(PS: I won't make a crossover because I don't intend to use Hawaii Five-0 for my story, just the beginning and final chapters)

Chp 1

Andronicus woke up as he breathed heavily. For the past two months he had dreamed of his childhood friend, Alessa Gillespie. He looked over his clock radio and it was 6.55 am. He was bound to get up anyway. He got out of his blanket and headed downstairs. Today was the day of Andromeda Agnes Zoe Willis– his sister's wedding to a pilot named Captain Takashi Hirosuke, a good friend of Andronicus.

He started the coffee and as he waited, he went to the living room and looked over his trophy shelf, where a worn out white paper crane was placed there. "Having trouble in sleeping again?", a voice startled him. It was his elder sister, Dr Agatha Charis Roxana Willis who was still in her robes and hair roll pins. "I've been having the same nightmare back when I was young. It was gone but it returned", said Andronicus.

"Is it Alessa again?", asked Agatha and her younger brother nodded. "Andy…", said Agatha, "It's been so long. You tried to save her, but you know there's nothing you could do. You've called for help and they managed to stop the sacrifice ritual…, even though it was a third degree burn". "She disappeared, Aggie! She just disappeared! Even the hospital staff doesn't know where she was and I knew the stupid cult had something to do with it!", said Andronicus angrily.

"I know it too, Andy, but we've tried. Even with mother's connection with Interpol, it's as if she…, simply vanished", said Agatha as she sat down on the long couch. After they sat in silence, Agatha said, "I remembered once I found the two of you at the playground late evening. Her mother didn't even bother to come and pick her up and I offered her to stay over with us. Mum and dad were back in New York on a meeting and mum's water was broke and she had to deliver Andromeda a little early. I was babysitting you and I heated yesterday's pizza. She ate the pizza as if she never had it before. I feel sorry for her. Father even asked his cousin from the Health Department, but all our efforts were in vain".

"I wish I could've saved her in time. I wish she was here", said Andronicus. Agatha chuckled and said, "Andronicus Elpis Dike Willis, are you trying to tell me that the reason why you never married was because of her?". "Isn't it obvious? I've fallen in love with her ever since I saw her", said Andronicus as he recalled his first encounter with Alessa Gillespie.


The young Andronicus Elpis Dike Willis just arrived at Midwich Elementary School for the very first time. As he walked through the hallway during recess, he saw a group of girls were circling a young girl about his age, calling her witch among all those foul name-calling. Andronicus, trying to live up to his middle name Dike, which means justice, ran towards the circle and quickly pulled the girl who was being teased as far away as he could.

When they reached nearby the canteen, they stopped. "Are you ok?", asked Andronicus. The girl nodded. "Come on, let's eat. I'm starving with all those running", said Andronicus. They sat down at an empty table, where no one would seat with them. "I'm Andronicus. My dad is a Greek History teacher, hence the name. It means victory of men. What's your name?", asked Andronicus. "Alessa", said the girl timidly. "Nice to meet you! You can call me Andy if my first name is too hard for you to pronounce", said Andronicus as he held out his hand and Alessa shook hands with him.

When Andronicus was about to eat his lunch that his mother had made, he noticed that Alessa was not eating. "Are you not hungry?", asked Andronicus. "I don't have any money", said Alessa. "Here, you can have half of mine", said Andronicus as he scooped out half of his bento to the lid and passed it out to Alessa. "But this is yours! I can't eat them", said Alessa. "Nonsense! It's not like I can finish all of them and my mum would complain if I don't finish it", said Andronicus.

They ate silently and Andronicus saw how people looked at him and her weirdly. "Why did they called you witch?", asked Andronicus, "I mean, you don't have to answer if you don't want to". "They called me that because I don't have a father", said Alessa. "What happened to him?", asked Andronicus. Alessa just shrugged.

"Well, can we be friends?", asked Andronicus as he smiled gleefully. "Even when people would call you names that you hate?", asked Alessa. "So what if they want to? It's not like they're gonna hurt me. In fact, if anyone bully you ever again, call me so I can kick their butts!", said Andronicus as he waved his chopsticks as if they were his swords. Alessa smiled for the first in the longest time and said, "Ok, let's be friends".


Andronicus smiled as he remembered the time he first met her. Her blue eyes were bluer than any ocean he had seen. He wished he could've saved her in time so she could no longer suffer and maybe Alessa would still be here. His thought was interrupted when the coffee was done.

"Yo, Romeo! The coffee's done. You better go and get showered or the groom will miss his best man", said Agatha as she returned to her room. Andronicus had a cup of coffee before getting ready for the wedding.