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'This Tux isn't gonna fit and i hate bow ties'JT said irritatingly.

'Her Ideal date...is dinner on a rooftop or hanging out on a fire escape'Vincent said with a Grin.

'What are you talking about?'JT asked a bit confused.

'This is about me'Vincent said as he flipped through the pages again.

'So?'JT asked.

'So JT?So?THIS IS ABOUT ME'Vincent stood up and waved the papers to JT's face 'Don't you get it?'Vincent got a bit annoyed by JT's stupid question.

'I get it man,she wrote about you,you are her ideal date,she likes you...I get it,I i'm asking is so what?It's not like you didn't know she likes you'JT said to Vincent who was still going through the pages.

Vincent ignored JT.

He knew she liked her,but after reading everything,that was completely about him,every single word of it.

He just couldn't stand there and waste his time trying to explain to JT what he was feeling.

He had a wedding to attend.


'Are you sure about this man?'JT asked Vincent who was busy setting his hair.

'This is like the 10th time you've asked me JT,Do me a favor and go watch your football'Vincent said to JT as he started wearing his shoes.


'I might be late'Vincent told JT as he exited the door before JT could say anything.


As Catherine was busy telling the waiter who was having steak and who chicken and who was vegetarian,Page,one of the Bridesmaids came asking Catherine'Is he still not here?'

'Nope it's just me and the Cater Waiter'Catherine replied.

'I don't understand how he couldn't get a shift covered at the hospital?'asked Page.

And just as Catherine was about to tell Page there was no Vincent Salansky,Heather came asking'Cat,where is your date?Is he still not here?'

'Okay time to tell you guys the truth'Catherine said.

'What truth?'Page asked.

But again just as Catherine was about to say,Heather gasped'OH MY GOD!'...Who is he?'Heather asked,rather to herself.

Catherine smiled at her younger sister,must have seen some guy Catherine thought to herself.

'What?Who?'Page sasked Heather,looking around.'There..him,look..'Heather said to Page still looking in that direction.

Catherine was lost in her thoughts,thinking what Vincent must be doing right now.

'Oh My God'this time it was Page's turn to gasp 'Cat...Cat..Catherine'Page waved.

'Umm..yeah what?'Catherine came back from her thoughts.

'Do you know that guy?'Page Heather was still staring at him.

'What guy?'Catherine asked.

'Look around'Page said.

Catherine looked around and found Vincent standing across the room.

For a moment she couldn't believe her eyes...But than he smiled and waved at her.

At that moment,it was like everything else disappeared in the room,the only thing she could see was the Gorgeous man standing just across her,the babbling of Heather,the sound of music,the chattering of people all faded away.

And for a moment both just looked at each other from across the room.

'Cat...Cat,do you know him?'Heather was asking'Why is he smiling at you?DO you know him?'

But Catherine stood up and made her to Vincent the most Handsome man in the room.

She smiled as she reached him 'I thought JT was supposed to be my date?'

'Yeah well...turns out JT is not that into you'Vincent said in his raspy voice.

'Oh and you are?'she knew,yet she asked to tease him.

Vincent moved closer,leaned in and whispered 'More than you know'

Catherine closed her eyes,as she felt his breath on her neck,she bit her lip.

Her scent was driving him crazy,if they weren't standing in a room full of people,he might...hell for sure he would have done something about it.

Their faces were only inches apart,and just as Catherine was about to reach up and...

'That's your sister right?'Vincent said as he closed his eyes and smiled.

Great thanks Heather,for ruining the moment for me Catherine said to herself.

She turned around and found Heather and Page and the now the other Bridesmaids and the Bride herself all staring at them.

'That's her'Catherine smiled turning to Face Vincent all of a sudden she remembered something,Vincent was not to be seen by anyone,let alone her sister and friends,He may have come as incognito,it was still dangerous for him.

'But Vincent...'she was cut off before she could 's like Vincent could read her thoughts.

'I know what you're gonna say Catherine,trust me i have done my Denver research'he laughed 'Let's just enjoy this night okay?'he said touching her face.

She wasn't convinced,but she let it go,just for tonight,they could take that risk of being found out.

'So,your sister and friends seem to have alot of questions for you'Vincent said looking at them,he could hear their whispering 'You should go to them'

'What about you?'Catherine asked.

'Oh i'm just gonna grab a glass of champagne'

'Okay,i'll see you in a bit'Catherine said as she went to her waiting sister and step mother and friends.


As soon as she reached them,she was bombarded with questions.'Who is he?is he your date?'asked Heather.

'Is he vincent Salansky?'asked her step mother.'Is he the Dcotor from Denver?'asked one of the Bridesmaids.

'Oh My God Cat,were you two about to kiss?'Heather asked again.

'Woah...can you all just...if you could let me speak,i would be able to say something'Catherine said taking a deep breath.

