Chp 4

Andronicus blinked his eyes a few times to adjust after the brightness was gone. When his eyes were ok, he scanned around. The room was seriously wrecked, old, rusty, dirty and other things. He saw a bed in the middle of the room and it was covered with a tent that usually patient with burns are covered. Next to it, a blond nurse with a red cardigan stood with her back to Andronicus and she was sobbing.

"Excuse me, miss?", said Andronicus as he approached the nurse, but she walked away, still not facing him. Then, he focused his attention to the bed. The tent was in a terrible shape and Andronicus peeked through one of the holes and saw a woman lying there with bandages all over her. Andronicus felt as if he knew her. "Alessa?", said Andronicus.

"Alessa can't talk", said the voice, which startled Andronicus and caused him to aim his gun. He saw a little girl with slightly burnt Midwich Elementary School uniform, black hairs that's a mess and face with cuts, bruises; blood oozed and skin that's slightly blacken here and there. She looked a lot, no – exactly like Alessa. "If that's Alessa, then who are you?", asked Andronicus.

"I…, have many names", said the girl, "Right now, I'm the dark part of Alessa". 'Dark part?', thought Andronicus. "She called you here for a reason", said Dark Alessa. Andronicus turned to the bed and said, "Why? Why have you call me, Les?". He used her nickname he had called her back then. "She wants your help. She has called another person to help in our revenge. That person…, is the adoptive mother of the good side of Alessa", said Dark Alessa.

Andronicus approached the tent and saw Alessa, laid there, skin blistered, eyes just stared into nothingness. "Can I open the tent?", asked Andronicus. Dark Alessa used her power and lifted the tent. Andronicus saw Alessa and he knelt by her bedside. "I'm sorry, Les", he sobbed, "I failed to keep you safe…. I failed you. Forgive me, Les". "Alessa always said that it was not your fault. She said you have done everything for her. You made her happy, unlike anyone ever did. She doesn't want you to burden yourself with guilt", said Dark Alessa.

Andronicus got up. He placed his hand on her scarred cheek. Alessa made a small smile – one so genuine that hasn't been seen for 30 years. He kissed her for the first in the longest time. "Les, you don't know how long I've longed to do that", said Andronicus. "An…,dy…", said Alessa. Andronicus held her hand in his and said, "I'm here, Les. Tell me what you want me to do". "We must wait for the other one to arrive. We must prepare you for our plan", said Dark Alessa.

"Prepare me for what?", asked Andronicus. "Alessa's good part, Sharon is missing in the town and Christabella, the priestess of The Order will find her with the intention of 'purifying' her", said Dark Alessa. " 'Purifying' her? You mean like what they did to Alessa back then?", said Andronicus. Dark Alessa nodded. "What can I do to help?", asked Andronicus.

"Sharon's mother, Rose will arrive soon. She will help us get to the church. Your job is to help us destroy The Order", said Dark Alessa. Andronicus chuckled and said, "Lucky me, I just bought a new toy". He waved his Desert Eagle. "For now, you will stay with Alessa while I guided Rose here", said Dark Alessa before disappearing. Andronicus turned to the nurse and saw her face – eye blinded and tears were blood that was streaming from her eyes, but he knew she won't hurt him. He turned his attention back to Alessa. He sat by the bed next to her. "You missed out a lot. We moved to Hawaii after you disappeared. Aggie got married and had a daughter that she named Alessa Iris – Alessa after you and Iris means rainbow. She told me rainbow because God gives us rain so we could see rainbow afterwards. She believes that maybe you died so you don't have to suffer anymore. Andromeda got married the other day to a good friend of mine. They're somewhere in Europe now. I got accepted in a special task force, ya know. They're good people and I couldn't wish for better friends", Andronicus told the story after he and his family left Silent Hill.

They stayed silent for a while. "I wish I could've saved you in time. Maybe we would probably in Hawaii, sipping coconut juice or hangout at Kamekona's Kiosk or sailing away. You might be happy and I wish I did pull you in time. So, you don't have to suffer like this. I'm sorry, Les. I'm so sorry", said Andronicus. "Stop being guilty, Andy. I'm glad that we're friends and I want this. I want my revenge!", Alessa said through her telepathic power. "But what will you gain?! After you kill them, what then?! You're just gonna stay here?", said Andronicus.

"This is my world now, Andy. I can never turn away. When you're hurt and scared for so long, the fear and pain turn to hate and the hate starts to change the world. The hate within me grew and continues to grow and it burns, Andy. It burns! That's when Dark Alessa came", said Alessa. "You can't possibly stay like this. Let me help you", said Andronicus. "How, Andy? I'm beyond help", said Alessa. "Aggie can fix the burns. With treatments, maybe you can relive as a normal human again. I promise I will help, but you have to help yourself too", said Andronicus. "How, Andy? How am I suppose to help myself?", asked Alessa. "Let go, Les. You have to let go of all this, Les. After you got what you want, let go of everything here and come back with me to the real world. I promise and I will keep it this time. I promise I'll give you happiness and if you want, I'll lay the whole world on a silver platter for you", said Andronicus before giving Alessa another kiss.

He lay down next to her, ignoring the rust and blood and burn sheet underneath him. He hummed songs that he used to sing for her back when they were young as he and Alessa drifted into deep slumber.