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Somewhere Out There

1. The Quidditch World Cup

Sophie Grayson woke up with a start. Her eyes felt weighed down with no sleep and no sleep is what she had. She yawned and got out of bed, the darkness in her room not helping as she knocked into the large trunk at the bottom of her bed as she tried to find her way to her cupboard. Today was the day of The Quidditch World Cup, a day that her whole family had been waiting for.

A sandy blonde head poked into her bedroom. "Good you're up, Mum said you need to get dressed, we all waiting downstairs" her older brother Andy said hurriedly.

Andy was in his last year at Hogwarts School Of Witchcraft and Wizardry. They were a year apart and completely different. Andrew Grayson was the golden boy of the family. Perfect grades, Head boy and Ravenclaw's Quidditch captain. Not that Sophie wasn't cleaver or didn't have good grades; the fact was that she was the first Gryffindor in her family, which came from the longest line of Ravenclaw's recorded, made her the odd one out. Not that her family ever showed it, but she knew that her parents were disappointed that their only daughter didn't inherit their legacy.

Sophie didn't mind though, she loved her house. Even though it was a shock when the Sorting Hat placed her in Gryffindor in her first year. She thought that there was a great mistake. Her oldest brother Ryan comforted her that night, telling her that the Sorting Hat never made a mistake and must have chosen her because he thought that she could be great.

She always knew that she would never be the greatest, but she did believe that she was a true Gryffindor. Ryan always knew how to make her happy, even if he had to lie a little bit. With the help of her two best friends, Katie Bell and Alicia Spinnet, she forgot all about her Ravenclaw worries.

Sophie was so lost in thought that she found herself standing before her cupboard and not even dressed yet.

"Sophie, are you ready?" her father called from downstairs.

"Nearly!" she called back, slipping on the outfit that she placed out last night, knowing that she had no time finding something to wear at six in the morning. Her wavy light brown hair hanging limply at the side of her face and past her shoulder's. She brushed her hair quickly, and tied it up in a quick ponytail.

She went downstairs and into the kitchen, where her whole family were sitting there waiting for her. The Grayson's kitchen was a cute cozy one. A small wooden island stood in the middle of the kitchen, where her mother always prepared meals for the day. To the left was a small round table that seated the whole family. Her father and Andy were already sitting at the table, talking excitedly about the World Cup.

Mrs. Grayson, a pretty woman with dark hair in her early forties, smiled at her tired looking daughter as she entered the kitchen and placed a plate of food in front of her. Sophie grinned as she ate quickly, thanking her mother with a mouth full of scrambled eggs.

"Okay Sophie, you and I are going to the Portkey, it's not too far, but rather be there early than late," her father said promptly. "Your mother and brothers will Apperate shortly after to the campsite." He sounded like a drill sergeant explaining the day.

Sophie nodded, her mouth still full of food.

Harold Grayson was a stern, stocky looking man, always taking his work seriously, but for his family who knew him pretty well; he was a big softy that can never say "no" to his children. The Grayson boys took after their father, light hair and dark eyes. Though Ryan and Sophie were lean and tall like their mother, Andrew took solely after his father, stocky built and more muscle than height.

After Sophie was done with her food, she picked up her bag, kissed her mother goodbye and followed her father towards the Portkey. They walked for quite a while, that the sun was already clearing the ridge, when they saw a fairly large group of people up ahead.

"Ah, just on time, that must be the Weasely's," said her father, walking towards them. Sophie followed behind him, barely keeping up with his long strides.

Two familiar redheads poked their heads out of the crowd. "Oi, Sophie!" called Fred Weasley as she walked towards them.

"Hey Twits" she called back at them grinning widely.

Fred and George were in the same year at Hogwarts. The two pranksters certainly made each and every class interesting. But now in her sixth year, she had to choose her subjects to suit the career path that she wanted to take.

She looked over at the large group and waved at all the familiar faces. Ron, Harry, Hermione and Ginny smiled at her and waved, she could see a large blush on Ron's face as he was probably remembering how he found her missing bra, that the Weasley twins stole out of her trunk last year and hidden it in his. How those two even got up the trick stairs towards the girls dormitory was anyone's guess.

"Have a good summer you four?" she asked, giving them all a hug.

They nodded and said yes, Hermione telling her how she came to the Weasley's a week ago.

Little Ginny was standing right next to Sophie grinning and nodding to every story. Sophie was just about to ask the twins how their joke sweets were coming along when Mr. Weasley told them to start looking for the Portkey.

"What exactly is it supposed to be dad?" asked Ginny.

"When you see it you will know," said Mr. Weasley to his youngest daughter.

Sophie hung back with the twins, the two of them taking about how their mother took all of the sweets they were going to sell at the Quidditch World Cup. The three of them were busy comparing their summers when two new people joined them.

