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All he could do was to think about Catherine since he came back from the Wedding.

Yes Catherine Chandler,the NYPD Detective,who was holding Vincent Keller's Heart.

And as much as he tried to take it back,he couldn't.

Impossible would be the right word for it.

He kept on changing sides,closing his eyes,seeing her face,opening them,thinking about her.

It was like she had cast some spell on him.

He got into his bed 2 hours ago and still struggling to find sleep.

He Should have.All he could think was to He should have kissed her,when he had the chance,when the moment was perfect,when her face was just inches away from his...

So what if her sister and friends were staring?It wasn't like he was a teenager,getting nervous to kiss a girl for the first time.

But again was it his fault?It had been so long since he so much as talked to a woman,let alone be her date,dance with her,touching her and KISS HER.Life was complicated for him.

Falling for someone was the last thing he wanted,he had gotten used to being with JT living in an abandoned Warehouse,cut off from the world.

But than came Catherine Chandler,9 years ago,

The night he saved than he tried as hard as he could to let go of her,but he couldn't.

Seemed even harder than letting go of his family (what remained of it),Alex, the girl he loved...

He never quite understood why was it so hard to let go of Catherine?When he didn't even have her.

Untill 9 years later when he finally met her,he didn't realize it immediately,but slowly as they got closer,he realized why was it so hard to let go of her.

HE WAS IN LOVE WITH HER...took 9 years to realize but he did.

Now that he knew she felt the same way about him,he couldn't wait to be with her.

Though once she said it was her decision to make not his,yet he knew that being with him meant lying to her friends and family,always being in danger,and never having a normal life.

Which is what he wanted for her.

But in the end he always wanted something more,and that something was to be with her,live the rest of his life with her,not sure how much of a life he had left because of the constant danger that he was in,but again if you look at it that way,nobody knew.

In the end,not matter how many complications,how many dangers,their relationship might face,he loved her enough to fight for it,to make it work,untill his very last breath.


Catherine was glad that Heather was living with her,but that was before Vincent happened, is when she wished,she was living alone.

On the way home from their Father's wedding,Heather kept asking about Vincent.

And Catherine wished for a moment...that she had let her go with Evan.

'Cat you didn't tell me how did you meet him?'Heather asked looking at her while Catherine's eyes were on the road.

'Uhhh...During a case' no this was true,Catherine replied.

'You know...i had a doubt..i mean ...the way you've been acting passed few months'Heather said.

'The way i've been acting?'Catherine raised an eyebrow and looked at her sister.

'Yeah it was were hiding something'she paused

'Remember your Birthday?You were there weren't there?'she said.

Catherine wondered when did Heather (of all people) started to notice all these things 'What do you mean?'

'I was like you...were waiting for someone,like you...wanted someone to be there...It was him wasn't it?'Heather was much more serious now.

'You know...i think you've had a little too much to drink'Catherine had to,she had to change the subject.

'Yes i had a couple of drinks..BUT i'm sober enough to tell that you're changing the subject Cat'

'Heather take it easy okay,it was just a one date,i don't...even know...know him that well,i only met him few weeks ago'she lied,hoping if Vincent was listening,he would understand why.

She didn't want to lie,she knew that,Heather even being the younger one,was worried for her sometimes,and she wanted to...she wanted to tell her sister everything about Vincent,but...she couldn't.

'Didn't look like JUST A FRIEND to meee'Heather pressed

'Cat..i could see the way you two were looking at each other...and besides you don't just almost kiss your ''just a friend'',you don't hold hands with ''just a friend'' the entire time'Heather continued.

Catherine didn't say anything,she just smiled at the images falshing in her head of her and Vincent only a few hours ago.

'What?'Heather said to Catherine.

'Nothing...'Catherine smiply replied.

'You have to tell me one day all about him,don't think i'm just letting it go...There's's no way you two are "just friend''Heather sat back and rested her head on the seat.

'For right now i'm letting you go because...'She yawned 'I'm really tired..'she closed her eyes.

Catherine could finally feel relieved.


'If it's not Vincent Keller'JT said as Vincent walked out of his room.

'Good morning to you too JT'Vincent said as he scratched the back of his head and sat down on the couch.

'Do you know what time is it dude?'JT asked Vincent,who was now laying on the couch.

'Ummm...'he looked at the old clock hanging by the wall'The Clock says 4:00pm'he said absentmindedly.

'Exactly...You know i thought you might be dead'JT said putting down his pen and looking at Vincent.

'More alive than ever...'Vincent murmured to himself,which JT couldn't hear.

'So from the smile on your face,looks like last night went well?'JT asked.

'One of the best nights of my life...So far'he grinned.

It's not like JT didn't like Catherine,but he always thought that being around her meant breaking the rules for Vincent.

But he had to admit,that for the first time in a long time,almost 10 years,he had seen his best friend happy and alive like that.

And he was happy for him.

Still he wanted him to be careful,because Murifield may have been silent for a while now,he knew they were still looking for him,and him going to the weddings and meeting people could only help Muirfield.

'Good...But be careful man'JT said.

'Don't worry man'Vincent said reassuring his best friend.

'Anyways i gotta go,i'm meeting Sarah'JT said getting up.

'You gotta tell me someday man,how serious are things between you and Sarah?'Vincent winked playfully.

'There's no such thing as me and Sarah okay?We're...are ..just friends'JT blushed.

'Than why are you blushing?'Vincent teased.

'Shut up man'JT said as he collected his things and put them in his bag,that he always carried,like a girl Vincent said sometimes.

'Oh and before i go,while you were sleeping,Catherine called like 4 times asking about you'JT said.

'What?'Vincent said as he immediately got up 'Damn it JT,why didn't you wake me?What if something's wrong?'Vincent said concerned.

'Calm down man,nothing's wrong...Now gotta go bye...'JT said as he left.


Vincent took a quick shower,slipped his green T and black jeans,wore his coat,tied his favorite long black leather shoes and left the warehouse to see Catherine.


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