'Okay..okay she is right girls'said the Bride.

Catherine took a seat and so did others'Yes,he is my date'Catherine said,unable to hide the grin from her face'Vincent Salansky,the Doctor from Denver.'

Heather almost screamed at Catherine with excitment 'And you waited so long for what?'I mean Oh My God Cat why didn't you tell me before he was like this Hot and Handsome and ...SEXY'

'Heather is right Catherine,why have you been hiding this MAN from us?'asked Page.

Catherine didn't know what to say,ofcourse she couldn't tell me the real reason,so she decided to change the subject 'Well you've all seen him now'

'But we haven't met him yet'said the Bride (Catherine's step Mother)

'Yes let's just go and meet him'Heather stood up

'I wanna meet him right now'her hands resting on her hips.

Catherine wasn't sure about it,they had seen him,it was already too much,but ofcourse they wouldn't let her go untill they met him.

So she looked back at Vincent who was standing alone with a glass of champagne,listening to their conversation.

He nodded his head in agreement with a reassuring smile.

'Okay let's go and meet my date'Catherine smiled at them.


Catherine was feeling nervous about Vincent being surrounded with people asking him questions.

But she was surprised to see how Vincent was so relax and calm dealing with her new step mother and her little babbling sister and friends.

She was thankful Tess wasn't there.

Vincent was smiling and laughing and holding Catherine's hand the whole time.

For someone who was meeting Vincent for the first time would think his life was perfect,only Catherine knew it was far from the truth.

She would just look at him the entire time,finding a very different Vincent,enjoying the moment having a laugh,like life couldn't have been better.

She always thought how Vincent must have been like,before all that happened.

Now she knew.A guy who would enjoy every second of his life.

She felt the corner of her eyes getting wet,she quickly managed to swallow the tears before anyone could notice,but Vincent did.

'So Vincent,where did you get this sexy scar'Heather asked.

By than the Bride went to her groom and so did all the other bridesmaids,giving Vincent and Catherine some space,they could always get the details later,but Heather was Heather,She just wouldn't leave her sister and her date alone.

'Oh you know a little accident'Vincent again to Catherine's surprise answered the question with the ease she couldn't believe.

'Heather...Heather'Page came calling'I think Evan was looking for you'

'Oh...yes Evan...shit,i'll see you guys later'Heather said 'I'll ask the details later'Heather whispered to her sister before she left.

Catherine felt relieved,but Evan she suddenly thought Evan couldn't see Vincent,he might remember him from the case.


To Catherine's relief something came up and Tess couldn't be at the wedding,or things might have gone wrong,she could have recognized Vincent.

So Tess not being there proved a good thing for Catherine,but a thing like Catherine Chandler's hot date at her father's wedding wasn't a thing to remain secret.

But she didn't want to think about answering Tess's questions right now,at least not at this perfect night.

'Catherine?What are you thinking'Vincent asked.

'Oh...nothing'Catherine replied with a smile.

'Care for a dance?'Vincent asked offering his hand which Catherine gladly accepted.


Again as they danced,the world around them seemed to disappear,only thing that was visible to Catherine was the perfect man infront of her,holding her waist,looking into her eyes.

He completely lost himself in those beautiful brown eyes,she was beautiful yes,but tonight she was the most Beautiful woman in Vincent's eyes,he couldn't stop gazing at her.

If only she knew how he had kept himself civil this entire time.

The ways she effected him,amazed him sometimes,the way she made him feel,he never felt before,that's what was special about her,No everything was special about her,he corrected himself.

Both enjoyed their perfect moment together,who knew tomorrow might bring another complication to their already complicated relationship.

They both just remained silent,dancing to the slow music.


'I think i should leave now'Vincent said,as the song ended.

Catherine could understand,ofcourse she didn't want him to leave,but they had already risked too much with him being there.

He risked everything to be here with her,to make her happy,he made this night perfect for couldn't have asked more.

He was not going anywhere neither was she...

This was just the beginning of many perfect moments,perfect nights like this to come.

'Still early Doctor Salansky...but okay'

'I prefer Vincent,Detective Chandler'he said making her giggle.'Take Care'he gently kissed her forhead.

'Tell JT i said thanks'she said,Vincent turned back confused 'For not being that into me'Vincent nodded with a smile,and with that he left

Catherine hadn't felt this happy in a long long time.


'Cat'Catherine turned back to see her dad and step mother'Where is Vincent?'she asked as she looked around'Your dad is so excited to meet him'

'Yes honey,where is this handsome man,Brooke couldn't stop talking about'Catherine's father said.

'Ahhh dad he JUST left,something came up'

'Oh No,...That's just your dad's luck'

'but i have to meet him okay?'her Father said.

'Sure Dad'Catherine said not sure if that could happen,well not anytime soon anyways.

'Now let's go,it's time to make some toasts'Catherine said.


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