"Author, Harold!" said a man round about her fathers age, behind him a good-looking boy that she knew from school. Everyone greeted the new comers except the Weasley twins. They were still angry with Cedric Diggory for beating them on unfair grounds last year. He wasn't one of Sophie's favorite people either due to the same fact, but if her father saw her being rude he would never forgive her.

They found the Portkey and the all crowded around the old looking black boot. Squashing next to each other, everyone put a finger on the boot, Mr. Weasley counting down the time, telling everyone to get ready.

Sophie had only traveled by Portkey once before and she most certainly didn't like the feeling. Suddenly, as though something hooked in her belly button and started pulling, they were off. Shoved between Diggory and George, Sophie kept on knocking into their shoulders.

"Okay everyone, let go!" shouted Mr. Weasley.

This was the part that she hated the most, because she always landed sprawled out on the floor. She let go, and braced herself for the fall, landing hard on her behind with an "oof". She looked at the twins who were lying twisted within each other, Ginny was rubbing her head and Harry, Ron and Hermione were also rubbing their behinds. Her father, Mr. Weasley, Mr. Diggory and Cedric were all standing, looking windswept but defiantly not rubbing any part of their aching body.

Cedric Diggory, who had barely ever spoken to Sophie in their six years at Hogwarts together smiled at her. "Need some help?" he said holding a hand out for her.

Sophie narrowed her eyes at his cocky grin, but took his hand anyway, thanking him as he helped her up from the hard ground. The twins were still glaring at Cedric as though he murdered someone. The Diggory's waved at them as they were directed towards their campsite, Cedric smiled at Sophie as he left.

"Oh, Cedric be mine," said George

"Cedric, so divine," said Fred, the two of them sang, fluttering their eyes and clasping their hands to their faces like blushing girls.

"Oh sod off," said Sophie, walking off to join her father who was busy talking to Mr. Weasley.

She glanced around at the massive campsite, looking at each tent. It was simply breath taking; the camp seemed to go on for kilometers. Most of the tents were normal looking, with a small fire outside and a few witches and wizards sitting around it, chatting away excitedly. As they walked further in, towards their campsite she noticed some odd tents, some with chimneys, even one with a fenced off garden.

"Of course when we all get together we want to show off a bit," said her father to Mr. Weasley.

Ginny, Hermione and Sophie were busy trying to spot the most outrageous tent when her father told them that this was their stop. She said goodbye to all the Weasley's, Harry and Hermione and they carried on towards their tent a few spots down.

"We a lucky we got a spot so close to the pitch" said her dad as he started setting the tent up without any magic. Her father explained to her that Muggles owned the camping site and they couldn't use magic. But when it came to lighting up the fire her father got so frustrated with the matches that he lit it up with a quick unnoticeable wave of his wand.

Her brothers and her mother showed up an hour later and lunch was already cooking in the pan over the fire by mid afternoon. Andy went to go and meet up with a few friends from school that he spotted a few tents down. Ryan went to go find the Head of the games department Mr. Ludo Bagman, to talk about the security. Ryan also worked for The Ministry of Magic, in the Muggle Security department; it was his job to over see that no Muggle was to get close to the stadium. He was lucky to get time off to watch the match while it was on.

Sophie walked around the campsite, greeting a few people she knew from school. She met up with Alicia Spinnet, spending a few moments talking to her family. Their best friend Katie wasn't attending the match. She came from a Muggle family, who didn't know a single thing about the game.

It was nearly match time and Sophie was feeling anxious. She supported a large green hat in support of Ireland, her brothers bought a massive green flag with Ireland written on it, as you waved a player on the team's face would flash for two seconds before it change to the next. Sophie and her family made their way excitedly through the forest towards the Quidditch pitch. Other families surrounding them were also talking happily amongst themselves.

"Amos!" called out her father to a person ahead of him.

Sophie saw the back of a familiar dark head and groaned under her breath. There was no way of getting away from him today. Cedric stood with his father, he wore a green scarf and carried the same flag that her brothers had. He smiled at her and she nodded back at him. If Fred and George knew she was talking to him they would never quit with the love songs.

Their families walked together. Her father, mother and Ryan talking to Mr. Diggory, while Andy and Cedric were talking about the game prospects. Sophie just nodded to everything they said, not really listening. She just wanted to see the game. Even though she was supporting Ireland, she really wanted to see Victor Krum, the Bulgarian Seeker.

The Diggory's left the Grayson's to go and find their seats in the massive stadium. Sophie sat between her two brothers, and her mother and father sat on Ryan's right. The cheers from the crowd were deafening on her ears. Sophie couldn't remember when last she had been this happy.