prostitutes come in, beat up gang members still arguing with officers but none of it fazed Olivia and Nick. Then as predicted, Cragen comes in and throws down a folder then says, "We have a case to start the day on." Olivia looks up at him and asks. "Where is it?" Cragen points his thumb behind him then says. "Uptown, going into the business district". Olivia and Nick stand up and put on their jackets then Olivia asks. "Hooker?" Cragen shakes his head 'no' then says. "From what I heard, it looks like the victim was going into one of the office buildings on 4th street" Olivia then says. "Let's go". Nick picks up his empty coffee cup and throws it in the garbage.

Twenty minutes later, Nick and Olivia come upon a scene with an ambulance, officers roping off a scene and they see a victim on the ground with a white sheet pulled over her and an officer comes up to them with his hand out for them to shake and Nick says. "Hey Tony, what can you tell us?" Tony shakes Nick's hand then Olivia's, before giving his report. "Well, the victim was found a half hour ago and it looks like from the bruises and contusions on her, that she was blitzes attacked then he bound her hands behind her back with this..." . He holds up a rubber tie down and Olivia gives a sigh then says. "I've seen that before". Nick goes over to the body , pulls back the sheet enough, to see the woman had tight blond curls and a huge bloody gash on the left of her head and he says. "Looks like a plain out-and-out rape." Tony looks at Nick then Olivia, then he says. "It would be...except for one thing". Olivia looks at him and asks, "What? Was she robbed?" The officer goes over to the body, pulls back the sheet all the way to her leg and Olivia's eyes pop out and Nick just grunts in disgust and Olivia says. "Just when I thought I saw it all".

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